IPCFS: Chapter 78 Part 2

There were ordinary netizens watching the live broadcast who started commenting.

“How good is this type of honesty? In a place like the entertainment industry, how many people don’t have ambition? Even Mr Zhang Lan, a national actor, has said that even at the age of 88, he still hopes that the audience will see his role.”

“Aren’t these awards set up in the form of ‘viewing’? It should stimulate healthy competition among actors! If you push back and forth and say it doesn’t matter if you win the award or not, then why not simply cancel the shortlisting?”

“I hope that all good actors can face up to their ambitions and better interpret their roles to bring us better works! Only in this way can our Chinese movie and television circle continue for a long time!”

After this long comment was sent, it was immediately liked and supported by hundreds of thousands of netizens.

Obviously, most of the viewers thought so.

Shen Yanda hadn’t expected that Ji Li wouldn’t fall into his own language trap but instead gained the affirmation and appreciation of many people.

He saw the smile in Ji Li’s eyes and squeezed the unopened envelope with the winners in his hand.

Soon, Shen Yanda emerged from his unwillingness.

What was the use of being like this? If he didn’t win, then he was just a loser.

He was a prominent figure in the screenwriting circle and had won three ‘Best Screenplay’ trophies at the China Television Awards. The organizers temporarily asked him to announce the results of the awards. In this invisible confrontation, the direction of the winner and loser was already obvious.

Shen Yanda was very sure that the name of the winner in the award envelope wouldn’t be Ji Li!

The host guided the process. “Okay. Then I will ask Teacher Shen to announce the winner for us.”

Shen Yanda bowed.

For a while, the online and offline focus was on him.

Shen Yanda smiled and quickly opened it. He took out the card with the winner and looked at it with pride in his eyes.

In the next second, the confident smile on his face turned into complete astonishment.

The camera directly zoomed in on Shen Yanda’s face. His emotional transformation was recorded on the live broadcast screen.

A sharp-eyed netizen said, “I think the reversal is coming.”

“I think so too! It smells like a slap in the face!”

The live footage continued.

Shen Yanda stared at the name on the card in disbelief. He froze in place for three or four seconds, and his face turned faintly red.

It wasn’t until he heard the prompt from the host that Shen Yanda reluctantly put on a fake smile to the camera. “We congratulate the winner of Best Supporting Actor for the 70th China Television Awards…”

His Adam’s apple moved as he read the result in a resigned manner, “Ji Li, the actor who played Xie Yan in ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’.”

The answer spoken from his own mouth instantly turned into a loud slap, slapping him hard in the face in front of the national audience.

Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing took the lead in applauding. Other people were mobilized and it quickly became an ocean of applause.

In the barrage, Ji Li’s fans could no longer care about the so-called politeness. The grievances they accumulated for Ji Li for several days finally broke out all at once.

“Hahahaha, I feel so cool! Ji Li is so good!”

“I heard someone being slapped in the face. What about you?”

“I’ve seen many people slapping themselves in the face, but I’ve never seen someone slapped in front of a national audience. If he had left a bit of leeway for Ji Li previously, then he wouldn’t have created such an embarrassing situation now.”

“Teacher Shen has indeed written wonderful drama scripts, but in terms of his personality and behavior, I am unable to accept him as a young audience member!”

“Shen Yanda is very strange and sarcastic. Ji Li is honest. As a pure passerby, I stand by the latter in this wave.”

There was a lot of discussion among online netizens, and many people were whispering at the awards ceremony.

Shen Yanda couldn’t hear what everyone was saying, but it all seemed like mocking words in his ears.

Embarrassment and anger were intertwined in his heart, and he wished he could leave immediately.

How could this be?

Why did the organizers bother him like this?

He openly and secretly denied Ji Li’s achievements. He opened the envelope with conviction and finally ended up with such an embarrassing end?

Ji Li was more surprised by this announcement than the award.

He smiled pleasantly and hugged the actors and friends beside him happily. Then he calmly went on stage at the invitation of the host.

The cheers from the fans and the applause of the audience were enough to show their recognition of this award.

In terms of popularity, Ji Li gained eight million fans in one year since his debut and he was qualified enough.

