NOLMBW: Chapter 31

Rong Mingshi continued reading the messages. He saw someone willing to bid tens of thousands of coins and some people even proposed to open an auction. This caused his mouth to open slightly and for him to grab his ears. He knew that he might’ve lost money with the first work he sold on the Star Network, the dragon li energy stone. He just didn’t expect it to be such a big loss.

100,000 star coins were enough to buy many medium-grade energy stones.

Rong Mingshi sat there holding his thick tail, feeling a bit sad. He continued to read the buyer’s messages and saw many people had attached short video images to the messages. They were all beast shaped. Since the technology of the empire was relatively developed, these images were recorded in 3D, displaying the beast shape in various forms.

There were golden pythons twisted up, gorillas smashing their chests, big crocodiles swinging their tails to show their strength… Of course, there were also cute chipmunks, meowing cats and unexpectedly, a baby elephant spraying water…

The little leopard released the tail in his mouth. He flipped through the interface and carefully observed the images of these beasts. It was like being immersed in the image and he learned the characteristics of many imperial beastmen.

Rong Mingshi was watching with gusto with a video call from Marshal Black Dragon jumped onto the interface. Rong Mingshi was shocked and raised his head slightly, his paws pressing on the video request. Then the image of Black Dragon Aojia appeared in front of him.

At the same time, the little leopard’s images appeared in front of the marshal… as well as the various 3D beast images from the store that were opened around the little leopard.

Aojia, “…”

The marshal froze for a moment. The little leopard cocked his head and swiped his paws over Aojia’s image. He thought that the network had a bad signal, causing Aojia’s image to be stuck.

The person, who had just yesterday told the housekeeper that he would allow the little leopard to stand at the top, looked at the enlarged version of the leopard paws and took a deep breath. “…Have you eaten yet?”

Rong Mingshi retracted his paws and approached Aojia’s image. “Yes, I’ve eaten. The housekeeper made nutrition agents with a meat flavour.”

Aojia nodded. “Tell the housekeeper the flavours you like and he will understand. I have something to do and will be back later tonight. Go to sleep first.”

Rong Mingshi nodded. He would confirm to the buyers on the Star Network that he wasn’t lazy.

Aojia glanced at the beast images that made him feel green and said, “Don’t be too tired. Watch your paws so they don’t get hurt.”

Aojia and the little leopard spoke a few words before Calant’s low voice was heard, reminding him, “Sir, His Majesty is coming.”

Rong Mingshi heard this and stretched out his paw to wave at Aojia. “You should go if you are busy.”

The image of Aojia in front of Rong Mingshi changed from flat to 3D. The 3D image of Aojia reached out and rubbed the little leopard’s head before turning off the video communication.

Rong Mingshi leaned down, stretched out a paw and hugged Aojia’s pillow. His head was placed on the pillow as his blue leopard eyes continued to flip through the images one by one, slightly shaking his rough tail as he considered the problem.

The reason he first opened this online store was to quickly make money, pay Aojia back for the tuition money and to buy the stones he wanted.

Now that he saw all the potential buyers taking the initiative to show their beast form, Rong Mingshi suddenly had an idea. A direct auction might bring more money after carving a stone but the disadvantage was that he could only carve an energy stone with the general features of a beast. It lacked the spirituality and personality of many beast forms. For the purchaser, the utilization of the energy stone was also compromised.

Then should he open the custom order system? How good would it be to make money and exercise his skills?!

Rong Mingshi carefully studied the rules of the online store. The online store’s customized orders could be opened in two ways. One was setting a price and the other was through an auction.

A custom order auction meant that the buyer with the highest price during the auction period would get the right to order. They would pay a 10% deposit and provide relevant information to the store owner. If the customized product didn’t meet the buyer’s requirements, the buyer could refuse to pay the remaining 90% but the deposit wasn’t refundable.

Rong Mingshi thought about it and decided not to do an auction in the early days of the story. He directly set up a custom order with a price tag. After thinking about it, Rong Mingshi raised his head, one paw holding the pillow while the other paw adjusted the online store to start ‘loading.’

Then the small store called Craftsman Time’s House, which caused a small wave on the Star Network a few days ago after selling its first product, set up its second product with the words ‘Custom Made Order.’

The order quantity was only ‘1’, the order price was 200,000 star coins and there was nothing else…

This pricing was set by Rong Mingshi after considering it. If no one grabbed it, he would drop down the price. He didn’t expect that this custom order was just placed on the shelf when it was instantly taken.

-It’s mine! I grabbed it. Store owner, look at me, a golden eagle!

-Ow, my hands shook and I didn’t grab it…

-Store owner, please be a bit more diligent! How can it only be one order? Don’t you want to earn a billion coins to marry a beast and start a family?

-Calling the above lucky golden eagle brother! Once the store owner’s finished product comes out, please show it off!

Under the custom order product, the buyer’s messages once again piled up like high-rise buildings. The little leopard had an order placed immediately and was transmitted the 3D high-quality image.

…He was in this much demand?

Rong Mingshi rubbed his face, climbed up from Aojia’s pillow, slipped out of bed and ran to Aojia’s study room. The energy stones that the housekeeper brought back from school, as well as the ones bought on the Star Network, were stocked in Aojia’s study room. The small box of low-grade energy stones occupied the same virtual storage as the imperial marshal’s official files.

