NOLMBW: Chapter 29

Aojia slowly let out a breath, the unclear emotions rising and tumbling inside him becoming steady. He patted the little leopard’s head, placed the leopard on the table and took off his original cufflinks. He picked up the two cufflinks held in the little leopard’s thick paws and solemnly put them on.

Rong Mingshi crouched there and watched. The cufflinks were fixed on the shirt cuff by Aojia’s long fingers and the wrists they were attached to were at close range. Once it was flipped, the black dragon on the cuff faintly moved, the golden dragon eyes dignified and restrained. It perfectly complemented Aojia’s temperament.

The little leopard let out small breaths, his heart beating uncontrollably. Aojia…

Aojia wearing the cufflinks leaned over slightly and picked up the little leopard again. He raised the leopard’s chin and gazed into the leopard’s eyes. “Do you know what it means to give someone cufflinks?”

Rong Mingshi seriously stared into Aojia’s eyes, which had become vertical pupils at an unknown time. Then Rong Mingshi pressed his thick leopard paws against Aojia’s chest. Of course, he knew…

Then Aojia, do you know?

Aojia’s lips slightly curved. He loosened the hand holding the little leopard’s chin and pressed the little leopard against his neck, sighing, “Rong Rong, quickly return to your human form.”

This was more like the hugging and kissing that his master had mentioned…


It was hard to speak and that’s why he didn’t answer Aojia’s question about the cufflinks. What if he didn’t manage to become human? What if it was the same as the doctor that the duke found and he could only maintain this beast shape for a long time? In addition, what should he do if he one day became human and didn’t look good? If he was ugly…

The little leopard in Aojia’s arms grabbed his shoulders with the thick paws and didn’t move. Aojia blinked slightly, pulled the little leopard away from his neck and held the leopard’s head facing him. “Why aren’t you talking?”

Rong Mingshi cleared this throat and stared seriously at Aojia. “In case, Aojia, I’m saying in case, what should I do if I am very ugly?”

Aojia raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t my beast shape very ugly? Do you dislike it?”

“How can the black dragon be ugly? It is very powerful, majestic and evil…”


…Aojia, stop paying attention to the wrong words!

Rong Mingshi stared at him. Aojia smiled and saw that the sky outside was bright. The night had passed. He patted the little leopard’s head and said, “Don’t think too much. I will send you to school so sleep on the road.”

Rong Mingshi finally remembered that the admission notice he received stated he would enter the school three days later. On the day of enrollment, there would be an exam and the college would arrange classes according to the test scores.

These days, he was busy learning to talk and forgot to check what they would test on. Rong Mingshi was at a loss. If he took the exam and was least, wouldn’t this be shaming Aojia?

Aojia carried the little leopard and walked out of the room. Guard Calant standing at the door saluted. “Sir!”

He was used to spending all day with the boss and now the boss had a little leopard. The keen guard, who kept at a distance from the two people, discovered that the cufflinks of the wrist holding the little leopard had changed. The delicately carved black dragon was very vivid.

Aojia walked over and ordered, “Hand the things on my desk to the three guards last night.”

“Yes, Sir!”

After this commanding officer left, Calant entered his boss’ room. He was so shocked when he saw the three energy stones on the boss’ table that his mouth dropped open.

Previously, he had seen the boss test the high-grade energy stone in the form of the black dragon and the power in that energy stone reached up to 78%. This was shocking but there was a warning from the boss and Calant hid it, not mentioning it to anyone.

At the time, Calant thought the boss had found a master carver who was unwilling to reveal his identity. Now Calant saw the three energy stones and simply understood! When did they have a carver on the aircraft? Last night, there was only the little leopard who was alone in the boss’ room all night!

The so-called master carver was the little leopard their boss was holding in his arms! Then the cufflinks… they were also the work of the little leopard?

Calant held these three energy stones while his heart trembled as he got a peek at the boss’ secret. However, his face was expressionless and quiet. This shocking secret, he couldn’t tell anyone!

The three guards received the energy stones from Calant and were stunned by the power carried in these low-grade energy stones. They could all use high-grade energy stones but due to the problem of energy activation, they usually used medium-grade energy stones. They had never seen such an abundant energy activation rate before. This was simply a special medicine for their mania!

The saber-toothed tiger didn’t hold back and suddenly cried out, “Chief Guard, I want to take time off!”

