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NOLMBW: Chapter 10

The energy stone had been found and Aojia naturally took the little leopard away. Abel watched his boss get on the aircraft, silently staring at their boss’ tall back and the little leopard tail that was exposed in a corner. The furry tail swayed and looked very pleasant.

This cat was matched with the most powerful energy stone and he always felt something strange was going to happen.

…He really wanted to leave the general manager’s job to watch.

After returning to the aircraft, Aojia gave instructions to Calant for their next destination, a hospital in an asteroid belt where his exclusive doctor was on duty. Next, they should give the leopard a full examination.

Aojia first took the little leopard back to the room to eat. Then he went to the armour assembly room of the aircraft with the leopard in one hand. The automatic door opened and the mech-armour technicians inside the assembly room saw their boss. They instantly stopped the work at hand and saluted. “Sir!”

The well-trained mech technicians looked calmly (stole a peek) at the little leopard with soft white fur and black markings held in their leader’s arms. The aircraft staff weren’t interested in gossip but they were very concerned about their commanding officer. Therefore, the dozens of people on the aircraft knew there was a little beast around him.

Aojia nodded, motioned for them to continue and then took the little leopard to a smart machine. Rong Mingshi held Aojia’s arm and looked around curiously. He had never seen mech armour before.

“Do you like it?” Aojia tugged at his ears. Rong Mingshi nodded, his eyes bright. This future weapon looked good. Aojia patted him on the head. “Then go and have a look.”

Rong Mingshi’s head bumped Aojia’s palm in answer and then he jumped down, running to a black mech that didn’t reflect any light. Among the various types of mechs, this one stood in the middle and was decorated with a black dragon pattern. It was the most majestic and beautiful.

Aojia glanced at the little leopard in front of his mech and turned back to the smart machine tool. He started designing according to the information he obtained from kneading and pressing at the leopard’s claws on the resource star. After using a few programs, something similar to the leopard’s paws appeared on the stimulator. Aojia looked at the mechanical paws, adjusted the structure a bit and added programs.

Rong Mingshi examined the mech armour and was amazed by the future craftsmanship. He thought that this should be Aojia’s armour and when he glanced in Aojia’s direction, he saw Aojia’s simulation.

Unlike Aojia’s destructive and dignified armour, the leopard’s paws were smooth, soft and had a streamlined curvature. Rong Mingshi looked down at his leopard paws and then the thing Aojia was building. It seemed to be done specifically for him.

Rong Mingshi moved back to Aojia, jumped onto the seat next to him and stared at the table. Aojia finished the final round of fine-tuning and enlarged the image. He picked up the little leopard and held him in front of the image. “Look, is there anywhere that is wrong?”

Rong Mingshi stared at the enlarged leopard paw arms in front of him and tentatively stretched out his claws. The image turned and showed him every detail.

Aojia held the leopard with one hand while sliding the image with the other hand. He pulled the image to directly cover the little leopard’s paws. The simulation artificial leopard paw arms fit snugly on top and whenever Rong Mingshi moved his paws, the mechanical arm also moved. The actions were more precise than his leopard paws.

Aojia’s fingers pointed to each bone in the leopard’s paw on the image. “Each paw can control a tool. Try it.”

Rong Mingshi tried to move the paws in different positions. Along with his movements, different tools appeared at the end of the robotic arm. The shape of these tools was very familiar to Rong Mingshi. They were tools suitable for carving. The little leopard was simply ecstatic. He had cut his mouth when using the dragon scale to carve. Now that he had these robotic leopard paw arms, he could definitely make better carvings!

Aojia looked between the ever-changing tools and the leopard’s upright ears and couldn’t help smiling.

After several trials by the little leopard and a few fine-tuning, Aojia started the machine tool. The leopard claw arms were broken down into a large number of parts and gradually cast in the machine tool.

Aojia put the leopard aside and started assembling the parts. Rong Mingshi stared at Aojia’s flexible and fast hands as he assembled the countless parts one by one. Rong Mingshi was really envious.

