IPCFS: Chapter 64 Part 1

Ji Li had to admit that Qin Yue’s pushing and kneading technique was very good.

The heat of the medicinal wine was mixed with the temperature of the palm of his hand. It rubbed into his skin and gradually dissipated the pain of the bruises little by little.

Ji Li turned his head sideways and stole a glance at Qin Yue.

The other person’s eyes were focused on his lower back. Under the illumination of the yellow bedside lamp, his side profile had distinct and charming lines. It was extremely beautiful.

If only he could grow up like Qin Yue.

Everyone’s aesthetics were different.

In Ji Li’s opinion, the original owner of his body had a handsome face, but it was still a lot worse than Qin Yue’s sexy masculinity.

However, the dignified actor was rubbing his wounds right now?

Ji Li thought of this and couldn’t help chuckling. He revealed a bit of satisfaction that he didn’t even notice.

The movement of Qin Yue’s hands stopped slightly and he moved his eyes to Ji Li’s smiling face. “What are you laughing about?”

“……” Ji Li was stuck for a moment. Then he put away his smile and casually spoke nonsense. “Brother Yue, if you want to retire, then it wouldn’t be bad for you to become a massage master.”

He finished saying this and was amused by himself.

Based on Qin Yue’s current achievements, he could rest easily for a lifetime if he retired, right? Did he still need to be a massage master?

“Okay, if I am eliminated from the movie and television circle in the future, I will follow you with a medical kit to be a massage therapist. Will you hire me?”

Ji Li didn’t expect him to answer like this and was stunned for a few seconds before continuing to joke, “I’m afraid I can’t pay your salary. You are too expensive.”

Qin Yue’s powerful fingers pressed lightly and heavily on his bruises, raising his eyebrows to get close. “I’m cheap and easy to use. Do you want to invite me to try my services?”

Heat rose from where his fingers touched.

The direction of the conversation had become strange.

Ji Li pretended to cough lightly. Before he could reply, the other person’s phone rang.

“Wait for me.” Qin Yue went to the bathroom to wash his hands and stayed inside to answer the phone.

Ji Li got up and looked at the round eyes of the cat and dog in the corner. He inexplicably felt a bit embarrassed.

He picked up the medicinal wine brought by Qin Yue and started to deal with the wounds on his knee on his own.

Then after three or four minutes, Qin Yue hung up and walked back again.

Ji Li looked up at him and said calmly and normally, “Brother Yue, I can handle the rest myself. I won’t trouble you.”

He wasn’t a delicate girl. He could deal with these little injuries himself.

Faint regret flashed in Qin Yue’s eyes, but he was afraid that his excessive initiative would scare the young man. “Okay, you can deal with it yourself.”


He lost the reason to stay in the room and Qin Yue opened his mouth after a brief silence, “Then I’ll go first. You should go to bed early after you are done.”

After a tiring day of filming, it was time to relax in his personal space and have a good rest.

“Yes, good night Brother Yue.”

“Good night.”

Qin Yue turned around and took two steps before turning back.

Ji Li saw him quickly walk to a corner and drag the ‘shameless’ Major General directly out of the room.

The dog was subdued by his own owner and reluctantly whined. His gaze directed toward Ji Li was pleading for help.

The door was closed cleanly by Qin Yue.

Major General lay at the door of Ji Li’s room. He looked at the closed door and then at Qin Yue, who was about to go back to the room that was a few steps away. He couldn’t help whimpering.

-You can’t stay on your own and you are still dragging me away.

“What do you think you look like clinging to Snow Cake every day?”


Yuan Yifei had just returned from filming the night scene. He looked at the person and dog who were ‘deadlocked’ in the corridor and said with a smile, “Hey, you can still quarrel even when you don’t understand the language?”


Qin Yue replied to him indifferently, “Rest early. Why are you still so energetic after acting?”

Yuan Yifei shrugged and smiled without speaking.

Qin Yue looked at Major General who was making a fuss. “If you don’t come in, all your bones and snacks will be thrown into the trash.”


Major General succumbed to the threat from his master and sped back to his room.

Qin Yue closed the door and patted his head with satisfaction. “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to visit tomorrow.”

Major General understood what he meant and wagged his tail happily before going to gnaw on a bone snack.


The next day at noon.

The moment the scene manager called out to take a break and eat, noises from the surroundings surged.

In the lounge, Ji Li heard the noise outside and couldn’t help looking sideways. “Why is it so lively today?”

“I will go and take a look.”

Baozi saw that Ji Li was putting on makeup and it was inconvenient to move around, so he ran out quickly.

Not long after, he turned around and came back. “Brother Ji, it was Yin Ning who ordered three dining cars and invited everyone to eat lunch. There is quite a variety of food.”

Ji Li heard this and probably understood.

Yin Ning was Ji Yunqi’s agent. Ji Yunqi showed a young master’s temper when filming yesterday and the repeated NGs consumed the mental strength of the entire crew.

It was normal to treat the crew for lunch as an apology and thanks.

The makeup artist stopped the movement of her hands. “It is almost done. I’ll finish the rest in the afternoon for the official filming.”

“Thank you for your hard work. Go to lunch first.” Ji Li smiled and thanked him.

The makeup artist was fascinated by his smile and walked outside happily.

Baozi handed over a water glass and asked, “Brother Ji, what do you want to eat? I’ll get some for you as well.”

The moment he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door of the lounge.

