IPCFS: Chapter 68 Part 2

Not long after, another bombshell piece of news appeared.

The top star in the same crew as Ji Li, Yuan Yifei, went online and sent a simple but equally important Weibo post.

#I am Yuan Yifei, I hate sasaeng fans#

Yuan Yifei had been popular for so many years and suffered just as badly as Ji Li from the sasaeng fans.

In the most serious case, a sasaeng fan disguised himself as a cleaning worker and snuck directly into the suite where Yuan Yifei lived at the time. He took various photos to show off and even slept on the large bed in the bedroom.

It was clear that the case could be handled seriously, but his former garbage company chose to settle it privately.

This type of handling made Yuan Yifei’s large number of fans angry to death.

Over the years, Yuan Yifei’s sasaeng fans had increased even more and the several official written warnings had no effect at all.

Now Yuan Yifei chose to speak out, and his fans, who had been distressed for so many years, were naturally full of energy. They suddenly increased the Weibo data by a huge amount.

It wasn’t just Yuan Yifei. Even Qin Yue, who rarely posted on Weibo, liked their Weibo posts and showed his supportive attitude.

Back then, Qin Yue had just debuted and also had some sasaeng fans. However, the situation wasn’t as serious in recent years.

Over the years, he had been peacefully filming and working behind the scenes on the set. He often went missing for months and didn’t flatter fans. This reduced the enthusiasm of the sasaeng fans.

There was Ji Li’s tough handling and Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei’s support. This caused more and more actors, entertainers and idols to come forward and make their position clear.

They all sent the message ‘I am XX, I hate sasaeng fans#.

Originally, something that was just Ji Li’s single voice ended up becoming a joint statement of most of the entertainment industry. The second half of the sentence directly rushed to first place on the hot search.

Over the years, the stars in the entertainment industry had been under a lot of pressure and couldn’t do this or say that. Almost everyone had been nailed to the framework of their ‘personality.’

Unlike the stars in the past, they didn’t dare to be angry, hate someone, or admit their mistakes.

Everyone had no real joy, anger or sorrow. They were false personalities in front of the camera and didn’t dare deal seriously with the sasaeng fans who exceeded the normal range.

Ji Li became the first person in the circle to break the rules with practical actions.

Compared to the word ‘boycott’, the straightforward and blunt word ‘hate’ could better express the true thoughts of the celebrities.

A sasaeng fan wasn’t worthy of being called a fan!

They weren’t worthy of being accepted by any fan circle!

As long as they committed illegal acts, they should be punished!

After learning of this situation, the Chinese Actors Guild published an article indicating that they intended to collect criminal laws related to the ‘actions of sasaeng fans’ and organize a think tank specializing in ‘sasaeng fan incidents’ to handle it in the future.

The statement received nearly half a million likes in just half an hour.

The entire fan circle had never been so united and resisted the sasaeng fans!

Stalkers, voyeurs, and people who disturbed social order in real life all needed to be punished. Could a sasaeng fan avoid legal restraints just because they put on the identity of a ‘fan’?

Of course not!

Such solidarity was long overdue!

There were endless topics of discussion about the sasaeng fans and the popularity continued from midnight to the next day. More and more netizens who didn’t chase stars understood the meaning of ‘sasaeng fans’ and joined the boycott.

Ji Li was the first initiator, so his favorability with the public and the fan circles had increased a lot.

The problem of the sasaeng fans couldn’t be completely solved in one day.

However, such a huge denunciation could make these people who were ‘crazy in the name of love’ feel a bit of fear and retreat.

Most celebrities and their teams strengthened their confidence through this. They should resist when encountering the sasaeng fans rather than blindly tolerating them.

The boycott of the sasaeng fans had a long road but it had finally officially begun.

Due to the bruise on his arm, Ji Li was forced by the producer Qin Yue to take two days off.

It wasn’t until the slight abrasion on his arm scabbed over that the crew allowed him to come back for filming.

As a result, Ji Li was completely dumbfounded the moment he returned to the new filming location.

The set was surrounded by green curtains several meters high, and there were security guards standing guard at a checkpoint every few meters.

It was clear that the security had been intensified.

In this form, it was difficult for even a fly to enter, let alone a sasaeng fan.

The moment Ji Li finished putting on his makeup, he saw Ji Yunqi diligently running over to practice with him.

“Yunqi, let me ask you something.”

Ji Li took the script and sat down opposite him, asking curiously, “Did these proxy photographers originally waiting near the set leave automatically in the past two days?”

According to common sense, proxy photographers valued profit more than the sasaeng fans. They could be quite pervasive in order to make money. How could they give up so easily?

“You don’t know?”

Ji Yunqi deliberately got closer and lowered his voice. “The crew’s equipment team was transporting the filming equipment when there was a quarrel and dispute with those proxy photographers. A fight broke out when the two sides disagreed.”

In the process of the dispute, an angry proxy photographer kicked the equipment box and equipment worth hundreds of thousands were damaged to varying degrees.

Qin Yue asked the crew to directly call the police to deal with it. The reason was that the proxy photographers gathered a crowd and made trouble.

Later, the person in charge of the crew learned the true identities of these proxy photographers from the police. The police recommended private compensation and these proxy photographers escaped cleanly.

Ji Li’s eyes flickered slightly and he realized. “They don’t want to lose money?”

“Yes, they can’t earn money and have to pay compensation. How can these proxy photographers be happy? They simply bought a ticket overnight and left.”

