NOLMBW: Chapter 32

Aojia held the little leopard, reaching out to rub his head. Then his fingers circled the little leopard’s drooping ears.

Rong Mingshi released the collar he bit. He just moved his paws against the transparent stone countless times and didn’t know how much energy he spent. The moment he relaxed, he couldn’t hold on anymore. He yawned and muttered, “Aojia, jiao…” Sleepy…

The little leopard’s head naturally buried himself in Aojia’s neck. His thick furry tail was placed on Aojia’s arm and he closed his eyes, naturally falling asleep. The black dragon heard a familiar sound in his ears and his lips curved as he held the leopard in one hand and placed the transparent energy stone on the table back into the box and into the drawer.

In the blink of an eye, the little leopard used the table as a pillow and hugged the little black dragon to sleep. Aojia raised his eyebrows slightly and reached out to carry the little leopard back to the bedroom. He didn’t think that once the little black dragon’s round belly was moved away, the dragon scale knife marks on the table were exposed.

Aojia’s smile spread and he put the little black dragon back. There was only the lone black dragon on the table…

Aojia slowly stroked the little leopard’s soft back, opened his computer’s communicator and sent a message to Abel on the AUT-3 resource star to urgently send over a batch of low-grade energy stones with white as the main colour. The round type was preferable.

For the little leopard, apart from the transparent energy stone that matched him, other stones might be carved to his shape but they couldn’t be exploited by him, even if the energy activation reached 100%.

However, before the little leopard could carve his own high-grade energy stone, there had to be materials to hone his craft. The black dragon was looking forward to the time when a group of small snow leopards would sit on his desk. It should be very good. It would be better if he could arrange companions for all the little black dragons around his manor.

After the order was issued, Aojia raised his hand and touched the head of the sleeping leopard before returning to the bedroom with the leopard. As the man and leopard slept together, the housekeeper who didn’t need to sleep was angry.

Only this time, it wasn’t due to the black dragon that left with his leopard. It was due to the online store opened by the little leopard on the Star Network.

…It had been reported! This was the pit created by the housekeeper himself.

In the beginning, the housekeeper concealed some of the leopard’s registration information of the online store for the leopard’s safety.

Originally, the little leopard sold the goods at a cheap price, just like the ones found on the street. Everyone who saw it online thought they had an opportunity to buy it. Many people had the same idea as the first buyer and they could resell it at a high price. This was a great business opportunity! Thus, no one reported it.

Now the little leopard opened a custom order and the price was high. Some people couldn’t sit down.

Jealousy made people’s minds ugly. Some people reported that the online store had no real information and even the name of the owner was unknown. They hoped that the sales platform would cancel the sales qualification of the store owner and not allow them to sell items for one year.

Fortunately, the housekeeper’s streaming data was fast and he strictly guarded all reports, cutting them off from the outside. At the same time, the housekeeper disclosed the owner’s name. The name of the store was Craftsman Time’s House and the owner’s name was naturally Time. Then the housekeeper forged a beastman identity for ‘Time.’

It didn’t matter if people wanted to check. As long as there were information inquiries on the Star Network, the housekeeper would catch all of them and send back fake information, allowing them to find no problems.

As the housekeeper was acting so violently on the Star Network, the little intelligence of the military, Ruhr was wandering out. He was keen to find the same kind that he had seen once. He rushed over joyfully and seized the housekeeper’s information chain to communicate in depth.

The housekeeper was shocked by Ruhr and as a result, he didn’t find another problem with the online store. In the buyer’s exchange area of the ‘custom order’, there was a questioning message that vowed to prove the truth.

-This store owner is a liar. I previously bought the dragon li energy stone. Although the material was indeed a low-grade energy stone, the energy inside wasn’t activated. There are test images below. Friends can see that the result of the tester was almost zero. This store’s goods are just ordinary carvings. Perhaps they were even made by a smart machine.

-You have been cheated and don’t even know it. If the low-grade energy stone can really overflow with power, would the store owner only sell it for 100 star coins? Don’t you know that digital images can be deceiving? The owner must’ve done something to the digital image! The store owner actually dared to set the price for a machine polished item as 200,000 star coins, hehe. It doesn’t matter if I lose 100 star coins. The buyer who spent 200,000 is the wronged one. The owner’s product doesn’t even have a description. If he gives you a rotten stone without power, the Star Network’s sales platform can’t refund you. You can only eat this dumb loss yourself.

