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IPCFS: Chapter 71 Part 1

Facing Ji Li’s sudden gentle questioning, Qin Yue was stunned for a few seconds, his heart so soft it was a mess.

He took two steps closer and helplessly relented. “Yes, it is my fault for speaking harshly. I didn’t mean to criticize you.”

Qin Yue looked at the young man’s right eye, which was a bit red from being stimulated by the fake blood, and forcibly suppressed the reluctance in his heart.

“In the future, no matter what crew you are in, your body should always come first. Do you understand?”

Ji Li just mentioned the question casually. He hadn’t expected to get such real and warm instructions from the man. His original incongruous depression was easily smoothed out, and his lips curved up.

“Yes, I won’t do it next time.”

Yu Fuya coughed violently when she heard the undercurrents in the conversation between the two of them.

Fortunately, today was Ji Li’s last day.

She didn’t know her own artist would be abducted if they stayed in the crew for a few more days!

Before Ji Li could speak, Ji Yunqi on the side opened his mouth in a stupid manner. “Sister Yu, is your voice not good these days? I have some health preservation and throat-nourishing tea from my second sister. Should I give you some?”


Yu Fuya froze and almost wanted to kick Third Young Master Ji out.

Qin Yue was well aware of this and smiled silently.

However, Ji Yunqi’s words could be considered a timely interruption of the delicate atmosphere between Ji Li and him.

Yao Chuan arranged the transition between scenes and walked over with concern. “Ji Li, are you okay?”

“Direction Yao, I’m fine. I can film the last scene as usual.”

The second half topic of the sentence returned to filming. The young man’s career brain never stopped working.

Yao Chuan felt very relieved and patted Ji Li on the shoulder. “It is good that you are fine. Let’s prepare to switch scenes.”

As for whether this was the last scene or not, it wasn’t yet known.

The next scene continued from the last.

Chen Xi angered the big drug lord Shi Ye and was beaten to the point of death.

Shi Ye didn’t intend to let the young man go just like this. He asked his subordinates to drag Chen Xi to the back mountain, where he raised more than a dozen hungry wolves in a semi-abandoned pen that was inaccessible to people.

That was right. He was so cruel that he wanted these vicious hungry wolves to eat the young man to death.

Before Chen Xi, all the disobedient little drug dealers and police officers had such an end, including Chen Xi’s brother, Chen Deshui.

The filming site on the back mountain was very close to the ‘drug den’ base camp.

For the sake of realism and safety, the crew deliberately found a group of tamed wolves from neighboring provinces and transported them thousands of kilometers to the filming site.

At this moment, dozens of wolves were kept at the venue, their eyes glowing with a green light.

Perhaps it was due to the change in environment, but the wolves were vigilantly watching the staff come and go. Some roared in a threatening manner.

Ji Yunqi was a bit panicked and instinctively looked away. Then he scanned the area and found something strange. “Eh, where is Yifei?”

Ji Li heard this and also looked around the set. There were indeed no signs of Yuan Yifei.

Qin Yue told them, “Shi Ye’s emotional ups and downs in the next scene are very important. He is probably in a corner gathering his emotions.”

He had worked with Yuan Yifei a few times and he knew the other person’s filming habits.

Ji Li remembered what was mentioned in the script and understood in an instant.

Qin Yue was right. For this scene on the back mountain, the emotional control of the drug lord Shi Ye was more difficult to interpret than the dying Chen Xi. It was also a key point in making the character more three dimensional.

Yuan Yifei was usually playful, but he was still serious about filming. This time, there was probably pressure so he hid and practiced silently.

The 30 minutes of preparation time ended and they entered the filming state.

Yuan Yifei emerged from a temporary rest room with a blank face. He quickly cooperated with the cameramen and Ji Li to walk through the scene.

“There are no problems, right? Try it first?” Yao Chuan paused before deliberately adding, “Don’t worry about this scene. If the mood isn’t right, we can film it a few more times.”

He was the director and he naturally noticed Yuan Yifei’s tense posture. The latter made an ‘okay’ gesture before closing his eyes and getting ready.

Ji Li could see that Yuan Yifei was in a rarely serious state and chose to cooperate silently.

He walked to the edge of the group performers and collapsed like a seriously injured person on the verge of death. Even the frequency of his breathing was deliberately controlled by him.

Qin Yue stared at the status of the two people on the monitor and whispered to Yao Chuan, “It is almost there. Let’s start.”


Yao Chuan answered before calling out, “Action.”

The moment the sound of the clapboard was heard, Yuan Yifei took two steps forward. His exquisitely crafted leather shoes stepped on the dead branches on the ground and made a clear snapping sound.

Yuan Yifei stopped. Behind him, the group performers dragging Ji Li also stopped and let go.

Chen Xi was thrown to the ground by the drug dealers in a tattered state. He raised his eyelids with great effort and a dry and broken sound came out of his throat.

“Shi Ye, one day… you, you will pay the price… for what you did!”