In terms of ratings, the three peak ratings of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ were all brought about by him.

In terms of acting skills, his Xie Yan had caused thousands of tears and discussions in the finale. He was deeply rooted in the hearts of people and this was the best answer.

Ji Li came to the stage and had a face-to-face meeting with Shen Yanda. The latter’s face was so tense that he was about to gnash his back teeth. He could barely restrain himself from losing his composure.

Then the host’s next words raised his embarrassment to another level.

“Okay, now we will allow our Teacher Shen to step down and rest. Next, we will welcome the award presenter of Best Supporting Actor as well as the Best Actor of the 62nd China Television Awards, Teacher Qin Yue.”


The presenter wasn’t Shen Yanda but Qin Yue?

The moment he finished speaking, fans of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth were instantly in an uproar.

“Ahhh! Royal Uncle and Yan’er!”

“F*k! The organizers know exactly what we want to see! Can the regrets of the drama be fulfilled in reality?”

“Brother Yue! Brother Yue! Brother Yue!”

“Letting Shen Yanda come to the stage to announce the winner and letting Qin Yue come to present the award… I can only say that the organizers did a beautiful job to attract popularity!”

“Fortunately, it was Brother Yue who presented the award, or I would’ve wanted to vomit when looking at Shen Yanda’s face.

Shen Yanda felt like his dignity was being trampled on. He walked off the stage angrily, trying to attract the organizers’ attention with his silent resistance.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to pay attention to his departing back. The director of the show had already shifted the scene to the other side of the stage.

Qin Yue appeared in view of the audience and his superior height gave him a natural attraction.

He took the trophy handed to him by a guide, embraced Ji Li in a celebratory manner in front of everyone, and whispered to him.

The hug between the two of them was brief.

Ji Li raised his eyes to meet Qin Yue’s focused gaze and a bright smile bloomed.

In his first movie, he acted opposite Qin Yue.

In his first drama, the emotional entanglement he missed the most was Qin Yue’s role.

Now he obtained the heavyweight award, ‘Best Supporting Actor’, and the presenter was Qin Yue.

Ji Li didn’t know how wonderful fate was, but it was this type of fate that made him feel satisfied and stable again.

Ji Li withdrew from his thoughts, held the trophy, and stepped forward to give a speech.

At this moment, fans of the show were cheering happily while the candy eating girls in the ‘Chinese Rose CP’ Weibo group were already ‘crazy.’

-What did Brother Yue say to Ji Li? I’m feeling itchy with the desire to know!

-I didn’t expect that I could eat sugar even at an award ceremony. According to the novel routine, the next step is the official announcement of the romance! Wow!

-Sisters, did you see Xu Miaomiao’s expression in the audience? Once she saw Brother Li hugging Brother Yue, I felt that I understood that smile!

-Hahahaha, I feel like I also understand. Sister Miao is a CP fan? I remember that she is a fan of Brother Yue?

-She definitely is! Before, in the show’s behind-the-scenes video, she said that she really wants to marry a man like Brother Yue!

-Brother Yue is giving out candy. No one can resist the sweetness of the Chinese Rose CP!

As everyone was discussing it, new applications for joining the group were slowly received. Their CP fan group expanded again!


After the award for Best Supporting Actor, several larger awards were announced.

‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ won trophies for Best Director and Best Arrangement.

However, Zhou Qingming and Xu Miaomiao lost to the male and female protagonists of ‘Past Events in the South’ respectively. Regrettably, they lost the trophy of Best Actor and Best Actress.

Even so, neither of them felt frustrated.

The year was only halfway through and there would be three major TV drama awards this year.

By the end of the year, if the ratings of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth weren’t surpassed by a latecomer, then they would have a chance to be shortlisted.

It was as Ji Li said. It was an honor to get it or his destiny to lose it.

They were looking forward to the moment when they would one day hold the trophy and were willing to work toward that goal.

After the Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor awards, Ji Li undoubtedly won the Most Popular Actor award.

The award ceremony finished and Weibo was filled with hot searches related to the ‘China Television Awards’, among which, the most attractive search was Ji Li.

For this year’s China Television Awards, Ji Li was shortlisted for three awards and won three trophies. The results were very gratifying.

