NOLMBW: Chapter 1

Rong Mingshi failed to track his prey for the 17th time. The little figure lying on the rock watched the rabbit leap into the grass and disappear. There was no food today. It was estimated that he would starve to death and become a weathered leopard on this stone…

Rebirth after death was naturally the most fortunate thing but if reborn in an animal, this luck would be reduced by half. If there was no mother beast taking care of the child, it would be reduced by more than half.

Rong Mingshi, the kitten-sized young snow leopard, lay on the rock and watched a bird flying in the sky. His claws held his head and his slightly protruded tongue licked his lips. Then a single paw covered his stomach. So hungry…

Unfortunately, a young leopard who couldn’t walk stably would find it really hard to hunt for food. After his 17th attempt, Rong Mingshi planned to abandon this physically demanding hunting.

Rong Mingshi really had no strength left. He leaned against the rock and narrowed his eyes. During the process of restoring his energy, his confused thoughts headed to the simple traps he previously made as he hoped to gain some results.

Rong Mingshi used his soft claws to descend from the rock and slowly moved towards the stream. The clear water surface reflected Rong Mingshi’s current form of a young white leopard. However, Rong Mingshi didn’t have time to look at his present state. as an extremely rare species that should be protected, he could only fill his hollow stomach by drinking more water as a form of self-comfort.

After drinking the water, Rong Mingshi shook his thick paws and licked his wet face. Then he turned to check the traps he worked hard to make, looking forward to catching one or two prey. Suddenly, he was shocked by an explosion. Rong Mingshi eagerly plunged into the grass and after a while, he raised his head and looked in the direction of the explosion.

Not far from Rong Mingshi’s location, something hit the top of the mountain. Flames appeared, smoke blew and explosions were heard from time to time. Was it a plane crash? Rong Mingshi was thinking this when a huge black beast suddenly sprang out from the smoke.


Rong Mingshi was stunned. He first checked his leopard paws and then touched his leopard eyes. He blinked and raised a paw to his head, wondering if he was dizzy from hunger. Otherwise, how could he see a black dragon flying in the sky?

The black dragon flapped its huge wings and plunged through the sky. Then it paused and its sharp claws started tearing at the scales on its body. At the same time, there was a faint humming and low roaring sound as obsidian scales mixed with blood fell from the sky. The powerful tail swayed and created gusts of wind.

The black scales ripped off by the dragon claws smashed into the ground. The unlucky little leopard couldn’t react and his tail was hit by the dragon scale. The pain caused Rong Mingshi to suck in a breath and he hugged his tail, suspicious water marks appearing in his eyes.

This made Rong Mingshi feel certain. He really was seeing a black dragon going crazy in the sky?

The masochistic black dragon tore at itself for a while before letting out an uncontrollable low roar. It turned its head in the direction of the mountain and sprayed out flames. The hot heat instantly turned the mountain plants into ashes and even the stones showed signs of melting. The fire started to spread quickly.

After releasing the flames, the black dragon paused for a moment before stretching out its claws to rip at its scales more harshly. This lasted until the dragon was exhausted. The dragon claws lowered and the black dragon flipped uncontrollably before it fell down from the sky.

The huge shape of the black dragon gradually approached the ground. Rong Mingshi, who was looking up and watching the black dragon go crazy (showing martial prowess), realized that this situation was a bit bad. The black dragon was falling in his direction and seemed to be coming towards his direction.

The little leopard ran out of the grass with all his strength in one direction. The shadow cast by the black dragon blocking the sun was almost over his head. Then the shadow suddenly shrank. At the same time, there was the sound of something landing behind Rong Mingshi. The sound wasn’t very big and even for the running away Rong Mingshi, the sound was too light for him to imagine the beast hitting the ground.

Once the crisis was lifted, Rong Mingshi’s paws softened and he fell to the ground. He seemed to see stars above his head and gasped for a while. Then he stood up and turned to look at the place where the object had fallen.

There was no black dragon. Rong Mingshi cocked his head in a doubtful manner. He slowly lifted his thick claws and walked quietly towards the position where the falling sound had come from. Then he saw a man in a black and silver uniform lying in the grass by the stream where Rong Mingshi had previously been hiding.

Rong Mingshi stopped his claws and a shrewd light suddenly flashed in the leopard’s eyes. This should be considered… prey?

Rong Mingshi watched the prey before moving his soft paws again. He walked over while carrying out psychological construction.

