IPCFS: Chapter 91 Part 2

Cai Yishu almost had a heart attack when he saw the abuse of the movie.

The real-time comments were filled with the anger of the original novel fans. The praise of his fans were buried in an instant.

Before the movie was released, no matter whether it was a trailer or promotional poster, the focus had been on the interaction between the ‘double male protagonists.’ The three materials released before were very consistent with the original plot.

Before the movie was released, the original author personally called on the book fans to support and watch it in theaters.

The result?

The female protagonist’s scenes exceeded the standard, and embarrassing and hypocritical emotional lines were piled up one after another. The rhythm of the movie collapsed into a mess!

It was like selling dog meat under an advertisement for good meat.

The book fans and movie fans felt deeply deceived. They were outraged and gave ultra-low ratings of one or two stars.

On the other hand, the comments section of ‘Time Lobbyist’ was full of four stars and five stars. It wasn’t the expected fan scores, but the reviews of real passersby.

[@Happy Food Student: Strong recommendation! I can’t stop crying, I can’t stop crying. The relationship between the male lead and female lead is too sweet and abusive! There is also Xiang Suian played by Ji Li. Everyone must watch it to the end. My tears are bursting out in a torrent [five stars].]

[@Pupu: The queue for Haidilao was too long, so I bought this movie ticket instead at a suitable time. I didn’t expect it to be so good. I can’t stop thinking about it, and I plan to ask a friend to go watch it a second time tomorrow! [Five stars]]

[@pjgg: The crew’s publicity isn’t very good. There are actually so many big name cameos. Watching the movie is like digging for treasure [four stars].]

[@Dreaming About Egg Tarts: An original youth script that can do this deserves a high score. I like Ji Li’s role so much. Who didn’t have a crush in their youth? [Five stars]]


They were obviously movies released on the same day. One movie had many reviews but poor ratings, while the other movie had a few reviews but excellent ratings. The polarization was particularly obvious.

For movies during a release, the overall score was an important data point.

The score would directly affect the audience’s choice to watch the movie and also affect the follow-up staying power of the box office.

You Meng realized the seriousness of the problem. “I will call the producer and first hire a water army to suppress the bad reviews.”

It was imperative to raise the movie’s score first.

It had only been in theaters for half a day. If the producer ignored bad reviews, then the ratings of the movie might continue to drop under the anger of book fans and movie fans.

Suddenly, a staff member entered the room and asked, “Sister You, did we buy the press release of a marketing account on Weibo?”

You Meng didn’t understand. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve sent the press release to the team’s work group. Take a look,” the staff member replied.

Cai Yishu picked up his phone and impatiently opened up the team’s work group. There was the Weibo content of a marketing account shared to the group.

[On the first day of release for the New Year’s Day movies, Night Detective received rave reviews. The male lead Cai Yishu’s acting skills were affirmed by many netizens, and the box office of the movie has continued to rise. I feel like it is expected to compete with Xu Cheng’s ‘Flower Demon’ for the box office championship.

On the contrary, ‘Time Lobbyist’ might have many handsome men and beautiful women, but the box office is still at the bottom, and the movie score is only 7.3 points. It is estimated that the filmmakers are angry to death. They actually kicked out Cai Yishu, the male lead who can grasp the box office? Do they regret it?]

You Meng shook her head and analyzed the content. “We didn’t buy such articles. A movie producer can’t openly step on other competing movies…”

“Look, the content of this marketing account seems to be praising Brother Shu, but it is too blunt. It feels like it is deliberately doing the opposite.”

Cai Yishu stared at the phone screen and felt even more uneasy.

The staff member continued to explain the situation. “In just half an hour, there were 40 or 50 identical statements from different marketing accounts.”

Praising Cai Yishu’s ‘Night Detective’ and stomping on ‘Time Lobbyist’? Under this wave of laughable operations, some netizens ridiculed them in turn.

-This press release is too fake! Is Cai Yishu’s team treating netizens as fools? The movie with a rating of 7.3 seems to be ‘Night Detective’ right? Rave reviews? Acting skills are affirmed? Money can make ghosts move.

