NOLMBW: Chapter 40

The little leopard was thinking about whether to open a few more custom orders when he received a notification from the buyer. He released the thick tail he was holding and opened it with some doubts. His Star Network account suddenly had an additional 800,000 star coins.

…Did the buyer get it wrong? The little leopard immediately found the contact information of the peacock who bought the custom order. “Hello Peacock Buyer, please check. Haven’t you paid too much?”

“No, Master’s skills are superb. I have never seen a carver who can restore my beautiful feathers so exquisitely. Master is absolutely worthy of this price. Please accept it.”

The peacock replied to him with a smile. It was the first time Rong Mingshi was called Master and was a bit shy. However, the buyer’s transfer of star coins gave him just enough money to buy the giant energy stone. Thus, the little leopard scratched his ears and replied, “Then shall I give you another custom order?”

Since the store owner took the initiative to put forward this proposal, the peacock immediately sat up and replied with shiny eyes, “Thank you, Master Store Owner! Can it be the beast form of other beastmen?”

“Of course, it is possible.”

The elegant peacock stood up and grabbed the high-grade energy stone he had collected for his beastman. He sent a message to the store owner, “Master Store Owner, this is a final request. Can you please carve this high-grade energy stone? I can pay a separate carving fee.”

Below this reply, the image of the high-grade energy stone was attached. It was a fiery red, transparent energy stone. There was also a high definition 3D image of a fire fox. The peacock movie emperor inexplicably felt that this store owner would surely be able to carve the high-grade energy stone. Previously, he bought the stone and found some master carvers. However, the results weren’t ideal. The masters refused after the initial perception test.

…Sometimes, high-grade energy stones that were too good was a problem.

The little leopard gazed at this energy stone image sent by the peacock and his ears moved slightly. This high-grade energy stone was really wonderful. The red colour was bright and transparent. The buyer placed it in a box with white flannel, making it look like a burning flame.

Rong Mingshi only knew the price of the huge low-grade energy stone. Once he saw this beautiful high-grade energy stone, he couldn’t help reaching out his paws to search on the Star Network. The quality of this high-grade energy stone couldn’t be worth millions of star coins. He was afraid it was worth tens of millions!

At present, Rong Mingshi only used the dragon scale to deal roughly with Aojia’s high-grade energy stone on the desolate star and made a prototype of the black dragon. Even so, he hadn’t carved any real high-grade energy stones. In fact, he hadn’t carved medium-grade energy stone…

Thus, in the spirit of sincere treatment, Rong Mingshi honestly told the buyer, “I’m sorry, my current perception isn’t enough to carve high-grade energy stones.”

The peacock movie emperor smiled when he saw the response from the store owner and decisively replied, “Master Store Owner, I will send the stone to you first. You can carve it at any time and to any degree. In any case, I can’t find a suitable carve even if I keep the stone with me. You can rest assured and boldly carve it.”

“Yes, I’ll contact you when I am ready to carve it.”

All the necessary words were spoken so Rong Mingshi didn’t refuse anymore. He gave the buyer his address.

The peacock gazed at the address given by the store owner and raised his eyebrows slightly. He didn’t expect to be neighbours with the store owner. There were only two suspended mountains between them. However, he didn’t mean to rashly disturb the store owner. He would make friends with the master and take it slowly.

Rong Mingshi took the order for this high-grade energy stone. The little leopard with money immediately used his paws to buy the huge energy stone. He provided his address to the merchant and waited for the stone that would arrive in a few days.

At the same time, the merchants who received the order placed the order at headquarters. The giant low-grade energy stone generally wasn’t stored at the Capital Star. They were all transferred from the resource star.

In the end, the order fell into Abel’s hand. The general manager of the resource star gazed at the address written on the order and couldn’t help his lips twitching. This was his boss’ mansion in the capital…

He used to think that with the boss’ power, if high-grade energy stones couldn’t achieve the effect of appeasing mania, a giant low-grade energy stone should be used. The boss refused because it was impossible for him to stay in one place.

Now the order was received and it went meticulously through a very formal order form…

Then their boss finally decided to place a beast-shaped sculpture of him on his estate? Why this time?

Abel silently pondered on it. The most important purpose of this type of carving was well-known to imperial beastmen. It was in order to prevent the beastmen from experiencing mania at home and injuring their family members.

Honestly, it was to prevent any accidents during the beastmen’s estrus period and allow them to show love to their beastmen. Abel’s eyes widened and he suddenly understood what this meant. His boss had a beastman? The little leopard, it must be that little leopard!

Abel laughed and immediately signed the order, giving priority to the delivery.

Rong Mingshi, who only wanted to make a giant carving of Aojia, didn’t know the deep meaning…

At the same time, the peacock movie emperor’s delivery for the little leopard soon arrived at the manor. The housekeeper, who was practicing moving around in the simulation body, took the parcel and strode over. “Master, your package.”

He gave the little leopard the smile that he had practiced countless times and was no longer distorted. It was just that this smile didn’t last for a second. It suddenly stiffened because Ruhr, who was idle and had nothing to do, broke into the manor’s central control system! Ruhr actually stole his spare body!

…This damn little intelligence!

The little leopard gazed at the housekeeper’s stiff smile and raised his paw to pat the housekeeper’s arm. “Housekeeper, you don’t have to be so stubborn. You don’t have to smile.”

