IPCFS: Chapter 71 Part 2

Yao Chuan sighed with relief and shouted, “Okay!”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei in the scene were equally perfect. The emotions of the two characters were completely different, but they were both perfect and impeccable.

Ji Li naturally wouldn’t really be carried into the wolf’s lair by the group performers. The moment he heard Director Yao’s voice, he got up from the ground and jumped on the spot to stretch his muscles.

“I didn’t grasp the correct posture when I fell down just now, and my neck was so twisted that I was about to get cramps.”

The young man’s joke was heard and diluted the solemn atmosphere of the set right on time. All the staff members who were worried sighed with relief.

Fortunately, Yuan Bao and Ji Li were just acting.

Then everyone’s mood froze again.

Yuan Yifei, who always had a smiling face, suddenly crouched down on the ground to suppress his tears. He curled up on the ground with a height of over 1.8 meters and felt inexplicably sad.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi immediately realized that something was wrong and were about to approach him when they were stopped by Qin Yue. “Don’t go over. Let him calm down.”

For Shi Ye’s scene, as crazy and cruel as he was on the outside, he was accompanied by so much resentment and pain on the inside.

Every step of his life was traceable. From a young age, he was powerless to determine his own destiny and was pushed step by step into the abyss.

As an adult, he killed the evil scumbag out of resentment, but when he turned around, he became another scumbag.

It wasn’t that he had no choice. It was that, to some extent, he accepted his fate.

For so many years, none of his subordinates dared to mention the word ‘parents’ in front of him. Chen Xi didn’t know this and accidentally stepped on the deep scar in his heart.

This incident also laid the groundwork for the subsequent plot of the movie.

After Yuan Yifei calmed down, he quickly walked back to the lounge with his assistant and agent.

Ji Yunqi watched his back and was a bit worried. “Is Yifei really okay like this? Was he too immersed in the mood of the scene?”

He had known Yuan Yifei for over two months, and this was the first time he had seen the other person’s emotions out of control like this.

Yao Chuan checked the scene just now and found several delicate details portrayed by Yuan Yifei. They were so realistic that it was like his true feelings were revealed.

He found it a bit unbearable. “Qin Yue, this scene probably poked something in his heart.”

Ji Li heard the deep meaning in the words and frowned slightly. “What do you mean?”

Yu Fuya knew a bit about this and said softly, “I heard that Yifei’s biological parents brought him a lot of pressure.”

Back when Yuan Yifei made his debut, there were many revelations about his family, but they were quickly suppressed by his former company.

Qin Yue nodded silently. However, he wasn’t Yuan Yifei and it wasn’t convenient for him to say anything else.

Ji Yunqi was in a fog of confusion after hearing their words. He thought for a moment before walking toward Yuan Yifei’s lounge. “No, I still have to go there and take a look.”

If he shrank back and did nothing, he would be ashamed to use the word ‘friend.’

Ji Li saw Ji Yunqi’s actions and silently followed.

The two of them walked beside each other to Yuan Yifei’s lounge. They made a sound to reveal their presence before lifting the curtain of the tent and entering.

Yuan Yifei was sitting in a half-round armchair. He had stopped exposing his emotions, but his eyes were still a bit red.

He saw the two of them and gave them a reluctant smile. “You guys are here to see me cry, right?”

“Yes, I plan to make fun of you after recording it,” Ji Yunqi joked and invisibly resolved the embarrassment.

Ji Li stepped forward and sat opposite Yuan Yifei. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just remembered the bad experiences of my past and wasn’t happy.” Yuan Yifei threw an orange on the table to Ji Yunqi and instructed, “Third Young Lady, sit down and help peel one for me.”

Ji Yunqi caught it accurately, pouted, and peeled it without complaint.

Who made him steal so many snacks and fruits from the other person?”

“If there is anything unpleasant, then you can talk to us.”

Ji Yunqi sat down with Ji Li. “We might both be younger than you, but our minds are more mature than yours.”

Yuan Yifei snorted and almost raised a fist to beat this person. “Remove the second half of the sentence!”

It is fine if Ji Li said this, but you, Third Young Lady, do you have no idea about who the real immature one is?

Yuan Yifei was only four years older than them. Besides, he looked young, right?

Ji Li was used to seeing the mutual confrontation between the two of them, so he watched the show with a smile.

Yuan Yifei sighed and felt that it wasn’t interesting to hold some things in his heart. “In fact, it is nothing. My grandfather had my father as his only child, and all the money he saved was left to my parents.”

“It was just that not long after I was born, my father was taken by some scoundrel friends and fell into the bad habit of gambling.”

At first, it was small bets and small losses. Then it was big bets and big losses. He lost all of the family’s assets.

Ever since Yuan Yifei could remember, nine out of ten quarrels at home were due to gambling.

Yuan Yifei’s mother was a woman with a sharp mouth but soft heart. She argued and said she would divorce him every time, but in the end, she was reluctant to part with her husband and child.

She always felt that her husband would improve if he quit gambling.

