NOLMBW: Chapter 33

The moment the little leopard and Aojia were sitting together on the suspension car to the college, the golden eagle who spent 200,000 star coins on the custom order logged onto the Star Network.

The first thing the golden eagle did after going online was to go to Craftsman Time’s House to see the progress of his order. He saw the number of comments jumping under the ‘custom order’ photo and naturally entered.

-Calling the buyer who spent 200,000 coins to grab the order, come and return it!

-Return, return! This will be the order with the most losses. Don’t be deceived out of 200,000 coins by this lying store owner!

-No one should buy anything from this liar’s house. Does the owner think that all beastmen are stupid?

The golden eagle’s face was dark when he saw the third comment. Was this saying that he was a stupid buyer for spending 200,000 coins? It simply wasn’t bearable.

The golden beast continued to angrily look down and saw the self-proclaimed proven witness’ message. In other words, the message from the original buyer who spent 100 star coins to buy the store owner’s first item. In addition, the golden eagle saw the test image that the witness sent out for proof.

The golden eagle saw the tester with a ‘0’ result and his eyebrows twitched. He angrily opened a live broadcast in the buyer’s exchange area.

Once the handsome and flamboyant face appeared in the live video, the beastmen watching the exchange area came out.

-The 200,000 custom order beastman has appeared! Quickly, quickly return it. Don’t be fooled by the owner!

-Hey, the fool is coming. Look at the big fool!

-Geez, this blond fool is so handsome!

The golden eagle’s mouth twitched and he declared, “Be quiet and listen to me. I don’t care about the money. I don’t take 200,000 star coins seriously. I just want to see if this store owner is really a liar. If he is deceiving me and sends me an energy stone with no energy, I definitely won’t let him live on the Star Network!”

At the same time, the witness found that things weren’t progressing in the direction he expected. He thought that 200,000 wasn’t a small amount. Once the buyer knew that the owner was a liar, even if there were only some doubts, a normal person’s reaction would definitely be to return it.

Once the first custom order buyer returned the goods, more people would believe the buyer was a liar and the goods sold were just ordinary carvings. Even if the store owner produced evidence, there would be some doubts. As the store owner argued, their prices wouldn’t go up in a short amount of time and there was no way to start the custom orders.

During this time, the witness could profit from it. He didn’t expect for the person who bought the custom order to actually broadcast live in the exchange area! This attitude was to check for himself if the owner was a liar. How could this be done? Thus, the witness sent a gloomy message.

-Witness: Are you a fool? You know that this is a liar and you still want to give him money? You don’t look that old and the money isn’t earned by yourself. Do your parents know that you are throwing it to a liar in vain?

The young golden eagle’s sharp eyes shrank as he proudly declared, “If he is crooked then seeing is believing! Why do you care about my money? This is my live broadcast. Everyone, wait for the store owner to deliver the goods and you can take a good look. You are all witnesses. If he is a liar then I will pull him out from where he is hiding on the Star Network!”

Previously, Craftsman Time’s House had attracted many buyers because of the dragon li stone. Now that the handsome golden eagle opened a live broadcast to identify a scammer online, many people were attracted to join in on the fun.

The housekeeper had already packed up the item and sent it. The express delivery business of the empire was very developed and it didn’t take long for the handsome golden eagle to receive the package.

“Come here and watch me open the parcel!” The golden eagle put his hand on the package’s smart lock, opened it and revealed the golden eagle energy stone inside.

All the beastmen saw it and froze for a moment, unconsciously turning their heads to look at the golden eagle carving. Regardless of whether the energy inside was activated or not, the golden eagle was very straightforward and proud. In terms of fearless temperament, it was very similar to this golden eagle beastman!

Then after marvelling at the appearance, someone laughed.

-Haha, I have never seen an energy stone carved with other structures? What is the attachment under the golden eagle claws?

-Aren’t energy stone carvings about the beast shape itself? The store owner added a pine branch, isn’t he afraid this will ruin it?

-This shape is really beautiful. I like the pine branch!

-Haha, you are so handsome that you bought a good-looking ornament!

The golden eagle held the stone and blinked slightly. He didn’t pay attention to the people on the Star Network and only carefully examined the stone.

He really liked this style. After seeing the appearance, the beastmen watching the live broadcast found other problems.

-Have you found that the carving doesn’t give the feeling of energy overflowing at all?

This remark caused the nervous witness to look seriously.

This golden eagle carving was obviously different from the last dragon li cat. The 3D image of the dragon li cat allowed beastmen to feel the overflowing power from the screen. However, this golden eagle didn’t give off any feeling of power at all.

Then the store owner actually was a fake? Could they assume that the owner actually tampered with the video of the previous item?

-The owner is really a liar. I’m angry!

-Geez, throwing away 200,000 star coins.

The golden eagle turned his head, saw the comments in the exchange are and couldn’t remain calm. It was true that he liked the appearance but the main purpose of buying an energy stone was to treat mania!

Thus, the golden eagle angrily grasped the energy stone and turned to the energy tester. “If the information displayed by the tester is zero, I absolutely wanted to find the owner. It doesn’t matter if there is no product description. I will hire a lawyer and kill him!”

