NOLMBW: Chapter 17

Aojia had a small manor in the Imperial Capital. It was located on a suspended land that wasn’t too big. It was Aojia’s only manor since he spent most of his time in the military. He rarely had time to come back here and live. Still, there was a robot housekeeper to keep it maintained and he could come and stay in it at any time. It was a very beautiful manor with mountains and rivers and green grass. It was just…

After coming down from the suspension car, Rong Mingshi stared at the house built on top of the mountain and a sentence emerged in his mind. A dangerous building was a hundred feet high…

In this case, why get down from the suspension car instead of driving it directly? The leopard was feeling puzzled when Aojia holding him suddenly changed into a black dragon. The large dragon claws enclosed the beast who looked very small. Aojia flapped his wings, swept over the towering peak and landed on the terrace of the manor on top of the mountain.

The moment of landing, the black dragon instantly turned into an adult. The robot housekeeper saluted to him as he walked into the living room with long legs.

The little leopard, “…”

It felt like a vampire earl coming back from a hunt and transforming into something.

The black dragon ordered as he walked, “Bring me the customized quantum computer.”

One person and a small leopard sat down in the living room. The robot housekeeper handed over a miniature quantum computer and Aojia picked it up. For the convenience of the leopard, the computer was made into a collar.

After seeing that Aojia was going to place it around his neck, the little leopard jumped out from Aojia’s arms. It was just that this little action was nothing in the eyes of the black dragon. It was easy to catch the fleeing little leopard.

“Aoji! Aoji!”

Aojia! Aojia!

The little leopard struggled and the meaning of his rejection was obvious. Such a thing that was similar to a pet collar, he definitely wouldn’t wear it!

Aojia played with the quantum computer in his hand. He looked down at the leopard desperately struggling to get away and slightly raised his eyebrows. “You really won’t wear it?”

Rong Mingshi nodded very firmly.

“Okay.” Aojia agreed very calmly. He let go of his hand and the little leopard moved out from underneath it, jumped off the sofa and hid far away… behind the robot housekeeper. Rong Mingshi escaped the claws and he didn’t know why but he felt the robot housekeeper had a special sense of security.

Aojia slightly smiled as he watched the little leopard hiding behind the robot housekeeper, half his head exposed and secretly observing Aojia. He slightly fiddled with the quantum computer collar and a stream of light flashed in his eyes. It wasn’t for the small leopard. Then Rong Mingshi saw the collar in Aojia’s hand shrinking and turning into a bracelet!


Then this black dragon did it intentionally?

The robot housekeeper blocking the little leopard trembled invisibly, as if he became agitated after seeing the black dragon flirting with the leopard. His voltage was unstable for a moment before it became silent like nothing happened.

Aojia held the bracelet between two fingers. “Is this acceptable?”

The little leopard moved his paws, tentatively approaching Aojia. Aojia reached to pick up the little leopard on the ground, placed Rong Mingshi on his lap and raised the leopard’s thick paws. This time, Rong Mingshi obediently lay on the person’s lap, his small head looking closely at the black dragon’s face. He inexplicably felt that Aojia’s movements were too serious, as if doing something very solemn.

Um… this inexplicably familiar feeling was like when Rong Mingshi attended his cousin’s wedding.

The little leopard quickly lowered his head. His body in his past life was bad and he couldn’t experience anything major or minor. In particular, the doctor told him to abstain from that type of life. Thus, he didn’t even have a girlfriend, let alone marry. The only ones he treated with affection were his carvings.

The little leopard was distracted.

The adult black dragon faintly sighed. He held the paw wearing the quantum computer and knocked on the little leopard’s head. Rong Mingshi looked up at him doubtfully and he started teaching the leopard how to use the computer.

Since it was a computer that could be used by a three year old beastman of the empire, the operating program was very simple. The little leopard quickly mastered it and couldn’t wait to board the so-called Empire Star Network to see the things he had long been curious about in his heart.

For example, the role of the energy stones in the beastmen’s mania, the professional attributes of a carver, perception power, etc. Among them were small things placed at the bottom out of fear of being seen by Aojia. For example, what did the imperial marshal do…

Aojia saw the various interfaces in front of him and smiled. The little leopard couldn’t speak and had been holding back so many questions. However, it didn’t matter how curious the little leopard was. It wasn’t too early and it was time to eat something before going to sleep Aojia ordered the robot housekeeper to arrange dinner and carried the leopard with all types of interfaces open to the dining room.

Rong Mingshi was too focused…

At dinner, Aojia didn’t stop the little leopard from searching. Instead, he fed the nutritious meal directly to the little leopard’s mouth. There was suddenly something in his mouth, causing Rong Mingshi to finally react. His leopard paws moved and closed all the interfaces. Then he saw a black dragon spoonfeeding him.

This person was known as the First Marshal of the empire on the Star Network. He experienced countless war and established countless achievements. The Star Network circulated an image of him in his marshal uniform being awarded an honour. This image attracted a large number of imperial beastmen. Marshal Black Dragon rarely appeared, causing many people to look forward to the royal banquet this time. Unexpected, the marshal was to be absent again due to business matters.

Marshal Black Dragon, who was unable to participate in the official banquet due to so-called business, was looking gently at Rong Mingshi and stretching out his hand to feed the leopard…

Inexplicably, the little leopard’s face burned up. He recalled the image of Aojia in the uniform and his heart beat quickly. Rong Mingshi felt doubts. Was it because he suddenly knew that Aojia was this strong? It was like Guo Jia, who could only be seen on TV in his previous life, suddenly standing in front of him.

No matter what, Aojia definitely wasn’t allowed to feed him this meal! Rong Mingshi might’ve grown up under his grandfather’s excessive protection but the minimum of etiquette still had to be observed. Therefore, he pushed Aojia’s arm away and stood up, moving to eat the nutritional agent on his own.

He swallowed one mouthful and his face distorted. This familiar and unpalatable taste…

Moreover, he was familiar with the nutrient packs that his robot had left for him on the desolate star. This taste was extremely similar. Previously, Aojia had fed him a mouthful but he was too distracted and hadn’t noticed.

Aojia saw the little leopard come back and raised his eyebrows. “You still want me to feed you?”

Rong Mingshi immediately shook his head and struggled to eat.

Aojia watched the little leopard’s shaking ears and held himself back. He raised his hand and placed a spoonful of the little leopard’s nutrition agent into his mouth. The taste of soil caused him to frown. He reached out to stop the little leopard before turning to the robot housekeeper to adjust the taste.

Rong Mingshi glanced at the robot housekeeper who took away the nutrients. It felt like some vague doubts flashed across the housekeeper’s very standard face.

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Wang Ying
Wang Ying
1 year ago

huhu.. I don’t have time to comment, it’s so fluffy, I can’t stop reading lmao