Mother’s eggs, he could finally go back and have happy 300 rounds with his wife! This powerful energy stone meant his wife would no longer have to worry about him suddenly transforming into a fierce beast!

The timber wolf and pangolin immediately realized this fact and cried out, “Chief Guard, we also want to request time off!”


The chief guard, who just realized his commanding officer’s secret, had to grit his teeth and agree to the three people’s request. He felt envy and hate… why didn’t he go in yesterday?

Meanwhile, Rong Mingshi was brought back to the manor by Aojia. In fact, the black dragon didn’t want to do this since there were small black dragons placed all over the garden by the housekeeper.

However, there was no other way. The customized walking tool he made for the small leopard was placed in the underground area of the suspended mountain. In order to facilitate the leopard going to college, they had to go back and pick it up.

Rong Mingshi, who had too much energy to sleep, looked through the window of the suspension car and saw the small black dragon stone carvings arranged by the housekeeper. He saw these things after just clarifying each other’s hearts. Rong Mingshi instantly became depressed.

Who secretly carved his family’s black dragon?! Acting arrogant here?

The agitated leopard ran to a little black dragon placed in front of the fountain in the central hall. This little black dragon was bigger and was as tall as a person. It had a single paw raised and its head was underneath the dragon wing.

…It was so cute he didn’t want it! It was just that this carving was slightly familiar.

The little leopard ran to another black dragon placed on the terrace. This one was lying on its back, round stomach seemingly full of food. It waved its four claws like it was trying to turn over. This was cuteness brought to perfection! Although, the idea was also familiar.

Then Rong Mingshi saw the one placed on the chandelier of the living room by the housekeeper. The dragon was like a frightened cat. Its eyes were big and the wings tightly attached to its body. Its claws were tense and its tail was raised.

The little leopard couldn’t hold back and he fell to the ground laughing. How could Aojia have such an expression? This was definitely a scene from his imagination!

The little leopard suddenly stopped and looked up at Aojia, who was directly above him. Rong Mingshi’s tail turned over and he climbed up. He stood there and looked at Aojia. “I made it?”

Aojia crouched down and touched the little leopard’s head. “You don’t remember?”

Rong Mingshi cocked his head. He really had no impression of it. Did he do this when he was drunk? Rong Mingshi stretched out thick paws and placed them on Aojia’s knees. Then he tentatively asked, “Should I modify them?”

If this was seen by anyone else, Aojia was the empire’s marshal… would it be too shameful?

Aojia held the little leopard’s paws and picked up the leopard. He rubbed the thick paws and said, “No, it’s fine.”

The little leopard nodded. It was okay not to change them. He would just make a portrait of Aojia as soon as possible. Once the portrait he conceived stood in the manor, the little black dragon wouldn’t be so eye-catching.

It was just that Rong Mingshi’s idea was too big. He needed a huge energy stone and a lot of money to buy it. Moreover, he had to go to the site to select materials. All these things required money. At present, Rong Mingshi only had 2,080 star coins and felt he had to make money as soon as possible.

The housekeeper, standing in the distance, slid over to them and spoke quietly. “My Lord, Master.”

Rong Mingshi was slightly stunned. Master? Was that referring to him?

Rong Mingshi hesitantly gazed at the housekeeper. He always felt this housekeeper had an unusual attitude towards him. Moreover, the housekeeper’s behaviour might be somewhat weird but he always gave Rong Mingshi a sense of security. Was it because Rong Mingshi used to be with his housekeeper for a long time that he felt close to other robot housekeepers?

The housekeeper’s flashing mechanical eyes looked at him but he didn’t need to have the leopard recognize him. He just had to talk to the marshal. Aojia shook the little leopard’s paws. “I have prepared a gift for you underground. Do you want to go and see it for yourself first?”

Rong Mingshi nodded, jumped off Aojia and ran inside. Once the little leopard left, Aojia calmly met the housekeeper’s mechanical eyes. Three seconds later, the housekeeper packaged everything he knew and sent them to Aojia’s quantum computer.

Aojia retracted his gaze and opened the documents sent by the housekeeper.

It was the same as when he first had Calant investigate. The little leopard was truly Duke Oran’s blood. Duke Oran’s former wife gave birth 19 years ago but she was weak and passed away after giving birth to the child. The duke had many people check the little leopard’s body. In the end, they believed the little leopard might never become human and there might be some mental degradation. This meant he couldn’t be the duke’s heir.

