IPCFS: Chapter 68 Part 1

Did she deserve it? She wasn’t worthy!

They weren’t fans. They were the existence that all fan circles shouted to kill.

He Luoliu knew this better than anyone, and she had always disagreed with it in the past.

It was because she always felt that there were so many people in the sasaeng fan group. Even if something happened, it wouldn’t fall on her head.

He Luoliu had been mixed in the circle of sasaeng fans all these years and always liked to chase after actor idols who recently debuted.

They had no background and status, so they were better at being controlled than the top stars who were prideful. Some little idols even took the initiative to buy things to please them.

She never thought that she miscalculated this time.

Ji Li actually reported the case, and the lawyer who was called was dealing with it seriously.

A hit and run was originally illegal, not to mention that she fabricated false information in exchange for money, which also damaged Ji Li’s reputation…

These things were stacked together, and she couldn’t escape even if she had wings!

She was only 25 years old and she would have an arrest record. How could she see people after this?

“Ji Li will ruin my life if he does this! Believe it or not, I’ll die!” He Luoliu made a killer move. Celebrities should be most afraid of being contaminated with this type of news, right?

On the side, Yu Fuya couldn’t listen any longer and sneered. “Stop talking. You are the one who ruined yourself!”

As for dying? The more crazy a sasaeng fan, the more they cherished their lives.

These suicide tricks were just chips they used to gain attention and influence.

He Luoliu’s clumsy lie had nowhere to hide under Yu Fuya’s sharp gaze.

The police officers around her looked at her with sad and lamenting eyes. ‘Young girl, what is wrong with you? You have to walk on the edge of the law and harm others and yourself.’

It was only then that He Luoliu woke up from her false dreams.

She looked at her four sisters who were already crying and confessing their mistakes and finally cried with regret. Unfortunately, it was too late.


The breaking news topic of #Ji Li team’s driver drove into someone# still attracted a small amount of attention from the fan circle.

Ji Li had become popular too quickly during this time, and it was said that those who stood out would quickly attract both envy and brilliance and jealousy and disgust. This piece of news fell into the eyes of the black fans and fans of other artists and became an excellent black material.

They deliberately covered up some facts and exaggerated the truth that hadn’t been clarified yet. They directly made the matter become Ji Li’s team openly hurting people, causing some passersby who didn’t know the truth to eat melons.

Ji Li’s fans were busy ‘cleaning’ up these unwarranted black materials while also leaving messages on the official Weibo of the crew and the company, requesting them to come forward and quickly explain the truth of the matter!

They waited and waited and finally saw Ji Li post a video on Weibo.

The text content of the Weibo was simple but surprisingly eye-catching.

#I am Ji Li, I hate sasaeng fans#

The moment the fans saw the words ‘sasaeng fans’, they immediately thought of tonight’s breaking news post. They clutched their chests and clicked into the five minute video.

The beginning of the video showed the video of the dashcam playing from both sides simultaneously.

The white car followed the black business car all the way and even rushed to accelerate. They failed to crash into the business car once, so the owner of the white car overtook the car and finally circled in front of the black business car, braking hard to stop.


After the impact, there was a burst of curses from the driver of the black business car and the worried inquiries of others.

“Ji Li, are you okay?”

“Brother Ji, ah… my head seems to be bleeding.”

From the dashcam of the white car, entirely different voices appeared.

“That garbage driver actually crashed into us! What type of driving skills does he have? Why doesn’t he die?”

“It is over. Did we overdo it? Will Ji Li be angry?”

“What would he be angry about? He must be worried about us now!”

The simple comparisons made the fans explode.

What type of trash is this?

You even think that Ji Li will worry about you?

Get lost! Where does this cheekiness come from? Such sasaeng fans aren’t worthy of being fans at all! You don’t deserve to like Ji Li!

The fans were feeling angry when Ji Li’s figure appeared in the video.

The young man sat at the desk in the hotel room with a tired look on his face. He saw that the recording had begun and smiled gently. “Hello everyone, I am the actor Ji Li, and this is the first time I have met you in the form of a video conversation.”

“As you can see from the beginning of the video, this evening, my team and I were returning to the hotel after work and encountered several ‘fans’ following our car. The two cars collided.”

“My driver suffered a leg injury, my assistant’s forehead was bleeding, and my arm suffered minor abrasions.”

Ji Li expressed the true facts and stretched out his injured arm.

The large bruise under the yellow-brown medicine looked shocking.

The fans who saw this scene were about to cry. How was this just slight abrasions? Why did those selfish people hurt him in the name of loving him?

The netizens who were eating melons saw the young man’s wound and couldn’t help favoring him.

This Ji Li was too unlucky! He finished work normally and actually encountered a disaster?

In addition, didn’t the breaking news post just validate the side of the culprits? They really weren’t people!

In the video, Ji Li was silent for a moment. Then he withdrew his smile and revealed an unprecedented serious look.

“As an actor, I am grateful for the love, relationship and support that all fans and netizens have shown me since my debut. But putting acting aside, I am an ordinary person who needs to have a private life.”

Ji Li stared directly at the camera and warned solemnly with every word.

“I don’t like people forcibly entering my personal space in the name of ‘love’! I also don’t accept or tolerate people using the name of ‘love’ to hurt me and my friends!”

