IPCFS: Chapter 63 Part 2

The setting sun spread its glow through the ceiling windows.

In the huge martial arts training room, only two slender figures remained.

Song Ran, played by Ji Yunqi, got up breathlessly. He gritted his teeth and shouted, “Let’s do it again! This time, I will definitely win against you.”

He was unwilling.

Could it be that all the years he trained at the police academy were rubbish? Otherwise, why couldn’t he win against the person in front of him even though he tried his best?

Ji Li’s eyes were as cold as ever. He looked at the unwilling young man and indifferently dropped a fact. “You can’t win against me.”

“People must learn to retreat in the face of difficulties and learn to restrain their arrogance. Arrogant and stubborn newcomers like you will be easily killed by your own recklessness if you manage to go to the front line of drug control.”

Then he turned around and left.

“You will be killed!”

Ji Yunqi’s face turned red with shame. He stared at the young man’s departing back before stubbornly shouting.

“Chen Xi, at least I won’t be like you! I dare to die in vain while you stay in the reserves, occupying first place in the reserves and looking at people coldly!”

“You don’t dare to go to the front lines and fight those drug dealers to death, but I dare! We are the narcotics police. What is the point of skill when you just stay here?”

“If you want an official position in the police force, I advise you to change places!”

He had heard from the first day he joined that this Chen Xi was someone who refused to leave. He was reluctant to leave after being in the reserve team for two years.

Ji Li’s footsteps stopped and his always indifferent eyes revealed an indelible hatred. “What do you understand?”

He turned back and kicked the defenseless Ji Yunqi to the ground. He pressed down and grabbed the other person by the collar. “How long do you think your passion will last? Sooner or later, it will be worn out by reality!”

“What narcotics police officer doesn’t want to go to the front lines? Who doesn’t want to catch all those da*n drug dealers and kill them all?!”

What do you know?

They are the ones who silenced my brother! The person who was always thinking about the anti-drugs cause was now implicated in the notoriety of being a ‘betrayer’!

He was the younger brother, but he couldn’t do anything.

For two years, Chen Xi could only stay in the team. He watched the other police officers leave again and again and then watched them being carried back beyond recognition!

It wasn’t that he didn’t have any friends…

It was that his friends were dead! They were all tortured to death by those drug dealers!

Ji Li’s hatred and despair suddenly broke out and the powerful aura shocked everyone on the set.

So awesome!

Even if the young man was silent, everyone could clearly understand his inner thoughts through his emotions and aura.

This ultimate empathic ability and communication ability were definitely one of the best among the young actors right now, right?

No, it should be said that it was even more powerful than some veterans!

“You heard me clearly. I hate drug dealers more than anyone else.”

The low voice seemed like a stone road that had been crushed by wheels. It was hoarse and weak.

Ji Yunqi, who was forced to lie on the ground, met Ji Li’s eyes and watched in awe as a watery mist spread in the young man’s bloodshot, red eyes.

A tear fell.

It was hot and held surprising weight.

“I hate them more than anyone else!”

Ji Li loosened his grip on the young man’s collar. He slowly got up from the ground, straightened his body and said clearly, “Ever since I chose the anti-drug career, I have never thought of retreating.”

“I have been waiting for the moment when the organization and the people need me.”

The moment the police officers who had already left the scene heard this, their faces unknowingly tensed and they felt it deeply in their hearts.

Ji Yunqi’s clenched hands slammed into the ground and the unwillingness in his eyes was replaced by firmness.

He quickly got up from the ground and gave Ji Li a standard salute with a serious expression.

“Chen Xi! I have received your suggestion! I will change it!”

“Still, I have to tell you this! For the sake of the people, my passion won’t fade and I will never admit defeat!”

Ji Yunqi stared in the direction where Ji Li left and the enthusiasm in his eyes rose little by little. Finally, it was so strong that it seemed able to burn away all darkness.

Even if it was a doomed road of no return, he and the narcotics police had to go on without hesitation and fight the drug dealers to the end!

This was the meaning of the existence of the narcotics police.

The camera slowly zoomed out, blurring the two figures in front and behind and finally fixing on the police badge above the center of the hall.

The big scene was finally over.


The first wave of applause came from the police officer onlookers.

They were just ordinary police officers and didn’t have the most important task of front line drug suppression.

However, their hearts were the same as the narcotics police officers who were sticking to the front lines!

The two protagonists played by Ji Yunqi and Ji Li perfectly interpreted the beliefs and postures of their group at different stages.

The former was like a warm and dazzling rising sun, while the latter was low-key and controlled moonlight. Nevertheless, what they wanted to protect was the same land.

Ji Yunqi stood frozen in place. Then after realizing it, his mind returned and he felt a throbbing pain from his temples.

He looked in the direction of Qin Yue and Yao Chuan in worry, afraid they would criticize him again.

He had just gone to act with the intention of ‘having confidence and backbone.’ If it really didn’t work this time, then he would suffocate to death from the frustration.

“Ji Yunqi, everyone wouldn’t have struggled if you had entered this state earlier.” Yao Chuan held up the loudspeaker and praised him. “Good boy, this scene is very good!”

The applause from the police officers present was the best affirmation of this scene.

“I just said that you are the male protagonist that Qin Yue and I fancied. How can we be wrong?”

Yao Chuan had this type of straightforward temper.

If the actor acted well, then he would praise them without hesitation. If the actor acted badly, then he would directly change his expression and scold them.

“Okay okay, everyone has worked hard. We will take a lunch break and continue in the afternoon.”

