NOLMBW: Chapter 39

The empire’s technology was sufficiently developed, so it was like the blue peacock displayed on the Star Network was right in front of them. It was so shocking that people couldn’t speak. It was unknown how many beastmen couldn’t help reaching out through the Star Network to touch this incredible carving.

The haughty and elegant blue peacock slightly squinted his phoenix eyes, proudly looking up at the blue velvet crown feathers. There were glittering green wings, gorgeous tail feathers in a fan shape, elegantly layered tail feathers and the peacock eyes that were the ultimate expression of colour.

After a long period of silence, someone finally left a message.

—Crazily asking the store owner to open the order again!!!

—Crazily asking the store owner to open the order again!!!

—Crazily asking the store owner to open the order again!!!

For a long time, the entire exchange area was filled with these words. Everyone who saw the peacock carving was unable to say anything else.

They saw the blue peacock carving and a thirsty eagerness emerged. They wished to rush through the Star Network to find the owner, kneeling in front of the owner to beg for more custom orders. The more they saw other people’s custom orders with exquisite craftsmanship, the more eager they were to know what the store owner would carve their beast form into. This thirst was simply scratching at their lungs!

The scene in the buyer’s exchange area caused the little leopard to shrink his beck back. There was an illusion of being chased by many people…

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to open the custom order. It was just that after this order, he would almost have enough star coins to buy a large energy stone. He wanted to carve his black dragon. The human figure of the carving had been in his head for so long. Just, looking at the words that people kept filling the screen with, the little leopard rubbed his ears and his conscience was slightly pricked.

…Otherwise, open another one? In any case, there was still half a day of free time. Thus, the little leopard moved his claws and once again opened a custom order.

At the same time, another elite soldier of the Information Department had bright eyes. “I also grabbed it!”

For a moment, the entire Information Department looked at him. They had just grabbed one and were arranging to pass a scout’s beast-shaped image to the owner.

…Didn’t they agree to grab one in every three orders?

The elite soldier enlarged the image of the peacock on the Information Department’s centre control room.

Such a beautiful and colourful peacock appeared on the screen. The exquisite craftsmanship caused the entire control room filled with excellent information gatherers to boil up. They all rose from their seat and looked at the carving that was magnified by several times.

The original peacock that was the size of two fists was enlarged to the size of the floor, so that every detail was very clear. The smooth and fine feathers, the hollowed layers in the peacock eyes, the overlapping collision of various colours… Every detail was perfect, without a trace of error. It was a smooth and complete energy stone.

The soldier who grabbed the second custom order said, “Such a strong carver, isn’t it a waste to grab every one in three orders?”


This was the right thing to say! Such good skills. Since they could grab it, how could it be wasted?

The deputy commander of the military’s Information Department, Aymore was originally simulating a new tactic. He was shocked by the enlarged version of the peacock and immediately forgot what he wanted to do. He stood there stupidly, his face turning blue, white and several other colours. Then he quickly turned around and grabbed the image. Who else could take care of these fine and delicate feathers so well apart from the dazzling peacock in his family…

The image was put away and the control room immediately felt regret. The one who grabbed the custom order opened his mouth. “Deputy commander, what do you say?”

Deputy Commander Aymore’s mouth twitched a few times before he asked, “Have you tested the energy value?”

“The image had the attached energy test results. It indicates that this carving also has its power hidden.”

“Then grab every single order.” Aymore decisively gave a new order. “In addition, I told you to disguise as ordinary citizens. Do you have the disguises?”


They were watching so excitedly that they forgot… The three information-gathering elites responsible for the ordering immediately sat back down and mixed into the buyer’s exchange area. Soon, the military’s Information Office sent the list of beast-shaped scouting warriors. They would ask the store owner to sculpt them in the order of this list.


At this time, the store owner’s alert about a new item jumped out. The exchange area crazily demanding a new custom order froze for a moment and then turned into ghost crying.

-Ahh! Who snatched away the custom order? The hand speed is so fast that it is tearing at my heart and lungs!

-I clicked crazily and didn’t grab it. I think it is a fake cheetah!

-Weakly asking the store owner to open a big order… Big store owner, a beastman should be diligent when it comes to making money. More beasts will like you! Make a lot of money to buy a house for your beastman, buy a car, buy an aircraft, buy a holiday planet and make more money to get a better position at home! Therefore, the store owner shouldn’t be lazy and boldly come back with a wave of orders~

-I think the person upstairs is particularly reasonable!

