IPCFS: Chapter 77

The moment the red carpet of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ was over, the discussion about the China Television Awards red carpet event on Weibo skyrocketed.

The biggest contributor to this popularity was Ji Li.

The entertainment magazine that first released Ji Li’s red carpet photo exceeded 100,000 forwards in just 30 minutes.

Ji Li’s raw photo was so amazing that it was completely comparable to touched up photos.

It wasn’t just fans who were intoxicated by his appearance. Even ordinary passersby had the urge to save the photos and make them their wallpaper.

In the raw photo, Ji Li was surrounded by flashing lights, and the skin that was originally like milk seemed to be coated with an attractive luster.

He was dressed in a retro-style tuxedo and looked like an aristocrat who came out of an old scroll. He looked elegant and generous, restrained and calm.

The comments below were all full of praise, and the hot comments at the top were real remarks from passersby.

-To be honest, Ji Li is definitely one of the top three among Chinese male stars! His temperament is very unique and can’t be described with a single word. This is why he can play a little beggar as well as a noble son. He can play a young and well-behaved student and a tough guy! Amazing!

-I found that no matter whether it is a movie and television work or character styling, Ji Li hasn’t been the same once. I have my favorite actor, but every time I see a photo of Ji Li, I can’t help but stop and take a look.

-Haha, my aesthetics teacher especially likes to use Ji Li’s photo for us to use as a case analysis. I feel that her case photo will be updated again this time.

Passersby netizens definitely caused increased redness and a faster heartbeat when giving praise compared to the exaggerated praise of fans.

Ji Li’s fans didn’t need to control the comments at all.

They just needed to enjoy the praise and evaluation of their baby by passersby while liking the comments.

The pride in their hearts bubbled over as they went online happily.

Aman, a photographer from the domestic first-tier men’s magazine, ‘MCD’, was also invited to participate in the red carpet shooting of the China Television Awards today.

Once Ji Li finished walking the red carpet, Aman couldn’t help looking at the photos he had just taken.

As a result, the more he looked, the more excited he became. He couldn’t help saying on his Weibo account:

“Can you believe it? I took 86 photos of Ji Li on the red carpet. Looking through them now, there is hardly one of them that is a waste!”

“When Ji Li walked the red carpet, he was so magical that he seemed to control the frequency of blinking! I have been in the industry for nearly 30 years, and this is the first time I’ve encountered a male star with such a low scrap rate! Too strong!”

“I want to tell my magazine’s editor-in-chief right now to invite him to be on the cover of our magazine!”

Aman’s Weibo had many photographers who interacted with each other.

Not long after this Weibo was sent, some people responded below.

“This isn’t really an exaggeration. I took a set of daily promotional photos for him, and the scrap rate was surprisingly low! Once I had to choose a photo, I was reluctant to delete a single one! I wanted to choose every photo. This is the first time I have encountered this type of person.”

“Mr Ama, I also took a lot of red carpet photos today, and Ji Li’s photos can basically all be used.

“The scrap rate is low +1. Ji Li should’ve been born to eat this bowl of rice. His sense of the camera is surprisingly good.”

Baozi monitored the trend of public opinion on the Internet in real time. After years of being on the edge of entertainment marketing, he quickly realized that Aman’s Weibo post was a good topic opportunity.

He contacted the head of the company’s Internet PR department. After a quick operation, they brought a related entry for the topic of ‘Ji Li’s low scrap rate’.

The topic of Ji Li’s red carpet styling was still hanging in a high position, and this new topic quickly attracted the attention of fans and passersby.

Most importantly, led by Aman, Ji Li aroused widespread discussion in the portrait photography circle.

The photographers looked through Ji Li’s previous photos and found that his sense of the camera and expression were simply higher than the level of professional models!

The action of the editor-in-chief of the magazine was amazingly fast. A phone call was directly made to Chaoying Culture to invite him to a photo shoot.

A large number of entertainment marketing accounts followed the trend. They followed the topic and sent out Ji Li’s red carpet looks and joined the fun.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the ‘Artist Internet Comprehensive Data’, which was the wind direction indicator of the entertainment industry, updated.

Ji Li topped the ‘face’ list, and his discussion data was a full 10 million above the second ranked star!

He was so prominent that he was beyond other competitors!

Such explosive popularity gave everyone a vague understanding in their hearts.

Perhaps in the near future, Ji Li would become another top figure in the entertainment industry!


At the same time, the long-awaited China Television Awards finally kicked off.

Currently, the number of netizens watching the live broadcast was three million more than the afternoon red carpet ceremony!

The moment the camera swept over the audience, the barrage was immediately filled by fans and everyone worked hard to cheer for their idols.

The real-time discussion board on Weibo about the China Television Awards was also lively.

“I seem to see Teacher Qin Yue in a guest seat?”

“It is the 70th anniversary and the previous nine movie queens are here. It isn’t surprising that Brother Yue is here!”

“Wait! Look who I found in the VIP audience [screenshot attached].”

“F*k, Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi? Why are they here too? Sister upstairs, you are the reincarnation of a microscope!”

“Hahahaha, Ji Yunqi just posted on Weibo. He and Yuan Yifei received internal tickets and went directly to the scene to support Ji Li. He also brought a light sign and banner. He is comparable to a professional fan.”

