NOLMBW: Chapter 38

The big black dragon firmly held the soft little leopard and rubbed the leopard’s thick paws. It was only after the paws no longer trembled that he placed the sleeping beast on the bed and covered him with a thin quilt.

Then the marshal carefully reached out to the peacock carved by the little leopard.

There was no spillover of power. Previously, the carvings the little leopard gave him had some energy spillover, whether it was the little black dragon or adult black dragon. Then today at noon, the black dragon breaking out of the eggshell didn’t give off any energy. At the time, he thought the little leopard had just carved the little black dragon and didn’t activate the power.

However, his hand touched the little black dragon and he felt the comforting effect of the energy stone. Now there was this peacock.

Aojia used his quantum computer to find the images of the two energy stones sold by the little leopard on the Star Network. The first 100 star coins dragon li cat had energy spillover. The second custom-made golden eagle carving sold for 200,000 star coins had no energy spillover. Also, all of these energy stones with no energy spillover had something additional.

For example, the peacock had the magnolia branch while the golden eagle had the pine branch under its claws. The little black dragon naturally had the blue-white eggshell it emerged from. Aojia might not be a carver but he had seen many energy stone sculptures. No carver had ever used perception on objects unrelated to the beast shape. In order to follow allow the beastmen to use the power of the energy stone, a general carver would carve the energy stone into the beast shape and never waste it on the background.

The little leopard’s sculptures opened a new way for carvers to carve energy stones. Perhaps it was because of these extra things that the power of the energy stone was hidden. Whatever the reason, no one knew better than Aojia about the special meaning behind an energy stone that hid its power.

As the marshal of the empire, he should send the little leopard to the Military’s Weapons Institute for strict protection, just like the scientists studying weapons for the empire. There was some freedom in that life but it was very limited. This obviously wasn’t suitable for the little leopard.

Aojia placed the peacock back on the table and quickly issued three orders.

The first order was to Eagle Tan who just emerged from his brother’s house. Once he saw the command level, the eagle was frankly stunned. He didn’t expect his commanding officer to give him the highest encrypted command. This meant the next task he would perform was higher than any other command.

He entered the exclusive password and saw the boss’ simple and direct order. ‘Protect the target person, the carrying of deadly weapons is allowed.’ This meant he could use firearms in critical situations and couldn’t be held responsible for any injuries he caused to the attackers. It also meant that the next mission he was facing would be very serious. It might be a battlefield on a dangerous star…

Thus, before carrying out his mission, Eagle Tan decided to report the store owner’s information to his chief first.


The second one to receive an order was the general control intelligence of the military, Ruhr.

It was also at the highest level of security. ‘Protect Rong Mingshi’s information on the Star Network.’

The military’s intelligence Ruhr received the order and immediately left the military department’s central control and straight to the smart system of the marshal’s manor. He grabbed the housekeeper who was stretching out his data.

“Baba, Baba, I am coming. I have a mission. Don’t fight! Just a moment!”


The housekeeper Baba didn’t have time to respond before his stretched out data chain was tangled up. The angry housekeeper shook off the virus and threw it towards Ruhr’s data. Ruhr’s database was so powerful that he kept the thrown virus like it was a toy.

Then Housekeeper Baba was ashamed and resentful as Ruhr entered his database from head to toe, turning it upside down. In the end, Ruhr thoroughly cleaned up the long and old junk data.

…In fact, this was quite comfortable. The next time he wanted to clean up junk data, he should find this little intelligence. The garbage-free housekeeper looked at Ruhr’s so-called task and found that Ruhr was actually perfecting the identity he forged for the little leopard.

…Were there really so many loopholes?


The third command was received by the military’s Information Department under Marshal Black Dragon and it was straightforward. It was to preempt the orders… The quota was for the first-tier warriors of the scouting unit and the cost would be deducted from the military expenses. Don’t expose themselves. Finally, the name of a small online store that only sold two items on the Star Network was attached.

The group of information gathering elites from the military’s Information Department gathered together to study the boss’ command and curiously opened the small store designated by the boss.

