IPCFS: Chapter 67 Part 2

Yuncheng, a room in a homestay.

Four young girls sat in their seats and showed nervous expressions.

The youngest one, Qi Qi, clasped her hands together and cried heavily. “What should we do? Did something happen to Brother? Will he hate us?”

“It was just a slight collision. It shouldn’t have hurt Ji Li, right?” Someone refuted it, but she also regretted it in her heart.

“This is all your fault!” Another girl frowned.

“I said it a long time ago. We could just follow them to their hotel. However, you had to play in an excited manner and force them to stop their car…”


The sound of the door closing was suddenly heard.

A girl in a delicate short skirt walked in and spoke impatiently, “What are you afraid of? No one died. What could happen in a slight collision?”

“Besides, we overtook their car, and they were the ones who hit our car.”

The girl in the short skirt was their leader. At the same time, she was the leader of the group of Ji Li’s sasaeng fans. Her name was He Louliu.

“They didn’t see our faces. Even if they saw the license plate and called the police, we can shirk responsibility.”

A girl’s driving skills weren’t good and bumps on the road were inevitable. As long as no one was injured, they could privately negotiate a claim as usual.

It wasn’t the first time He Luoliu chased a star offline, and Ji Li wasn’t the first star she waited for.

She hadn’t been afraid of anything ever since she received the title of ‘sasaeng fan.’

Similar things happened in the circle before. The star thought about how it was a group of girls and since no one was injured, they gave up pursuing the matter.

In a foreign entertainment industry, there was a black fan who poisoned a boy group idol with drinks. In the end, she cried and it was dealt with softly.

A celebrity’s way of doing things had to be consistent with their external image.

In the entertainment industry, no one wanted to receive the label of ‘ruthless.’

Therefore, no matter how big the behavior of black fans and sasaeng fans was, the company could only release a statement and not do anything against them at all.

There were thousands of stars in the entertainment industry, and it wasn’t a big deal to chase the person they liked.

He Luoliu took out her computer and photographic equipment. Not only did she feel no self-blame, but she even expressed her dissatisfaction.

“I waited all day and didn’t even get a decent photo.”

“I can see that Ji Li just has a false persona. In fact, he doesn’t value us fans at all in private.”

“Look at Yuan Yifei. His fans chased the crew like us, and didn’t he obediently take photos for the fans?”

Then she transferred the photo of the damaged rear of the car to her computer.

A girl noticed something wrong with her words and asked, “Luo Luo, what are you going to do?”

“Have you ever heard the saying? It is better to strike first then to strike later.”

He Luoliu looked around at them. “Open a side account and cry on Weibo. This will divert attention and gain the sympathy of passersby. Otherwise, are you going to wait for other fans to scold us?”

Qi Qi heard this and immediately stood up to object.

“No! It was our fault today! What right do we have to cry? If it is seen by someone with a dark heart, then it will be detrimental to our brother.”

“I never would have agreed to join you guys if I knew you were crazily chasing people offline like this!”

“You are really interesting. What do the words ‘sasaeng’ mean? Do you still need me to tell you? If you are so law-abiding, why don’t you stay at home and refresh Ji Li’s news on your phone?”

“I didn’t see you stand up to protest before. Now that something has happened, you want to clean yourself of responsibility?” He Luoliu’s tone was very sharp. “You are thinking too beautifully!”

Qi Qi was refuted and her eyes became even redder.

She couldn’t deny He Luoliu’s words.

She was already wrong from the time she decided to embark on this path due to her selfish desires.

He Luoliu looked at the other three girls. “What about you?”


There was silence in the room.

Finally, someone spoke. “Let’s give these photos to the marketing account to post, and we can also exchange some breaking news fees. There is a danger of being discovered by others if we use our Weibo side accounts.”

They came all this way to see Ji Li.

As a result, the other person didn’t even greet them after filming. He just covered himself tightly and entered the car as if blocking an enemy.

Such actions broke their hearts.

Why avoid them so much? Why were they considered crazy fans? They spent money to chase him offline to support him, so they didn’t deserve to be called fans?

They were obviously more sincere than those garbage fans who only held their phones and spoke exaggerated praise.

There was no need to wrong themselves for the sake of such an actor.

Love was crazy, and it was easy to turn to hate.

The four people rationalized it to themselves. Even Qi Qi, who initially opposed it, had to compromise with the opinions of the majority.


At 9 o’clock in the evening, a breaking news post on Weibo attracted the attention of netizens.

@Entertainment Gossip Lord: There are Ji Li fans crying in my private messages. They ran to the cry at their own expense and waited all day for him to finish filming. They cooperated with the crew in the process and didn’t privately affect the filming progress.

As a result, Ji Li not only asked the staff members to throw away all their support gifts, but he even treated them as sasaeng fans. On the way back, the driver crashed directly into them on a mountain road?!

Isn’t this too fierce? Even if it is wrong for fans to chase them offline, they shouldn’t joke about human lives? #Ji Li team’s driver drove into someone# What do you think?

Three photos were posted below. One was the fan complaints that had the names blocked. The other two were the discarded and trampled on gifts and the badly damaged rear of the car.

Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth had only recently ended and the follow-up for this drama was very popular. Ji Li and the other leading actors were still heavily discussed.

The moment this revelation came out, the comments area was occupied by jealous people and black fans.

-What are you thinking? A sasaeng fan is a sasaeng fan. Don’t whitewash them! Don’t the crews and companies organize set visits? People are filming well. Do they need your self-righteous support?

-I am a passerby. Ji Li’s team is really crazy! Crashing on a mountain road? I don’t like the behavior of the fans, but they can’t do this. What if they take a human life?

-Black fan upstairs, don’t pretend to be a passerby. Boycott sasaeng fans! Can you not bother him?

-Was it an ordinary fan or a sasaeng fan? If it was the former then Ji Li and the driver’s approach was a bit excessive. If it was the latter, then it is deserved.

-I just want to know, how is Ji Li? I hope there were no injuries.

-The gifts prepared to surprise him were ruined, and they were targeted on the way back as sasaeng fans… how sad would it be if they were really ordinary fans?


He Luoliu saw the trend of public opinion and divided the fee for breaking the news equally among the sisters.

“See? Not only can we get money, but Ji Li’s discussion can be increased due to this matter.”

“The remarks of these passersby will blur people’s eyes, and no one knows our true identities. Even if the police do come to the door, the team will take into account the online remarks and turn to private negotiation to solve the problem.”

“At that time, we will stubbornly insist that we were doing a normal overtaking and just accidentally scratched them.”

Then the normal process would be:

Call the insurance company to settle the claim. The team would give a private verbal warning at most, and it would be over. It wouldn’t set off any large storms.

No star and their team would be stupid enough to entangle with the sasaeng fans. If they went too far, they would be countered by public opinion.

The stars might seem to be high in the sky, but it was actually ordinary talents like them who stood at a superior height.

Once the situation calmed down, they could still chase stars as usual, and it would be really easy.

“It has been two hours and Ji Li and his team haven’t said anything. This means there is definitely no one who had an accident. Don’t scare yourself. Even a cat can’t be hurt based on the force of that collision.”

“We didn’t do anything wrong, right?”

He Luoliu continued to speak, her words carrying a tone of excuses that even she hadn’t noticed.

The tense mood of Qi Qi and the other girls eased somewhat when they heard this. As long as there was no accident, everything else was trivial.

The moment these words were spoken, there was the sound of the electronic door opening.

He Luoliu immediately looked up and saw that the landlord of the homestay was holding an electronic key card to open the door. There were also several uniformed police officers standing behind her.

“He Luoliu, right? We received a report that you followed a car and forcibly overtook it to force it to stop. We confirmed the facts through the vehicle’s dashcam. We want to ask you and your friends to cooperate with us to go to the police station for an investigation.”

He Luoliu obviously hadn’t expected the police to come so quickly. She was stunned for a few seconds before explaining.

“Comrade police officers, we didn’t mean it. We will contact the other party to mediate privately. There is no need to trouble you, okay?”

The policeman in the lead was speechless and quickly spoke in a businesslike manner.

“Little girl, are you thinking about things too simply? The driver of the rear car and other people in the group were injured. You are involved in a hit and run.”

The moment these words came out, He Luoliu and the other girls in the room were stunned.

If it was only a minor vehicle collision, then it could naturally be handled by compensation through mediation. However, it wasn’t that simple when it came to injuries and a hit and run.

How could this be?

They just braked temporarily. It was obviously Ji Li’s car that hit them!

Qi Qi and the others were already scared to the point of crying while the driver who caused the accident, He Luoliu, was also stunned.

They could only be taken back to the police station.

He Luoliu still had a fluke mentality, but she was completely dumbfounded the moment she entered the police station.

Baozi and Yu Fuya had already cooperated to record a statement, and the injury report issued by the hospital was ironclad evidence.

The dashcams of the two cars were pulled out, and the videos were compared to each other. It was clear who was right and who was wrong.

As the producer in charge, Qin Yue personally brought his lawyer to the police station to deal with it seriously.

-A certificate of arrest, fines and detainment.

In addition to these, there were the fake materials sold to the marketing account. The other party intended to call the police and prosecute.

He Luoliu, who was originally swearing confidently, was completely stunned by this ‘beating.’

She hadn’t expected that Ji Li would really calculate against them little fans and call the police to arrest them.

Why? Shouldn’t it be regarded as a trivial matter and dismissed?

“What about Ji Li? Why did he do this to us? We are his fans! Brother won’t do this to us.”

“I-I didn’t notice the collision at all. I really didn’t escape on purpose!”

“H-How can I, a girl in my early 20s, be detained?”

He Luoliu cried and mixed up truth and lies. Panic finally rose completely in her heart.

“You can’t force me! You can’t do this to me!” She was crying when she met Qin Yue’s eyes.

There was a terrifying coldness in the man’s dark pupils that shocked her and even made her stop crying.

The next second, He Luoliu heard the other person’s deep voice questioning it.

“A fan? Do you deserve it?”

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1 year ago

I’m glad my fav’s company has “no settlement no leniency” policy.

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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