-I am vomiting. I want to beg Cai Yishu and the Cai fans to let go of the little movie ‘Time Lobbyist.’ Do they have to keep pulling out ‘Time Lobbyist’ to mock it? Cai Yishu still can’t let go of that male lead role?

-I am a pure passerby. ‘Time Lobbyist’ is beautiful and touching. For Cai Yishu’s ‘Night Detective’, my husband was a fan of the original novel. He smiled on his way into the theater and cursed on his way out.

-It isn’t necessary, it isn’t necessary. Can movie ratings be changed these days?

-Keep your eyes open to see who is really the high rated, high quality movie! Do you really think that ‘Time Lobbyist’ has no fan support? [Picture: Comparison of ratings of the two movies]


Yuexing Culture.

Qin Yue came in with milk tea and saw Ji Li browsing through the comments on the Internet with interest.

“Baby, what are you looking at?”

Ji Li smiled. “Your trick is really ruthless. Netizens are scolding Cai Yishu’s team for doing obvious false marketing.”

In fact, the press releases of the marketing accounts were all bought by Qin Yue’s publicity team in order to fight the anti-marketing routine and arouse the sentiment of ‘helping the weak’ among netizens.

After all, the marketing accounts praised Cai Yishu and ‘Night Detective’ while they belittled ‘Time Lobbyist.’ Ordinary netizens wouldn’t suspect Yuexing at all.

In fact, this ‘compliment’ was so embarrassing that netizens were already mocking Cai Yishu.

The ridicule and abuse came one after another. It was estimated that Cai Yishu would be very angry when seeing it.

Ji Li imagined the other person’s blue face and felt funny.

Qin Yue inserted the straw into the lid of the milk tea and handed it to Ji Li. He looked around and sat directly on the side of the other person.

“Aren’t there other sofa seats? You are a tall guy. Why squeeze in here with me?” Ji Li was verbally affronted, but his body instinctively made room for Qin Yue.

Qin Yue took the opportunity to encircle him and said with a smile, “I’ll squeeze you to keep warm.”

Qi An had just entered the office when he saw the crooked posture of the two people. He almost rolled his eyes into the sky.

Was this necessary? Was it necessary?

It was just a relationship. Was there any need for them to be so sticky?

Qi An sighed and mentioned formally, “Public opinion on the Internet has almost finished fermenting. When will the next plan begin?”

Ji Li glanced at the time. “In half an hour. Send a statement through the crew’s official Weibo.”

“In order to direct and act realistically—” He took a sip of milk tea and added, “You had better find some real, bad marketing accounts, take screenshots, and warn them to delete it.”

What was the saying?

The strength of half-truths and half-lies were enough to make people believe it was true.

Qin Yue couldn’t help laughing. His lover was indeed a little clever ghost.

At such a young age, how could he know so much about marketing routines in the entertainment industry?

Qi An was amazed. “I think Cai Yishu is going to be ‘killed’ by the two of you this time.”

“Who made him splash the dirty water first?” Ji Li retorted.

He obviously had a harmless face but a delicate and determined heart. “In that case, I want to stir his bucket of water so it is even dirtier and place it back on his head.”

Getting revenge was his true style.

Qin Yue said, “Just follow Ji Li’s instructions.”

Qi An nodded and left before the two of them could spread more dog food.

If nothing else, Yuexing was still very powerful when it came to marketing.

Qin Yue didn’t worry about the situation on the Internet. He leaned closer and asked, “Baby, is the milk tea delicious?”

Ji Li held the straw in his mouth and drank the milk tea vigorously. “It’s okay.”

Qin Yue continued to ask. “Is it better than the ice cream last time? Then I want to taste it too.”

Ji Li understood the deep meaning of his words and took the initiative to lean over, dropping a sweet kiss on his lover’s lips.

“Haven’t you never liked sweets?”

“But I want to eat you.”

Ji Li stared at the overly handsome face in front of him, cheeks slightly hot. He muttered softly, “I want to as well.”

However, the timing wasn’t appropriate. He was busy with face slapping right now.

Ji Li finished quietly teasing the other person and turned around casually.

Qin Yue’s eyes darkened and he pulled the other person tightly into his arms.