“This is my first and hopefully last statement that my attitude toward sasaeng fans is zero tolerance. Once you cross the line, I will take legal measures to protect the interests of myself and my team members. Please learn to love myself and others in the right way, thank you.”

There was no longer the gentle attitude of the past. Ji Li’s demeanor and tone in the video could be called extremely serious.

However, it was this meticulous seriousness that gave everyone a deep understanding.

Ji Li’s attitude toward the sasaeng fans was very clear, without the slightest concealment. It was just like the topic of his Weibo post. He hated the sasaeng fans!

It was outright hate, an intolerable hate.

The moment the video ended, the comments area was immediately filled with messages.

-Boycott sasaeng fans! Ji Li, we will definitely listen to you. We will love ourselves and others!

-Chase stars rationally! Chase stars rationally! Chase stars rationally!

-Do those people really love him? They are simply satisfying their voyeurism and vanity!

-Don’t regard the gentleness of stars as the capital to do what you want! Strongly resist the sasaeng fans!

In the real time comments, there were actually black fans jumping around, and their words and deeds weren’t much better than the crazy sasaeng fans.

-Who is this acting for? If you plan on abusing fans, it is recommended to lie down directly in the ICU. The effect will be better!

-The written statement is just replaced by a video mode. The soup was changed without changing the medicine. Who knows if those sasaeng fans will actually be put in jail?

These days, any 18th tier small idol could shout to boycott sasaeng fans, but there were no artists who actually took practical action.

All of them were afraid of getting into trouble. On the surface, they said they were resisting the sasaeng fans, but they were secretly currying favor with these fans out of fear the other party would expose the black materials that didn’t match their words and deeds.

At the same time, there were some sasaeng fans who spoke out to justify themselves.

-Ji Li, I’m so disappointed in you. I chased you offline without an offline organization because I like you so much. As a result, you plan to completely erase my love for you due to today’s event?

-I fell into the pit from the publicity of Xie Yan and have waited at a crew several times before filming the drama. As a result, you see me like this? Forget it, I am no longer a fan.

-I got it, I won’t bother you anymore. However, you might never find someone who likes you as much as I did.

The fans who really loved Ji Li were so angry that they were about to explode when they saw the remarks of the black fans and sasaeng fans.

What type of ghosts and monsters are these people?

The ICU? You black fans can stay there by yourself!

Ji Li can’t find anyone to like him any longer? You insane guys can get lost. Who would like you? We have many sane fans who like Ji Li!

Before the sane fans could argue with them, the official Weibo of the movie and Chaoying Culture came forward and the statements they gave viciously slapped these biting mad dogs in the face.

“@Movie Special Operations: For the group of sasaeng fans who committed a hit and run tonight, the crew has reported the case with the consent of Mr Ji Li himself. The perpetrators have been detained under the control of the police and will be prosecuted to protect Mr Ji Li’s legitimate rights and interests.

We hereby solemnly declare that during the filming of this movie, all forms of sasaeng fans and proxy photographers are prohibited!

If any violation is found, the crew will handle it as soon as possible and file a case for prosecution for destroying the interests of the crew and violating the privacy of the actors!

In the future, there will be an open day to visit the set and a simultaneous online live broadcast. Please respect the achievements of the entire movie crew and we look forward to meeting you in the theater in the future!”

In addition to the written statement, this Weibo post contained the police verdict and the signature of the perpetrators being detained.

Chaoying Culture also attached a lawyer’s letter. In addition, they simply and bluntly attached a traffic accident verdict and a team injury verdict. Most importantly, there were two photos of the sasaeng fans being taken away and detained.

The final photos blurred the images of the people, but the deterrent effect was full.

The black fans who were still laughing at Ji Li were dumbfounded, while the sasaeng fans who were originally insulting Ji Li online were silenced.

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, there were countless stars who came forward to reprimand the sasaeng fans, but Ji Li was definitely the first one who dared to directly report the case to the police and use the law to restrain and detain these crazy fans.

This approach was too rigid! It was amazing!

How terrifying and huge was the potential of the sasaeng fan community?

They were pervasive and knew more than the paparazzi in the entertainment industry. The sasaeng fans always had the first control of the black materials of many stars and their real image in private.

Ji Li’s resolute approach proved that he did the right thing in his private life. If he had any black materials in the hands of the sasaeng fans, how would he dare to declare war and resist them so openly?

-Ahhhhh Ji Li is so handsome! Boycott the sasaeng fans! Baby, you are doing the right thing!

-Ji Li is really a man! So brave!

-I am a passerby fan who was kicked into the pit! I’ve never seen a star who makes it easier to be a fan than you!

-Absolutely. I am a fan of someone else but find it cool to watch! If only my idol could treat the sasaeng fans like this!

-I want to say that all stars in the entertainment industry should be as tough as Ji Li! If everyone has zero tolerance for the sasaeng fans, then would they dare to be as crazy as they are now?

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7 months ago

When they are lax in their retaliation against these sasaeng fans, they give away the impression that it’s okay to do those ugly things, because there won’t be any real repercussion. Ji Li’s approach should be the textbook approach since many things the sasaeng fans do are crimes or borderline crimes.

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