NOLMBW: Chapter 3

Rong Mingshi once again yawned and stretched out his paws to push at the shoulder of the man lying down. It didn’t wake him up and it was estimated that this person wouldn’t wake up for a while. The leopard turned to clean up some of the flammable materials such as weeds around the fire, lest he fell asleep and burned himself.

Rong Mingshi found three blood-stained dragon scales around him. It was ordinary obsidian and the edges were sharp. He scratched it twice with his claws and felt it was very hard. This should be capable of being used as a knife. He pulled it to the man’s side. Perhaps he could use it later to catch prey.

Then he added some thicker branches from the bird’s nest to the fire. These branches were things that the big bird had brought over and were especially hard and difficult to burn. The little leopard finished all this and turned back to the man.

This time, he unceremoniously stood on the man’s arm and clambered onto his chest, trying to find a warmer and more comfortable position. After several adjustments, the little leopard settled under the man’s arm. Although the bloody smell made him a bit flustered and some blood got onto his fur, the man’s body temperature was really comfortable.

Rong Mingshi had just placed his head on his paws and closed his eyes to sleep when he heard a sound coming from the man’s arm. The silver armband around the man’s arm was torn and something black fell out onto the ground, instantly breaking into two halves. The broken two halves gave off a radiant black lustre under the illumination of the fire.

Rong Mingshi lay on the man’s arm and raised his head to look. After examining it for a while, he stretched out his claws to join the two broken parts together. Then he stared at the rough black stone with disgust. He couldn’t determine the material of this black thing. It wasn’t wood or gold. However, what was this carving?

Had it not been for him seeing the black dragon’s body several times, he would find it really hard to tell this rough shape was carved based on the black dragon around him. The little leopard stretched out his claws to join the broken black dragon and placed it on the dragon’s chest. He cocked his head to look and increasingly felt that it was less pleasant to the eye.

This black dragon might’ve gone crazy in the sky and he was a bit silly in Rong Mingshi’s eyes but the powerful momentum was still very beautiful and shocking. This black stone only had his shape and no power.

The little leopard’s sleepiness was gone as he pondered over these two stones.

In his past life, his health wasn’t good. His head was filled with something strange and from time to time, he would faint because of the pain from his head. Several operations failed to completely treat him and the last episode knocked him unconscious for a long time. Eventually, he failed to survive the operating table.

Thanks to this problem, he couldn’t do too many mental activities and get involved in the family business. He just followed his grandfather at home to look after and repair the carvings and ornaments handed down from his ancestors.

The Rong Family’s ancestors were craftsmen and the old family home was filled with many of their works. They weren’t valuable but they all showed the skills of each craftsman of the Rong Family from when they were small to adulthood. Rong Mingshi saw them and couldn’t help being tempted. His disease meant his physique wasn’t good. He couldn’t do anything big so he played with small pieces.

Therefore, he saw the broken black dragon in front of him with rough craftsmanship and his obsessive-compulsive disorder made him really want to repair it. However, even if he had this heart, he didn’t have the ability. Right now, he didn’t have any hands and only had four leopard paws. Could he use his claws to carve the stone? Or perhaps his teeth?

Rong Mingshi tried to turn his eyes away and not look at the black stone. Instead, he buried his head in his paws and forced himself to sleep. Despite this, he couldn’t sleep…

Rong Mingshi gazed at the black stone and couldn’t see it clearly in the darkness. Then he suddenly had an idea. Perhaps he could use the dragon scale on the ground?

Rong Mingshi came out of the man’s arm and stood on the ground. He stretched out his claws and selected the big black stone on the dragon’s chest. He opened his mouth and stuck it on the man’s armband. Then he bowed his head and bit a piece of black dragon scale on the ground.

The edge of the black dragon scale was very sharp and Rong Mingshi moved his tongue as far away from it as possible. He bowed his head towards the black stone stuck in the armband and carefully moved the dragon scale.

At this point, Rong Mingshi felt a burst of clarity from the foreign object stuck in his head. It was quite different from his previous pain. It felt like he suddenly touched the essence of the black stone. Some of his perceptions melted into the stone and let him know clearly which place in the black stone was more suitable for a dragon’s head and which was more suitable for claws and wings.

Rong Mingshi’s eyes became more cautious and focused as he corrected the black stone with the dragon scale. The dragon scale scraped over the black stone again and again, making it gradually take the rudimentary form of a black dragon. Thanks to the tools and Rong Mingshi’s current form, he could only do it to this level. He had no way of adding the details but it was still better than the original shape of the black stone.

Rong Mingshi stopped his actions and spat out the dragon scale. He discovered that while he had paid attention to his tongue, he didn’t notice his mouth. The corner of his mouth was scratched by the edge of the dragon scale. He stretched out his tongue and licked it. Fortunately, the wound wasn’t big.

The little leopard looked down at the black stone with some regret. It would be a bit better if it could be refined. He bit the black stone in the form of a black dragon and shoved it back into the armband before yawning lazily. The confusing thing was that this attempt seemed to require more effort than when he carved the small piece at home. His eyes were dazed and he couldn’t open them.

The dazed little leopard didn’t notice that previously, black scales had started to appear on the skin of the person lying down. The man was on the edge of transformation. Then after the little leopard carved the black stone, the dragon scales disappeared at a strange speed and Aojia’s wrinkled eyebrows slowly relaxed.

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2 years ago

helping his man without hesitation. mainly to please his own carving sensibility but eh, it worked