NOLMBW: Chapter 24

Rong Mingshi discovered that after learning to speak Aojia’s name, it was like a door opened. The language of the imperial beastmen was suddenly smooth. It was still difficult for him to assemble sentences as his vocal cords couldn’t control the tone transition of these sentences. His rate of speech might be slow but there were many words mastered by him.

After studying for so long, Rong Mingshi was somewhat sleepy. He couldn’t help yawning and his eyelids drooped. The black dragon under his body rubbed his paws and patted his fur. “Go to sleep if you are tired.”

The little leopard nodded, head rubbing against the black dragon’s body as he hugged a claw. “Aojia, together.”


Aojia laughed. “Okay.”

The black dragon slightly flipped over, lying sideways with his arms around the small leopard. His dragon wings gently patted the leopard’s back. “Sleep and I will wake you up when it is time for dinner.”

The little leopard grinned, use the hot dragon claws as a pillow and closed his eyes. Aojia soon heard the little leopard’s unique snoring. The speed at which he fell asleep caused the black dragon to sigh lightly. The little leopard was tired yet still insisted on learning so much.

Aojia gently lowered his head and touched the little leopard’s head with his dragon head. The warm breath of a dragon was sprayed against the patterned fur on the little leopard’s head and the soft hairs shook slightly. The ticklish little leopard unconsciously moved under the dragon claws and held them more forcefully. “Aoji… jiji…”

Aojia… itchy…

The sleeping little leopard returned to his original form and didn’t say the words clearly.

The black dragon couldn’t bear to disturb this person anymore and immediately moved his head some distance away, letting his breath fall in front of the little leopard.

At this time, the housekeeper in the bedroom’s control system finally returned to the body of the manor’s robot housekeeper, whose processor had been repaired. He quietly slid into the bedroom, mechanical eyes watching the black dragon coldly as he spoke in an extremely mechanical voice. “Lord, please come out.”

The black dragon close to the soft little leopard narrowed his eyes. Aojia stared at the robot housekeeper who disappeared out the door of the room and light flashed in his eyes.

Based on the information provided to him by Calant, Aojia knew there was a smart housekeeper who received instructions from Duke Oran. The instructions were to send the leopard to a research institute. The purpose was self-evident. The institute focused on studying the beast nucleus in beastmen but the beast nucleus was generally donated after the beastmen passed away. The little leopard’s beast nucleus was different from ordinary beasts and this probably interested them.

Instead of carrying out the orders, the intelligent housekeeper betrayed Duke Oran and attacked his residence, affecting the holding of the royal banquet. It could be seen that this intelligent housekeeper was protecting the little leopard. Therefore, when entering the manor yesterday and discovering that it had been hacked, Aojia didn’t immediately take action against the robot housekeeper and watched his actions quietly.

Aojia gazed at the soundly sleeping leopard and gently moved his claw. However, the little leopard was holding it tightly and his body moved. Aojia immediately stopped his actions. He used his other claw to pick up the little black dragon energy stone, quickly removed his claw from the hand of the little leopard and stuffed the energy stone into it.

The little leopard hugged the little black dragon and curled up. The black dragon watched and saw that the little leopard didn’t wake up. He gently got up from the body and turned into a human form after landing.

The little leopard curled up on the bed with the little black dragon turned over, seeming to feel that something was wrong. He unconsciously hugged his tail and held his thick tail together with the black dragon. Then he finally settled down, continuing to sleep.

Aojia’s lips curved and he pulled the blanket over the leopard.

Before leaving the bedroom, Aojia started the room’s highest defense system, only to discover that the smart housekeeper had started it first. Not only that, but he also turned on the room’s light and sound insulation settings.

Aojia slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced at the little leopard sleeping on the bed. It seemed that if he wanted to hold his little leopard peacefully in the future, he would have to make the housekeeper obedient or else he would keep being disturbed.

Immediately after Aojia stepped calmly out of the bedroom, he was attacked by a high-compression gravity gun set up by the housekeeper. Aojia instantly activated his humanoid mech and raised his left arm to block the attack. Aojia was unharmed but the explosive force hit the manor and directly opened a hole in the ceiling, causing the afternoon sun to fall through.

The bedroom behind Aojia where the leopard was sleeping was still intact without any impact. A light flashed in the housekeeper’s eyes in the distance and the weapon he installed in another place was activated. The high-energy ion cannon slammed into Aojia.

Aojia stood there calmly and didn’t evade it. He placed the arm of the humanoid armour in front of him and once again greeted the attack of the ion cannon. The high-energy ion cannon was much more powerful than the gravity gun. Apart from the sacred bedroom behind Aojia, the structure of the entire manor was smashed and collapsed.

The housekeeper observed the attack that was once again blocked and had to admit that the marshal was really powerful. The mech armour counteracted some of the attacks but the damage was still large enough to cause internal damage.

The sirens of the imperial police department in the distance sounded. The imperial marshal’s manor being attacked was definitely a major event and almost all of the police department’s forces left. At the same time, Guard Calant in the aircraft terminal received the alarm and shot up from his seat as he shouted, “All guards, full alert. The marshal is being attacked. Go and rescue him!”

Daring to attack their commanding chief, this was the courage of the ambitious leopard!

In an instant, all the guards on the aircraft were armed and the suspension vehicles quickly drove to their boss’ residence in the capital.

The housekeeper moved his robotic arm and gazed at Marshal Black Dragon in the distance and then the mountain where the manor was located. Was he really going to blow up the armour that the marshal had saved from all the battlefields he went through? The weapons he installed weren’t too powerful and shouldn’t cause actual damage to these mechs.

The housekeeper was calculating whether the marshal would abandon the child to save his personal battlefield weapons. He didn’t expect for something to suddenly enter his data chain and spread rapidly. The data chain was completely locked by the time he wanted to control the underground weapons!

At the same time, the little intelligence of the military’s quantum computer, which had been bullied by the housekeeper, took advantage of the master data to express his meaning… he finally found a similar kind, a similar kind!

The housekeeper might have self-awareness but his data was still that of a household robot. He was far less powerful than the intelligence of the military department, causing him to be stuck there and couldn’t move.

Aojia watched the housekeeper who couldn’t move, removed his mech and started his quantum computer. He stopped the imperial police and guards encircling the place and went to the housekeeper in the shell of the manor’s robot housekeeper.

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