“Didn’t the crew lose a set of equipment in vain?”

The moment he asked the question, there was a knock on the door of the lounge. Qin Yue and Yu Fuya walked in.

Ji Yunqi acted like a rat seeing a cat when he saw Qin Yue. He silently shrank back into a corner of the sofa and became ‘mute.’

The farce of offending Qin Yue when drunk was still deeply imprinted in his mind.

He was timid, pitiful, and helpless.

Fortunately, Qin Yue’s attention was on Ji Li’s body. The moment he entered through the door, he expressed his concern. “Ji Li, is the wound better?”

“Yes, it was originally just a small injury, and it has already scabbed over.” Ji Li met his gaze and instinctively smiled. “Brother Yue, thank you for your concern.”

Yu Fuya’s gaze swept over the two of them, and she interrupted them without showing any signs, “What are you talking about? Are you practicing the lines in the script?”

“No, we haven’t started yet.”

Ji Li briefly explained the content of the chat between the two of them just now. Then he asked again. “Brother Yue, don’t you plan to ask for the equipment fee? Director Yao should be very angry, right?”

“What can he be angry about? They were just old equipment that was meant to be retired and scrapped.” Qin Yue’s eyes lowered slightly and he calmly chose to sit on the same sofa as the young man.

On the opposite sofa, Ji Yunqi sighed with relief. Meanwhile, Yu Fuya was half a beat slower and almost rolled her eyes.

‘There is so much empty space left on the long sofa where Ji Yunqi is sitting! Why do you want to squeeze onto Ji Li’s small sofa?’

‘Qin Yue, do you think this old lady can’t see your careful thoughts? You clearly want an opportunity to get close to my baby!’

No, he couldn’t have close contact with Qin Yue again! Otherwise, she didn’t know when her own artist would be abducted by the other person.

Yu Fuya was secretly thinking this while Ji Li already continued chatting with Qin Yue.

“Brother Li, it was old equipment about to be scrapped? You mean, the crew deliberately did it?”

“Yes, I had the equipment team deliberately start a dispute.” In front of Ji Li, Qin Yue had no need to hide it.

Now the vast majority of the proxy photographers were adult men, and they were just waiting to make a profit.

In that case, it was better to let them bend their waists for money.

Information about their identity was there,  and there was also the police’s judgment for compensation. They had a guilty conscience and didn’t want to pay compensation, so they slipped away one by one.

As for this batch of equipment, the crew originally planned to invest in new ones, so it wasn’t a real loss.

Qin Yue looked at the script held in Ji Li’s hand and simply closed the topic neatly.

“You should review the script first. Just film with peace of mind in the future. There will be no unrelated people to disturb you.”

Ji Li responded positively while meeting the man’s clear eyes.


The next scene was simple.

Chen Xi became an undercover agent and accidentally heard about two batches of small-scale drugs. He took advantage of the time when the drug dealers went out to eat to complete an intense and exciting intelligence exchange with the operator Song Ran in front of everyone.

Fang Zhixing’s script was very solid, and Yao Chuan’s directing skills were also strong.

It was just a fragmented filming performance, but the tension of the movie was obvious.

Ji Yunqi had completely adapted to this role, and the number of NGs per scene was restrained to within five times. His filming almost always went smoothly when paired with Ji Li.

This scene finished filming and the entire crew finished work half an hour early.

Ji Li returned to the lounge with ease and saw Yu Fuya’s happy face.

The moment she saw him, she first cared about whether he was thirsty or hungry, just like an old mother protecting her baby.

“Sister Yu, I’m not thirsty or hungry. Tell me, what good thing has happened?”

Yu Fuya tapped on his head. “You are too smart. I just received a special job offer.”

Ji Li heard it was related to work and became curious. “What is it?”

Yu Fuya cleared her throat and said very proudly, “China’s anti-drugs propaganda image ambassador. The superiors on the police side have appointed you!”

Ji Li knew the weight of these words and was immediately surprised. “Have you confirmed it?”

“Of course, it is such an important job. If I didn’t confirm it, how could I take it out and talk nonsense?” Yu Fuya nodded affirmatively.

China’s anti-drugs propaganda image ambassador was replaced every two years. The previous hires were always some famous old veteran celebrities or actors. They were all really popular and upright existences.

This was the first time that the police had selected a young actor to be the image ambassador.

She heard from the contact person that as early as two months ago, they carefully searched for and screened nearly 100 male artists in the entertainment industry.

Ji Li took on the anti-drugs movie ‘Special Operations’ and happened to enter their sight.

The young man’s appearance in the movie was very resolute and vigilant. His growth experience from childhood to adulthood and what he did after he debuted also met the standards.

The thing that really made the superiors finalize his selection was the incident with the sasaeng fans two days ago.

No matter whether it was anti-drugs propaganda or other matters, they needed artists like Ji Li who dared to step out and lead positive ideas, driving the positive development of young people.

They repeatedly examined the background and style of the young man before sending an invitation to Yu Fuya.

“Do you want to accept it?”

In the entertainment industry, there were so many artists vying to appear on CCTV TV programs and competing to be ambassadors of various public welfare natures. In fact, it was all in order to elevate and sublimate their star status.

The current job was an affirmation of Ji Li and a step for him to rise up.

Ji Li’s lips curved and he replied decisively, “I naturally have to take it.”

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