Duke Oran decided to directly give up on his son and arranged a robot housekeeper to take the child to a star on the outskirts, no longer asking after this child. At the same time, Duke Oran brought back a girl as the child born to his former wife. Half a year later, the duke married the girl’s mother. The new wife gave the duke a boy who became the duke’s heir.

The first child born 19 years ago was completely forgotten and even the most basic living expenses weren’t paid. For 19 years, the family-assistance robot products like the housekeeper were updated many times in the empire. However, the housekeeper wasn’t replaced because of special orders and gradually formed a sense of autonomy.

Then just a few days ago, Duke Oran took over the Beast Nucleus Research Institute and seemed to discover a secret. He finally remembered the child abandoned by him and that the beast nucleus in the child’s head was much larger than ordinary beastmen.

In the research plan of the Beast Nucleus Research Institute stolen by the housekeeper, the duke personally signed the plan to cut out the beast nucleus from the little leopard’s head for research. Thus, the angry housekeeper received the duke’s command and faked the death of the little leopard in a starship accident. Then he secretly combined weapons of destruction together to attack the duke’s residence.

Aojia already knew what happened after that. The smart housekeeper escaped being caught and hid inside Aojia’s manor.

“Lord Marshal, I want to ask you. If Duke Oran comes over with a paternity test, will you hand the little leopard over?”

Aojia’s pupils slightly shrank and he stared coldly at the housekeeper. The housekeeper’s calm and inorganic eyes stared calmly back. He needed the marshal’s promise. Duke Oran scorned the imperial power and sometimes even tried to intervene in the military. The only one who could cut off Duke Oran’s arm, which even the emperor couldn’t do, was the marshal.

The housekeeper wanted to kill Duke Oran but Duke Oran was careful. He increased his defense and guards and it would take the housekeeper a long time to succeed.

Aojia clearly stated, “No one can take him away.”

Aojia’s eyes were full of implied anger. Forget the fact that the duke didn’t raise or care for the little leopard. The leopard clearly had an adult’s intelligence yet Duke Oran actually wanted to cut out his beast nucleus.

Cutting out… these words deeply poked at Aojia. Any beastman who had their beast nucleus cut out could only live for a few days. Wasn’t this ignoring the survival of the little leopard?

“What about the little princess of the duke’s family? What about the rumoured marriage? Lord Marshal, you have never rejected it directly. What if there is a day when you will be pressured by the emperor and the duke to accept the political marriage?”

The housekeeper’s calm voice continued to ask. Aojia’s lips curved and he slightly raised his wrist, revealing the exquisite black dragon cufflinks that the little leopard carved for him and taking a photo of his wrist.

Then Marshal Black Dragon, who never posted any news on the Star Network, directly sent a message to all reporters along with a photo of the delicate black dragon cufflinks. “An official declaration, my love.”

The housekeeper suddenly couldn’t be calm as he rushed to Aojia and stared at the cufflinks. The exquisite cufflinks were clearly meticulously carved and were more energy-intensive than the dragon li energy stone that he previously saw his child make. It was obviously made by the little leopard. Combined with the little black dragon stone carvings he received before…

At this time, the blockbuster news flooded the Star Network:

-Marshal Black Dragon abused single dogs with a show of love!

-The empire’s number one beast made a public declaration, we should collectively enter a black hole to die for love!

-Lord Marshal’s show of love, custom-made black dragon cufflinks, thousands of beastmen are grieving!

Then his cute and soft leopard was scraped away by the hard claws of the evil black dragon?!

Aojia watched the smoke rising from the position of the robot’s central processor and asked, “Is there still a problem?”

This was the second one burnt by the housekeeper. Ever since the last time it happened, the housekeeper started to prepare his own parts. As a result, the housekeeper calmly opened the position where the central processor was located. The mechanical arms pulled out the burnt parts and replaced them with new ones.

Then the housekeeper spoke in a mechanical voice that contained unstable currents. “Lord Marshal, even if you can go against Duke Oran, you know that the Master can’t go to school. Once his whereabouts are discovered, Duke Oran will definitely try to get rid of him.”

Aojia retracted his wrist, blocked everyone’s communications and told the housekeeper, “I won’t let Rong Rong live a life of darkness without freedom and no self.”


These words made it sound like the housekeeper was abusing the little leopard! The housekeeper nearly burnt the second processor as his mechanical eyes stared at Aojia.

