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NOLMBW: Chapter 35

Rong Mingshi finished the carving and collected the little leopard first, planning to wait until he went back to show Aojia.

Then he stretched out his paws and held the little black dragon breaking out of its shell. He held it up and raised his head to see how the other students carved. Until now, he hadn’t seen the carving process of other beastmen so his expression was very serious.

Those staring at Classmate Rong and thinking Classmate Rong was cute immediately panicked and bowed their head to start carving. However, the moment they thought of Classmate Rong watching them, they became even more panicked.

There were some energy stones that couldn’t be fixed. After carving them a few times, the stones rolled over and fell down. In addition, their knife movements were too big and they accidentally scratched their fingers…

Most of the students had shaking hands and their knives weren’t consciously hitting the energy stone…


The little leopard stared at the students in various conditions on the interface in front of the class and cocked his head. Did something happen?

Professor Phillier coughed and ordered, “Concentrate!”

The entire class was affected by the tone and slowly let go of their thoughts. They started to seriously deal with the energy stone in their hands. They had felt something from Classmate Rong’s carving process. They couldn’t learn Classmate Rong’s ingenious carving skills but during his carving process, they paid attention to the beast shape and aura, allowing them to touch something.

Rong Mingshi rubbed the eggshell of the black dragon while thinking.

He slowly discovered the difference between himself and the other students. His carving of the energy stone wasn’t to activate the power inside but to express his own ideas. Throughout the carving, the perception power penetrated into the energy stone with his imagination and wasn’t deliberately controlled by him.

The little leopard looked down at the golden eyes of the black dragon, thick paws touching the little black dragon’s back.

When carving low-grade energy stones, his perception was enough to naturally activate the energy stone’s power and didn’t require precise control. However, once he turned to high-grade energy stones, the natural use of this perception couldn’t easily activate the energy stone’s power, causing him to be repeatedly rejected by high-grade energy stones.

It was impossible for him to change his method of carving. Rong Mingshi didn’t want to carve anything without a soul, even if it was for the power inside the energy stone.

The little leopard’s paw poked at the eggshell on the little black dragon’s head. he stuffed the little black dragon and little leopard together and found the electrostatic ball for training perception. He continued to walk the maze.

He decided to continue practicing control over his perception until the more flexible activation of perception became instinct.

Before the end of this practical class, Professor Phillier asked all students to put their work into the energy detector. There was no doubt that Student Rong’s energy stone activation rate was 100%, even though the shape of the stone had little to do with the energy. At the same time, the other students had different degrees of significant progress compared to the previous test. Professor Phillier encouraged them and left the classroom.

There was no class in the afternoon so Rong Mingshi set his spherical movement tool to the college’s energy stone warehouse. The biggest problem now was to find the right stone for the blue peacock…

It wasn’t long after he walked out of the classroom that there was a feeling of being stared at. The little leopard hesitantly turned his head and looked back, but he found nothing. His head turned forward and the feeling came back again. he always felt that someone seemed to be following him.

The little leopard looked at the surrounding buildings and planned to try changing his route. Then Aojia’s voice was suddenly heard in his ears. “Little leopard, don’t look back and continue.”

The little leopard’s spirit shivered with fear as he whispered, “Aojia, am I being followed?”

“Yes, there are 12 camouflaged guard robots carrying non-lethal weapons. They should want to kidnap you.”

The black dragon spoke in a soft and low voice, trying not to cause panic in his little beast. Even now, the momentum coming from the black dragon’s body tightened the nerves of Calant who was driving the suspension car beside him.

During the long period when he had been serving the commanding officer, this was the first time he saw the boss explode so fiercely outside the battlefield.

The small leopard’s mobility tool was connected to Aojia’s quantum computer and the security defense system was more complete than Aojia’s manor. If a person with malicious intentions approached then there would be an alarm to inform Aojia.

There were 12 robots following the little leopard, equipped with general-purpose electromagnetic shotguns, electromagnetic pulse grenades and power grid traps. These tools were general weapons used by the imperial police to deal with beasts crazy from mania.

It was generally used to deal with destroying things and even causing harm to people around them in the grip of mania. Now the black dragon was on the verge of violence at the thought that these people wanted to use this power grid to tie down his little beast…

Calant almost smelt the burning of flames. The boss was on the verge of transforming! If Calant didn’t do well, perhaps the boss would abandon him for driving too slowly, directly turning into a black dragon and flying over! Therefore, Calant held his breath and increased the speed of the suspension car.

