NOLMBW: Chapter 16

Amazing! Since this was a genius, he naturally would have a special feature. Maintaining his beast form was also a trait.

Stewart couldn’t think of anyone who better fit this description. He smiled and eagerly stood up from his desk, moving in front of Rong Mingshi. “Student Rong, your perception is excellent and in line with our college’s perception requirements for a carver.”

Rong Mingshi removed the paw touching the electrostatic ball and observed Principal Stewart’s changed attitude. Um… was he really talented? He didn’t feel it at all. Next to him, Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head and said, “Principal Stewart, please organize things as soon as possible. We will go back and wait.”

“No, no. Marshal, I will give Student Rong the test-free admission spot. Please wait a moment.” Principal Stewart turned around and directly activated his quantum computer. He touched it a few times before pushing an image interface that needed to be signed in front of the little leopard.

“Student Rong, just sign your name here and your admission notice will be sent directly to your quantum computer.”

Aojia interjected. “Principal Steward, please send it to my computer.”

Principal Stewart was surprised. “Why?”

“He doesn’t have a configured quantum computer yet.”

The black dragon spoke like it was natural.


Stewart’s brain cracked a bit. It must be known that almost every person in the empire had a quantum computer. Even three year old children had special quantum computers yet Student Rong didn’t have one? Student Rong didn’t use a quantum computer at all?

Principal Stewart took a deep breath. This might be a good thing. The geniuses in this world were often independent. In history, the one who discovered that the energy stone could be used to cure the beastmen’s mania was a half-human, half-fish beastman.

At this time, the little leopard was looking at the position where the student had to give the signature. He was silent for a moment before raising his right paw and pressing on the interface, leaving a large leopard paw print as the signature. Could the signature be a leopard paw print?

The corners of Principal Stewart’s mouth twitched. It turned out that Student Rong also couldn’t write…

The principal meditated three times. This was a genius, a genius. Then he happily sent the admission notice to Marshal Black Dragon.

Aojia received the notice of exemption from the principal and stood up. “Now that things have been settled, we won’t disturb you any longer.”

Principle Stewart smiled and nodded but in the end, he couldn’t help asking, “Marshal, you really don’t need me to continue carving energy stones for you?”

Aojia reached out to pick up the little leopard and rubbed his paws before replying, “Principal Stewart hasn’t seen it. I now have my own exclusive carver.”

Stewart followed his gaze to the little leopard. The student who was about to enter school yawned lazily, revealing sharp teeth while his thick tail moved. The lazy little beast turned over to reveal his white belly, asking a person to touch it…

Principal Stewart’s mouth twitched and the beard around his mouth shook. “Marshal, are you talking about this student?”

“Naturally,” Aojia replied simply.

Stewart gazed seriously at Aojia. “Marshal, for the sake of the empire, please consider it again. Your estrus period might be late but as a black dragon beastman, there is always the possibility of estrus and it will magnify the symptoms of madness. You are so powerful that if your mania breaks out and you hurt yourself, the current peace and tranquillity of the empire will be broken and there might be a zerg invasion again.”

It wasn’t that Stewart didn’t believe in the genius little leopard… well, he had to admit he was hesitant. Could the leopard paws really carve an energy stone? Even if this little leopard persevered, it would take a while to learn.

The principal spoke too seriously. The little leopard’s waving tail gradually stopped and he stared up at Aojia. During this time, he had learnt a lot about the beastman’s mania. On the desolate star, Rong Mingshi had seen Aojia transform into a dragon thanks to his mania. At the time, the black dragon was semi-awake and tore at his own dragon scales to maintain consciousness and control his desire to destroy.

Aojia was too hard on himself and mercilessly tore at the dragon scales. Principal Stewart’s words were correct. If Aojia hurt himself too badly…

Heaviness flashed in the little leopard’s eyes. He didn’t want to see the appearance of bloody scales falling. Previously on the desolate star, he and Aojia didn’t know each other. He could calmly watch the crazy dragon in midair. However, after experiencing the past few days together and being treated so gently, he couldn’t bear it if he saw the black dragon mutilating himself again…

“Aoji.” Aojia.

Rong Mingshi called out and stood up on Aojia’s hand. His two thick paws touched Aojia’s chest and he stared at Aojia with clear blue eyes. Aojia raised a hand to the little leopard’s back. “It is nothing. Principal Stewart is an alarmist.”

Principal Stewart, “…”

He wasn’t an alarmist at all! It was absolutely dangerous for a beastman to have an uncontrollable mania attack. The greater the strength, the more serious it was. The little leopard was still staring at him and Aojia rubbed his little head. “I’ll explain it to you once we go back.”

Then he held the little leopard and prepared to leave.

“Cough. Lord Marshal, Student Rong’s tuition fees haven’t been paid yet.” Principal Stewart reminded. Since the marshal really decided not to let him carve the energy stone, it wasn’t good for him to continue speaking. After all, this involved military and political matters. Perhaps the marshal was just thinking about making Student Rong his exclusive carver in the future. The order cancellation was probably because he found some hidden master.

Aojia pressed his quantum computer and transferred the leopard’s tuition fee. The little leopard twisted his head and saw a number. Rong Mingshi, who had no concept of the currency of the beast world, remembered this number.

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3 months ago

so was it a mermaid or a fishman?