IPCFS: Chapter 86 Part 1

The sudden kiss fell. The reason that had finally returned to Ji Li was once again dispersed.

He simply broke the jar and pulled Qin Yue’s arm, indulging in this deep kiss that deviated from the script.


A low cry came out.

Seeing the blushing cheeks of the person in his arms, Qin Yue immediately pulled the quilt up.

The emotional shot was tightly hidden by the quilt.

Cameron, the cameraman, and the others exchanged a knowing look, turned off the equipment and walked out.

Let them go.

In any case, the desired shot had been filmed and the two key, undeletable lines in the script had been perfectly integrated into their improvised act.

Ji Li couldn’t tell between north, south, east and west after being kissed and had no idea what was going on outside.

“Wen Qiong.”

He unknowingly called out. The moment Qin Yue heard this, his burning eyes immediately cooled down.

He forced himself to stop and stared at Ji Li with a tense jaw. “…Ji Li, look at who I am.”

There was a trace of bitterness in the depression that was hard to describe.

Ji Li’s eyes were confused. He obviously couldn’t understand what was going on for a while.

The quilt that covered his head was lifted again, and the light in the room stimulated him to regain his clarity.

“Q-Qin Yue?”

Ji Li was startled and couldn’t help moving his gaze away from the other person.

Then he realized that the crew in the room had long disappeared. The attic of the filming scene seemed to be a place for the two of them to be alone and ambiguous.

Qin Yue observed Ji Li’s expression and squinted.

He got up and sat aside, trying to restrain his tone. “Filming is over.”

This time, he didn’t deliberately cover himself up with a quilt.

Ji Li inadvertently glanced at him out of the corner of his eyes. He noticed a certain reaction to his own passion and was even more speechless.

Filming had progressed to this extent, and he could no longer get away with the word ‘dedication’ alone.

“Qin Yue, I…”

“I’ll give you time.” Qin Yue turned around and clasped the side of Ji Li’s neck in a forceful but gentle manner. This made it impossible for anyone to escape his gaze.

Qin Yue’s seemingly calm eyes concealed turbulent waves. Every word seemed to be telling Ji Li while also reminding himself.

“After the filming of this drama is finished, we will take a good look at our relationship.”

It was another month at most.

If the delay continued, Qin Yue was afraid that he would drive himself crazy before he caught the other person.

The timing wasn’t premature, and there was nearly a month of filming left. Even at this moment, a large group of staff members was standing outside the attic.

Under such circumstances, Qin Yue naturally couldn’t do anything that went against common sense. That would only ruin his relationship with Ji Li.

Qin Yue paused before asking, “You really dreamed about me last night, didn’t you?”


Ji Li was dumbfounded for a moment before snorting imperceptibly, “It was just a messy dream.”

Very bad.

Qin Yue spied a few strands of seductive love, making him smile again.

He wiped the seductive light remaining on Ji Li’s lips with his finger and teased, “Cameron didn’t shout cut and led people to withdraw. It seems that we performed very well in this improvised scene.”

Ji Li hurriedly pushed him away and forced himself to stay calm. “After all, we are professional actors.”

Qin Yue gave a low laugh and didn’t say anything else.

Five minutes later, their respective teams walked in.

Ji Li drank warm water while uncontrollably reminiscing about the deep kiss that had just occurred in the scene.

Baozi saw that he was in a daze and asked, “Brother Ji, what are you thinking?”

“It’s nothing.” Ji Li avoided answering.

He felt that putting aside Lu Yao’s identity, he seemed to really like Qin Yue?


The crew rested for two days before finally ushering in a big scene.

After Lu Yao and Wen Qiong fell in love, they finally discussed returning to the United States to settle down. One person was determined to start a new business while the other was determined to break away from his father.

The two people were full of fantasies about the future when the car accident came without warning.

Iceland in November was bitterly cold.

Ji Li was originally afraid of the cold. This type of cold and windy scene was undoubtedly torture for him. The crew struggled outside for almost eight hours before calling it a day.

Ji Li hid in a heated RV. It was only then that he felt his frozen hands and feet had warmed up slightly.

Not long after, the RV opened from the outside and cold wind poured in again.

“Ji, this is the next script. You can take a look at it first.”

A staff member handed over a brand-new booklet and said, “Director Cameron asked me to tell you that the final outcome of this movie is still confidential and will only be given to you on the day of filming.”

“Moreover, your scenes will be completely separated from Qin’s scenes. This means that the content of the script that you receive will be from your own perspective. The director hopes that you can keep the plot you receive a secret from each other for the final emotional presentation.”

“Is this complete separation?” Ji Li noticed the discrepancy in the other person’s words.

The other meaning of these words was that Lu Yao and Wen Qiong would have no scenes together after this car accident?

Ji Li realized this possibility and his heart tensed. After thanking the staff member, he quickly flipped through the long-awaited plot of the script.

Lu Yao completely lost consciousness after the car accident. Once he woke up again, it was half a month later. He had been comatose in the hospital for nearly a week before regaining his clarity.

In the ICU, the long-absent Father Lu finally appeared.

All the hospitalization expenses since Lu Yao’s accident had been paid for by him.

Lu Yao ignored his so-called ‘concerned’ expression. The first thing he asked when he woke up was, “What about Wen Qiong?”