The housekeeper looked at the little leopard’s paws on his arm. He was very pleased and raised his hand to pat the little leopard’s head. Before the little intelligence used his body to come here, the housekeeper turned and left. Once he saw the damn Ruhr wearing the simulation body without clothes, the housekeeper’s head smoked.

…Too vulgar! The mechanical body’s central process was fixed on the head and it was once again burnt by the housekeeper.

The little leopard opened the express smart lock and saw the fiery high-grade energy stone inside. It seemed to reflect the burning sun and was very eye-catching. It had a completely different texture and transparency from the low-grade energy stones.

Pigeon blood… Rong Mingshi thought of the gem he had seen in his previous life. This colour was like a top pigeon blood ruby.

The little leopard raised his thick paws and touched it. The red energy stone gave off a slight heat… Rong Mingshi retracted his paws and gazed at the 3D image that the buyer sent him.

Previously, Rong Mingshi had only paid attention to the red energy stone and hadn’t paid much attention to the image of the fire fox. This time, he noticed that the fox not only had slight flames on his limbs but also his fur. The slight red flames made the body’s colour redder and the entire fox looked like a pulsating flame.

Rong Mingshi looked down at the stone and there was a strange fusion between the two. An image formed in his head. Maybe he could try it…

The high-grade energy stones had a great advantage. Unless they were destroyed with violence, a carver would only be pushed away by the power of the energy stone and the stone wouldn’t be damaged by the carver.

The little leopard took a breath and solemnly extended his two paws to take the transparent red energy stone out of the box. The little leopard crouched on the table and rubbed his two thick paws against each other. He gathered his spirit and started the leopard paw tools.

Rong Mingshi’s idea was to maximize the use of this stone. Thus, he outlined the shape of the fox on the surface of the stone very lightly and then expanded the lines little by little.

This was a fox sitting on the ground, with red grapes in its mouth and a big, fluffy tail The fox’s eyebrows were raised upwards, as if it was making a sly and wise smile. The two ears on its head were turned slightly, alert to the sounds around it. The fluffy tail waved about its head in a slight swing and the red grapes hanging from its mouth were full and moist, apparently sweet.

This was completely different from the previous use of colour to carve. Rong Mingshi used the undulating lines, rounded curvature and colour of the energy stone to express the beast’s form.

The process was smooth but the final polishing process was very difficult. The little leopard’s perception was strong but his control wasn’t enough. This caused the leopard to fly back several times during the carving process…

He was psychologically prepared to fall to the ground but the little leopard was a bit reluctant. He once again climbed onto the table and continued polishing the carving. Fortunately, this was the last stage of the carving. There wouldn’t be a bad impact on the word even if interrupted.

After flying back several times, the little leopard became more and more frustrated. The polishing process became faster and once it was finally completed, the little leopard lay down, his limbs as soft as cotton.

Rong Mingshi gazed at the fire fox crouching there and raised his thick paws to cover his face. It was depressing. Carving high-grade energy stones actually took considerable effort. The little leopard’s body had just started to recover. It seemed that in addition to continuing his perception control, he also needed to train his agility reaction. Otherwise, it would be too upsetting if the energy stone was damaged during the carving process.

The little leopard rested for a while before gazing at the first high-grade energy stone he fully carved. He raised his paws and put it back in the box the buyer had placed the stone. Then the exhausted leopard used soft limbs to open the drawer and take out the transparent high-grade energy stone.

The stone that matched him was inside. The slightly cold stone slide along the leopard’s paws. It looked like clear spring water gathered in the middle of the leopard’s paws. This time, the little leopard didn’t set the stone down. He held it in the middle of the leopard paws and activated his tools.

He was carving himself so Rong Mingshi conceived himself in the most powerful posture. It was a snow leopard jumping up and stretching out thick paws to prepare for predation…

The little leopard carefully controlled his own perception. He moved the leopard paw tools and tried to approach the stone. The sharp dragon scale knife made a precise cut on the stone, leaving a scratch that was a back line of the little snow leopard.

Once this knife struck, the little leopard moved the knife for another cut. There was a strong agitation and the little leopard flew away, the energy stone falling onto the table. This time, the little leopard landed dangerously on the ground and lay there powerlessly. He gazed at the stone on the table with regret… only one knife cut! His current level was only enough for one knife cut…

After a break, Rong Mingshi jumped back onto the table, reaching out his paws and picking up the stone. A cool and comfortable force slowly moved into his paws from the stone in his paws. The little leopard hadn’t reacted when the angle of his line of sight changed. Then Rong Mingshi saw his long-lost five fingers!


Rong Mingshi was quick-witted. He wore the coat left in the study, grasped the stone and entered the bathroom. The bathroom mirror showed a face that Rong Mingshi had seen for more than 10 years. It was as handsome and clean as always. It was just that it didn’t last long before Aojia’s coat landed on the ground.

The little leopard emerged from the coat and happily sent a message to the big black dragon. “Big Black Dragon, I’m not ugly.”

“Yes, you’re not ugly.” The marshal replied in seconds, although he wasn’t clear why the little leopard said so.

“Big Black Dragon, I’m handsome.”

“Yes, you’re handsome.” The marshal wondered if someone had said anything to the little leopard.

“I’m fine. Go since you must be busy.”

“…Okay.” The black dragon dealt with official business and prepared to go home early.

Rong Mingshi put away the interface of the quantum computer and cocked his head. He grinned at the little snow leopard in the mirror, moved his thick tail in a circle and strutted away…

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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
21 hours ago

Oh that is very cute , little vain snow leopard!

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