IPCFS: Chapter 85 Part 1

Qin Yue’s heavy and suppressed breathing entered his ears, causing Ji Li to instantly stiffen.

Cameron obviously realized that something was wrong with the two of them and immediately called for the camera team to go out with him.

“The two of you should calm down. There are only these scenes today, and you can call it a day after that performance.”

Cameron wasn’t the type of person to rush and hurry things. He liked it when actors presented to him the best scenes under the control of the most relaxed time.

Of course, this time scheduling was all under his control.

The crew quickly left the small attic room.

Qin Yue turned over and casually pulled up the quilt to cover his waist and his legs. He rubbed his somewhat swollen forehead. He obviously hadn’t expected that he would lose control like this.

Ji Li glanced at the other person’s open bathrobe and silently tugged at his wide coat, secretly thinking to himself.

So dangerous.

The room fell silent for a moment.

Ji Li was a bit unaccustomed to such silence and pretended to be indifferent. “It is normal when filming this type of scene to shoot the gun occasionally. Brother Yue, you…”

Due to entering the act, his Lu Yao fell in love with Qin Yue’s Wen Qiong. In such a scene, it was inevitable for their psychology to drive their body to be a bit impulsive.

“What about you?” Qin Yue interrupted his conversation. He glanced toward the hem of his clothes and raised an eyebrow. “I almost thought we were going to do a fake show.”

Ji Li choked up. He pursed his lips and blushed. Then he suddenly stood up from the bed. “N-Nonsense.”

“Be careful. Director Cameron might get angry if he hears this,” Ji Li muttered. “This is a serious movie.”

Qin Yue gave a low laugh. He waited until the desire in his body had cooled down before returning to his original wanton appearance. He supported his body with his hands and half leaned on the edge of the bed. “Open the door and let the staff in.”

“Otherwise, they might think the two of us were doing something bad.”

He knew that the other person was embarrassed and deliberately teased him.

Ji Li’s ears were so red that they were about to drip blood. He hurriedly opened the attic door.

The staff members waiting outside couldn’t wait to rush in. Their inquiring eyes glanced back and forth between the two of them, and they had knowing smiles on their faces.

Qin and Ji were both extremely handsome guys. If the two of them filmed this type of intimate scene and didn’t feel anything, it would be a waste of their beauty.

Yu Fuya and Baozi walked quickly to Ji Li’s side. The former looked at her artist up and down.

There were no traces of messiness apart from the crimson lip color where he was obviously bullied miserably.

In the past month or so, Yu Fuya had changed her goals.

If her baby was destined to be taken away by a big-tailed wolf, it was better for the wolf to succeed as late as possible!

What was the saying? The harder it was to get something, the more precious it was!

Cameron walked back with a smile. “Okay, the two leading actors can go back early to rest. There will be a scene tomorrow morning.”

Ji Li didn’t dare to look at Qin Yue at all. He responded positively before hurriedly leaving.

Qin Yue stared at the other person’s back, which had a sense of ‘deserting and fleeing.’ Not only was there no irritation, but he also revealed a slightly satisfied smile.

After boiling this person in warm water for so long, someone finally showed some signs of ‘cooking.’


They were filming in the same crew, so Ji Li couldn’t hide even if he wanted to.

As the night passed, he finally regained his calmness after burning from the intimate scene. By 10 o’clock the next day, he arrived at the small attic hotel and prepared for a new round of filming.

The sky in Iceland was dark in the second half of the year, but the crew still filmed according to the strict ‘24 hour’ schedule system.

The next scene wasn’t difficult.

After the unrestrained hugs and demands, Wen Qiong and Lu Yao fell into a deep sleep. They woke up, hugged each other under the quilt, and quietly enjoyed this warmth.

The surprising thing was Qin Yue and Ji Li, who had always cooperated tacitly, actually NGed 20 times in a row!


This was the 21st NG.

In recent times, no matter whether it was the real world or the world of the movie, Ji Li’s control of the role had reached a smooth level.

Now after being repeatedly NGed by Cameron, he seemed to have become a newcomer who couldn’t film. Such an incomprehensible gap made him frown.

“No no, Qin and Ji, your current warm aura is very fake at first glance.

Cameron gestured with both hands and raised an eyebrow. “Ji, the type of attachment I want from you isn’t to act with your eyes. It is the type that comes from the inside out.”

If this was an ordinary director’s movie, maybe this scene could pass as long as the actor’s look and lines were in place.

However, Cameron obviously had unique insights into such scenes. As a senior and strict director, he was very dissatisfied with the performance of the two leading actors this time, especially Ji Li.

Ji Li sat up on the bed and patiently asked, “Director, I still don’t quite understand what you mean.”

Yu Fuya took the thermos and sent it to Ji Li during the break when the crew wasn’t filming. She silently signaled for him not to worry.

Ji Li held the thermos but had no intention of drinking water.

Attachment from the inside out?

How exactly should he behave to be considered attached?

Actors didn’t rely on their eyes and demeanor. They just relied on aura and atmosphere to interpret things. This was too torturous!

Qin Yue also stood up. He vaguely understood the feeling that Cameron wanted, but it was difficult to actually achieve in the existing filming environment. “Drink some warm water to warm up.”

