NOLMBW: Chapter 18

The nutrients that the robot housekeeper brought back were much better. It reproduced the fried egg taste of the nutrients that Rong Mingshi ate last time. This was because the robot housekeeper rummaged through the history of the smart housekeeper on Marshal Black Dragon’s aircraft and transferred the latest information on the little leopard.

This time, Rong Mingshi started to eat very smoothly. Aojia patted this head and turned on his own quantum computer, passing on information to the manor’s robot housekeeper. The black dragon deeply remembered that this little leopard was very obsessed with the red-bellied four-winged bird egg. The robot housekeeper’s face froze for a moment before his mechanical eyes flashed and he seriously saved the menu, intending to change the pattern for this little leopard.

At the same time, deeper doubts flashed in the robot housekeeper’s heart. It turned out this child liked to eat the red-bellied four-winged bird’s egg.

Dinner finished and Aojia carried the little leopard out to the terrace. The sky outside was dark and the two moons in the sky sprinkled silver moonlight. Rong Mingshi jumped down and strolled around the terrace, stretching out his head to watch the scenery under the mountain.

Aojia stood there and watched the little leopard with stars in his eyes actively scurrying everywhere. Once the little leopard explored enough and ran back, Aojia bowed his head and told the leopard, “Come on, let’s go and see your room.”


The little leopard who had been sleeping with the black dragon for a few days was stunned. This meant they had to sleep separately. Yes, the manor might not be big but there were still many rooms. Aojia was an adult and it was natural to sleep separately.

Rong Mingshi’s mood caused his tail to droop as he followed behind Aojia. The room chosen by Aojia was next to his own bedroom. There was a balcony connecting both sides. Aojia crouched down and rubbed the little leopard’s small head. “Sleep early. I am next door so call me if you need anything.”

Rong Mingshi nodded, went to the bed and climbed up. He lay on top and waved his paws toward Aojia. “Jiao, Aoji!”

Goodnight, Aojia.

Aojia’s lips slightly curved. “Goodnight, Rong Rong.”

The person gently closed the door of the leopard’s room and his footsteps headed away. Once he could no longer hear the footsteps, Rong Mingshi lay on his back, revealing a small white belly. He lay down and the light in the room slowly dimmed to the most suitable environment for sleeping.

The housekeeper might be full of doubts but he was still very conscientious. It was just that Rong Mingshi wasn’t drowsy at this time. He had slept beautifully under the dragon wings earlier and didn’t want to sleep now.

The little leopard curled up his paws, rolled around the bed while holding his tail before eventually getting up and starting the quantum computer. He wanted to ask a question he had been concerned about. It was the amount of tuition he saw being paid to Principal Stewart. He wanted to know how large it was.

The moment he started the quantum computer and called out various interfaces, the robot housekeeper turned on the indoor lighting and making it the most suitable environment for the eyes to watch the computer.

The little leopard looked around and couldn’t see the person or machine controlling the lights but he still had a strange sense of security. Thus, the leopard grinned at the emptiness, revealing a silly smile.

Then he concentrated on common sense. The investigation shocked Rong Mingshi. The fees charged by the Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy generally weren’t high but the students used many energy stones during the course of studying. This cost was counted in the tuition fee and it could be seen that the tuition fee was more than 10 times higher than the First Imperial College.

However, the Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy had 10 special scholarships that allowed them to be exempt from all costs during the school period. Scholarships of other levels also gave discounts of a certain percentage to varying degrees. Unfortunately, the little leopard was a test-free admission student and the scholarship was temporarily unavailable for him. He could only wait until the next school year.

Rong Mingshi hadn’t taken over the family business in his previous life and hadn’t enjoyed much parental affection. Still, his parents made a lot of money and he never worried about money. Now that he saw this expensive Carver Academy, the penniless Rong Mingshi couldn’t sleep even more.

The hyperactive little leopard searched faster and finally pulled out a good business opportunity from the mixed information. Once he decided on the idea, Rong Mingshi was very excited. He bit his tail again and rolled around in a circle on his bed.

He eagerly bound to his quantum computer and registered at the Imperial Resource Centre where beastmen received low-grade energy stones.

The empire had policies to benefit the people. If the status of the registered beastman was eligible, 10 low-grade energy stones would be provided free of charge. In order to avoid the confusion caused by the outbreak of mania, this review process was systematic, flawless and very rapid.

The little leopard waited a bit and his application was approved. The empire’s auditing system checked his account and determined that his funds were zero. There was no way, Rong Mingshi was indeed penniless…

The Imperial Review System set up to a level two poor status. Not only did they provide him with 10 low-grade energy stones, but they would also provide him with the carving services of three carver apprentices for free.

After handling this matter, Rong Mingshi felt that he could finally sleep with peace of mind. He would probably receive the energy stones tomorrow. However, the tossing and turning little leopard still couldn’t sleep. He slipped from the bed, walked over to the balcony and looked at the other room connected to this balcony.

At this time, the housekeeper was chaotic from the actions of the little leopard. The light in the room turned around and around, almost creating a light show…

Rong Mingshi walked forward, his head cautiously exploring the room next door. After discovering that the light in the room was still bright, Rong Mingshi rubbed his ears. He ignored the inexplicable heat of his ears and gently walked towards the balcony on that side. The little leopard lay on the floor of the balcony and looked through the glass door inside.

Aojia still hadn’t slept. There were many boxes in front of him but Rong Mingshi’s perspective meant he couldn’t see inside them. It wasn’t until Aojia took out something black from inside that Rong Mingshi realized it was a dragon scale.

There were eyes on him and Aojia’s keen senses found the little leopard. He turned to look at the balcony. Then he saw the little leopard lying against the glass door, furry leopard’s face pressed against the glass. It was funny and cute.

Aojia chuckled and beckoned to him. “Come here.”

The glass door opened and the little leopard immediately put down the paw pressed against the glass and walked over. “Aoji, jiao aoji jiao?”

Aojia, what are you doing?

Aojia reached out and picked up the little leopard whose head was against his leg. “I wanted to improve your leopard paw tools while you were sleeping. Since you can’t sleep, you can choose one. Pick a dragon scale that is more suitable.”

The little leopard saw the several boxes full of black dragon scales and his heart was sour. Aojia was going to use the dragon scales he ripped out to make Rong Mingshi a tool…

In addition, there were so many dragon scales. Aojia, how many times had he experienced mania? How was this dragon so hard on himself?

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