Ji Li saw Yin Ning and Ji Yunqi’s assistant, Hua Juan, through the crack in the door.

Both of them carried heavy bags in their hands and the food inside smelled fragrant.

Baozi hurriedly greeted her. “Sister Yin Ning? Please come in.”

“Ji Li, you haven’t eaten lunch yet, right?” Yin Ning approached and closed the door of the lounge.

The assistant Hua Juan put down the food bag in his hand. “Brother Ji, these are the lunches prepared for you. You can eat as much as you want. If there is anything else you want, then I will go and get it for you.”

Ji Li didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when seeing the table full of food. “Sister Yin Ning, how can we eat so much? You don’t have to be so polite.”

“We aren’t being polite.” Yin Ning gestured to the closed lounge door with her eyes and said with a smile.

“A young master knew he had lost his temper and now he is blushing. He is too embarrassed to come in and make amends in person.”

Ji Li glanced subtly at the door of the lounge and smiled in a knowing manner. He got up and deliberately walked toward the door.

At this moment, Ji Yunqi was wearing sunglasses and hiding at the door of the lounge, listening against the door.

He heard Yin Ning’s voice and Ji Li’s silence and felt uneasy in his heart.

What should he do?

He didn’t really offend this person, did he?

However, wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to rush in and apologize right now?

He was thinking wildly when the door of the lounge was suddenly opened from the inside.

Ji Yunqi was unprepared and his center of gravity was off. He almost knelt down on the spot to salute the person inside.

Fortunately, Ji Li quickly pulled him back after opening the door, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. “Third Young Master Ji, why are you hiding at the door of my lounge?”


Ji Yunqi froze for two seconds before calmly pushing up his sunglasses. “I’m just passing by, passing by.”

Yin Ning really couldn’t stand the stupidity of her own artist. She approached and pulled off the sunglasses on his face. “Okay, if you know that you are wrong, then apologize to Ji Li. Don’t play with such a childish mind.”

Ji Yunqi suddenly covered his eyes, but he was half a beat too slow.

Ji Li saw his slightly puffy eyes. “What’s wrong with you?”

Hua Juan understood this young man’s arrogant and spoiled nature and simply exposed him. “Young Master Ji delayed watching the finale of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth until last night. He was abused by Xie Yan and wasted tissues one by one.”

What else could happen to his eyes? They were swollen from crying.

Later, he had to find a way to reduce the swelling and apply makeup or he would definitely be scolded by Director Yao.


Ji Yunqi’s face suddenly turned red.

Was it too late to burrow into the ground and slip away now?

This da*mn talkative Hua Juan, my cool character is unable to hold on! Go back and your salary will be deducted! I’ll be sure to deduct your wages!

Yin Ning gave Ji Li a look before pulling Hua Juan and slipping away first.

Ji Li chuckled and naturally sat back on the sofa. “Have you eaten? Sit down and let’s eat together.”

Ji Yunqi stared at him, palms sweating unnaturally. “…I-I’m sorry.”

The apology was low, but it was exceptionally firm and sincere.

“Yesterday, I didn’t perform well and wasted your time. I shouldn’t have looked at you unhappily.”

Yesterday afternoon, Ji Yunqi’s personal scene was filmed smoothly. Then the producer Qin Yue specially took him to review his performance in the morning.

Ji Yunqi had calmed down and looked at the previous shots when he NGed. Then he suddenly realized.

From the audience’s point of view, Ji Li’s acting skills and aura were indeed much stronger than his own. It was his own lack of ability and experience that led to him being suppressed again and again.

Before the last big scene, Ji Li deliberately stimulated him to force out the state of his character.

Inside the play, it was Song Ran’s dissatisfaction with himself and his disapproval due to misunderstanding Chen Xi. Outside the play, it was Ji Yunqi’s dissatisfaction with his own acting skills and his anger at Ji Li’s ‘sarcasm.’

Ji Li was teaching him to understand the role and quickly enter the scene.

Meanwhile, he misunderstood Ji Li and directly looked at him unhappily. This was really ‘being ignorant of the hearts of good people.’

Ji Li didn’t mean to blame Ji Yunqi in the first place. Now that he saw the other person standing there and apologizing stupidly, he found it indescribably interesting.

It was no wonder why this person could be the protagonist of the original novel. No one would dislike this personality, right?

Ji Li suddenly changed the subject. “Is Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth good-looking?”

“Of course, it is good! I like Xie Yan the most…” Ji Yunqi’s words were stuck halfway and his face turned even redder.

Baozi couldn’t hold back his laughter. “It turns out that Young Master Ji also follows dramas.”

Ji Yunqi defended himself in a low voice, “No, I just took a look casually.”

He had always accompanied his mother to watch dramas, but this time’s ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ was an accident.

During the New Year’s Day holiday, he went to watch the movie ‘Country and the World’ and was moved by the brotherly feelings of Ji Li and Qin Yue’s characters.

Not long after, he discovered this drama that was scheduled to start broadcasting.

He and Ji Li were artists of the same company, and he wanted to know the other person’s acting skills.

For this reason, Ji Yunqi secretly entered the video website to watch a few episodes. As a result, it got out of control.

He not only watched the main drama, but also watched the behind the scenes videos and the interesting stories on the set.

Two days ago was the finale of the drama. He was busy with filming and didn’t have time to watch it, so he delayed watching the drama. As a result, he was abused by the character and Hua Juan exposed it in front of the actor.

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