…He didn’t want to buy a car or planet, he just wanted to buy energy stones.

The little leopard had this thought. Of course, Rong Mingshi was also stunned. The order was so fast that it didn’t take even half a second. Moreover, until now, the two custom order buyers hadn’t sent any images…

Thus, the slightly strange little leopard went to the buyer’s exchange area.

Time Store Owner: Excuse me, two buyers who got the custom orders, aren’t your beast forms ready yet?

-Hey! Capture the store owner! Store owner, look at me! If you give up on the two then I will double the price!

-Wow, big store owner! I am the cutest. You should choose me!

-The person above, don’t dream about it. Wait for next time. This is the order I grabbed! A lynx, look!

-Big store owner, I am a seal! Thank you very much!

Like the other buyers, the two buyers also displayed beast images on the communication platform.

-Envious and hate… but I have to ask for ways to improve the speed of my hand. If I really practice with my right hand, I don’t know how long it will take.

-Asking to open a lottery card, a type of lucky draw! Rushing to grab the order is a pit.

-Store owner, this is my contact information. I will buy your order for millions!

-Speaking of which, the store owner’s peacock carving is really worth millions.

-Then the store owner should open a custom auction!

However, the little leopard stopped paying attention to the buyer’s exchange area once he received the images. He carefully examined the 3D images sent by the custom buyers. The images that the buyers passed to him were very different from others on the Star Network.

Apart from images of the adult body, there were many images of the juvenile form. There was a young lynx cub huddled up with his tail and a white seal with big, black and watery eyes. It was just that the two juvenile forms were somewhat pitiful. They were obviously beastmen experiencing the other extreme form of mania.

This was the first time that Rong Mingshi had seen the beast form of the other extreme of mania. It might only be images but it could be seen from these images that the two young animals had obviously experienced severe trauma. Whether it was the little lynx or the seal, their eyes were open but were filled with panic. They couldn’t wait to shrink into a ball and find a place to hide, never to be seen.

At this time, Rong Mingshi knew a lot more about a beastman’s mania. He knew that this type of mania was an infinite enlargement of the beastman’s trauma. In particular, the two sets of images made the contrast particularly strong.

The adult lynx and seal had a powerful and imposing strength that the little leopard was familiar with. It was similar to the guards on Aojia’s aircraft. These were warriors who weren’t afraid of anything. On the other hand, they showed this type of weak and pitiful image when experiencing trauma.

This caused Rong Mingshi’s heart to fill with a heavy feeling. The material of the white seal was easy to find. Previously, Aojia’s people had sent over many white energy stones. The main colour of the lynx was brown and this could be bought on the Star Network.

In addition to preparing materials for the two, Rong Mingshi deliberately searched for suitable large stones on the Star Network. He received these custom orders and could carve the big piece. After looking through countless stones, Rong Mingshi found a suitable one in a store of giant energy stones.

It was a stone a few metres high and divided into several large colour blocks. It was very suitable for the little leopard’s idea that combined the black dragon, human and mech. With one glance, this stone made the little leopard feel that his giant carving could only be made with this stone.

Therefore, Rong Mingshi eagerly gazed at the price. Then he regretted that he didn’t have enough money. This giant energy stone actually cost more than one million star coins! He just completed two orders and the money wasn’t enough.

The little leopard suddenly remembered the words of the buyers in the store.

Make a lot of money to buy things for his beastman…

Rong Mingshi’s thick paws hold his thick tail, staring at the stone with a bit of reluctance. Was he too poor to afford a stone for Aojia? Should he be more diligent and open more orders?

At the same time, the peacock movie emperor appreciated his carving. The more he looked, the more he liked it. In addition, the more he looked, the more he felt that the store owner sold it at a cheap price. This carving wasn’t only for treating mania, it was also art! If he could order one for his Aymore…

However, the movie emperor knew there was no other way to have the owner carve a stone apart from grabbing the order. Fortunately, he could now contact the owner through the communication platform for buyers and sellers. A certain peacock movie emperor decided to maintain a good relationship with the owner. For example, he first transferred 800,000 to the owner’s account!

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