Rong Mingshi’s body stood straight as he hesitatingly probed at the stones. After standing there with hesitation for a while, Rong Mingshi felt regret. He should’ve opened this custom order at the college…

He saw that the sky was getting dark and the little leopard had to use 10 star coins on the Star Network to buy a brown stone mixed with various colours. The merchant who sold the stone was very fortunate. He finally sold the energy stone that had been almost permanently rooted on his shelves.

As he waited for the courier to arrive, Rong Mingshi stayed in Aojia’s study room, opening the quantum computer and continuing to observe the images transmitted by the seller.

The main colour of the golden eagle was brown mixed with white, gold at the neck and black shiny claws. The golden eagle was a fierce raptor. This one was no exception. The eagle claws were sharp, the eyes were fierce and tough, the wings might be drawn together but the roots of the tail feathers were displayed flamboyantly and the gloss was also excellent. It was obviously a fully grown golden eagle.

Rong Mingshi soon had an idea about how to carve this golden eagle.

At this time, the housekeeper gently pushed open the door. “Master, your package has arrived.”

Rong Mingshi jumped out of bed. His leopard paws pressed against the parcel, opened the smart lock and fished out the stone instead. The brown mixed stone was bigger than the one he used last time to crave the dragon li cat. The housekeeper immediately extended an arm to assist and placed it on the marshal’s desk.

Rong Mingshi sat on the table, carefully looking at the stone and uniting his idea with the stone. Then he raised his paws and started the tools, quickly and stably outlining the structure of the stone.

This was a different challenge from the past. Rong Mingshi’s idea this time had the eagle claws tightly holding onto a sturdy pine branch. The wings were slightly flapping, the strength of the claws almost tore apart the pine branch and the sharp eagle eyes were aimed in front.

The feathers of the golden eagle were mixed and somewhat grey, but the special pillow feathers at the neck were. dazzling and beautiful. In the sun, they were a beautiful deep gold. This was why the golden eagle was called a golden eagle, because of the golden feathers at the neck.

Under the little leopard’s knives, the various coloured stone revealed the form of the golden eagle. In particular, Rong Mingshi meticulously polished the golden feathers, making them dazzling and beautiful.

Unlike the other beasts that he carved alone, this one had an extra pine branch. Rong Mingshi carved it carefully and it had the feeling of a strong, old branch, with mottled traces like the golden eagle had marked it for a long time. In the bottom corner of the pine branch, Rong Mingshi still signed an inconspicuous ‘Time.’

The work finished and the little leopard sat there for a long time. He seemed to have faintly touched something. The perception power that emerged from his head, along with his idea, gave the stone a sense of soul. Then… could he try to carve the piece of energy stone that matched him? If it worked, he should become a human, right?

The little leopard stretched out his paws and touched the golden eagle he just carved. In any case, it was night time and he wasn’t in a hurry to deliver the product. Rong Mingshi moved from Aojia’s desk and landed on the chair, stretching out his paw to open Aojia’s desk.

The smart drawer didn’t require Rong Mingshi to use his claws to pull it out. A single push caused the drawer to open, revealing a blue box inside. Rong Mingshi pulled out the box, hugged it in his arms and moved it onto the table. Then he leaped on top of the table.

The leopard paws opened the box and pulled out the small, transparent high-grade energy stone that was originally obtained from the resource star. The little leopard moved around the stone, blue eyes shining with a confident light. He had carved so many stones and this one shouldn’t be hard.

Before moving his claws, Rong Mingshi thought about it. He ran out of the study room and into Aojia’s cloakroom, observing his leopard form carefully in front of the mirror that could display stereoscopic images.

The proud little leopard thought he knew enough about his beast form, ground his paws together and returned to the table in the study. He started to carefully observe this transparent stone, stretching out his paws to touch it. It was cold to touch but not icy cold.

Rong Mingshi had seen the ice people brought back from the Antarctic in a low-temperature box for his grandfather. After being squeezed through the process of time, there was no air inside. It was transparent and beautiful, as if the light had been washed after entering. The energy stone under his paws gave him this type of feeling.

Rong Mingshi raised his paws and started the leopard tools, trying to sculpt this stone. The moment the leopard’s tools touched the stone, Rong Mingshi felt that his perception was blocked by some type of power. It was difficult to enter just like the previous time.

There was a bang and the leopard was pushed out by the force. He flew through the air and hit the edge of the table. Fortunately, his claws were fast enough. He caught the side of the table and climbed up with his hind paws.

However, Aojia’s table wasn’t well. It was caught by the knives made of the dragon scale and marks were left. Rong Mingshi climbed up. He saw the table that had been scratched by himself and shook his tail with some guilt, the leopard paws covering that position. It seemed unlikely he could pretend everything was fine…

The little leopard ran back to the bedroom and grabbed the little black dragon, placing it on top of the table over the position where the scratches were. The little leopard cocked his head. Um… very good.

The little leopard once again jumped forward eagerly. He didn’t believe he couldn’t handle this piece of stone!

Pounce forward… fly back… pounce forward… fly back…

The little leopard entered this cycle, his eyes blazing. The more frustrated he was, the braver he became.

The marshal opened the door and witnessed the little leopard rushing at the stone and then flying back, the angle of his landing strangely stable. Then he turned over and looked at Aojia, clear leopard eyes flashing fiercely.

Aojia’s lips curved and he opened his arms. The little leopard plunged in, biting tightly at Aojia’s collar. Aojia reached out and rubbed a hand down the little leopard’s back. “It’s fine. Don’t be too anxious.”

Rong Mingshi’s shoulders drooped and his tail hung feebly.

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