Once they saw all the goods in the store and read the buyer’s exchange area, including the online recording of the scam, all the elites immediately understood the boss’ meaning. This store owner’s goods were the saviour of the front-line scouting group!

There was no need to rush to grab the order. These people simply compiled a program. As long as the owner was online, they would know in a flash and stare at the store owner to grab the order. Compared to hand speed, the entire empire had few beastmen who could match the superhuman speed of the information gathering elites. As for not being exposed, it was better to grab it in intervals. Buy one in intervals of three and then pretend to be the same as the other buyers in the buyer’s exchange area.


The black dragon decisively gave three orders, went to the bathroom, quickly took a shower and returned to sleep with his little beast.

He came out of the bathroom and saw the little leopard sleeping disobediently. The hind paws had opened the quilt and he was sleeping on his back, revealing a white soft belly that rose with his breathing.

The black dragon couldn’t hold back, He reached out and gently scratched it twice. It tickled the little leopard, causing him to turn to one side and hug his tail. Aojia got into bed and picked up the soft little leopard. The little leopard naturally touched his front paws to the black dragon’s chest and arched his head.

This little leopard spent too much energy carving the peacock and didn’t wake up in the morning. Aojia directly applied for a leave of absence with the college to let the little leopard sleep enough.

By the time Rong Mingshi finally woke up, it was already noon and bright sunshine was coming through the curtains, warm and a bit dazzling. The little leopard yawned and climbed out of bed. It was this late and the busy marshal had already left.

The little leopard moved into the bathroom to wash his face and cleaned his sharp teeth with the smart toothbrush. Rong Mingshi moved his paws and dried his leopard’s face with a smart towel. He had just removed it when he saw a tall and handsome stranger appear in the mirror.


The little leopard jumped with shock and immediately picked something from the sink, lowering his body in an attack posture. There was the experience of being surrounded by 12 robots yesterday and Rong Mingshi thought the person who wanted to kidnap him had entered their home!

The housekeeper made a stiff expression. The program told him that this should be a reassuring smile. The little leopard looked at the man’s twisted smile and immediately sent a message for help. Since the housekeeper controlled the smart system of the entire manor, he naturally received the little leopard’s distress call.

…What about the reassuring smile? He must be lacking practice!

Thus, the housekeeper didn’t smile as he handed over the prepared nutrients and an imitation of the marshal’s cake. “Master, please eat. The lord has gone to the military and has applied for a leave of absence. You can stay home today and rest.”

Rong Mingshi jumped off the sink in an embarrassed manner and went to the table with the housekeeper. He forgot that Aojia mentioned the simulation mechanical body yesterday…

After the meal, Rong Mingshi carefully packaged the peacock and sent it to the buyer with the help of the housekeeper. He shipped it and once again boarded the Star Network, opening the online store.

At this moment, three people in the military’s Information Department straightened their spirits and stared at the custom order section of the store. Rong Mingshi didn’t open the custom order but opened the buyer’s exchange area with flashing numbers.

-Daily call to the big store owner, asking for an order! Asking for pay in advance!

-Big store owner, do you want to put the blue peacock aside first and open another order? It is impossible to restore the blue peacock to its original appearance!

-Big Store owner, are you lost… your online store is going viral…

Very good, this time no one called him a lazy store owner.

The little leopard happily checked the details of the custom order. The time was just right. He had just clicked on it when it showed that the goods had been received. The delivery time was so short that the buyer probably lived not far from him.

Thus, Rong Mingshi opened another custom order. The moment the little leopard clicked submit, an elite of the Information Department jumped up. “I grabbed it!”

-What happened? Why is it suddenly gone? Big store owner, was there a custom order?

-I carefully looked for three days. The big store owner just opened this order and it was taken away. So sorrowful… it isn’t mine…

-What is this hand speed? How many times did the person practice in one night?

This was so fast that even the little leopard was shocked.

-Big store owner, do you see us screaming buyers?

-Where is the peacock? We want to see the peacock. Why hasn’t the second custom order buyer appeared yet?

-The peacock is here.

After this sentence, there was a high definition 3D image of a peacock energy stone. This instantly caused all the buyers to hold their breath and no one spoke for almost a minute…

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