Ji Li forcibly propped up his upper body and his entire arm was shaking violently. In any case, he couldn’t survive, so he would wantonly let out the evil breath in his heart.

Yuan Yifei turned sideways and stared at him with a smile. “It is worthy of being the elite of the narcotics division in China. Do you still have the strength to struggle when you are about to die? Okay, I would like to hear what else you have to say.”

Ji Li chuckled and the coughing sound caused a tearing pain in his chest. “If your parents are alive, I’m afraid, afraid they would vomit to death.”

“…How, how could they give birth to such wolf-hearted, unscrupulous garbage?!”

Yuan Yifei’s sneering eyes suddenly froze and he raised his foot to kick the young man.

Ji Li cooperated tacitly and fell backward, hitting his back hard on the mountain covered with dead branches and stones.

Qin Yue saw this scene from in front of the monitor and frowned instantly. He just told Ji Li that his body was the most important thing. Then in less than an hour, he fell down recklessly like this? There must be more bruises!

Filming continued.

“Chen Xi, you deserve to die!”

The simple words brought the atmosphere to hell at once.

Yuan Yifei was like a devil who was completely out of control. The emotion called rage climbed rapidly on his face, and his veins suddenly bulged on his forehead, winding and circling. Even the always attractive face took on a terrible meaning.

Due to severe pain, Chen Xi’s face was distorted and his lungs seemed to be blocked by something.

After some rapid wheezing and coughing, there were thick black blood spots.

The on-site staff were stunned and for a while, they couldn’t tell who had better acting skills.

Ji Li vividly expressed Chen Xi’s burning pain and struggling desire to survive. This made them almost impulsively want to run up and work together to rescue him from this hell.

Yet when they saw the madness that erupted from Yuan Yifei’s body, they felt terrified and didn’t dare to act rashly.

“It is over. I feel that Brother Yuan is really going to kick Ji Li to death.”

“Where did Brother Yue and Director Yao find such immortal actors? I’m getting goosebumps all over my body right now!”

“It is terrible. Why did Shi Ye suddenly go crazy?” A staff member who hadn’t read the full version of the script asked. “Chen Xi is too miserable. Oh my god.”

As everyone was whispering, Yuan Yifei had already grabbed Ji Li’s arm and pulled the other person up from the ground.

“You are talking to me about parents? Trash? Who knows, my trash life was due to them!”

Yuan Yifei raised a knee and pressed it hard against Ji Li’s abdomen. The latter had no strength to resist and fell like a plate of scattered sand once let go.

Ji Li gasped heavily, as if he was longing for fresh air. Everyone knew that this was the young man’s last struggle before death.

Yuan Yifei looked down at him condescendingly. “Do you know who the first person to die in the wolf’s lair was?”

Ji Li’s eyes trembled and he didn’t speak.

“When I was nine years old, someone threw a helpless woman into the wolf’s lair in front of me. I will always remember that woman’s face that was full of horror. She was so frightened that tears couldn’t even flow down.”

“I watched as she struggled to break through the fence, only to have a hungry wolf tear a piece of meat from her leg.”

The young Shi Ye watched dozens of hungry wolves surround the woman. He listened to the latter’s cries for help being drowned out little by little until she finally lost her life.

Meanwhile, the man who brought Shi Ye here was listening to the screams with eyes full of interest. It was as if he was enjoying an ordinary fighting performance.

“He grabbed my neck and said that he could spare my life for the sake of being his first child.”

Yuan Yifei’s eyes were numb, as if he was telling someone else’s story. “Later, he asked people to stuff my bag full of ‘books’ and asked me to follow the established route…”

This was Shi Ye’s first time transporting drugs.

From that time on, he was destined to be inseparable from these things in his life.

These da*ned policemen spoke about justice in a high-sounding way. Then why didn’t they see him and save him back then?

Later, the man’s business grew bigger and his prestige in this area rose. He didn’t know that the child who was poisoned by him had grown up into a weapon who would take his life.

“Do you know what happened to him? I found a group of hungry wolves and threw him in.”

At that time, the person who was indifferent to the miserable screams was Shi Ye.

Yuan Yifei stared at the wolf’s lair. The haze around him increased even more, and the redness in his eyes seemed to be stained with a trace of insignificant water mist.

So don’t mention the word ‘parents’ to him. He found them disgusting!

One gave birth to him but didn’t love him, using him as a tool to fight for favor. The other treated him as a machine for making money. They weren’t worthy of being parents at all!

Yuan Yifei looked at Chen Xi who had already passed out. Then he looked at the drug dealer subordinates, who were frightened by his words, and coldly ordered, “Throw him in and feed him to the wolves.”


Yuan Yifei didn’t pay attention to the movements of the others. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he became the big drug lord who hid a knife in his smile. He walked away without looking back.

The camera fell on the trampled branches, and there was the occasional sound of wolves howling not far away…

The scene came to an end.


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