At the same time, the little leopard licked his lips and he unconsciously stretched out his claws. He lived in a peaceful age in his previous life and rarely went out because of his physical condition. He really hadn’t experienced such a thing.

Aojia took a steady breath and his low voice said, “Don’t be afraid. Give it over to me.”

The little leopard listened to the voice in his ears and nodded. “Okay.”

Aojia slightly narrowed his eyes and took control of the little leopard’s safety seat remotely, plunging into the college’s energy stone warehouse. It was near noon and the college’s energy stone warehouse had no one apart from auxiliary and guard robots.

Aojia controlled the transparent ball into the shelves. The dozens of robots followed the little leopard inside, threw a few electromagnetic pulse grenades in succession, solved the warehouse’s guard robot and moved towards the leopard. They rushed over and shot more than a dozen grid traps in succession.

Rong Mingshi nervously watched the nets flashing with electricity fly towards him. Then his entire body swung violently, passing through the dozens of nets at a strange angle and striking one of them. Looking at the people getting closer, the little leopard’s blue eyes widened and he unconsciously cried out, “Aoji…”

The moment the little leopard made the sound, he and the entire seat directly smashed into the opposite robot. There was a loud bang as the robot hit the shelf next to it and a flash of light, showing the robot had lost its utility. The little leopard’s mouth opened. This feeling…

“Aoji, again!”

…He was so emotional that his words were a bit unclear but it was nothing. The little leopard wasn’t ashamed at all. He pointed to the robot in front of him, telling Aojia to continue attacking them.

These words that entered the black dragon’s ears weren’t unclear at all. After all, he now wore the cufflinks that clearly had ‘Aoji’ carved on them. This was his little beast’s pet name for him. Most importantly, Aojia thought the little leopard would be afraid. Thus, he controlled the speed of the sphere seat out of fear of scaring the little leopard.

Then he saw the little leopard’s reaction and relaxed a bit. His lips couldn’t help curving. Since the little leopard was so brave…

Aojia’s low voice entered the little leopard’s ears. “Come again?”

Rong Mingshi gazed at the electric nets approaching again and patted his seat with his paws. “Aoji, hurry hurry! Too exciting!”

This little beast…

A smile flashed in the black dragon’s eyes as he drove the leopard’s spherical seat and swiftly swept through the nets again. It was faster than before and almost whistled through the air.


Looking at the robot that once again flew away after being hit, the little leopard who was a predator to his bones let out a howl~

The sound wasn’t the point… the little leopard thought firmly!

As a result, the seat containing the excited leopard avoided the nets while slamming into the robots. They all smashed into the shelves and lost their utility one after another.

The transparent ball hovered in the energy stone warehouse. It was safe. The little leopard’s thick claws grabbed the front of the transparent seat and looked at the mess in this place. His excited tail suddenly stood up. “Aoji, Aoji, there is a stone in front!”

During the attack, the little leopard hadn’t forgotten to look for stones. The black dragon looked around. They were in the middle of a large number of fallen shelves and there were many energy stones. He couldn’t see the one the little leopard was talking about. Rong Mingshi stretched out a thick paw and pointed to the other side. “Go forward and to the left. The blue-green one.”

The black dragon drove the seat and approached the stone. He grabbed the stone before giving back control to the little leopard.

“I’ll pick you up right away.”

Calant had finally driven the suspension car to the college and they were outside the warehouse.

Aojia stepped through the energy stones along with the college guards who responded to the alarm and saw the attacked little leopard happily holding the blue-green stone and watching the peacock image for a comparative study.

The peacock was the most beautiful of the imperial beastmen and was also attractive in human form. Calant touched his chin slightly. Why did this leopard look like the most famous beastmen who just won a movie award?

Guard Calant watched the boss with the little leopard and inexplicably felt that the boss’ back looked so vast…

The moment he saw Aojia, the little leopard threw the blue-green stone to one side and drove the seat over. He suddenly moved uncomfortably in his seat and fished out two beasts in broken eggshells.

Almost instantly, Aojia felt that his estrus period had arrived. There was an uncontrollable force in his bones and his skin shuddered like he was electrocuted. Dragon scales emerged uncontrollably but fortunately, there were the energy stones carried in the armband and armed belt. The energy stone carried in the belt released some energy to appease him, allowing him to not transform when he saw the two broken eggshell carvings.


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Wang Ying
Wang Ying
1 year ago

two cute beast craving was too lethal attack on his heart lmao