IPCFS: Chapter 84 Part 1

It was just after 11 o’clock when Ji Li returned to the hotel.

He washed up quickly, picked up the script, and flipped through it as usual while leaning back against the bed. Then within three minutes, he put the script down with hot cheeks.

There was a full page of intimate scenes that were difficult to express. In this case, the expressiveness of a few lines was a trivial matter.

To put it bluntly, the interpretation of this type of scene depended on the tacit cooperation between the actors and the sense of atmosphere when filming. Otherwise, it would be unpredictable with just him alone.

Ji Li thought of Qin Yue, who wanted to act with him as a partner. Then the text description of the script appeared in his mind, and his body became a bit indescribably restless.

He quickly lay down on the bed and took out his phone in an attempt to distract himself.

Ji Li logged into Weibo. Most of the latest comments he saw were his fans ‘crying’ for a Weibo post.

Some time ago, he concentrated on sharing interesting facts about his life on Weibo with a high frequency. Now he hadn’t updated for over a month.

Chaoying had always adhered to the principle of ‘freedom of words and deeds of artists.’ They never controlled Weibo on behalf of their artists.

The company still updated Ji Li’s promotional photos and his behind-the-scenes videos on their official Weibo, but such materials obviously couldn’t satisfy the fans’ desires.

They desperately wanted to know:

What had their baby been doing recently?

Wasn’t he on vacation? Why was he so busy that he couldn’t even send a message?

Ji Li thought about it and felt that he couldn’t be too lazy as a rising actor. Therefore, he found the latest three photos from his album and posted them on Weibo.

“I heard that those who have chased the end of an aurora will have good luck. I will share it with you and hope you will have it as well.”

One was a vast and brilliant aurora.

Another was a long-range photo. Ji Li stood in the boundless wilderness under the magnificent night, showing a lonely and cold beauty.

There was also a recent half-length photo of him. Ji Li was wearing a thick, white down jacket with the zipper pulled to the top.

Ji Li had his head covered with a fluffy hat, and his whole body was dressed warmly, revealing only a small part of his face.

The smiling eyes full of starlight were beautiful and moving.

The time difference between Iceland and China was eight hours. At this moment, it was still daylight in China. The moment Ji Li’s Weibo was released, this immediately aroused great enthusiasm among fans.

-Ahhhhh, Baby Ji Li finally learned to post his own photos! Mom is so pleased!

-Has Baby gone out on a vacation? Have fun and take care of yourself!

-God! Two fresh personal photos! It is too tender. Baby, come and let me knead your face.

-Woooow, the aurora is so beautiful! The selfie looks good!

-Sister upstairs, this was clearly not taken by him, but I give full marks for the photographer’s technique! The before and after photos of the baby are beautiful and cute!

-The composition of the second photo is like a movie scene! I can make up a bit of drama in my brain and it is photographed well.

Ji Li saw a bit of feedback in the hot comments. Then he belatedly agreed. At the same time, he felt a bit of subtle tension.

In fact, Qin Yue had taken these photos for him.

Perhaps it was because actors always had to face the camera, but Ji Li was a person who didn’t like taking selfies in private. However, the novelty of chasing the aurora for the first time tonight made him especially want to take photos as souvenirs.

Qin Yue saw his intentions and took a few photos before they left.

Ji Li originally wanted to keep it in his phone’s photo album, but he couldn’t hold back all of a sudden and sent it out.

If Qin Yue posted a similar photo on Weibo, wouldn’t it completely expose the fact that the two of them were in Iceland? Would fans think about something they shouldn’t?

More seriously, would they be able to guess that the two people were collaborating on a new movie? Did this count as exposing them and threatening their current privacy of filming?

Ji Li was thinking wildly when he saw that Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei had left messages for him.

@Ji Yunqi: I am working diligently to film while you are happily chasing the aurora. @Chaoying Culture, we are called Chaoying’s new generation twin stars, but the company treats me and Ji Li differently! This is a strong accusation from me!

Attached was an emoji of a cool kitten wearing sunglasses holding a pen and paper with the text: I am noting down this account.

After Ji Yunqi finished filming the movie Special Operations, he joined a new crew in less than half a month. It was the drama ‘Newly Born Master Detective’ where his second sister, Ji Mingyue, was the chief screenwriter.

This drama was adapted from a novel and was very popular in itself.

If Ji Li remembered correctly, in the original novel, Ji Yunqi acted in this drama to suck up a wave of popularity. His performance was very eye-catching.

@Yuan Yifei: Tsk tsk tsk.

The three simple words held the sense of seeing through everything.

Before Ji Li could figure out how to reply, a message pop-up box of a WeChat group popped up.

@The Number One Attack: Tsk tsk, when did you and Qin Yue go to Iceland?

@The Number One Cool Brother: What? Did Ji Li go with Teacher Qin Yue? Why didn’t I know this?

@The Number One Attack: Didn’t you add Qin Yue’s private WeChat after the movie finished? Look at his latest Moments.

