IPCFS: Chapter 87

The ending of this movie came so unexpectedly that Ji Li had no chance to fight back.

Long Island Iced Tea, eight dollars, painting, death… these clue words had long been hidden in the early stages of the script. They strung together into a complete main plotline of the final ending. The shock it caused to him was difficult to resist.

Ji Li’s outburst of his true emotions infected everyone present. At the same time, he plunged himself into an unprecedented abyss of despair.

This special filming was a one-time shot.

The finale party prepared by the crew was scheduled for the night after tomorrow. Cameron had deliberately freed up time for Ji Li to act.

After the scene finished, Ji Li returned to the hotel and curled up on his bed silently. The hot water on his bedside table was foggy, making his eyes sore.

Ji Li had always been slow to emerge from the act. This time, he was unprepared for the ending, and he couldn’t escape from that desperate state of mind in a short amount of time.

According to his past filming habits, he needed time alone and tried to pull himself out of the scene.

Ji Li took a deep breath and covered his head with the quilt. He tried to numb his emotions with darkness.


The electronic doorbell rang.

It was probably Baozi, who had his key card.

Ji Li thought wildly and wasn’t prepared to get up and move. He was tired, so tired that he couldn’t tell whether he was the actor Ji Li or Lu Yao.

In a trance, an almost gentle stroking fell on his head through the quilt.

Ji Li was stunned. He suddenly pulled the quilt away, and his blurred eyes noticed a figure.

The depression that had lasted for many days collapsed at this moment.

Ji Li’s eyes were red while the other person’s kiss fell like a violent storm.


The familiar and nostalgic breath came and immediately overwhelmed Ji Li’s bottom line. He grabbed the other person’s sleeve with both hands and took the initiative to greet him.

Qin Yue’s eyes suddenly darkened. However, he took into account the state of mind of the person in his arms and had to use all his gentleness.

Their lips touched and their breathing was compatible.

The other person’s teeth were easily pried open, and he was licked and sucked. Each entanglement was so gentle that it almost made people cry.

Ji Li’s empty heart had been eroded by the days of desperate plots and now it was finally filled with a steady stream of love.

Their lips slightly separated and the tip of his nose was once again wet and hot.

Ji Li tightly grasped Qin Yue’s clothes. His chaotic brain didn’t have time to think, so he instinctively shouted, “Wen Qiong, I…”

The darkness that had accumulated in Qin Yue’s eyes for a long time suddenly burst out when he heard this name. He caught the lower lip of the man in his arms and bit it in a punishing manner.


Before Ji Li could recover from the sudden stinging sensation, his jaw was forcefully grabbed.

“Ji Li, clearly see who I am and who is kissing you!”


Ji Li looked up and met the familiar face.

He hadn’t seen the other person in nearly a month. Qin Yue had cut off the hairstyle that belonged to ‘Wen Qiong’, and the love in his eyes were realer and stronger. He couldn’t find the slightest traces of Wen Qiong at all.

Ji Li’s breath was slightly suffocated, and the originally blurred boundary between the inside and outside of the act became clearer at this moment.

The man in front of him was Qin Yue, not Wen Qiong.

In addition, the one being hugged by him was Ji Li, not Lu Yao.

“Qin Yue.” Ji Li’s throat moved and he spoke in a hoarse voice, “I know. You are Qin Yue.”

“All this time, I wanted to hug you, kiss you, and possess you. It has nothing to do with any roles, do you understand?” Qin Yue asked again, an unprecedented storm accumulated in his eyes.

He had enough.

He would go crazy if he didn’t speak his mind.

Qin Yue imprisoned Ji Li between the bed and himself, completely preventing Ji Li from escaping. “The movie is finished. The act is over, and you should give me an answer, right?”

He stared at the person in his arms for a moment. His always strong and calm heart was on the verge of exploding, but he patiently coaxed Ji Li. “Give me a chance to be with you, okay?”

Qin Yue’s gaze was too hot, and it seemed like the surrounding air could be burned to nothing. In the few seconds when they stared at each other, the unprepared Ji Li panicked.

He originally hadn’t calmed down yet. Now there were waves, and Ji Li could only instinctively avoid his gaze.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that he was just influenced by Lu Yao and mistakenly transferred his love for Wen Qiong to Qin Yue.

If this was the case, it wasn’t fair to Qin Yue at all.

Qin Yue pierced his silent thoughts, and deep meaning flashed in his eyes. “I am the one who has disturbed you. You should rest well first.”

The calm aura around his body suddenly faded. Ji Li panicked for some reason and his instinct was to react rather than think about it. “Qin Yue, don’t go. It has nothing to do with the movie role. I…”

I like you.

The remaining three words were buried by a sudden kiss.

Qin Yue turned back and suddenly kissed Ji Li’s lips. His previous gentleness was gone. There was an irresistible strength and there was even a trace of barbarism beyond reason.


Ji Li gulped for a moment, completely indulging in what this person was doing.

The deepening kiss was wanton and aggressive, and numbness rampaged through his brain.

His sense of reason that barely returned was completely disturbed. Ji Li could only obey Qin Yue’s intentions and was dragged into the abyss of desire by him.

It wasn’t known how long it took but the feeling of suffocation dissipated in place.

Ji Li choked twice. His face flushed as he breathed in hard-won air. His hands were still grasping at the other person’s clothes.

Qin Yue’s oppressive and gloomy aura had dissipated completely. He stroked Ji Li’s lips, which had been ‘bullied’ by him. Then he contentedly leaned toward the other person’s ear. “I lied to you. I didn’t plan to leave just now.”

If it wasn’t for the ‘trick’, he wouldn’t have gotten the answer he wanted so quickly.

