NOLMBW: Chapter 20

The night naturally wasn’t calm but the housekeeper suppressed his fire and didn’t clean up the marshal. The reason was because his child took the initiative…

This little leopard was never obedient when sleeping. He rolled around in the arms of Marshal Black Dragon. It was unknown how many rolls it took but eventually, his head was buried against the chest and his tail was wrapped around the marshal’s arm!

The housekeeper wondered why the child had to be in the arms of the marshal to sleep. Didn’t he use to sleep on his own bed before?

The robot housekeeper mobilized the smart system of Aojia’s bedroom and started his research. After less than one second of data analysis, the housekeeper came to the conclusion that the marshal’s body temperature was higher than the child’s body temperature. This bedroom was set according to the marshal’s sleeping habits. In other words, the room temperature was low and it was normal for the leopard to search for a heat source.

Thus, the housekeeper simply invaded the central control system of the bedroom and adjusted the room temperature. The room temperature soon increased. The furry little leopard was hot but didn’t act according to the housekeeper’s logical analysis. He didn’t leave the blanket or evacuate from the marshal’s side.

Instead, the front paws touched Aojia’s chest and his head was against Aojia’s chin as he made vague sounds, “Aoji… jiao…” Aojia… don’t spit fire…

Apparently, the little leopard was in a daze when sleepy. Aojia instantly opened his eyes and touched the little leopard’s back. In the dim light of the room, his golden vertical pupils flashed and he glanced to the location of the control system in the room. The housekeeper was lurking inside the central control system’s data. In the end, he had to adjust the temperature of the room back to its previous state and forge a system failure.

Aojia firmly held the little leopard and closed his eyes again. Then the little leopard made comfortable sounds while sleeping.

The first confrontation, the robot housekeeper lost.

The next day, Aojia had to get up early. He rubbed the little leopard’s head, gently moved the leopard from his arms and quietly left the bedroom. The robot housekeeper in the living room, who had carried out a series of devastating data simulations all night, nodded slightly at Aojia.

The housekeeper had carried out devastating simulations but the effect wasn’t good. It would only destroy the duke’s house and not the man trying to hurt his family. Therefore, the housekeeper could only continue to fulfill the conscientious procedure set up by the manor’s previous robot housekeeper. He brought Marshal Black Dragon coffee and a package, speaking in a mechanical voice, “Master, there is a package.”

Aojia slightly raised his eyebrows while drinking the coffee as he looked at the standard packaging. It was the packaging of the free energy stones provided by the Interstellar Resources Group to beastmen of the empire. It also had the hidden logo of the Interstellar Resources Group. This little leopard moved fast…

Aojia didn’t grab the parcel and told the housekeeper to place it in the living room for when the little leopard woke up. Aojia had just ordered the housekeeper to prepare breakfast when his quantum computer flashed and a message from Guard Calant arrived. “Sir, it is an emergency. Quickly return.”

Aojia’s pupil shrank and he stood up. He quickly changed clothes and took a few steps into the bedroom. The little leopard had turned onto his back, revealing a soft white belly that moved up and down as he breathed. Aojia’s lips curved and he turned to whisper to the robot housekeeper suddenly following him, “Tell him I will come back later and he doesn’t need to wait for me to eat. Take good care of him.”

The robot housekeeper replied mechanically. “Yes, Master.”

Go quickly! The housekeeper watched the little leopard sleep while at the same time, he entered the military’s smart brain and gave the immature artificial intelligence a little disturbing virus.

Aojia watched the little leopard on the bed and couldn’t hold back from touching the round ears with black edges. The little leopard raised his paws and held his ears while still sleeping, calling out, “Jiao…”

It tickles, don’t touch…

The housekeeper next to Aojia, “…”

…Bad! He would never disturb the child while sleeping.

Then Marshal Black Dragon left. The housekeeper took several laps around the bedroom. Inside, the little leopard was still asleep and showed no signs of getting up.

Rong Mingshi comfortably slept until noon. He woke up dizzy, opened his eyes and yawned. He didn’t see Aojia’s figure and rubbed his face with his paws, crying out, “Aoji?” Aojia?

At this time, the robot housekeeper was bored and arranging various weapons around the manor. He received the signal and returned quickly. He bent down to the little leopard awake on the bed and his mechanical arm stretched out to take the little leopard from the bed.

