NOLMBW: Chapter 43

It was a race against time…

Rong Mingshi knew this but the big black dragon didn’t know it. The marshal only remembered that this was the first kiss with his beastman, so he tried hard to suppress his unbridled mania.

He might be eager and every dragon scale of his body was clamouring to invade but Aojia’s movements were still gentle. There was the smell of flames from his lips as he entered Rong Mingshi’s mouth, his tongue moving into the depths and stirring around, gently entangling around Rong Mingshi’s tongue.

He held the little leopard’s arm across the quilt for restraint. The palm of his hand grabbed the quilt hanging on the little leopard’s shoulder and directly scratched the quilt. However, he didn’t dare to touch the little leopard’s soft skin, as if touching it would break his final control.

It was just that the person in his arms wasn’t obedient. He used his strength and approached Aojia, raising an arm to touch the dragon scales on Aojia’s neck as the two people breathed together.

Every movement and touch of the leopard’s skin caused Aojia’s breath to shake and the blue veins of his forehead to bulge, let alone the restless dragon scales that kept coming and going under the stimulation.

This little leopard wasn’t afraid of being burnt to death…

Before his breath got out of control, Aojia held Rong Mingshi’s shoulders through the quilt and pushed him slightly away. The eyes that constantly changed before the dragon’s vertical pupils and the human pupils stared at the person with slightly swollen red lips.

The little leopard actually licked his lips and stared at Aojia with watery eyes. “Aoji?”

This unclear and soft voice filled with some doubts caused a loud sound to be heard. Wide and powerful dragon wings emerged from Aojia’s back, moving restlessly. Flames also burst forth from the dragon wings. It seemed dangerously hot but thanks to Aojia’s control, there was no heat in the air to spread the flames.

“…So handsome!” Rong Mingshi muttered as he stared at the dragon wings. This was something he had never seen before. He imagined the human-shaped Aojia with dragon wings while wearing his black military uniform and military hat. Therefore, the little leopard didn’t know that beastmen would only reveal their beast features when their passion was aroused.

At this time, the black dragon who flapped his wings was deeply certain that he had officially entered estrus. His family, the 20 year old human-shaped snow leopard was not only ignorant but he had no idea of the signs of estrus…

The black dragon sighed. There was no hurry. Nothing was better than the fact that his snow leopard had become a human. As for other things, they had plenty of time in the future. The black dragon decided this and his wings moved downwards as he wanted to embrace and kiss his snow leopard. However, his hand hadn’t fallen yet when…

The human-shaped snow leopard, who had been hot for a short time, suddenly disappeared. The snow leopard emerged from a corner of the damaged quilt and crouched there, gazing at Aojia with innocent eyes.

Aojia looked down at the well-behaved snow leopard. Um… it seemed that he didn’t have plenty of time in the future!

The moment that the black dragon had come home, the housekeeper had gone out to remotely control the replica holding the weapon. He adhered to his strange principles of not peeping on his child and only realized what happened at this time.

There was a fire, protect against the fire!

The housekeeper calmly opened the fire extinguisher system in the room and water suddenly fell on the black dragon’s wings. The little leopard rubbed his face with his paws in the midst of the steaming mist. The all-rounder housekeeper was a precise fire extinguisher and Rong Mingshi was only affected by a bit of water vapour.

Aojia raised the dragon wings and blocked the pouring rain from the ceiling. Then he reached for the little leopard and rubbed the little leopard’s head. Rong Mingshi was picked up and shook his tail as he pointed to the energy stone that had fallen on the bed. “Aojia, I will work harder and eventually completely become a human!”

The black dragon consciously extinguished the fire in the pouring rain and raised his eyebrows as he took the transparent stone from the bed. The little leopard proudly pointed to two lines, “I can change to a person with just two cuts. The time might be short but once I finish carving it, I can transform as I like.”

It wasn’t obvious but the black dragon still saw the two smooth lines. He had seen the little leopard’s process of carving energy stones. One stone could have thousands of cuts. This was the gap between a drop of water and the sea.

Aojia slightly raised his eyes towards the ceiling that stopped releasing water and slowly retracted his dragon wings.

…It seemed he needed the housekeeper to improve the bedroom’s fire protection system. The water temperature should be lowered further.

The little leopard stretched out his paws and patted the other person’s arm. “Aojia, be hopeful!”

Aojia smiled and rubbed the little leopard’s round ears. “Good, I am full of hope.”

The man and little leopard happily left the room to eat.

After the meal, Aojia opened his quantum computer, gathered the capital’s famous entertainment venues and displayed them in front of Rong Mingshi. “Look, where do you want to go?”

In the past, his physical condition meant that Rong Mingshi was completely uninterested in adventurous and stimulating entertainment. Thus, he was completely uninterested in the amusement parks. Instead, he was interested in some museums. Finally, he chose the Imperial Energy Stone Carving Museum.

The address of the museum was just across the street from the residence where Duke Oran was hosting a party. The place was selected and Aojia changed clothes. He slightly disguised himself and drove the suspension car with the little leopard as a passenger.

