IPCFS: Chapter 70 Part 2

Some netizens couldn’t help ridiculing him. “Ji Yunqi is a fool right? As he talked with Yuan Bao, he completely dismantled Brother Yue’s two major CPs. I always feel that he is going to be beaten.”

The two CP fan groups still pulling at each other saw this barrage and started to follow suit.

“That’s right, Ji Yunqi is about to be beaten.”

“Ji Yunqi is going to be assassinated by Brother Yue.”

“Third Young Lady, your sister can’t save you this time. Praying for your blessings.”

Yuan Yifei always had keen senses toward this type of thing. He didn’t even need to look at the barrage, and he could guess that Ji Yunqi was done for.

He glanced at Qin Yue’s slightly gloomy face before patting the oblivious Ji Yunqi on the shoulder. “Have you memorized the content for tomorrow’s filming?”

“Why are you mentioning  this all of a sudden?” Ji Yunqi didn’t know the reason for the question, and his arm was still wrapped around Ji Li’s shoulder without letting go.

Yuan Yifei smiled and didn’t say anything.

Forget it. If this fool didn’t go to ‘hell’, then who would go to ‘hell’?


The fan meeting finished and the crew continued the filming work step by step.

The filming schedule was divided according to the scenes in the movie. Regardless of the plot of the script before and afterwards, the content of the same scene would be shot together.

A month and a half of continuous filming passed before Chen Xi, played by Ji Li, finally ushered in the last day.

It was just that it wasn’t that easy to finish.

Based on Yao Chuan’s filming habits, he usually filmed the most difficult and labor-intensive scenes for the role last.

Xie Yan in the original drama was like this, and Chen Xi was no exception.

The next scene was the key rivalry scene between Chen Xi and the drug lord Shi Ye.

After Chen Xi’s identity was exposed, he was taken back to the gambling den to be tortured. Under such circumstances, he met the drug lord Shi Ye again.

Ji Li got up early in the morning to put on makeup. This time, it wasn’t just his face. His body was also covered with extremely realistic wounds.

At the same time, the filming staff and Yuan Yifei were practicing the positions.

Ji Yunqi had no filming scheduled for the day, so he waited on set in a small chair early in the morning.

He had been stunned for a long time when Ji Li auditioned with this scene against Yuan Yifei. Now it was the official filming of the scene, and he naturally couldn’t miss it.

Chen Xi’s identity was exposed. No matter how the drug dealers hurt him, he refused to reveal the existence of the other undercover agents.

Shi Ye learned that he was stubborn like this and personally came to interrogate him. He brought the new drug to put pressure on Chen Xi.

Then Chen Xi accidentally learned the news of the murder of his brother Chen Deshui.

Chen Deshui suffered inhuman torture before his death and exceeded the limit that normal people could endure.

This shocking news aroused Chen Xi’s monstrous hatred and made him wish that he could kill Shi Ye at the cost of his life!

“Ji Li, the first part can be passed.” Yao Chuan didn’t waste any time at all as he sat in the director’s seat and shouted. “Then the content of the hand-to-hand combat will be performed.”

Ji Li nodded silently and held his breath.

Yuan Yifei remembered how he was briefly suppressed by the young man during the audition that day, and a strong fighting spirit rose in his heart as he replied, “Okay, Director Yao.”

Under everyone’s expectations, the big scene finally kicked off.


The moment this sound was heard, Ji Li’s aura changed significantly.

He looked at the man in front of him, his eyes bloodshot with hatred. “What about the other person? What did you do to him?”

Even though he knew that his brother was already dead, he still felt deeply powerless when he had to face the ‘death news.’

Yuan Yifei slightly pushed down the needle and the liquid scattered like silk, turning into water vapor that fell in the dry air.

“You are asking about that stubborn little policeman? He was thrown into a wolf den on the mountain and has long been…” 


Ji Li was like a beast who was suppressed to the extreme and he instantly rushed over.

Even though he had made early preparations, he was still taken aback by Ji Li’s strength. His back hit the cold ground and the needle in his hand fell to the side.

He looked up and saw the murderous intent in Ji Li’s eyes. It was so thick that it made him feel a trace of fear along with anger.

The other person pinched the sharp needle and a slight chill touched Yuan Yifei’s neck. It was as if the needle would pierce his weak skin and plunge into his blood in the next second.

Yuan Yifei no longer hid the gloominess in his eyes. He reached out and pressed the ‘wound’ on Ji Li’s wrist before slamming against him.

The other person let go out of pain and he reflexively suppressed Ji Li.

Yuan Yifei raised his fist and punched Ji Li hard. “A little policeman who died so miserably that he doesn’t even have any bones left is driving you crazy like this?”

He punched hard.

“Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to hit me?”

Another punch was delivered with all his strength.

Shi Ye was very dissatisfied. This was the first time that a policeman dared to attack him.

He didn’t feel pity about killing this type of stubborn person.

Ji Li bit the blood pack in his mouth and spat out blood little by little as Yuan Yifei’s fist fell.

Ji Li fell to the ground and weakly shook his head. The blood that he spat out stained the ground and his cheeks.

The camera slowly zoomed in and froze on the young man’s dying face.