Rong Mingshi jumped and stared at the Aojia family’s robot housekeeper who was acting strangely. This robot.. was there something wrong?

The housekeeper put away his robotic arm. After temporarily settling the marshal, there seemed to be another problem. This child was somewhat different from before. He would have to research and obey the new behaviour patterns.

Rong Mingshi bypassed this seemingly strange robot and jumped out of bed, running out of the bedroom to find someone. He went in a circle and didn’t find the person. He was thinking about checking in the underground mech showroom when the robot housekeeper’s voice was heard. “Master, the marshal isn’t at home. Please eat first.”

Rong Mingshi sat on the ground and his paw pressed the computer against his right paw to activate the communicator. It was temporarily inconvenient for Aojia to make a video call so he sent a voicemail. “You have woken up, so go eat.”

Rong Mingshi pouted and went to his room to wash. He squatted in the sink and washed his front paws first. Then Rong Mingshi grabbed an unopened electric toothbrush from the bathroom. He used his two leopard paws to hold the electric toothbrush to his sharp teeth and created a white foam on his face to ensure his teeth were clean. His head moved under the water coming from the faucet and he wiped the white foam from his face with his claws. His thick paws were held in the water and then he barely dried his wet face with a towel.

…It was really troublesome to have fur. He finally finished and Rong Mingshi jumped off the sink.

The housekeeper watched the little leopard strolling from the room, his face like ‘(○_○)’ through the whole process! He had no use at all.

The dining room’s table had steaming red-bellied four-winged bird custards and nutrients with the same flavour. Rong Mingshi seriously finished eating. The housekeeper finally found something he could do. He sent the tableware (one plate and one bowl) to the automatic dishwasher. Then he delivered the leopard’s package. “Master, this package arrived just this morning.”

Rong Mingshi’s eyes lit up and he raised his paw to point to the sofa. The housekeeper complied with the little leopard’s instructions, placing the parcel on the sofa and assisting the child in opening it. It contained 10 energy stones that the empire provided free of charge to the approved beastmen.

Rong Mingshi excitedly stretched out his paws. The free energy stones were naturally the most common low-grade energy stones. Many of them were mixed with a variety of colours and there were no specific major colours. They were quite mottled.

Rong Mingshi stretched out his paws to grab these energy stones, placing them on the sofa and looking them over one by one. After examining them, there was basically a rough outline in Rong Mingshi’s head.

He hurriedly turned on the quantum computer, searched for some information and determined the business opportunity he thought of last night. He would use these free energy stones as the first bucket of gold, making a beast-shaped sculpture to sell. Then he would use the exchange of money to buy materials to continue carving.

The most effective energy stone on mania needed a high degree of conformity between the energy stone and the user’s form but not all beastmen had the opportunity to find a carver to customize their shape. In many cases, the general shape was similar. For example, an energy stone carved into the shape of a lion could be adapted to any beastmen with a lion form. However, the higher the similarity of the beast form to the energy stone, the more obvious the effect of the energy stone.

Rong Mingshi saw a black, grey, white and yellow mixed energy stone and thought of a dragon li cat

He rummaged through the Star Network and found many animal-like self-portraits and recorded 3D images of dragon li cats. He picked the most common form that captured the spiritual features of the dragon li cat.

After watching countless videos, Rong Mingshi slightly closed his eyes and a dragon li cat with two white paws appeared in his head. It raised his head slightly and the amber eyes stared in front. The mannerisms were somewhat lazy but the raised ears implied a bit of keenness.

Rong Mingshi confirmed his own idea and jumped off the sofa. He ran to Aojia’s room, took his leopard paw tools and then knelt in front of the sofa. He started to seriously observe the energy stone that was meant to become a dragon li cat.

The feeling of being integrated with the stone appeared. The stone seemed to become a spiritual object, blending with the image conceived by the little leopard and gradually revealing its shape under Rong Mingshi’s knives.

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1 year ago

So it was indeed his previous robot hahah but how did the robot manage to be in the Marshall’s home 😅

1 year ago
Reply to  Jlo

Infiltrated \>0</ aaaaaah

1 year ago

Maybe the Marshall bring the robot here after finding it? Or it hidden it elf in the most dangerous play but the safest play.