NOLMBW: Chapter 41

It wasn’t long after the little leopard emerged from the bathroom that he came back. There was no other reason. He was too happy that he dropped the transparent stone…

Rong Mingshi pulled it out from under Aojia’s clothes and gazed at the knife mark on the energy stone. A good carving would be cut and polished by the carver thousands of times. The snow leopard in his thoughts was still far away. The little leopard, who had always been brave, wasn’t discouraged at all. At least he knew that this direction was correct.

Rong Mingshi carried it with his paws and stuffed the stone into Aojia’s clothes. Then he bowed his head and bit the clothes, dragging it away. The little leopard was thinking as he walked.

Sure enough, a high-grade energy stone was more helpful for his perception. It was just… the high-grade energy stone was too expensive, costing tens of millions of star coins. The poor leopard couldn’t afford to buy it with his hundreds of thousands of savings…

After returning Aojia’s clothes, Rong Mingshi crouched on the ground and opened his online store. As far as the fire fox was concerned, his skill should be fine. He planned to see if anyone on the Star Network was willing to provide him with high-grade energy stones to carve.

As a result, Rong Mingshi opened the seller’s backstage on the Star Network before completing the first two custom orders. At the same time, the three elites of the military’s Information Department assigned to the online store immediately came to their senses.

“The store owner is online again!”

“According to our previous data analysis, the store owner doesn’t come online until after the previous order is finished.”

“I have a hunch that the store owner might be doing something big.”

The trio was muttering this when a third product quietly went on the shelf of Craftsman Time’s House.

“High-grade energy stone custom auction.”

Under this item was a product description, unlike the previous ones.

“The buyers will provide the high-grade energy stone themselves. There is a starting price of 500,000 and will increase by 100,000 for each bid.”

The Star Network’s store auction had a time limit. Rong Mingshi had no practical understanding of the auction and chose the shortest time, which was half an hour. For a time, the three elites of the Information Department had complicated thoughts.

Should they grab it or not, this was the problem! If they grabbed another order, would this be regarded as a violation of the military order? However, it was the third item and was an auction… shouldn’t it be different from the previous one? In addition, their boss didn’t seem to limit military spending…

In the short 10 minutes since the auction opened, the buyer’s exchange under the third item was once again lively!

-Big Store Owner, didn’t you write incorrectly? A high-grade energy stone custom auction? Are you sure it is a high-grade energy stone?

-Hasn’t the store owner only been offering low-grade energy stones? How did he suddenly jump to high-grade energy stones?

-Big Store Owner, shouldn’t there be a transition? Do medium-grade energy stones have no status?

-Shouldn’t your concerns be focused? The focus should be on the high-grade energy stones that the store owner has opened. Does this mean the store owner has the great ability to carve high-grade energy stones?

After this sentence, there was a moment of silence in the exchange area. Then someone finally left a message.

-Raise a paw to watch from the sidelines…

-Raise my wings to watch from the sidelines…

-Raise my tail to watch from the sidelines…

-Oh, to put it bluntly, you still don’t believe in the store owner! What is the point of leaving your existence here? I will grab this order! I am the golden eagle! Wait for the store owner to carve the high-grade energy stones!

Once the handsome golden eagle finished speaking, he grabbed the high-grade energy stone custom order. The price changed to 600,000 star coins, waiting for the next person to bid.

Just then, a short passage appeared in the exchange area.

-In fact, the store owner can do a custom auction with low-grade energy stones. This is still good. Why does he have to open a high-grade one? Anyone who buys a high-grade energy stone can go to a carving master in reality? Who will provide an energy stone to a small store owner with no reputation? The store owner must not be well versed in marketing and wants to expand the popularity of the online store. In other words… the ultimate goal of his store is to cheat a big person? The golden eagle brother is also working with him. He is too dedicated.

The lively exchange area fell silent. The beastmen on the Star Network were easily swayed. This time, the store owner suddenly skipped the medium-grade energy stones and directly opened an auction for high-grade energy stones. It was a bit too strange.

After all, everyone knew that only imperial certified carving masters could carve high-grade energy stones. The store owner… would he be a master carver? If this was true, it was better to directly do high-grade orders in reality. Why go to the Star Network to engage in a custom order?

After seeing these words, the handsome golden eagle was furious. He stared at the ID disparaging the owner and quickly manipulated his quantum computer to do a search. He vowed to pull out this bast*rd!

Shortly afterwards, the golden eagle published two pieces of information on the exchange area. The first was a comparison of this ID with the ID that previously slandered the store owner. The second was the court ruling on the beastman who possessed the two IDs. He defamed others and had to pay 200,000 star coins in damages.

Then the handsome golden eagle posted an angry message.

-Once again defaming the store owner, do you want an even worse punishment?!

This reduced the doubts of many people.

-I don’t know if the owner has the ability to carve high-grade energy stones but I believe the store owner isn’t a liar!

-The few works that I have seen are very powerful!

Still, a huge amount of star coins was involved in the high-grade energy stones and doubts remained. Of course, there were those with other ideas.

-Can I kneel down and ask the store owner to live broadcast the carving of the high-grade energy stone?

-Online store owner, please open a live broadcast. I might not be able to afford a high-grade energy stone but I can give you a luxury suspension car every day!

Meanwhile, the three elites at the Information Department didn’t care about the noise in the exchange area. This was the store their marshal personally designated and they 100% trusted him Therefore, they stayed in the auction room and stared at the auction price, lest the item be taken away by others. After the golden eagle, they bid for 600,000.