The slender eyelashes were stained red by the slippery blood and trembled slightly, rendering it a heroic red. The young man desperately stared while his clenched hands were hitting Shi Ye again and again.

The small to almost powerless counterattack was so stubborn that it made people sad.

“Ever since I chose the anti-drug career, I have never thought of retreating.”

“I have been waiting for the moment when the organization and the people need me.”

Even if it was a doomed road of no return, he and the others had to go on without hesitation and fight the drug dealers to the end!

The lines hidden in the early stages of the script exerted their greatest power at this time.

From ancient times to the present, words of justice had always touched people’s hearts.

There were already emotional staff members who covered their eyes, not daring to look at such a cruel scene.

It was just filming and it was already so painful. Then what about the anti-drugs police officers who were on the front lines?

How much pain and what price did they have to endure for the sake of the people?

The filming continued.

Shi Ye finally stopped his violence. He threw away the dying young man like garbage and shouted, “Where is everyone? Come inside.”

The group of ‘drug dealers’ guarding the periphery immediately pushed open the door and rushed in. They stood to the side and faced Yuan Yifei respectfully., “Shi Ye, what are your orders? Say it.”

Their vision had been blocked by the door and they had no idea of what was happening in the room, but judging from Chen Xi’s situation, he wouldn’t survive the night.

Yuan Yifei folded his hands together. There were still bloody red marks from the fight just now.

He stepped on Ji Li’s palm and seemed to grind it carelessly. In fact, the subtly tense jawline was enough to show the force of his feet.

Ji Li numbly opened his mouth and let out a slight sound of pain.

“Take him to the wolf’s den on the mountain.” Yuan Yifei lowered his eyes and they were terrifyingly cold. “I will personally send him away.”


“Cut. Yes, it is over.”

Yuan Yifei quickly put away his expression and immediately helped up Ji Li, who had fallen to the ground. “Ji Li, are you okay?”

Ji Li didn’t get up directly as before. He slumped on the ground and whispered while covering his eyes, “…No, can you please ask someone to bring me a tissue? I want to wipe my eyes.”

The special ‘fake blood’ had flowed into his right eye and it stung slightly.

Qin Yue sensed that something was wrong right away. His expression changed suddenly and he rushed to the side of the young man. “Bring over wet wipes and clean water. Hurry up!”

The last two words were almost shouted by him.

Yu Fuya and Baozi heard the sound and realized that something was wrong. They rushed over. “What’s going on?”

A staff member hurriedly handed over tissues and mineral water. “Brother Yue, there are tissues here. You can use them first. I just remembered that Xiao Chen has an eye wash. I will find him and bring it over right away!”

Ji Li opened his eyes with difficulty. He saw that he was surrounded by many people and instinctively wanted to reach for a tissue to deal with it himself.

As a result, Qin Yue grabbed his hand the next second and rarely scolded him. “Don’t move! Who taught you to act to such an extent? If you were uncomfortable, why didn’t you call to stop the scene?”

Ji Li was taken aback and even the people around him followed suit. They hadn’t seen Brother Yue angry on the set in a long time.

The blood that the props group prepared was red wine, honey and other edible ingredients that wouldn’t harm the human body.

Ji Li felt a bit uncomfortable right now, but as long as he cleaned the ‘blood’ in his eyes, he would be fine after a while. In the past, Yuan Yifei and Qin Yue also had this unlucky experience when filming Country and the World.

Yuan Yifei silently looked at Qin Yue and sighed softly.

A person who is always calm on set has become anxious like this. You are shouting so loudly. Aren’t you afraid that others will notice how special Ji Li is to you?

It is said that you will be in chaos if you care. Qin Yue, Qin Yue, you really fell head first this time.

Qin Yue didn’t have the energy to pay attention to the thoughts of others. At this moment, he was frowning as he quickly wet the tissue.

He wiped away the blood from the young man’s eyes little by little with gentle and delicate movements.

Ji Li felt the breath of the man close at hand and inexplicably felt a bit aggrieved. “…I didn’t feel uncomfortable before.”

During filming, he concentrated on the scene with all his heart. The character Chen Xi was already in extreme pain, so he didn’t notice this subtle tingling for a while.

Didn’t he react immediately when he heard the director shout ‘cut’?

A staff member brought the eye wash over in time.

Qin Yue cleaned the inside and outside of Ji Li’s right eye before asking him to apply the eyewash slowly.

“Is it okay? If your eyes are still uncomfortable, then you must immediately tell me.” Yu Fuya took him back to the rest area and instructed seriously.

“Sister Yu, I’m fine. Everyone doesn’t need to worry.”

Ji Li wiped away his physiological tears with a smile and smiled apologetically at the staff members one by one.

Everyone was relieved and returned to their respective jobs, preparing to move to the next filming location.

Ji Li rubbed his eyes to confirm that the tingling feeling had dissipated before sighing in relaxation.

Unexpectedly, he looked up and saw Qin Yue. The other person’s serious expression hadn’t completely dissipated, and his worried emotions were also visible.

Ji Li recalled the man’s scolding and suddenly felt a bit like fussing over a minor matter.

Qin Yue met the young man’s eyes and was about to approach, only to hear the other person accuse him.

“Brother Yue, your tone just now was too fierce.”

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