He was now a leopard, a beast, and one that had been hungry for a few days. In the eyes of beasts, anything could be made into prey. The world of beasts didn’t have a human social view. The weak became meat and filled the stomach!

After gradually approaching, Rong Mingshi slightly leaned over, dexterously moving around the dragon’s body and observing him. Very good. The self-abuse was so severe that this person had fainted.

Rong Mingshi started to pull at the uniform of this man who looked very strong, searching for a place he could bite.

The clothes worn by the dragon must be made of special materials. It had been torn at for so long by dragon claws. It was ragged and ripped from the dragon claws but it wasn’t broken anywhere. This was because of the change in body shape. This person switched between a black dragon and a human and this was the result.

However, the exposed skin was bloody from the scratching of his own dragon claws. A normal beast should immediately feel hungry but in Rong Mingshi’s eyes, it was really difficult to lower his mouth, even if the small snow leopard had been hungry for a long time.

Then Rong Mingshi’s gaze fell towards the dragon’s hand. The man’s hands were very large and slender, with clear knuckles and no blood. Rong Mingshi leaned towards the slightly curled up hand, tilted his head and opened his leopard’s mouth, forcing himself to bite a finger.

He wanted to live, not…

He kept it in his mouth for a moment, hesitation brewing in Rong Mingshi’s heart. It wasn’t a big deal. He just had to close his mouth and the sharp leopard’s teeth must be able to puncture the meat. As an animal, drinking blood was inevitable! It was uncertain if the dragon would eat Rong Mingshi when the other person woke up. Finally…

The ass of the sullen Rong Mingshi sat on the dragon’s arm as he stared at the man’s arm with a drooping head. He might be an animal now but he was still a young leopard who couldn’t catch his own prey. Eating a human was really impossible.

Rong Mingshi didn’t find that at this time, the half-lying down person suddenly opened his eyes. The sharp golden eyes looked around before falling on the drooping furry ears and lowered head of the snow leopard.

The black dragon was still in a manic state and there was some confusion in his mind. Still, he felt that this beast had just licked his fingers and the sharp teeth were stuck on his knuckles. Was the little beast trying to wake up him? Such a small beast was at most, the size of his paw when he was in dragon form. The leopard looked very pitiful. Was it a minor or a youth with emotional frustration?

Mania was prevalent among the beastmen of the empire. This manic could cause beastmen to present two extreme conditions.

One type was that when emotions were heightened, especially during estrus, they would transform to their adult beast form. In this state, they had no consciousness and would destroy everything around them.

The other situation was when a beastman’s mood was abnormally low, the beastman would become a child that was very fragile and helpless.

Even Aojia, who had superb self-control, found it hard to avoid this mania. Once he realized he might enter a manic state, Aojia tried to suppress it and ran to this small planet that was marked as a desolate star on the star map.

Then why was this little beast in front of him?

The thought was overwhelmed by Aojia’s mania in the blink of an eye. The clearness in Aojia’s golden eyes was gradually lost and his consciousness became more chaotic. He knew that he was gradually losing self-control.

The little beast by his side was in danger!

Aojia stretched out a hand and placed it on the little leopard’s furry head. It was warm and soft, the fine fluff feeling very comfortable. Aojia’s wide palm slightly trembled as he suppressed his mania and rubbed the small leopard’s head. Then he slid down the head to the back of the little leopard’s neck. He firmly grasped the back of the neck and forcibly threw the little leopard away.

A small leopard… belonged to the cat type beastmen… its bodies should be the most flexible…

This strength and the height it was thrown at… the leopard shouldn’t be hurt?

This thought flashed through the black dragon’s head in the moment before the mania broke out again. Then the black dragon completely lost control, once again turning into a huge dragon. He waved his dragon wings in the air and continued to rip at his dragon scales, suppressing the urge to breathe out fire.

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1 year ago

rereading this again!!! thank u for the translation (*^◯^*)

1 year ago

a powerful introduction ! I’m reading this again after reading your translation of the “there’s a beast in the imperial palace”. thank you for the hard work !

1 year ago

rereading aaaaaa

4 months ago

My dude just straight up wanted to eat him, haha

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2 months ago

ah! ah! ah! I’m excited for this novel!! I’ve been seeing good reviews and quite a few people mentioning it and it’s been popping up and bothering me quite a bit, so now I’m reading!!! (even though I have started more than 30 other novels and have barely managed to read past half of one… wuwuwu… I’m such a scumbag… QAQ)

2 months ago

Okay~ I’m starting to camp here~🏕️🔥🫕