Ji Yunqi’s tight heartstrings suddenly loosened, and the tip of his nose was sour. He actually had the urge to cry for some reason.

He bowed deeply to everyone, his voice hoarse. “I’m sorry for causing trouble for everyone this morning.”

Then he ran away quickly.

“That kid, now his skin is so thin when he lost his temper before.” Yao Chuan smiled and was amused.

Ji Li heard the sound of Yao Chuan ending the call. The moment he walked in through the door, his shoulder was hit by Ji Yunqi.

The two people met face to face. Ji Yunqi snorted at him for some reason before quickly leaving.

Yin Ning chased after him and smiled gently at Ji Li. “Ji Li, thank you for what you did just now. If you hadn’t provoked this little ancestor, I wouldn’t have known how to persuade him.”

“He is just making a fuss right now. He will understand your good intentions when he calms down later. Please don’t take offense.”

Ji Li’s lips curved up and he joked, “The young master has the temper of a young lady. I understand.”

Yin Ning chuckled and chased after the ‘Third Young Lady’ with her assistant.

Ji Li quickly returned to Qin Yue’s side and took the initiative to make a request, “Brother Yue, I want to see the playback of the previous scene.”

The big scene had been going back and forth for so long today and he hadn’t personally confirmed today’s available videos. If he found an unqualified area, then he would have to capture Ji Yunqi back to continue acting.

“Yes, this should be the case.”

The group of people gathered together and reviewed the feasible fragments that had been filmed.

Yao Chuan and Qin Yue’s requirements for acting were strict, and the parts that could pass were basically flawless.

In particular, Ji Li and Ji Yunqi’s state was very good in the highlight of their final confrontation. The latter scene could be called a rebirth compared to the previous constant NGs.

“He met you in this rivalry scene today. Since Ji Yunqi broke through, it can be considered that his acting skills will rise by one level in the future,” Qin Yue said.

Fang Zhixing looked over with a smile. “It is worthy of being Qin Yue. You can praise the two leading actors with a simple sentence.”

He was affirming Ji Yunqi’s progress while also affirming Ji Li’s solid acting skills as always.

Ji Li’s eyes filled with pleasure when he heard this.

“Let’s finish work and rest. We will continue in the afternoon.” Yao Chuan took a deep breath and stood up.


The afternoon scenes were all solo scenes.

Ji Yunqi and Ji Li filmed separately and they both had an easy time.

After a morning of torture, the former’s ability to control the character and his sense of drama had reached a new level.

The happy Yao Chuan’s praise became louder and louder every time.

This was why talented actors were so good. They just needed to get through a hurdle, and they could learn a lot without a teacher.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, Ji Li finished washing up early and sat on the bed.

Snow Cake didn’t want to climb onto the bed today. At this moment, he was hitting the tip of Major General’s nose with a pink and tender paw pad.

Major General slept in their room last night and was reluctant to leave today. Even when going out to the toilet, Baozi had to take the initiative to lead him.

There was a knock on the door.

Ji Li opened it and saw Qin Yue standing at the door. The man was carrying a small black bag in his hand.

“Brother Yue?”

“You haven’t slept yet, right?” Qin Yue looked at his state and glanced around the room. Major General smelled the scent of his master and quickly poked out his head from a corner.

Ji Li took the initiative to turn sideways and invited him in with a smile. “Brother Yue, did you come to find Major General?”

“No, I came for you.” Qin Yue entered the room and took the initiative to close the door.

He looked at the black pajamas on the young man’s body and was silent for a moment. Then he decisively said, “Raise your clothes and show me.”


Ji Li was stunned.

Qin Yue was afraid there would be crooked thoughts and took the initiative to show the medicinal wine in the bag. “You got a lot of injuries from today’s scene with Ji Yunqi, right? Didn’t you tell Sister Yu?”

A hint of surprise flashed on Ji Li’s face. “Brother Yue, how did you know?”

He had noticed bruises on his thighs, knees, waist and even his back when he took a shower. It was just that it was late and he was too lazy to deal with it. He also didn’t want to tell the others in case they worried.

“I’ve filmed many scenes, so I can naturally see it,” Qin Yue replied while pouring the medicinal wine into the palm of his hand. “Raise your clothes and I’ll help take care of it for you.”

Ji Li originally wanted to say that there was no need. Then he saw the medicinal wine poured on the palm of the man’s hand and the words of refusal became stuck in his throat.

He pulled up his pajamas a bit. There were quite a few bruises on his waist and abdomen.

“Brother Yue.” Ji Li’s voice was low. “I can do these places myself. Please help me with the bruises on my back and waist…”

Qin Yue glanced at them casually from the corner of his eyes.

The young man had exercised hard and his abdominal muscles were very beautiful. There were also two cute little dimples on his thin back and waist.

The more Qin Yue looked, the more he felt like he was committing a crime.

“Brother Yue?”

“Be good.” Qin Yue forced himself to look away and quickly rubbed the medicinal wine into his palms.

He looked at the young man who was lying obediently on the bed and tentatively pressed a hand against a bruise.

“Hmm.” Ji Li called out unexpectedly and the tips of his ears turned red in an instant.

In the dim side light from the lamp, there was the illusion of inviting someone for a kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Yue’s voice was hoarse.

“I didn’t call out just now.” Ji Li was embarrassed.

He had fully entered the role of Chen Xi and wanted to be an upright narcotics police officer who didn’t shout from pain.

Qin Yue was amused by his thoughts. “Yes.”

It was a cute call.

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