The two messages had additional 3D images that were quite clear. It really looked like the store owner’s dragon li cat was placed in the tester and the test data was zero. The energy of the stone wasn’t activated at all.

The beastmen attracted to the goods of Craftsman Time’s House started to feel some doubts. The golden eagle who bought the custom carving received messages of sympathy from many people. However, the beastman who ordered the golden eagle carving wasn’t online. He knew nothing about all of this and was waiting for the owner’s custom order.

In the case where both parties weren’t present, the buyers were encouraged by this eloquent person. The small online store that had just been established was in danger, with the buyers one-sidedly thinking that the owner was a liar. It was just that no matter how chaotic the Star Network, it didn’t affect the little leopard who was sleeping soundly.

The next morning, Aojia woke up earlier and touched the furry ears buried under his chin. “Rong Rong, get up.”

The housekeeper, who had been tangled up with Ruhr of the military department all night, slid in quietly and placed breakfast on the table. His mechanical voice spoke weakly, “Good morning. Lord, your goods have arrived.”

Aojia reached out to pull up the little leopard. He rolled over in bed, rubbed the small leopard’s fur and sent him to the bathroom to wash. Once the human and leopard came out of the bathroom, they saw a large package lying in the middle of the living room.

Aojia held the small leopard in one hand as he walked down the steps. He stared at the big parcel and said, “I have prepared some materials for you. First, go and see them. Then I’ll have the housekeeper help you put them away.”

The little leopard nodded and curiously walked over with Aojia to the big package. He watched Aojia open the smart lock of the package. Then a transparent compartment was exposed that contained a large number of white dominated energy stones. Most of them were round stones.

These were specifically selected by Abel who transferred energy stones from all over the stores in the capital. A journey from the resource star would take at least two days while this method could deliver overnight.

The little leopard stared at the round, white energy stones with his blue eyes and had a bad feeling…

Sure enough, he heard Aojia say, “These are all practice materials. Before you carve that high-grade energy stone, you can first study your beast shape.”

This was killing three birds with one stone. He would also no longer have to worry about the little leopard staring at other beast forms.


The little leopard covered his face. He wasn’t interested in carving himself… If he didn’t need the energy stone to treat his illness, he really didn’t want to carve himself. It felt strange because he wasn’t narcissistic! The cute little black dragon was more interesting!

“Let’s go, I will send you to the college first.” Aojia spoke while playing with the thick leopard paws.

“Wait, Aojia. The golden eagle carving I did yesterday hasn’t been shipped yet.” Rong Mingshi suddenly remembered.

“Have the housekeeper send it.”


Rong Mingshi gazed at the housekeeper who followed behind them like a ghost and sent the delivery address with his quantum computer. “Thank you, Housekeeper.”

The housekeeper nodded, quietly lifted his robotic arm and touched the little leopard’s head. Aojia didn’t stop this move. Rong Mingshi was a bit stunned and inexplicably felt it was familiar. The housekeeper took back the robotic arm and was once again filled with energy. He slipped into Aojia’s study to pack the energy stone.

Aojia rubbed the head of the hesitant leopard, reached into the compartment to take out a round stone and stuffed it into the little leopard’s paw.

“Take one and practice when you are bored in class.”

Rong Mingshi opened his mouth, gazed at Aojia’s smiling eyes and ended up hugging it. Aojia stared at the little leopard’s thick paws holding the round stone and got the illusion that the snow leopard was breaking from the round stone’s shell.

The idea seemed good…

Aojia opened the interface of his computer. The black dragon had never studied painting but he was proficient in mech assembly. Thus, drawing was very easy. A few simple strokes and a draft was drawn.

Rong Mingshi curiously looked over and saw that Aojia had drawn a small leopard with thick paws, trying to escape from an eggshell…

Then he saw Aojia send the picture to him.

“What if you try carving a little leopard like this?”

The little leopard looked up at Aojia and nodded. But… what leopard crawling out of the eggshell? A little black dragon was possible! Aojia didn’t know what the little leopard was planning. He finished sending the picture and brought the leopard to the suspension car on the terrace.

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lmao not those two trying to pit each other…