In Rong Mingshi’s previous life, his head was often pained or dizzy and he had many brain surgeries. Some of his nerves were affected and his hands would shake from time to time in the process of carving. Sometimes, he had to stop and stabilize himself for a while before continuing. Every time he wanted to carve something, he had to repeat it many times because of his shaking hands.

On the other hand, Aojia’s hands were very stable and could assemble small parts without hesitation. Of course, the little leopard wasn’t superficial enough to think that people were born with good conditions like this. Humans might have good hands but such sophisticated assembly could only be carried out so quickly and accurately through assembling things countless times.

Thus, the little leopard sat on the chair and watched the tools Aojia gradually assembled while secretly vowing that even if he couldn’t become a human, he would train to have dexterous leopard paws with the tools that Aojia gave him! His carvings in the future couldn’t be rough. He might be a little leopard but he could achieve superb craftsmanship!

Aojia finished assembling the leopard paw arms. Then he sprayed the mechanical arms black and white, which was almost the same as the little leopard. The tool Aojia designed for the little leopard was finished.

The mech technicians secretly peeking to this side were shocked. They thought their commanding officer had come over with a new design for his mech. They didn’t expect him to use the smart machine to design and assemble leopard shaped mechanical arms.

…The news (gossip) from Calant wasn’t a lie! Their commanding officer was really good to this little beast.

The leopard paw tool was placed over Rong Mingshi’s right front paw first and the little leopard happily played with it. Thus, he didn’t pay attention as he was directly picked up by Aojia along with the tools and carried out of the armour assembly room. They returned to their room and Aojia handed the transparent energy stone in his pocket to the little leopard.

“Carve your own energy stone.”


The little leopard stared at Aojia with a strange expression. How did this person know he could carve? No one would’ve thought that a leopard could carve something, even if the black dragon was really rough.

The doubt in the little leopard’s eyes was too obvious. Aojia raised his eyebrows and took out the black dragon energy stone from his armband. He placed it on the palm of his hand and extended it to the little leopard. “There is your smell on it.”


The little leopard was dazed. What did it mean by his smell? He didn’t place this rock on him, how could it smell like him?

Aojia held the black dragon energy stone. “Saliva, little leopard. It dripped from your mouth onto it.”


The little leopard covered his face with his paws! It was revealed! He used his mouth to hold the black dragon scale and saliva fell… well, it was normal. Aojia laughed at the movements of the little leopard and returned the black dragon energy stone to his armband.


The leopard watched it and wanted to say something. ‘Brother Black Dragon, shouldn’t you wash that stone? It is something that you are carrying around with you.’

The little leopard couldn’t speak. Even if he stared with his starry eyes, Aojia was indifferent as he knocked on the transparent energy stone before him. “Try it.”

The little leopard could make a black dragon energy stone that used 78% of the energy stone’s power without any tools. It shouldn’t be difficult for him to carve the stone that suits him. Rong Mingshi glanced down at the transparent stone, moved the leopard paw tools on his right paw and tried to move it against the transparent stone.

The claws had just touched it when the little leopard seemed to be hit and flew back from the table. Luckily, Aojia moved quickly and caught him.

Rong Mingshi was confused. What happened?

Aojia blinked as he gazed down at the little leopard. “To carve an energy stone, the first thing you should do is call out your perception.”


Rong Mingshi looked stunned. What was perception?

“Try again.” Aojia encouraged.

Rong Mingshi stretched out the leopard paws to continue but he was once again pushed out by a force. This evil… wasn’t it a transparent stone? They were all energy stones? Why was he fine when carving the black dragon before?

Aojia’s gaze deepened. It could be seen that this little leopard didn’t know how to call out his own perception. It seemed he would have to let the little leopard enter the college to practice the carver profession.


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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
7 months ago

First leopard to graduate top of class?

7 months ago

correction, first baby leopard to graduate top of class. Also this black lizard is so doting toward my little cat I’m so jealous that the black lizard could pet him!!!