Ji Li’s enthusiasm hadn’t dissipated. He put his head on the other person’s shoulder in self-defeat and gasped slightly. “Qin Yue, when did you come back? Have you finished filming your scenes?”

Why was the other person not present when the scene finished?

No matter what, Qin Yue was Wen Qiong’s actor.

However, if he had seen Qin Yue on the set this morning, Ji Li felt that he might not have been trapped in the quagmire of grief, unable to break free.

Qin Yue patted him on the shoulder to comfort him. “My scenes were simpler than yours. During the time when you took a three day break in Group A, Cameron went to Group B to finish filming.”

If it wasn’t for Cameron’s insistence, how could Qin Yue feel at ease to leave Ji Li alone to film?

“I asked the crew about the date when you would finish filming. The answer I got was tomorrow…”

Two days ago, Elder Qin celebrated his birthday. As his grandson, Qin Yue had to participate and it inevitably took time.

He was worried that Ji Li would be immersed in the act too deeply after finishing, so he calculated the time and rushed back. Unexpectedly, he still fell for Cameron’s trick.

The other person was so determined not to let the two of them meet each other before the finale in order to achieve the best filming state separately.

“Did Lu Yao see Wen Qiong’s painting?”

“Yes, he saw it.”

The two of them understood each other’s plot direction with a simple sentence.

Ji Li still choked with panic when he thought about the ending of the movie.

If Lu Yao had the slightest doubt about Wen Qiong, he wouldn’t have gone to the exhibition. If Wen Qiong was a bit uncertain about Lu Yao’s love, then the painting might not have been valid.

It was due to their deep love for each other that they met again in this way.

But what should Lu Yao do in the future?

There was no answer in the script and Ji Li had no answer. Perhaps regret was like this.

The two and a half month long filming was over, and Ji Li knew he had to withdraw from this world.

Qin Yue kissed his lover’s hair and got down to business. “Shall we talk about us?”

Ji Li withdrew from his warm embrace and pretended to cough. “Yes, what is there to say? I suspect that this act was deliberately pushed in front of me by you and Director Cameron.”

Qin Yue’s eyes flashed with rare emptiness, but he only asked, “Then you agree to be with me?”

Ji Li snorted imperceptibly and didn’t deny it.

Both of them had already come to this point. How pretentious would he be if he denied it?

Ji Li picked up a cup of water to relieve his thirsty throat. Then he mentioned another matter. “Before signing the contract with Sister Yu, I swore I wouldn’t fall in love until I won a Best Actor.”

He paused and added in a low voice, “Isn’t that a slap in the face now?”

“It isn’t a slap in the face.” Qin Yue took the opportunity to lower his head and sneak a kiss. He leaned closer and smiled. “Didn’t you get me, the movie emperor, easily?”

How many people wanted him but couldn’t get him?

Ji Li blushed due to Qin Yue’s teasing. “Who said I wanted you? I meant the Best Actor trophy.”

By the way, how should they tell Yu Fuya and the others about this relationship?

He was an artist of Chaoying Culture. He had to tell the company about an underground relationship, right? It would definitely be a big mess if they returned to China and were photographed by paparazzi.

“Don’t worry. I will find a way to tell President Tao and Sister Yu. As for the public and fans, our relationship will be kept a secret first. We will talk about it later when it is stable.”

“I know you want to develop your career well. I can accompany you or wait for you.”

“Ji Li, I don’t want our relationship to be a burden for either of us, understood?”

Ji Li couldn’t help smiling when he heard this. “Okay.”

Such mature and steady commitment was more touching than ordinary sweet words.

Qin Yue saw that Ji Li’s pain belonging to his character had completely disappeared and grabbed a water cup. “Since this is finished and you are out of the act, don’t hide in your room. Let’s go, I’ll take you out.”

“Where to?” Ji Li couldn’t react for a while.

Qin Yue hugged him tightly and replied dotingly, “Take my little friend to buy ice cream.”

The little habits unique to the other person after finishing filming had always been remembered by him.

This sentence easily touched Ji Li’s heart. “How old am I to still be called a little friend?”

After speaking, he remembered the ice cream that was delivered previously. Now that he thought about it, Qin Yue must have  specially prepared it.

Qin Yue stopped his action of getting out of bed and picked up the clothes on one side. “Sit. Put on your coat first.”

There was heating in the room, but the temperature outside was still very low. The young man was so afraid of the cold that he might freeze when he went out.

Ji Li was ‘controlled’ by Qin Yue to get dressed, so he was forced to stare straight at the other person’s eyes.

Somehow, his heart was shaken.

On the first day he came to this world, he heard about Qin Yue’s legendary achievements and prestige. From the first meeting, the first time they acted together, their cooperation in the drama, and the movie crew where they got along day and night…

Qin Yue broke into his world step by step. Unexpectedly, the two of them had now developed a relationship as lovers?

But based on Qin Yue’s appearance, figure, strength, and popularity… how many people expected to win something unattainable?

Thinking about it carefully, not only did he not lose money, but he also made money?

Thinking of this, Ji Li couldn’t help snickering for a moment, but he was caught in the act.

“What are you smiling about?”

“It’s nothing.” Ji Li took the initiative to hold Qin Yue’s hand. He shook it in a slightly spoiled manner. “Qin Yue, I seem to like you more than I thought.”


Qin Yue’s eyes froze on his face and he sighed in a resigned manner. “Baby, I’ll apologize first. I will have to take you to eat ice cream later.”


“You have to let me taste your sweetness first.”

After saying this, Qin Yue decisively lowered his head and caught Ji Li’s soft lips, tasting it presumptuously.

This person was so sweet that he couldn’t stop.

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