NOLMBW: Chapter 36

Guard Calant stood at the door of the warehouse, a little bit further away from the little leopard. He saw this situation and was immediately shocked as if he had been struck by thunder.

Calant thought of the past two days. After his commanding officer made an official announcement on the Star Network, countless imperial beastmen went crazy and wanted to know the love of the imperial marshal. His Majesty spent all day of the military department, wanting to know the beastman who gave the cufflinks and his sudden change of attitude to Duke Oran…

Oh, a leak! He now discovered the boss’ big secret! What did the little leopard pull out? When did the boss have a baby? It was also two! How come Calant didn’t know about it at all?

The excited Calant stared at the two small ones who broke out of the shell. After a while, he finally reacted. This wasn’t right. Wasn’t the little leopard a male beast? Only female beastmen could give birth. If two married male beasts wanted offspring, the child needed to be grown in an incubator. How could two children emerge from the eggshell?

Besides, how could a small egg the size of a fist give birth to a child…

Calant realized that the two children breaking out of the shell were carved by the little leopard and felt regret. The boss should have two children. Calant glanced at his boss and wondered what his boss was thinking.


Calant was suddenly shocked. His boss gave off a frightening breath and exposed dragon scales. This was clearly showing a tendency to transform! Calant quickly called a warning to the college guards entering behind him. “Everyone, back up! Withdraw from the warehouse and keep your distance!”

The boss was going to break out! He was afraid the entire warehouse would be destroyed…

Think about it. A beastman saw the person he liked and this person suddenly pulled out two young beasts breaking out of the shell that were highly similar to their beast shapes. Who wouldn’t imagine breeding? Who wouldn’t be excited? Besides, they were such lovely and cute young…

However, the strength of his boss was too great. Before the estrus period, the manic episodes were extremely destructive and the energy stones couldn’t suppress them. Fortunately, the energy stones carved by the little leopard could control the situation and Calant had been relieved.

Suddenly, estrus appeared because of the little leopard. Perhaps the energy stones carved by the leopard couldn’t suppress the onset of mania!

The college guards didn’t know the situation and didn’t move at all. They received an alarm from the warehouse and felt the warehouse was being maliciously attacked. They only to see the situation and found that a college student had been attacked. A person suddenly told them to withdraw but they couldn’t.

Calant immediately showed his colonel’s rank and cried out, “I command you to evacuate immediately!”

The college guards had to leave the range of the warehouse. Then Calant spoke in a nervous and cautious manner to his boss. “Sir, you have to restrain yourself. You must restrain yourself and let the little leopard leave safely first.”

After that, Calant slightly gulped and his tense nerves were ready to save the little leopard at any time. If the little leopard was injured by the boss’ dragon claws or dragon’s breath then it would be painful for the boss once he woke up.

Aojia heard Calant’s words and turned slightly to glance at Calant. Calant saw the boss’ golden vertical pupils flashing. His entire body was taut as he raised his hand and gestured to the little leopard.

Run quickly…

He was worried to death about the little leopard staring quietly without moving!


The little leopard drove the seat closer, watching the dragon scales that emerged from time to time as well as the flashing golden pupils. He vaguely felt that Aojia had been holding on for his sake. Aojia patted his head and comforted him, “Rest assured. The energy stone you carved is very effective. I won’t break out.”

Then he glanced at the two beasts breaking out of their eggshells. “These carvings are very good, I am very satisfied.”

They were much more vivid than the situation he sketched out in a simple manner before. The little leopard using his thick paws to try and get out of the eggshell scratched at his heart, giving him the urge to reach out and press the little leopard down, making him climb out again.

Aojia took the snow leopard in the broken eggshell and watched it for a while. Then he put it in the space storage of his armed belt. However, Aojia just gazed heavily at the black dragon in the broken eggshell and didn’t touch it.

Rong Mingshi opened his mouth when he saw that Aojia only took away the snow leopard and ignored the black dragon. “Aojia, don’t you want the little black dragon breaking out of the shell?”

Aojia raised his hand to the little black dragon before quickly taking it back. He said, “You should keep this. I am carrying two dragon-shaped energy stones and they are enough.”

Rong Mingshi saw the dragon scales that obviously retracted from the hand near the black dragon in the broken eggshell. Meanwhile, the areas far away from the black dragon in the broken eggshell had black scales that were undulating. Rong Mingshi hesitated to open his mouth… this way, it seemed the stones were barely enough! Then why refuse the black dragon breaking out of the eggshell?

The little leopard was a bit depressed as he gazed at the black dragon rushing out of the eggshell. ‘Little Black, you were dismissed by yourself…’

Aojia rubbed the head of the dejected little leopard and didn’t explain. He fished Rong Mingshi out of the spherical seat and told the tense Calant. “Send all the robots to the manor.”

“Yes, Sir!”

After determining that the boss was really okay, Calant sighed and gazed at the little leopard on the boss’ arm, smiling at him. The little leopard’s carvings were still the most useful. It would be great if Calant would one day be honoured with a carving by the little leopard.