“Hahahaha, I announce that Ji Yunqi and Ji Li have formed the new Chaoying Twins!”

“The two of them will work together and strive to stand shoulder to shoulder with Yuan Bao to become the new top three artists in the entertainment industry!”


The discussion on the Internet was lively while the awards ceremony officially began after the beautiful opening stage ceremony.

The first award was for Best Adapted Screenplay and the blockbuster drama ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ won this award with an absolute advantage.

The moment the screenwriter Fang Zhixing went on stage to receive the award, Ji Li, the leading actors, and fans who attended all cheered together. The online book fans and friends were also happy.

You know, in this era when screenwriters were prevalent in modifying original IPs, Fang Zhixing’s adaptation of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ could be described as a clear stream in the adaptation world.

Fang Zhixing didn’t make any magical changes and also improved the plot and character settings on the basis of the original novel, stretching an original novel that was considered a perfect score to the extreme.

An excellent script was the soul of a TV drama, and the person who wrote the script was the key among keys.

“I hope other screenwriters can learn from Teacher Fang and stop changing high quality novels into low quality TV dramas! It is upsetting to watch!”

“That’s right. As the audience, we have never objected to good novel adaptations. It was the unscrupulous screenwriters who added dog blood plots without authorization which made us resist!”

Online netizens expressed their views.

“Next, we are going to present the Best Newcomer Award. Let us welcome the award presenter…”

The Best Newcomer Award had four official presenters every year, two men and two women.

The weight of this award wasn’t heavy, but it was definitely a strong affirmation for new actors.

The moment the words of the host on stage finished, Zhou Qingming and Xu Miaomiao unanimously moved their attention to Ji Li.

The other person was shortlisted for this newcomer award! In addition, his chance of winning the prize was as high as 99.9%!

Ji Li looked at the two of them with the same gaze and easily smiled. “Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me?”

“Aren’t you nervous at all?” Xu Miaomiao asked in a low voice. “This might be your first trophy in your acting career!”

Zhou Qingming nodded along.

At the beginning, he couldn’t sleep for several days out of excitement when he won the Best Newcomer Award. He thought that he definitely had to win the Best Actor Award next year.

It was a pity that this hope became a vain dream. It was only this year that he saw a glimmer of light.

“I’m not nervous.” Ji Li looked calm, with a trace of calm confidence.

“If I can’t even get this trophy, then wouldn’t I have let down Director Yao Chuan and Teacher Fang Zhixing’s training?”

In any case, he was an actor who had won four ‘Best Actor’ trophies in his past life. If he was reduced to the point where he couldn’t even win Best Newcomer, then he would really laugh.

Yao Chuan, who was sitting in the front row, heard this and smiled heartily. “Good boy. Get ready to go up and receive the award.”

The moment he finished speaking, the award presenters on stage read out Ji Li’s name.

“The Best Newcomer Award, congratulations to Ji Li!”

There was a burst of applause from the audience.

The young man deserved this award. The acting skills he showed in the drama completely possessed the demeanor of a powerful actor.

Qin Yue’s eyes followed Ji Li, who went on stage to receive the award. The smile on his lips continued to deepen.

Wait and see. This is just the beginning.

As Ji Li delivered his acceptance speech, the big screen on the stage showed the first appearance of his role of ‘Xie Yan’ in ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth.’

The scene of the young man jumping from the tree became the white moonlight in the hearts of many fans.

“Ahhhh, he won the award! Great, great!”

“I was very happy to see Ji Li winning the award, but I almost cried when I saw Yan’er.”

“Everyone, hold steady! This is the first award. The Best Supporting Actor and Most Popular Actor must also be ours!”

“I’m not worried about the Most Popular Actor trophy. After all, our family’s Ji Li was firmly in first place when the voting closed. However, won’t it be a bit hard for Best Supporting Actor? Can he really win Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor?”

“I’m a bit worried about what the person upstairs said. Among those shortlisted for Best Supporting Actor this time, one is the old actor Meng Guochun. The other person’s grade is one level higher than our Ji Li, and there is also the possibility of winning the prize.”

It wasn’t just fans who were worried. Even Ji Yunqi, who was sitting in the VIP seat, was worried about this problem.

“No, do you think Ji Li can get the Best Supporting Actor Award? He won’t pick up a sesame seed only to lose the watermelon, right?”

After all, in the history of the China Television Awards, it seemed that there were no actors who won the Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor awards together.

“Since the organizing committee allowed Ji Li to be shortlisted, it means that there is a certain opportunity. Let’s not scare ourselves first. Let’s take a step back. Even if Ji Li really is just a runner-up, it isn’t an embarrassing thing to lose to a veteran actor.”

Yuan Yifei said this verbally, but his hands were still sweating for Ji Li.

He had lost the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ once before and the ‘Best Actor’ award twice, so the words ‘runner-up’ almost became a psychological shadow for him.

Everyone was nervous for almost half an hour before it was the turn for the Best Supporting Actor award. However, the award presenter who came on stage dumbfounded all of the audience and the fans online and offline.


The organizers of the China Television Awards were doing something!

Wasn’t Zhou Ying the award presenter written on the process sheet? How did it become Shen Yanda?

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