Fans patiently waited for Ji Li to send a Weibo, wanting to rush up to celebrate as soon as possible.

Before their idol appeared, they found that the advertising director, Berry Adolphe, had gone online after a long absence.

The other person stated on his latest Weibo that:

The perfume advertising he cooperated with Ji Li on had won the International Advertising Perfume Award.

In addition, Ji Li was judged by the committee as the Best Advertising Protagonist due to his amazing beauty and expressiveness in the advertisement!

The sudden surprise instantly stunned the fans.

It wasn’t until someone ‘climbed the firewall’ and confirmed the news on the international official website that the fans started a new round of proud cheers.

-Ahhhh, an international advertising award? He was also the Best Advertising Protagonist! This was being recognized internationally!

Baby Ji Li was too amazing!

He either didn’t win prizes, or he got them in piles!

It had to be known that before this, the awards for China in the field of international advertising were blank!

The moment this award was won, Ji Li’s commercial value would definitely soar.

Before the fans could consume this pile of joy, at midnight the next day, the official Weibo of the China anti-narcotics department officially announced the news.

“The new ambassador for China’s anti-drug propaganda has been set as Ji Li! We hope not to forget our original intention, to keep our mission in mind, and to lead by example to guide today’s young people to stay away from drugs and to resist drugs!”

Attached below was the anti-drug public service short film shot by Ji Li.

The young man in the video was dressed in a police uniform, standing at attention, and saluting. He uttered the official anti-drug declaration, and the sense of justice that belonged to a huge country rushed straight at the viewers.

This official announcement shocked even ordinary netizens.

“Ji Li’s resources are going against the sky! He can even get the official anti-drug image ambassador?”

It had to be known that image ambassadors of this level who had been officially announced in the past were either old veterans or public welfare figures with far-reaching influence.

The officials had chosen Ji Li as the image ambassador for this term, so it was an excellent recognition of him as an actor.

“I want to see who would dare say in the future that there is a wealthy backer behind Ji Li? The official selection of this type of image ambassador has to go through layers of approval. It is impossible for an artist with bad roots to have the opportunity to serve!

“hahaha, Ji Li’s black fans must find it so hard. Now they can’t even use the theory of a wealthy backer supporting him. There are no black spots at all.”

“Our Ji Li is someone who relies only on strength! The career fans find it so cool that they are flying!”

On Weibo’s hot search, there were topics about Ji Li’s red carpet styling and low scrap rate. Before it could even be taken down, a new round of topics surged up.

Ji Li’s Best Supporting Actor, Ji Li’s perfume won an international award, Ji Li as the official anti-drugs ambassador…

The popularity of these topics didn’t contain any false data. They were all real discussions, and the meaning behind these topics grew better with each topic.

This scene not only aroused the envy of other fans in the fan circle, but also made passersby sigh.

Did Ji Li buy a house on the Weibo hot search? This was too awesome!

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1 year ago

Honestly, I’m surprised SY didn’t announce the wrong name by “accident.”

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Qin Yue didn’t have anything to do with the perfume. He did nothing. The perfume largely won by Ji Li himself. He signed the contract expecting normal, tight on budget advertising filming. The elevated funds though is through Ji Group, aka Ji Yunqi, the silent fanboy at that time. Qin Yue just shamelessly used his status as “acquintance of Adolphe” and come crashing the filming site to steal the front row seat of Ji Li’s filming process as usual.

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i dont want to be rude, but are we readind the same story?…like..JL achieved everything on his own. remeber, QY suggested his people for JL to play chen xi the police officer but they all turned him down. JL got the news about the cast and auditioned, there was no help from QY at all since he was turned down. It was the same for the role xue idk somehtihng, he got it on his own and QY came to play his uncle lateer, JL audiotioned ALL of his role by himself. the only ything qy did was to protect and help him against rumours and black fans

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I was hoping there would be more of Ji Li doing his solo thing. I guess it’s just the nature of the novel to be very romance-oriented.
But with ML there, it kinda makes the impression that Ji Li is very dependent on ML. He relies on ML to get out of the act, relies on ML for investment, relies on ML for good script, relies on ML for cleaning up haters and his relatives, relies on ML to treat injury, etc.

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