The three who had gone on leave hadn’t come up. He heard that all their wives were pregnant…

The chief guard was jealous.

Aojia left with the little leopard, leaving Calant to deal with the aftermath. In order to alleviate his symptoms, Aojia didn’t drive quickly. By the time he returned to the manor with the little leopard, the 12 robots on the manor’s terrace had been dismantled by the robot housekeeper and a mess was piled up. The original form couldn’t be seen at all.


The little leopard saw the housekeeper dismantling the robot and there was the feeling of venting anger.

The moment the suspension car landed next to the terrace, the housekeeper slid over quickly, mechanical eyes sweeping over the little leopard. He confirmed there were no injuries and raised a hand to gently pat the little leopard’s head.

The housekeeper turned to Marshal Black Dragon. “Lord, these robots have self-destructed after the command failed but the residual program was still cracked by me. They received orders to capture the little leopard and bring him to the Beast Nucleus Research Institute.”

Aojia nodded. “The simulation mechanical body will arrive tomorrow. After practicing to use it, you will enter the college with Eagle Tan.”

Originally, he sent Eagle Tan to protect the little leopard but something happened on the way to delay the eagle by two days. The housekeeper’s mechanical eyes shrank and he gazed almost lovingly at the little leopard. Then he sincerely told Aojia, “Lord, thank you.”

Aojia held the little leopard and walked inside. Meanwhile, the little leopard raised his paws and touched his own head. These two times he was touched by the housekeeper felt very familiar, familiar enough to make him suspect that the housekeeper was his own housekeeper father in the mechanical shell of Aojia’s housekeeper.

Housekeeper father… The young leopard was in a daze for a while. During the time when he was kept immature by the beast nucleus, he seemed to have always regarded the housekeeper as his father.

They entered the bedroom and Aojia took the little leopard to the bathroom for a wash. The little leopard sat on the washing table and was rubbed by the black dragon, but his silence and thoughtful look made the black dragon worry.

“I am sending someone to protect you and they won’t hinder your actions. Don’t be stressed.” Aojia said as he poured some water.

The little leopard nodded and didn’t dare open his mouth to respond in case the water entered his mouth. He looked up to let Aojia wash the fur on his head. Then the leopard’s face was pulled into a strange appearance by Aojia’s big hand.

Once Aojia finished washing his tail, Rong Mingshi suddenly turned around. He sat up on the washing table and grabbed Aojia’s arm with his paws. “Aojia, if I lost someone, where should I put the search notice?”

Aojia raised his eyebrows. “Who did you lose?”

“My father.” Rong Mingshi replied without hesitation.

The hand of the black dragon paused. What did the little leopard say?

Rong Mingshi looked up with a wet head. “I want to find him.”

Duke Oran? Marshal Black Dragon’s eyes filled with a hidden anger. A father who abandoned his child and wanted the child’s beast nucleus for research. The little leopard called him father?

“He isn’t smart and I’m afraid he is in danger. When he left me, he said that the capital was dangerous and I couldn’t follow. I don’t know the danger. If I post a searching notice on the Star Network, will it put him in danger?”

A robot’s head worked according to the command program. It was probably not very flexible. It knew the danger but couldn’t avoid bumping into danger.

This didn’t sound like Duke Oran… Aojia looked at the little leopard’s wet ears and slightly loosened his frowning eyebrows.

“He is my housekeeper father and took care of me for 19 years.” Rong Mingshi looked up and spoke seriously, “However, the beast nucleus in my head is bigger than a normal person and my memories have been vacant for a long time. Some things aren’t very clear.”

Aojia reached out a towel and hugged the little leopard wrapped in it, slowly steaming him dry. He glanced at the intelligence system in the bathroom and said, “I will help you find him.”

In the end, he didn’t directly tell the little leopard the identity of the housekeeper. This type of thing had to be acknowledged by the housekeeper himself.

At this time, the housekeeper who listened in but didn’t peek proudly withdrew his data. He went to the Star Network to find the intelligence of the military, Ruhr.

The little intelligence had been demanding to know the housekeeper’s name every day. The name was the robot housekeeper’s code name so he hadn’t wanted to say it. Now he could proudly tell the little intelligence a few years younger than him. His name was Baba!

On the other side, the little leopard was warmed by the smart towel. He yawned and said thank you to Aojia before falling asleep in the man’s arms. Aojia rubbed the fluffy fur, gently touched the ears and placed the little leopard on the bed. He took a look before gently going out the door and heading to the underground mech assembly room.

In the mech assembly room, Aojia opened the space of his armed belt and took out the broken black dragon energy stone inside. Aojia watched the broken black dragon energy stone, slightly settled his mood and carefully started to reassemble it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like the little black dragon in the eggshell carved by the little leopard. Rather, once his mania was about to break out, the low-grade energy stone would only be a consumable. It was a pity to break it. He didn’t want the little black dragon paired with the snow leopard in the eggshell to be broken.

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