He indignantly placed the energy stone in the tester. The data on the energy tester jumped and stopped at ‘100%.’ Suddenly, all the online beastmen fell silent as they started with disbelief at the golden eagle’s energy tester. How could the energy activation be so against the sky when there was an extra pine branch?

There was a long silence before the angry witness left the vicious message.

-Witness: Impossible, a master sculptor can’t necessarily active 100% of the energy stone. How is it possible for this lying owner? Your big fool, surely you’re not working with the store owner? You discussed this with the store owner, right?

The shocked and excited golden eagle became angry when he saw this sentence. “Fu*k you! This 200,000 energy stone is too cost-effective for me!”

As he spoke, the golden eagle carefully pulled the carving out of the tester and placed it on the table.

Do you know what beastmen needed most when they first became adults? In order to treat the mania that gradually appeared during the estrus period, they needed to find the energy stone that was most suitable for them. Otherwise, they couldn’t get close to the beastman they liked. The thing that the golden eagle was missing was exactly this.

All the people watching the live broadcast were undecided and didn’t know who was right. At this time, the person who said the appearance of the carving was good-looking came forward.

-Handsome golden eagle brother, can you enlarge your carving to give us a look?

The handsome golden eagle nodded. In addition to the live broadcast, he enlarged the energy stone and posted a 3D high-definition photo to the buyer’s exchange area.

Under the 3D image, the golden eagle attached the message: The store owner’s craftsmanship is really amazing. I take back my previous questions about the owner. I sincerely apologize. The next time the owner sets up a custom order, I will buy it even if it is 10 times the price.”

It was just that no one cared about the words of the golden eagle.

-If I’m not mistaken, there is a signature on the pine branch?

‘Time’? The name of the owner!

-Hey, let’s compare the three images. I smell the truth!

-Don’t make a stink. The truth is coming!

The first image of the owner’s dragon li cat, the image provided by the witness and the image of the golden eagle energy stone was displayed and contrasted in a clear way. The witness’ video was the only one without the owner’s signature. Someone had copied it! Moreover, this enlargement showed that the owner’s signature was small but it was actually three layers of hollow carving. Imitating it was difficult.

-This craftsmanship is simply too much? Is the store owner a god?

After knowing that the so-called witness couldn’t splash dirty water, the first buyer of this story was going to pull out.

At the same time, the golden eagle beastman screamed, “What damn witness? See if I don’t kill you!”


The Star Network was in full swing as the little leopard entered the classroom. He sat in the back row and quietly listened to the professors’ various theories of perception. Then he held an electrostatic ball in his thick paws and trained the control of his perception power according to the professors’ words.

Injecting his perception into this electrostatic ball would create a visible line-like structure and the inside of the ball was a large labyrinth. He had to move his perception line through the labyrinth and look for the exit.

The little leopard who trained while listening to the professor’s lecture only got one-third of the way. It wasn’t until the break in the middle of the class that the little leopard finally checked the Star Network to check the delivery of the item. After all, it was his first custom order. Rong Mingshi confirmed that the item had been delivered and received the payment of 200,000 coins. Then he turned to the messages flashing under the custom order slot and opened it.

-I want to solemnly apologize to the big store owner! We misunderstood you. Sorry. (Countless animal paw prints.)

-The lazy store owner might’ve been lazy to speak. Of course, he would say that strength prevails over everything (wise face).

-Are you saying the store owner is too lazy to come and take a look? (Poor expression)

-Everyone vilified him as a liar yet the store owner didn’t come. When will the next order be opened? I want to ask for pre-sales to be opened. I am willing to wait a long time (hungry expression).

The little leopard, “…”

‘What happened? Who am I? Where am I? I can’t understand what you’re talking about? In addition, why say that I am lazy? I obviously just received an order!’

He also carved it overnight and shipped it the next day!

The little leopard looked down at the messages. After seeing countless messages and the live broadcast of the golden eagle, he finally figured out that in his absence, he had been called a liar and it was by the buyer who bought his first work for a super cheap price. Fortunately, his work perfectly countered the man who slandered him.

Rong Mingshi’s eyes narrowed. This was easy to handle. His thick paws waved over the interface and he searched for well-known lawyers on the Star Network.

After a brief exchange, Rong Mingshi sent all the images of this man’s words and the conversation record with him to the lawyer. Rong Mingshi might’ve received a limited education but he understood the law in his past life, even if the laws of the empire were different. This slander combined with sufficient evidence would allow him to receive compensation for the mental damage and loss of reputation, plus he would receive an apology.

After dealing with this, Rong Mingshi rubbed his paws and opened another custom order. It was once again grabbed in seconds.

-Big store owner, I am a blue peacock!

-Ao, I am a leopard yet my hand speed isn’t faster than him!

-In fact, I would like to know what the store owner will carve the blue peacock into…

Rong Mingshi observed the image of the blue peacock that was sent to him. The main colour was blue and there were fine and beautiful feathers. Once opened on the screen, they looked like colourful, neon tail feathers.

The little leopard held his chin. This seemed a bit difficult…

The stone probably wouldn’t be easy to find…

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oh? A new challenge? Don’t worry Rong Rong you can do it!!!