At the same time, the housekeeper’s replica carried a disguised ion cannon and mingled with a group of guard robots escorting Duke Oran’s heir from another residence to the party location.

Aojia’s suspension car had just arrived at the museum’s entrance when the blue iron cannon struck from the other street. Aojia’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t even need to think about who did this and didn’t stop moving. He entered the museum with the little leopard who was in high spirits.

Housekeeper Baba’s calculations were accurate and no unrelated people were harmed. If they were affected, he manipulated the auxiliary robot to rescue them. His ion cannon was specifically aimed at Duke Oran. Wherever Duke Oran ran, the ion cannon would follow.

The guard robots at the duke’s house weren’t Housekeeper Baba’s opponents. They completely froze after he threw out a few viruses. It was a pity that there was a previous experience. The duke’s guard robots were on independent systems and weren’t affected by the housekeeper’s data. Ruhr of the military department limited the power of the ion cannon to a certain extent so it only caused a bit of a shock.

Nevertheless, the always elegant and noble duke was grey-faced and ugly like a mouse in front of his many guests. Housekeeper Baba didn’t hesitate to record a video.

The duke’s mansion was bombarded like this and a large number of guests escaped to the nearby carving museum in a panic, including Duke Oran who had nowhere to hide.

The museum naturally couldn’t be blown up. Thus, he smashed the duke’s Baroque-style building to pieces. Before the imperial guards arrived, the replica housekeeper destroyed the ion cannon and carried out self-formatting.

Aojia had already reached the second floor while holding the little leopard. He gazed down at the crowd from the high level and saw the ragged and grey-faced duke. The furious Duke Oran suppressed his anger and ordered the guards, “Make sure you find out who directed it!”

He originally held this dinner to save the dignity he lost by cancelling the royal banquet because his house was attacked. He didn’t expect his party to be attacked again and the target of the attack was obviously him!

This uproar meant some of the ladies attending the banquet were ready to leave. The wife of the foreign minister, who planned to withdraw her order after the party, came over and smiled at the duchess. “Duchess, I have a heartless request before leaving.”

The duchess’ smile was stiff from dealing with many frightened ladies. She heard this, smiled and immediately said, “Madam is being polite. We didn’t take good care and frightened you. What is your request?”

The foreign minister’s wife said, “It isn’t a big deal. I want to withdraw the high-grade energy stone carving I previously ordered from the Oran Carving Business.”

The duchess frowned and her tone changed slightly. “Madam, think about it well. There are few masters that can be compared to the Oran Carving Business. If you cancel the order and use the same high-grade energy stone next time, the cost of that order will double. In addition, the masters won’t be happy and might not accept the order.”

“That’s fine,” the foreign minister’s wife replied simply.

“You must know that the carving business might be under my management but it is necessary to have procedures. If the customer proposes to cancel it…”

“There is a default payment. Yes, I will pay it,” the foreign minister’s wife interrupted her words straight away. The online store’s custom order cost wasn’t very high. She might have to pay the cancellation fee but the cost was still less than the Oran Carving Business. Not to mention, she valued the store owner’s skills and considered it a thousand times better than the masters of the Oran Carving Business.

The duchess’ expression was very bad. “Okay, I will withdraw it. I hope Madam doesn’t regret it.”

Today’s birthday party wasn’t a success and now someone refused to order from their business, which was the empire’s number one carving business. This made the duchess feel worse. The foreign minister’s wife smiled gracefully. “It’s fine, I believe in the master’s skill.”

The duchess snorted. Which carver could match their business? Unless it was the principal of the empire’s carving school…


At this time, Aojia blocked the little leopard’s head that was looking down curiously. He walked and said, “ The first one who discovered that energy stones could be used to appease a beastman’s mania was a half human, half beast.”

The little leopard asked with interest, “Half human, half beast?”

Aojia pointed to a giant 3D photograph on the second floor. “He is the founder of the empire’s energy stone carving.”

It was a huge photograph of a person with a fishtail jumping out of the sea. The man had a large, gorgeous blue fishtail and a charming silhouette.


Rong Mingshi blurted out.

Aojia gazed down at Rong Mingshi. “Have you see it before?”

The name perfectly fit the image of this ancestor…

Rong Mingshi immediately shook his head. “That’s not it, I just heard of it before.”

Aojia nodded and continued walking forward with the little leopard while saying, “Initially, the beastman’s mania appeared and the only treatment method was electric shock. However, the consequences of electric shock were unpredictable. Many beastmen suffered brain damage and directly died because of it. This lasted until the ancestor emerged.”

The carvings inside were all the merman’s previous works. Rong Mingshi saw that the merman didn’t have any carving foundation. The works in the beginning were rough but the person was very attentive. As the number of works increased, the merman made rapid progress and the shapes contained movement.

It was just that after the appearance of high-grade energy stones with simple lines, there were no other works from the merman. The following records only had something about him opening a class and teaching the carving skills and control over perception.

The little leopard read these records and always felt there was a link missing.

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