This side of the Star Network was noisy and the little leopard completely didn’t know…

It was because he was currently packing the custom fire fox to the peacock buyer. Housekeeper Baba naturally appeared at the little leopard’s call. It was just that there was a heavy weapon in his hand when he appeared. The barrel of the heavy weapon clearly showed that energy was gathering inside and a huge blue aperture had appeared. It seemed he was about to shoot…


The fur of the little leopard stood up…

Housekeeper Baba immediately responded by putting the barrel behind him. “Master, this is the latest ion cannon model. I was just going to test the effect since it might be used in two days. Are you sending a package? Give it to me.”

The little leopard silently handed over the parcel. The housekeeper of the marshal’s house was unusual… was this an all-powerful combat housekeeper?

This thing naturally wasn’t allocated to the housekeeper by the marshal, but was something smuggled to the housekeeper by Ruhr. Of course, there were conditions. The little intelligence Ruhr didn’t understand the expression of emotions so he pulled out the housekeeper’s original emotional materials and copied them.

The housekeeper sent the express package and created a replica of his data, putting it in the body of an ordinary smart housekeeper. Then he ordered the replica to go out with a disguised ion cannon.

His tests naturally couldn’t be carried out on the manor. Wasn’t Duke Oran holding a dance for his current wife today? Wouldn’t it be cold without fireworks?

The little leopard sent the package and went back to the Star Network to watch the auction. That’s good. It was 700,000 and there were at least two people bidding. Regardless of the final price, it was determined that he could carve the high-grade energy stone. The relieved Rong Mingshi studied the two unfinished orders. As for the exchange area, the little leopard didn’t notice at all.

Meanwhile, the parcel quickly arrived at the peacock movie emperor’s house. A certain peacock movie emperor wasn’t expecting anything to be sent by the store owner. He sat on the chair of his terrace and leisurely opened the smart lock.

The familiar white box was exposed. The stunned peacock reached for it and opened it. Then the always elegant and proud peacock movie emperor’s mouth dropped open as he stared at the fire fox energy stone inside.

This was probably the most beautiful fox he had ever seen in the world! A certain peacock movie emperor shamefully entered estrus! However, there was the peacock energy stone that the owner gave him and his power wasn’t high. He had no trouble with mania and just felt desire…

Yet his fox wasn’t at home! The peacock movie emperor was going to have an internal injury He reached out and gazed at his fire fox with wide eyes. He couldn’t resist and bowed his head to kiss it. Then on top of his head, several elegant and proud crown feathers appeared. The peacock reached out and caressed it. Finally, he managed to press down his crown feathers, opened his quantum computer and thought about how to thank the store owner.

It was too vulgar to give money…

Since the store owner opened an online store, he would give the store owner free publicity! Speaking of which, the store owner had superb skills that surpassed many master carvers. Despite this, he never did publicity or mentioned anything inside the store…

The peacock movie emperor opened the store and saw the owner’s newly opened high-grade energy stone custom order.

…He took back his previous words. The owner was just a bit lazy and not very diligent about opening custom orders. Then he opened the buyer’s exchange area under the high-grade energy stone custom order and his eyes narrowed when he saw the message doubting the owner. No matter what industry, there were always a few people wanting to discredit others!

The peacock movie emperor smiled coldly. He had his intelligent housekeeper retrieve an energy tester and then opened a live broadcast in the exchange area.

-I am Peacock Suo Lan, the custom buyer of the peacock energy stone.

Once the three-time movie emperor suddenly appeared in the exchange area, a large number of viewers were attracted. It wasn’t only the buyers of the online store but the fans closely following Peacock Suo Lan on the Star Network. In the 3D broadcast, the peacock slightly raised his head and smiled gracefully at everyone.

-The reason why I’m here is to show you the two orders that the store owner gave me.

Peacock Suo Lan presented the energy stone carving of the fire fox and his peacock as a 3D image. There were two carvings. One was a blue-green exquisite hollow carved peacock. The other was a smooth and perfectly round fire fox.

The contrast between the two colours struck everyone’s eyes. The even more amazing thing was the red one. There were no variegated colours and the lustre showed it was obviously the best high-grade energy stone! It was also a high-grade energy stone carved by a carver!

The discovery left all the watching beasts stunned. Never before had a carver been able to carve the energy stone to this extent. In general, it was already extraordinary to have a rough form. Peacock Suo Lan turned the two carvings and spoke in a clear voice.

-I think you want to know the activation rate of this energy stone.

Then Peacock Suo Lan placed the two carvings into two energy testers at the same time. The result of the peacock carving was undoubtedly the 100% seen previously. All the beastmen were watching the high-grade energy stone carving of the fire fox.

They watched the data on the energy tester beating and the hearts of all the beastmen watching were also beating. Then the data stopped at 93%. They saw the result and all beastmen almost forgot to breathe.

A high-grade energy stone was considered good if the master carver could activate more than 30% of the energy. The data they were seeing at this time was simply a miracle. A few seconds of silence passed and all the beastmen who could pay for the high-grade energy stones were busy watching the owner’s custom order.

So many things happened and there were only three minutes left! In these three minutes, Rong Mingshi’s custom order of this high-grade energy stone went over two million. It finally ended at 2.3 million star coins when the auction time ended.

At this time, the three elites of the Information Department had no energy on their faces. They didn’t know the military’s spending limit. They increased the price to over one million coins but didn’t dare continue to raise the price.

“Organize the information and submit it to the deputy commander. Maybe we can grab it next time.”

“…Don’t you think this fire fox is like the deputy commander?”

The auction of the store had stopped. Rong Mingshi, who was studying the lynx and seal, immediately received an alert. He opened the backstage of the online store and the thick leopard paws touched the interface. The high-grade energy stone sold for a price of 2.3 million star coins.

…Other beastmen were really rich.

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3 months ago

I wish Aojia would assist him in pricing his items. It might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but just teaching the MC not to undersell himself is a good lesson.