NOLMBW: Chapter 27

Rong Mingshi glanced between the energy stones in the box and Aojia. He didn’t know if it was because of his so-called drunkenness but he didn’t feel any inspiration now. If he had no inspiration then he couldn’t carve. The object would lose any soul, which wasn’t consistent with Rong Mingshi’s style. In other words, he didn’t have the heart to carve now.

Rong Mingshi silently lowered his paws and moved away from the edge of the box as he considered what he should do. Aojia saw the little leopard’s reaction and was slightly surprised. He sat down at the table, patted the leopard’s fur and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The little leopard raised his head, face a bit lost. “Aojia, I don’t jiji.”


The little leopard covered his flushed face with thick paws and hurriedly repeated, “Aojia, I have no inspiration.”

Aojia’s expression was as if an important matter must be kept secret. Perhaps the little leopard had carved so many little black dragons in the courtyard that his inspiration burned out? However, this was a critical moment and it was impossible not to carve. Aojia took a deep breath, opened his computer and contacted Calant. “Find three guards and send them over.”

“Yes, Sir.” Calant didn’t understand but immediately arranged for three capable guards to come. Not long after, the guards arrived outside the door and requested to enter. Aojia gave them permission and the three fully armed guards solemnly saluted. “Sir!”

Aojia nodded and stared at the three people for a while.

The three guards were inwardly worried. Were they lazy in the boss’ eyes and their skills not up to standard? That couldn’t be it. They were very careful and serious during their usual training. There was absolutely no ambiguity.

Rong Mingshi was also somewhat confused by the situation.

Aojia, what was this for? Did he want Rong Mingshi to carve a human form?

If it was really a human form, Rong Mingshi was inspired by the mech display underneath Aojia Manor and the composition was just right. The problem was that the materials weren’t suitable for his composition. After all, his idea was big and these small energy stones couldn’t express it. In other words, he had to save money to buy a large energy stone. He couldn’t always consume Aojia’s materials.

Most importantly, he wanted to exercise his skills again, utilizing his perception to carve Aojia’s portrait. Before that, he had no intention of carving other human forms.

Aojia took one lap around the guards and ordered, “Disarm.”

The three guards followed the order and took off all the equipment on their bodies. Each person had at least 20 or 30 weapons and equipment, placing them neatly on the ground before them. After the removal of their equipment, the three very capable guards stood upright.

Then Aojia ordered, “Transform to your beast shape.”




The guards had a moment of disbelief. What did their boss say? Transform into their beast shape?

Of course, it wasn’t a big deal to become a beast. When carving energy stones, they must all become their beast form and sometimes they would transform on the battlefield. It was just their first time becoming beasts in front of the boss. Was the boss going to check the power of their beast form? They were suddenly nervous!

The little leopard’s tail circled around Aojia’s arm and he sat there obediently, carefully watching with clear eyes as he waited for the three soldiers to transform.




They were stared at by such eyes and suddenly became even more nervous…

Aojia’s gaze swept over them again. The three guards quickly transformed.

The little leopard was surprised to see the three guards become a saber-toothed tiger, a timber wolf and a pangolin, standing there fiercely.

Aojia’s eyes slightly drooped and he reached out to rub the little leopard’s head. “Do you have any feelings?”

There was something difficult to detect in his tone…

Rong Mingshi was touched by Aojia’s hand and he raised his paw to Aojia’s arm. “Aojia, can you let them enter a jiji state?”

Jiji state…

Rong Mingshi immediately controlled his vocal cords and repeated, “Fighting state, fighting state!”

Aojia nodded and opened the defense system in the room. Under the leopard’s curious gaze, he suddenly transformed into a dragon and swept towards the three guards. The sharp dragon claws, scorching dragon’s breath and sharp eyes…

The three beasts instinctively took defensive postures but had no thoughts of resisting at all. This was their boss. How could they attack? In addition, their boss was the number one beast of the empire. What could they do besides defend?


The little leopard, who observed the carving objects as a carver, held his face with his paws.

‘Aojia, you are too eye-catching… too powerful!’

Black Dragon Aojia stared at the three defensive guards, landed as an adult human and turned to the little leopard. Rong Mingshi blinked and gazed innocently at Aojia.

‘I can carve the beast warriors in this state but my marshal, are you sure? Aren’t you afraid of affecting the morale of the soldiers?’

Aojia walked back to the little leopard and spoke to the three beast shaped warriors. “Go back.”

The three soldiers transformed back to their human form and reorganized their equipment in an orderly manner. Then they respectfully left the room. Once their boss’ door closed, the three beastmen faced each other with puzzled expressions.

What exactly did their boss call them over to do?

The three guards left and Aojia stared at the little leopard. “How is it?”

Rong Mingshi waved his tail and slightly cocked his head. There were some ideas in his heart.

It wasn’t the form that the three warriors showed when the black dragon suddenly attacked. It was the state when the three soldiers became beasts. After disarming, their military training was shown in their behavior and fierce and restrained eyes.

The three beast shapes were different. The timber wolf was brave and courageous, the saber-toothed tiger was arrogant and independent and the pangolin was strong and vigorous.

Rong Mingshi’s head was filled with three beast-shaped images. He turned his head and started to choose the energy stone he needed.

Rong Mingshi’s style of selecting the stone was different from other carvers. Generally, a carver would carve low-grade energy stones based on the colour of the beastman. The variegated colours mixed with the main colour weren’t considered by them. During the carving process, they deliberately wouldn’t activate the energy of these mottled colours and didn’t think about how the colours would make the carving more vivid.

After all, the low-grade energy stones were consumables in the eyes of most carvers and weren’t worth the effort. The variegated colours mixed in with the main colours were so small that it wasn’t worthy of being activated with their perception.

Rong Mingshi was different. He would choose the stone that better reflected the characteristics of the carved object.

The four coloured stone of white, black grey and bright gold was suitable for the timber wolf. The white, dark orange and black three coloured mixed stone was suitable for the saber-toothed tiger and the white, black and light brown three coloured energy stone was suitable for the pangolin.

Rong Mingshi grabbed the stones he needed from the box and was about to start focusing when he inadvertently saw a black energy stone at the bottom of the box. This stone was different from the previous stones. Black was the main hue and it had many scattered golden starry dots and some red markings.

Rong Mingshi’s eyes lit up. He stretched out his claws and took the stone from the bottom, hiding it behind the other three energy stones. It was a surprise he would give to Aojia and he naturally had to hide it.

The little leopard’s heart was spinning in circles. Nothing was better than finding a stone suitable for the shape of Black Dragon Aojia.

After selecting all the stones, Rong Mingshi stood there and used a paw to observe and analyze a stone. Rong Mingshi found that his perception smoothly entered the stone. He quickly touched the power of the stone and clearly understood the characteristics of the stone. The composition of the beast shape slowly merged with the stone in his head, as if the stone was telling him how it should be carved.

The little leopard entered the right state and started to handle the stone in a bold way. The ears that were slightly erected because of serious concentration tickled the human heart. It was just that the black dragon saw the rough shape of the timber wolf and his heart felt a bit stifled. He slowly got up and quietly left the room.

He was going to grab the little black dragon stones back. Playing with these little black dragons might make him feel better. The black dragon once again turned the suspension car into a fighter jet and swept towards the small courtyard of Master Wuka.

The small courtyard was empty of stones. The cute little black dragon carvings were gone. Aojia’s eyes froze and there was a burning smell coming from his mouth.

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