@The Number One Cool Brother: I just saw it. You are amazing! You dare to go on vacation with Teacher Qin Yue!

After the last movie finished, Qin Yue’s strictness left a ‘shadow’ on Ji Yunqi’s heart. Therefore, every time he saw Qin Yue, he was like a mouse seeing a cat.

Ji Li saw these four messages and finally understood.

He instinctively ignored the conversation of his friends and immediately clicked into Qin Yue’s Moments.

Qin Yue had posted on his Moments earlier than Ji Li. It was simply a photo of the aurora which Ji Li had helped to take.

Qin Yue’s private WeChat was full of trustworthy friends from the circle. It was small but good. They wouldn’t spread his private life to the outside world without his authorization.

The content of this photo was simple, but the text description was ambiguous—it was ambiguous enough to make people’s hearts thump.

Accompanied a little friend to chase the aurora tonight.

A little friend?

Ji Li’s eyes fell on the word. The corners of his lips subconsciously curved up as he muttered, “Who is a little friend?”

The two of them didn’t have many friends in common, but there were some ridiculing comments underneath.

Director Yao Chuan: In love?

Yuan Bao: You are amazing.

Director Wang Zhang: Wait, what is going on between you and Ji Li? I just saw that he also posted on Weibo.

There were also comments from Zheng Anxing, Feng Cheng, and the slow Ji Yunqi. In the blink of an eye, Qin Yue replied vaguely and uniformly.

“We are filming in Iceland.”

Ji Li smiled and casually gave a like to the Moments.

Within 10 seconds, he was caught by Yuan Yifei.

The other person threw a screenshot of his like into the WeChat group and questioned him.

“This little friend, what is going on with you? What is wrong with you? You didn’t reply to our WeChat messages and just liked Qin Yue’s Moments?”

Ji Li smiled helplessly and quickly replied, “Why are you also calling me little friend?”

The Number One Attack: Okay, I understand. This is Qin Yue’s exclusive name for you and we can’t use it.

He knew it was a friend’s casual ridicule, but Ji Li was still stunned by the words ‘exclusive name.’

He froze for a few seconds before changing the subject. “We are filming in Iceland and went to have some fun after work tonight. What have you been busy with lately?”

Ji Yunqi, who was the most talkative person in private, had suddenly fallen silent. He likely was busy with filming.

The Number One Attack: My agent accepted a variety show for the selection of newcomer actors for me and let me be a mentor. I recorded the first episode the day before yesterday and will start recording the second episode soon.

“Let me tell you, the moment the first phase started, I met a newcomer actor with a professional background. He was quite bold and dared to challenge my authority as a mentor.”

“Forget it, I can’t say anything for a while. I’ll talk about it when we have time to get together.”

Ji Li smiled and cut off the conversation. “Okay, you are busy, so go. I am about to go to sleep.”

“Yes, have a good rest.”

In a sense, tomorrow’s filming would require twice as much of his mental and physical strength.

Ji Li had just exited the group interface when he saw Qin Yue’s WeChat message to him.

“Good night.”

They were two simple words.

Ji Li raised his eyebrow with a sense of satisfaction that he didn’t even notice and quickly replied, “Good night.”


The next day’s filming arrived as scheduled.

After Wen Qiong and Lu Yao exchanged their feelings under the aurora, a fierce emotional scene broke out in their small hotel that night.

Lu Yao thought that he was ‘experienced in hundreds of battles’ and took the initiative to tease Wen Qiong. Unexpectedly, the latter saw through his intentions and allowed him to make trouble until the last moment.

Wen Qiong suddenly turned him over and suppressed him, tossing Lu Yao so that he couldn’t tell the difference between south, east, north, and west.

The two of them hid in this small space. In the long, warm polar night, they kissed, seeking and healing each other regardless of time.

Two souls, who had been alone for a long time, were finally completely redeemed.

Cameron was a director who pursued aesthetics and arts. What he wanted wasn’t large-scale, out of the frame shots, but the atmosphere where love was naturally expressed.

Yet no matter what, this was still an intimate scene. Cameron was afraid that Ji Li and Qin Yue would feel psychological pressure and find it hard to film at their best. So before the filming began, he let the crew clear the scene.

The rest of the staff wouldn’t be present except for the necessary camera team.

Ji Li changed into a tan blazer, which was the same one worn on Wen Qiong’s body when the two of them first met.

The outfit was deliberately made large and old. Now it looked particularly empty on Ji Li’s body. The hem of the jacket fell to his knees and half-covered him.

Ji Li had to admit that even though there was only a height difference of seven or eight centimeters, the contrast between his and Qin Yue’s body shapes under the same jacket was too obvious.

Lanlinta saw Ji Li’s outfit and whispered in an excited manner, “Ji is too s*xy after wearing Qin’s clothes.”

Filming had been going on until now. Ji Li and Lu Yao, Qin Yue and Wen Qiong, had long been merged and become the same person.

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