Filming was like this. The more anxious a person was, the more they couldn’t film.


Ji Li responded positively and reluctantly poured himself a glass of warm water.

Cameron saw that Ji Li still looked confused and put it another way. “Qin, Ji, have you ever slept together? Or have you ever slept with someone else?”


Ji Li heard this and completely choked.

Qin Yue saw this and quickly patted the other person’s back so he could breathe.

Cameron shrugged when he saw this situation. “Sorry, I forgot that you Chinese stars have always kept this type of thing private.”

“What I want to express is that your current aura doesn’t feel like the state after a night of passion at all. It will only make the audience feel like Lu Yao and Wen Qiong slept with air for one night.”

Cameron’s insight made the staff members laugh.

The director was like this. He had always been strict with acting, but he wouldn’t directly get angry at the actors. He would instead find suitable descriptions and ways to help the actors get into the act.

Qin Yue slightly raised an eyebrow. He guessed what Cameron meant, but the reality was that he and Ji Li might not be able to achieve this step.

Ji Li understood it this time. His hands on the water cup tightened and he didn’t speak.

He had been focused on filming for so many years. How could he have any intimate partners? How could he experience such a thing? Even if he understood, he couldn’t find the feeling to substitute for it.

Baozi and Yu Fuya looked at each other. They both felt a bit strange.

Different professions were like different worlds.

The idea of this great director standing on top of the mountain was really something that laymen like them couldn’t understand.

“Okay, you are in this state and won’t be able to film the feeling I want. The atmosphere of this scene is a bit difficult, and I will think of a way to film.”

This scene included a lot of important dialogue that couldn’t be cut out.

Cameron was determined to make a movie with a full score. Even if it was a small scene, he wanted it to be 100% effective.


The crew temporarily took a day off.

Ji Li wasn’t happy at all. He huddled in his hotel room and studied similar scripts to the script from other movies or dramas. He tried to find the aura that Cameron wanted.

It was a pity that he couldn’t find the feeling and had no clues.

At 6 o’clock in the evening, Ji Li suddenly received a notice from Cameron and was taken to the private theater on the third floor.

In addition, Qin Yue was also called over by the director.

The environment of the private theater in the hotel was good. There was a long sofa bed with two people. There was also a disposable and clean quilt, pillows, etc. It could be seen as an exclusive seat for couples.

Qin Yue looked at the young man with a puzzled expression and didn’t understand Cameron’s intention. “Director, what are you asking us to do?”

“Sit down. I’ll show you a movie.” A hint of playfulness flashed in Cameron’s eyes.

Ji Li and Qin Yue looked at each other and obeyed the director’s instruction.

Cameron turned on the projection screen and pressed the play button.

The video started with the conventional trademark of a movie and television company. However, the movie and television company was unfamiliar.

Before the opening title finished, Cameron had already retreated outside the door and specifically commented, “By the way, no one will disturb you for the next hour.”

“I hope my two leading actors will study this well. If you still can’t film tomorrow, I will become angry.”

Cameron instructed in a half-serious and half-joking manner.

He closed the door with a ‘click’, leaving Qin Yue and Ji Li to be alone.

Before Ji Li could figure out what was going on, two adult men appeared on the big screen. They were in the bedroom.

Qin Yue understood Cameron’s intention in an instant and covered his lips to hide his smile.

He really deserved to be the winner of ‘Best Director’ at the Yana Film Festival six times. Cameron had the courage to try anything in order to make the actor perform the feeling he wanted.

Soon, the two men in the movie began kissing and tearing off their clothes.

Ji Li had an epiphany and looked at Qin Yue beside him with disbelief. “…Director Cameron asked the two of us to watch this type of movie?”

In addition to relying on the stimulation of a partner, a normal person’s desire could also rely on external visual stimulation.

Cameron probably took this into consideration. Even the actors in the movie that he found looked very similar to the two of them.

Then after a minute or two, ambiguous sounds came out.

Ji Li’s throat was dry and he didn’t know where to put his eyes for a while.

Fortunately, it was a relatively dark environment or he would definitely blush shamefully at this time.

“These movies are commonplace for foreigners. Director Cameron must have his reasons for arranging this.”

Qin Yue didn’t have much interest in such a movie, but he liked to observe Ji Li’s expression very much.

Every minute and every second was too cute.

Qin Yue deliberately leaned closer to Ji Li, and his slightly cool fingertips rubbed against Ji Li’s hot cheeks. “Study it. Maybe it will be useful in the future.”

He immediately grabbed a pillow that was behind the other person, found a comfortable position, and leaned against the sofa, posing as if he was ready to observe.

Ji Li was distracted by his brief teasing. It was only after reacting that he hummed subtly in protest.

Yes, they were both men. What was there to be shy about?

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But the point is, if you haven’t experienced it, it’s hard to play it.

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Usually you yourself won’t notice, but a third party would notice. I think I like to watch newlyweds after their wedding night quite a lot. The clinginess is out of this world. And the subtle looks etc. is also fun but embarrassing to watch since you feel like you’re intruding. I’ve inly seen this once or twice and it’s been decades, but I still remember and that’s saying something. It’s why it’s difficult for me to watch romance genre movies where the leads have no chemistry. When you had reality to compare, it’s difficult.

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