IPCFS: Chapter 78 Part 1

Netizens who were following the China Television Awards tonight were basically people who liked to follow the public opinion of the entertainment industry.

At this time, Shen Yanda became a guest on the stage. It caught Ji Li’s fans by surprise and even ordinary netizens found it incredible.

“The organizers of the China Television Awards are deliberately doing this on purpose, right? There was trouble between Shen Yanda and Ji Li some time ago. Now one of them is actually the award presenter, and the other is an actor waiting for the award in the audience?”

“It is worthy to be the officials. After doing this, the popularity will skyrocket.”

“In the era of traffic popularity, the operation of the China Television Awards organizers is understandable. However, due to this, Ji Li’s chance of winning the award is low, right?”

“It is impossible to win +1. Otherwise, I don’t think Teacher Shen would’ve agreed to go on stage to present the award.”

Netizens expressed their opinions on the barrage. Fans of Ji Li and ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ were also worried.

“Ahhh, I’m going crazy. Why Shen Yanda? What if Baby Ji Li doesn’t win the prize? Will he be mocked by Shen Yanda in public?”

“It’s over. The odds of winning the competition with an old veteran isn’t high. Now that Shen Yanda is the presenter, does this result still need to be said? The officials don’t need to be so disgusting!”

“Be careful with your words and deeds! The results aren’t out yet. Let’s not scare ourselves first. Our baby is the best! Mom will always have your back!”

“Yan’er must win the award! The regrets in the drama, please don’t bring it off-screen! Ji Li acted really well!”

In the barrage, the black fans made a comeback.

“Hahahaha, Ji Li’s fans have been bragging for so long. Ji Li will definitely win the award? Oh my, the CTV Awards invited Shen Yanda to be the award presenter. It is clear that they are on the side of Teacher Shen.”

“After watching the China Television Awards, Ji Li will definitely be banned from the TV industry in the future.”

Ji Yunqi saw Shen Yanda’s figure and immediately died from anger.

He didn’t dare to make loud noises, so he whispered to Yuan Yifei, “Tell me, are the organizers acting like humans?”

“We are all in the entertainment industry. Who doesn’t know that Ji Li and Shen Yanda have a disagreement with each other?”

“If Ji Li doesn’t win the award today, how much public pressure will he have to bear, and how many people will laugh at him?”

How could they team up to bully him? Was Chaoying Culture just an empty shell?

Ji Yunqi felt sincere toward Ji Li and hoped that the other person could advance steadily in his career instead of becoming confused by these ‘messy’ things halfway.

Yuan Yifei frowned. He also felt that the current situation was a bit tricky.

He instinctively looked for Qin Yue’s figure in the guest seats and found that Qin Yue’s seat had long been empty.

Where did Qin Yue go?

The uproar online and offline lasted only a minute or two. On stage, Shen Yanda started the established process.

“I will first announce the actors shortlisted for the 70th China Television Awards ‘Best Supporting Actor’ are—”

“Song Qingbo, the actor of Yan Hei in the TV drama ‘Outlaws’.”

“Qin Yanran, the actor of Meng Huishi in the TV drama ‘Bone-chilling’.”

“Meng Guochun, the actor of Qiu Ye in the TV drama ‘Past Events in the South’.”

Every time Shen Yanda announced a name, a corresponding clip of the character played on the big screen on the stage.

The moment the old veteran Meng Guochun, who played the role of Qiu Yem came out, the applause at the scene spontaneously became louder.

‘Past Events in the South’ was aired in September last year, and the drama’s popularity continued until the end of the year. It took the well-deserved ratings crown last year.

The crew had already won numerous awards at the three other major drama award ceremonies at the end of last year. Among them, Meng Guo won three ‘Best Supporting Actor’ trophies.

Therefore, netizens speculated and felt expectant about whether tonight’s China Television Awards could bring him the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ grand slam.

Shen Yanda announced the first three finalists, and his eyes finally fell on the last line.

The smile on his face faded and his tone was calm without the slightest ups and downs. “Ji Li, the actor of Xie Yan in the TV drama ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’.”

The big screen showed the highlights of Xie Yan in a timely manner.

In blood-stained clothes, Xie Yan stood alone in front of the closed palace door. His words were full of grievances and despair and brought everyone back to the story in an instant.

In this 15 second clip, Ji Li’s acting skills and speaking skills instantly grabbed people’s hearts.

Many of the actors invited to participate hadn’t seen ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’. Now after they saw this clip, they spontaneously gave Ji Li affirmative applause.

On the side, Xu Miaomiao instantly had red eyes and she involuntarily looked over at Ji Li.

Fans of the drama like her were willing to admit that Ji Li’s Xie Yan was too deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

It was so much so that after the finale, many people would feel their hearts tear at just the name ‘Xie Yan.’

“Wu wu wu, I am just watching an awards ceremony, but I am killed once again.”

“I think Ji Li’s Xie Yan deserves the Best Supporting Actor award! It is really heartbreaking!”

“Shen Yanda’s expression shouldn’t be too obvious! In addition, he is a big shot in the screenwriting circle. What is the matter with being so fussy?”

The director switched the camera view to Ji Li.

Unprecedented cheers erupted from the audience seats, and a female fan roared at the top of their lungs.

“Ji Li! Charge! It doesn’t matter if you win an award or not! Just live safely for Mama!”

The penetrating power of this voice was so loud that it could almost overturn the ceiling of the studio.