Aojia stated, “Information can be stored in a place for a few years or even hundreds of years, but people can’t. Rong Rong is a person, not data. I hope you can understand.”

Wasn’t there the rumour on the Star Network that the marshal wasn’t good at words?

The housekeeper was tongue-tied. He did have the idea of taking away the little leopard to hide on a secluded planet. This was truly a poor analysis of his data. After he developed a sense of autonomy, he felt it was a bit boring to stay in one place, let alone the little leopard who was so active.

Aojia continued, “You must’ve seen Rong Rong’s talent. His skill far exceeds that of a master carver. He has the ability to stand at the top. Do you want him to hide in the dust forever? Do you want him to continue being ignorant?”

The housekeeper was silent for a moment. “You say this but what about his safety?”

Aojia’s lips slightly curved while his eyes were dark. “This is my business. You should be a good housekeeper.”


The housekeeper was full of anger. Aojia walked to the living room before seeming to remember something. He turned back to the housekeeper and said, “I will change your body in a few days.”

“…Don’t bother.”

The housekeeper quietly slid forward.

“It is the latest simulation machine made by the military.”

“I want three!”

The housekeeper changed his tune in an instant.

“That is too much.”

“I need a spare!” The housekeeper insisted.

Aojia nodded. “Okay, then no weapons.”


What was the use of that? Just to touch simulation skin that was soft and warm? However, just because he wasn’t given weapons didn’t mean he couldn’t make them himself… the housekeeper thought of the little intelligence of the military, Ruhr, who could smuggle them out for him.

Thus, the housekeeper watched Aojia move towards the underground elevator. Handing the little leopard over to the marshal should be reliable…

At this time, Rong Mingshi was observing his gift. It was a spherical device with a seat in the middle. In front of the seat was a flat table. Rong Mingshi climbed up several times but the ball floated unstably.

Aojia raised his eyebrows as he watched the little leopard patting the small safety chair with his paws. Aojia was smiling and his dark feelings after seeing the files were slightly better. He walked over to hold the transparent ball and watched the little leopard jump inside.

Aojia raised his hand and started the quantum computer on the little leopard’s wrist. The seat belt of the smart seat was activated and the control panel and instructions appeared as 3D images in front of the little leopard.

Rong Mingshi tried to operate it and the transparent ball moved forward and backward smoothly. Thanks to the balancing device installed inside, it would automatically form a stable orientation so that the little leopard wouldn’t be turned over.

Aojia didn’t tell the little leopard about the weapons and defenses of the transparent ball. The small safety seat wasn’t just attached to the little leopard’s computer but Aojia’s as well. Once Rong Mingshi inside was attacked, the defensive functions of the transparent ball would turn on. At the same time, Aojia would receive a notice and could remotely control the weapons to counter or escape.

Aojia chose the spherical device because this type of intelligent safety chair was the only one that could reach the speed of close-ground fighter aircrafts.

After the little leopard fully understood the use of the seat, one person and one leopard had a simple breakfast before leaving for the Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy. On the way, Rong Mingshi was nervously searching his computer for information about the first examination after entering the school. So far, he only found theoretical knowledge assessments, all of which were unfamiliar to Rong Mingshi.

The curvilinear law of perception and energy activation, perception and Barto’s law of energy stones… He couldn’t understand it at all…

As he was searching for regular content, a message jumped on the interface opened by Rong Mingshi. Then he saw the super-amplified version of the cufflinks. The enlarged version of the black dragon was very impactful and Rong Mingshi’s heart beat faster from the handsome sight.

At the same time, the ‘Aoji’ written in the lower left corner of the decorative surface was vividly revealed! The news was filled with this headline:

-The shocking signature of Marshal Black Dragon’s lover! Is it a person’s name or a pet name for the marshal?


The little leopard’s brain short-circuited.

The handsome adult with the snow leopard also saw this interface. He raised his eyebrows slightly, raised his arm and looked at the lower left corner of the cufflinks. The tiny handwriting was almost invisible but it really did say ‘Aoji.’

Aojia rubbed the dull little leopard’s head and kissed him. “Aoji is very good.”


Please don’t say it! Rong Mingshi turned and covered Aojia’s mouth with his paws. At the same time, the little leopard’s face was hot and he simply couldn’t look at anyone. It was unclear before but now he could clearly call out Aojia’s name. Suddenly returning to the soft name of Aoji, wasn’t this the same as acting coquettishly? In addition, why were the cufflinks on the Star Network?