The mention of this person’s name caused Father Lu to become even angrier.

“Wen Qiong? Are you talking about that shameless man who relies on his face to cheat money from people? He ran away early! After you got into the car accident, he ran away without a trace!”

“You unworthy thing! Using my money to hang out with a man! You might not be ashamed, but I am ashamed! How could your mother give birth to you? If it wasn’t for the fact that you are my only son, I wouldn’t be unhappy if you died in a car accident!”

Like most Chinese fathers, Father Lu regarded the fact that his ‘son liked the same sex’ as shameful, not to mention that Lu Yao was the one identified by him to ‘pass on the lineage.’

The overwhelming words of abuse poured out, and the nurses came to the ward to stop it.

Lu Yao looked at Father Lu indifferently. He blocked out all the abusive words and said firmly, “Wen Qiong? He isn’t that type of person.”

Father Lu was so angry that he almost couldn’t breathe. He left and slammed the door shut.

Lu Yao knew Father Lu’s personality well. He didn’t believe a word of what the other person said. He had to turn his gaze to the nurse on the side and repeat the same question.

“Mr. Lu, he isn’t dead.”

The nurse seemed to understand what Lu Yao wanted to hear the most, and the first sentence relieved his worries. In this car accident, the most seriously injured person was Lu Yao, not Wen Qiong.

Lu Yao sighed with relief, but the nurse’s ensuing words sent him to hell.

“The man who was taken to the hospital with you just had a small head injury. He was discharged within two days and hasn’t been here since.”

“By the way, I personally saw with my own eyes that he took away the money in your suitcase. The rest of your clothes and objects were untouched.”

“Mr. Lu, I might not agree with your father’s abuse against you, but I want to tell you that you should bid farewell to the wrong people. In the future, you will meet your true love.”

The nurse was giving him a kind reminder, but it was like a knife in the heart to Lu Yao’s ears.

He didn’t cry or make trouble, but he definitely didn’t believe it.

Lu Yao took advantage of the fact that no one was patrolling to drag his seriously injured right leg to search every corner of the hospital.

He returned to the small hotel room that had long been emptied and wandered aimlessly like a madman on the cold street.

Every minute and second, the heart that had been warmed by Wen Qiong became desolate little by little.

Lu Yao was eventually forcibly taken back to the hospital.

Father Lu treated him ruthlessly and coldly, but was reluctant to give up this biological son who had his blood. He hired a professional team to guard Lu Yao and heal his injuries.

Later, Lu Yao’s right foot was still affected by the injury. When the weather turned cold, it hurt so bad that he couldn’t even walk.

Later, Lu Yao was no longer the ‘young master’ and ‘playboy’ to outsiders. He only coveted the cup of Long Island Iced Tea that hadn’t changed in previous years.

Everywhere he went, every bar he went, his tastes were surprisingly consistent.

Every winter in Iceland, he would return to the small hotel room and pay ten times the price for a short-term stay. The hotel owner laughed and called him a fool, but was happy to make this deal.

No one knew that Lu Yao’s originally blood-filled heart was completely empty after a person unexpectedly left.

At the end of the new script, there was a monologue by Lu Yao.

“I had a beautiful dream in the polar night of Reykjavik. The moment dawn arrived, I woke up from the dream and that person disappeared.”

“I go back to that attic room every year. The heating is still broken and the light bulbs flash. Nothing has changed, but everything can’t be recovered.”


As a director, Cameron was ruthless. After the ‘car accident’ scene, he completely prevented the two leading actors from meeting. He even asked the two parties to directly sign an agreement.

Not only were Lu Yao and Wen Qiong unable to see each other, but even Ji Li and Qin Yue couldn’t see each other. The director intensified the sense of atmosphere with practical actions.

Ji Li understood Cameron’s good intentions and simply handed his phone over to Baozi.

20 days passed in a flash. Ji Li was immersed in filming and his mood became heavier and heavier. Finally, he waited until the finale , the last scene of ‘never meeting.’

“Director, is it almost time to start filming? What about the script for the finale?” Ji Li finished his makeup, came over, and got straight to the point.

Ji Li had been filming for so many years and it was the first time he encountered a situation where he hadn’t received the script near the end. To be honest, he didn’t know what Cameron was planning.

“Ji, don’t worry. Let me introduce you to someone first.” Cameron patted Ji Li’s shoulder to reassure him. “This is Ms. Amanda, the screenwriter of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’.”

Ji Li heard this and looked away.

Standing behind Cameron was a lady with curly blonde hair. She had a clean face and wore a simple jacket and jeans. She looked very comfortable.

“Hello, Ms. Amanda. I am the actor of Lu Yao, Ji.”

“Ji, this is our first meeting.” Amanda took the initiative to extend her hand in greeting. “I’m sorry for waiting until the last scene to meet you, the leading actor.”

“It’s okay.”

“I was actually afraid that you wouldn’t be able to play the Lu Yao in my mind. However, Director Cameron has been sending me your stills and clips since the beginning of filming. Thank you for interpreting him very well.”

Ji Li smiled slightly, still worried about the ending script in his heart.

“Amanda, explain the last scene to Ji.” Cameron gave the screenwriter the right to reveal the secret.

Amanda gestured for Ji Li to sit down and didn’t go around in circles. “Ji, I have already decided on the ending of this movie, but this scene has no script.”

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