The audience was amused by this fan. Could it be that this was the legendary life fan? Career didn’t matter and love wasn’t important as long as he lived healthy and ate on time?

The host was very good at adjusting the atmosphere. “Is this voice going to rush out into the universe?”

Ji Li couldn’t do anything about his cute fans. He held his forehead and the smile on his face grew bigger.

The big screen showed Ji Li’s smile in real time. The screams from the audience grew louder, and the online broadcast also showed an excited trend.

“F*k! He can survive despite the death lighting and camera zoom of the official awards ceremony! Ji Li’s divine face is on the screen!”

“Help, that smile is so cute! It is completely like a boyfriend pampering a girlfriend!”

“Ahhh, Ji Li’s fans are on fire!”

“I was stunned by Ji Li’s smile. It is pure and lustful! It is absolutely amazing!”

On the stage, Shen Yanda silently raised an eyebrow after he saw this cheering scene.

What type of atmosphere was it that a little actor could show off his good looks?

The host received backstage instructions from the program director and quickly walked to Shen Yanda’s side. He asked, “Mr Shen, who do you think among the shortlisted actors can win the trophy of Best Supporting Actor?”

“I heard that everyone hopes that Mr. Meng Guochun can win the award and the four consecutive grand slams? Of course, if you ask me, people like Qingbo and Yanran also have a great chance.”

 Shen Yanda’s gaze swept over the four actors in the audience in turn. Finally, his gaze fell on Ji Li’s body.

“Xiao Ji is still a bit younger after all. He is being shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor for the first time. Isn’t this already very good?”

He praised the first three actors, but he wasn’t sure of Ji Li. The implication was to exclude the young man from the possibility of ‘winning the award.’

Shen Yanda hid the knife in his smile and threw a question to Ji Li. “Xiao Ji, tell me, do you want to win the award?”

Ji Li’s fans were blown up by his actions.

“Can’t you be a bit more generous as a senior? If you think that Ji Li violated the contract, then sue him! Shen Yanda doesn’t dare to speak in an upright manner and has to say some strange, sarcastic words!”

“Just because Ji Li rejected your script, is it interesting to openly deny him over and over again?”

“Teacher Shen’s script is too expensive. Us little actors don’t dare to act in case we accidentally ‘offend’ your big Buddha and have to be caught.”

Of course, there were many netizens who weren’t afraid of the excitement. They wanted to know how Ji Li would answer Shen Yanda’s ‘trap’ question.

The microphone was handed to Ji Li and the focus of the audience on him.

Ji Li’s eyes were covered with a layer of frost, but in front of the camera, he had to show enough politeness to deal with it.

He took the microphone handed over by the staff members, smiled, and threw out a rhetorical question. “Excuse me, when Teacher Shen was shortlisted for ‘Best Screenplay’ for the first time, didn’t you want to win the award?”

Shen Yanda was startled. He hadn’t expected the other person to bring the topic back to him.

Ji Li naturally disdained to listen to his answer and continued to take the initiative to speak.

“When I stepped into this circle as an actor, I wanted to rise up. Since I have been shortlisted for Best Supporting Actor at the China Television Awards today, it means I have a certain qualification to compete with my three other peers.”

“So, Teacher Shen asked me if I want to win the award?” Ji Li paused and said naturally, “Yes, I want to win.”

There were sparse discussions the moment this answer came out.

They had to say that Ji Li was too daring!

He dared to show his ambition openly!

Such frank ambition was rare among young actors. Even actors who had been in the industry for many years didn’t dare say such a big truth.

“Some seniors told me that the actor industry is one that is least lacking competition. Every actor more or less has ambition in his heart. If not, where is the motivation to rise up?”

“It is an honor to get it or my destiny to lose it. No matter whether I successfully win the award today or not, it will become an important step in my acting career.”

Ji Li looked at the three male actors shortlisted, who were sitting in the same row, and smiled decently and generously.

“I’m not ashamed even if I lose to other excellent actors.”

His words rang out loudly.

The heartfelt cheers of the actors and audience rang out.

Ji Li lived too thoroughly. He knew what he wanted and the path he was going to take next.

Which star didn’t want to gain popularity and cheers in the entertainment industry? In the movie and television industry, which actor didn’t desire for his work to be affirmed and gain status?

Ji Li’s ambition was something that many people wanted to say but didn’t dare to.

The young man wasn’t arrogant. He was giving a statement that was considered to be humble to the extreme.

The microphone was passed to Meng Guochun, who was four or five positions away. The old actor stood up and said calmly, “Of course, I also want to win the award. How good is it to say that I have won four consecutive awards for a grand slam?”

He leaned over and looked at Ji Li with appreciation in his eyes. “In the scene just now, you captured people’s hearts in a short time. You act well and will be formidable in the future.”

“I won’t feel ashamed if I lose to a junior like you today. After all, the other three Best Supporting Actor trophies are still hanging in my house.”

The relaxed and measured speed of the old veteran also won the hearts of the people.

Ji Li bowed to him and humbly replied. “Thank you, Teacher Meng. I still have to learn from you.”

The other two shortlisted actors stood up to speak one after another. They didn’t hide anything.

They all looked forward to winning the award, but they weren’t obsessed with this award. If they couldn’t get it, then they would continue to work hard.

It was a situation of mutual competition, but the atmosphere at the scene was surprisingly good, unlike the polite and modest attitude of the past.

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