Rong Mingshi regained his senses, loosened the paws, turned off all the learning interfaces and hurriedly searched for the cufflinks. He didn’t need to search hard since the hot headlines filled the Star Network. Rong Mingshi’s paws trembled as he turned and stared at the marshal who threw such heavy news.

Aojia rubbed his ears. “Be obedient and don’t feel any pressure. We have arrived at the school.”

What was the exam… so annoying…

The little leopard’s head drooped as he was sent by the marshal to the registration office. Then he was told that the Carver Academy had a boarding system and he could only go home once every seven days. Thus, one person and a little leopard were depressed.

The young lady at the check-in spoke gently, “Classmate, please sign this.”

Rong Mingshi stretched out his paw in an even more dejected manner.

“Oh, sorry, it is time to report to the school…”

She didn’t finish as Rong Mingshi pressed a leopard paw to the signature image board. The young lady looked at the leopard paw print and the line saying it passed. Then she asked, “Are you the beast-shaped student enrolling with the permission of the principal?”

Rong Mingshi nodded. The young lady immediately smiled. “Then there is no need to board here. The principal specifically said that you can go home.”

Rong Mingshi was finally happy and gained some energy. Before going to the classroom, he had to bid farewell to Aojia. He got into the transparent ball and patted Aojia’s arm. “See you at night.”

The slightly dazed black dragon watched the little leopard drive the ball into the classroom. It wasn’t until the emergency communication of his quantum computer flashed that Aojia left the college.

For a time, the originally lively classroom as quiet. All the students were curiously watching the little leopard sitting on the empty seat. It really was ‘on’ because of the ball…

“Is he a cub or a juvenile body?”

“He doesn’t look like a cub. It must be a manic beastman stuck in the juvenile form. How can he come to school when he is sick?”

“Will the professor kick him out?”

“Don’t you know? He is the principle’s test-free admission student! He was exempt from taking the test. I saw it when registering with the school.”

“Wait, how will he do today’s test? Will he use his paws to answer the questions? Hahaha…”

No matter the discussion going on around him, the little leopard was drowsy and finally fell asleep in his transparent seat. He hadn’t slept all night and also carved the energy-intensive cufflinks. It was no wonder that the little leopard was sleepy.

“He actually fell asleep! How can there be such a student in the Class 3 carver trainee class?”



Rong Mingshi didn’t wake up even with the instructor of Class 3, Professor Phillier entered…

The little leopard didn’t wake up even when the test questions were sent to the quantum computers at each student’s desk…

It wasn’t until a low-grade energy stone was heavily placed on the desk of the little leopard by a helper student that Rong Mingshi finally woke up. The student glanced mockingly at Rong Mingshi. This sight had no impact on Rong Mingshi. He had seen all types of eyes in his previous life. He was just obsessed with the stones on his desk and the three types of animal images constantly rotating on the quantum computer of the desk.

A three coloured mixed energy stone. The three images of an emperor penguin, a porcupine and a flamingo. Rong Mingshi was full of energy as he used his paws to pick up the energy stone mixed with white, black and orange. This blend of colours was most suitable for the emperor penguin.

It didn’t matter what the exam today was. Rong Mingshi’s only thoughts were about carving. The emperor penguin’s elegant and gentlemanly posture, the orange ear feathers, the tuxedo back and fins, the short lower limbs and the powerful big feet. The emperor penguin required much less detail when carving. The shape of the emperor penguin was much simpler than the black dragon and the previous three beasts he did. Thus Rong Minshi focused on the emperor penguin’s temperament.

People talked about the big belly but in Rong Mingshi’s eyes, the emperor penguin had this type of elegant posture. Moreover, Rong Mingshi could see an image of the emperor penguin in the middle and old age and there was a sense of wisdom and grace.

Rong Mingshi moved his paws and carefully polished the belly of the emperor penguin. The most eye-catching feature was the emperor penguin’s gradient ear feathers. The orange ear feathers spread down the neck and became light yellow. There was no light yellow in this stone so the little leopard could only use the carved lines and degree of polishing to adjust the perception of colour. This process was like atomization and it was easy to leave traces if one wasn’t careful enough.

Therefore, Rong Mingshi’s carving speed was very slow. His carved emperor penguin might be the simplest but his speed was slower than the other students. Carving was just one item in this exam. It was followed by a perceptual theory and carver history test.