Half an hour later, the official Weibo of the ‘Time Lobbyist’ movie, which had always been lazy in business, suddenly issued a serious statement.

[Thank you for everyone’s love. I want to take the opportunity of the movie’s release to officially explain a matter on behalf of the entire crew.

From the initial preparations to filming, post-production, and release, the entire movie crew adhered to the firm belief of making a good movie.

Back then, we did invite Cai Yishu to be the first male lead of the movie. However, in the week before and after filming started, Cai Yishu and his private screenwriter, Wang Yongwei, modified the plot of the script without proper authorization.

The original script was revised in such a way that the original excellence of the script was lost!

After discussing the issue several times, Cai Yishu’s team was still stubborn and unwilling to act according to the original script. So after careful consideration by the producers, we amicably terminated the contract with him.

Ever since the official announcement of the movie’s release, Cai Yishu’s team has publicly slandered us a few times. The crew really can’t bear it anymore and will reveal the truth of the script changes to the public!

In addition, all marketing accounts should delete false news, or you will be held legally liable!]

In addition to a formal warning letter, the official Weibo of the movie also attached the revised script and the voice communication records between the original screenwriter and Cai Yishu’s team.

Each item could be regarded as real, concrete evidence.

The crew’s official Weibo changed from its previously relaxed attitude and were very tough this time. Cai Yishu’s name was directly mentioned on the Weibo post, so the number of views and follows shot up in just half an hour.

-Good guys! Waiting here to find a big melon! The crew can’t hold back anymore and publicly shed all pretenses with their former male lead?

-I knew that the crew must have had a reason for replacing Cai Yishu in the beginning! I didn’t expect him to be someone who adds scenes? What type of messy script content is this? Is it a dog blood youth drama?

-Did you listen to the voice recordings? I really want to beat up Cai Yishu’s team after hearing their tone of voice. Does he really consider himself an important person? Bah!

-Two-thirds of the script’s content was changed, and the character setting of the third male lead was completely tampered with? Oh my god, fortunately he was replaced.

-What type of rubbish screenwriter is Wang Yongwei? Why haven’t I heard of him?

Unexpectedly, the moment this comment appeared, it was publicly forwarded by the famous screenwriter Ji Mingyue. “It is because he is trash that doesn’t respect the original script. He doesn’t deserve a name.”

Ji Mingyue had an excellent reputation and connections in the screenwriting circle. Her assertive and forceful words immediately gained the attention of more screenwriters in the circle.

Teacher Fang Qiong, who once won ‘Best Screenplay’ at three major movie festivals, commented:

“In fact, I read the two versions of the ‘Time Lobbyist’ script before and after the proposed alterations. Under Wang Yongwei’s careful adaptation, the original, excellent script was pulled down far below the passing line. It is amazing that Screenwriter Wang has such a level of skill.”

Even the president of the Chinese Screenwriters Association came forward and said:

“Don’t let selfish additions ruin what should be an excellent original work.”

The famous screenwriters in the circle jointly spoke and immediately pulled the authenticity of ‘Cai Yishu added scenes and Wang Yongwei’s unauthorized modification of the script’ to the highest level.

-Cai Yishu and Wang Yongwei, these trash partners. This isn’t the first time they’ve changed the script and added scenes? There are still so many people who don’t know about this?

-It is disgusting to add scenes. Fortunately, he didn’t star in ‘Time Lobbyist’. He almost ruined a good script.

-No way? I also bought a movie ticket for tomorrow night and planned to see ‘Night Detective.’

-Don’t watch the movie, and get a refund for your ticket. ‘Night Detective’ is really ugly. Now I finally understand what is going on with the inexplicable extra male and female protagonist emotional scenes in the movie.

-If you want to watch something with good special effects, then watch ‘Flower Demon.’ If you want to have fun, then watch ‘Great Lost Wealth in the World’. If you want to immerse your heart in a story, then watch ‘Time Lobbyist.’ They are all better than that garbage movie!

Just as netizens were hotly discussing the topic, the original author of ‘Night Detective’ and the screenwriter of the movie suddenly jointly sent out an angry and accusatory Weibo post.

[@Cai Yishu, @Wang Yongwei, using a yin and yang script to ruin my work, are you happy?]

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