In the first year of Yuan Yifei’s debut, misfortune happened. Father Yuan was seriously injured and hospitalized due to debt collectors. Mother Yuan had a car accident on the way to the hospital and died from serious injuries.

Yuan Yifei had thought about severing their father-son relationship with such a father, but he couldn’t stand Mother Yuan’s dying request.

This woman, who had been tough yet soft-hearted all her life, was still worried about her husband as she died.

“I didn’t have that much money, so I needed to ask the company I was signed with at the time for money in advance. I re-signed a five year unequal contract with them. All of the money I earned during this period was divided 2:8.”

Such an agreement was unfair, but he had no choice at the time.

In those five years, the company squeezed out almost all the traffic from Yuan Yifei. It was advertisement after advertisement, movie after movie.

Yuan Yifei gained huge popularity, but this brought about even more difficult work pressure that made it hard to breathe.

Therefore, he injured his waist due to continuous filming and could only hide and treat it secretly.

Back then, Yuan Yifei was unable to choose scripts by himself. Fortunately, Qin Yue accidentally learned about this inside story and considered him a malleable talent, so Qin Yue gave him the opportunity to appear in a high quality script.

“One year, a private life fan broke into my house dressed as a cleaning worker. After this incident, fans blamed my former company for not handling the incident properly…”

“Very few people knew that the private information was actually sold by my father for a lot of money. He couldn’t get any money from me, so he started to think of crooked ideas to get money.”

Ji Yunqi heard these words and was so angry that his teeth itched.

What type of weird biological father was this? He lost money, but was merciless when it came to cheating his own son.

Ji Li’s face was a bit solemn. He figured out why Yuan Yifei was touched so deeply when filming.

Who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with such a father?

Actors weren’t afraid of roles being difficult to act. They were afraid that the role would have subtle similarities to themselves and empathy to the character would involve their inner scars.

“And then?” Ji Yunqi asked.

“The contract with my former company expired, and I opened my own studio independently. He was arrested for committing a crime and sentenced to five years in prison.”

Yuan Yifei let out a breath. His depressed mood due to entering the act was finally relieved after talking about it.

“In any case, I made it through. He is walking on his single plank road, and I am walking on my sunny road. No one can get in the way.”

Yuan Yifei snatched Ji Yunqi’s peeled orange and stuffed it into his mouth happily.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi looked at each other with relief.

Yuan Yifei squinted his eyes from the sourness and changed the topic. “Third Young Lady, how did you pick the oranges that are so sour?”

Ji Yunqi refused to accept it. “Get lost. I was kind enough to peel it for you, but you are still being picky.”

Ji Li chucked. “Yifei, you picked this orange yourself.”


Yuan Yifei realized this and simply stuffed the remainder of the sour orange into Ji Yunqi’s mouth. “Don’t you usually like to eat this? I will reward you.”

Ji Yunqi tasted the sourness and retched. “F*k, you really made me and Ji Li worry for nothing.”

Yuan Yifei heard this and felt a bit warm in his heart. He took the initiative to get up and say to Ji Li, “Let’s go. I’m making a fuss here, and it is delaying your celebration.”

Ji Li nodded and got up while joking, “Accompany me to ask Director Yao for a red envelope. I acted in two works that he directed, and my role ended up being miserable in each one.”

The three of them walked out of the tent together and saw that the crew was finishing up work in an orderly manner.

Qin Yue noticed the three of them and cast a concerned look toward Yuan Yifei. Yuan Yifei smiled appreciatively and silently indicated that he was fine.

Qin Yue immediately shifted his gaze toward Ji Li. “Come here, we were planning to find you.”

Ji Li saw the bigshots standing together and approached quickly, begging with a smile, “Director Yao, you have to give me a red envelope for finishing.”

“This kid, you have learned to take the initiative to ask me for a red envelope!”

Yao Chuan laughed heartily and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, the red envelope has been prepared for you in advance a long time ago. However, not yet. You have to wait until your scenes are finished.”

Ji Li was stunned. He obviously didn’t understand the meaning of these words.

Wait until the scenes were finished?

However, weren’t all the scenes in his script completed?

“Ji Li, we just discussed this with Ms Yu. Don’t be in a hurry to finish and leave…”

The screenwriter Fang Zhixing, who hadn’t appeared on set in a long time, suddenly appeared and handed a few thin pieces of paper to Ji Li.

“This is the final draft that I just rushed out. There is another scene the day after tomorrow that is about Chen Xi.”

Ji Li lowered his eyes. He looked at the script fly pages that were suddenly handed to him and was obviously taken aback.

Script fly pages referred to temporary, supplementary plot content and schedules that were added during filming.

He was already on the last day of filming, yet more scenes were added for Chen Xi?

Qin Yue stared at him with deep meaning. “Aren’t you going to open it and take a closer look?”

Ji Li’s mind returned after hearing the man’s reminder and he quickly opened the temporarily added script content.

He glanced at the newly added scene, and the surprise in his eyes only increased.

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