Most people who could enter the trainee class were more talented than their peers and they performed quite well. The little leopard was still carving by the time the students handed in their papers.

Then the test results appeared on the class scoreboard. Every student’s carved energy stone was measured using an energy tester configured on the desk and the score was determined based on the measured data. The latter two tests accounted for only a small percentage of the scores and points were given according to the correct answer rate.

At this time, only Rong Mingshi’s name was still empty. The other students couldn’t see the exam students of others but they could communicate and talk with those who had already finished.

“Is he really scratching it with his claws?”

“It is because he entered the school through special concessions that the ordinary looks special?”

By the time the final submission of the papers arrived, the little leopard finally finished carving the emperor penguin. He stretched out his paws and turned the elegant emperor penguin who was slightly upright and sighed with relief. The stone wasn’t suitable but it was still very good after processing.

The little leopard carved a small signature in a hidden location on the emperor penguin’s big foot. It was only then that he remembered he was in the exam. He followed the prompt and placed the carved emperor penguin in the energy tester before rushing to see the other tests.

Then the little leopard’s thick paws slightly cramped up. He couldn’t answer…

Thus, the little leopard could only raise his paws and submit the empty paper test on perceptual theory. The system for judging the paper test scores was faster than the carving. Thus, Rong Mingshi’s first score on the scoreboard was a bright ‘0’. For a moment, the carver trainee’s Class 3 was filled with sounds of displeasure.

The little leopard didn’t care and continued to look at the third test on the history of sculptors. Rong Mingshi blushed. Once again, he couldn’t answer anything and could only submit the empty test paper.

At the location of the third test on the scoreboard, a bright ‘0’ hung. There were some sneers and mocking laughter in the class. It wasn’t until Professor Phillier’s cold eyes passed over them that the students quieted down and whispered together.

Then after a few minutes, the score for the first carving test that accounted for 90% of the points emerged. The beast-shaped classmate called Rong Mingshi had a perfect ‘100’ score and surpassed the original ‘82’ points first place student with a big difference.

The combined scores meant Rong Mingshi surpassed the second place by more than 10 points and ranked first.



For a moment, everyone was silent. 100 points meant that the energy ratio of the energy stone had reached the maximum, activating 100% of the energy.

“Teacher, someone cheated and interfered with the energy tester!”

In the end, some people couldn’t accept it and called out loudly.

Professor Phillier gazed at the beast-shaped student that Principal Stewart admitted and then the results on the scoreboard. He frowned and asked, “Student Rong Mingshi, can you explain it?”

The little leopard was confused? They were talking about him cheating? He didn’t even know the test criteria right now. What was the point? Moreover, he didn’t have to cheat. He came here to learn how to use his perception power to become a human in the future. Wouldn’t he just be cheating himself?

“Teacher, we are requesting to be shown the energy stone carved by Classmate Rong. I don’t believe that beast paws can carve a stone with 100% of the energy activated!”

All the students agreed. No one believed that Rong Mingshi could activate 100% of the power of the energy stone, something that a carver with the carver’s qualifications couldn’t do.

Rong Mingshi’s clear eyes gazed at the person. It was the classmate who had previously placed the energy stone in front of him. The man was stunned by the starry blue leopard eyes. It was as if his heart had been seen through and he unconsciously retreated back into his seat. Still, he insisted, “Teacher, please allow us this request!”

Professor Phillier said, “Since the students have doubts, please show your work, Student Rong.”

The Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy had a clear rule. The energy stones might be provided by the school, but they were all the student’s own work, regardless of whether it was a test or an exercise. The college had no ownership, which was why it provided the energy stones with the high tuition cost.

Rong Mingshi had the right to refuse but he didn’t know the rules. Thus, he heard the teacher’s words and directly showed the elegant emperor penguin carving. The moment that the carving appeared on the table in front of the little leopard, all the classmates and Professor Phillier were stunned. The originally noisy classroom fell silent.

It was too shocking…

This was simply the prototype of the academy’s fourth vice-president’s emperor penguin! Originally, this question was based on the fourth vice-president’s beast form.

The slightly raised head, the black and shiny delicate back feathers, the orange feathers that changed colour as it moved down the neck, the slightly white belly and the thick feet. The other students only carved the basic beast shape. Compared to this work that contained the posture and temperament, it was simply no match.

“This is impossible…” someone muttered.

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