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IPCFS: Chapter 63 Part 1

Filming for the fourth time began.

Ji Yunqi concentrated in order to speak his lines smoothly. After Ji Li’s series of neat capturing actions, he successfully crushed the other person to the ground.

This time, both of them were in the lens without shifting positions.

Chen Xi’s eyes sank and he seized the opportunity to slash at the neck of the other person with a hand knife. He took advantage of this situation to turn around and regained the initiative.

He looked at the young man who was struggling under his suppression and indifferently threw out the sentence. “If I had a knife at this time, your neck would be bloody.”

“Admit defeat, you aren’t my opponent.”

He let go of the red-faced Ji Yunqi and stood up indifferently.

The camera zoomed in and captured the loneliness and disappointment that flashed in Ji Li’s eyes in a timely manner.

The number one in the police academy? But that was all.

Qin Yue saw this look and nodded imperceptibly.

In this reserve team where people entered and exited every year, Chen Xi was the one who occupied first place in the whole department all year round. However, Chen Xi was the one who had been left behind in the team many times.

In Chen Xi’s heart, he actually longed for a close opponent and a bit of new excitement in the everyday training.

It was just that the young and vigorous Song Ran still disappointed him.

Ji Li’s emotions were grasped correctly, and it depended on whether Ji Yunqi could act well next.

The surrounding police officers discussed it.

“Song Ran has been humiliated this time.”

“Number one in the police academy? He could only perform three moves against Chen Xi.”

“Say, why did the superiors specially recruit him? We also had a year or two of actual combat experience before we were selected for the reserve team.”

Ji Yunqi fell to the ground and his eyes gradually filled with unwillingness and shame. He abruptly got up from the ground and rushed toward Ji Li.

“Chen Xi, we…”

Let’s fight again.

Before he could finish speaking, Yao Chuan picked up the loudspeaker and shouted, “Cut! Ji Li, do you know that you blocked Ji Li from the camera? The footage in the crew doesn’t just belong to your male protagonist!”

The emotions that Ji Yunqi had gathered instantly froze. He looked sideways and found that he had been too excited and blocked the second camera facing Ji Li.

Anyone who didn’t know anything would think that his leading actor was deliberately stealing the footage of the other actor, Ji Li.

Ji Yunqi covered his eyes and bowed. “I’m sorry, Director. I was wrong.”

Ji Yunqi made mistakes a few times and they were all minor problems that an actor shouldn’t make. This disappointed Yao Chuan.

He shook his head. “You will have to go through this scene again. We will start filming once you have determined your position.”

Qin Yue took the initiative to look back at the scene that was just filmed and deliberately decided, “Start with Song Ran getting up and asking Chen Xi to compete again.”


Ji Li maintained a calm attitude. He looked at Ji Yunqi, who didn’t look good, and chose to remain silent for the time being.

If he tried to comfort Ji Yunqi at this time, he was afraid it would just increase the filming pressure of this arrogant young master.

The two of them cooperated with the cameras and went through the next plot point smoothly.

Song Ran was beaten to the ground after three moves. He wasn’t convinced and was unwilling, so he forcibly pulled Chen Xi to compete again. The result was even worse and more embarrassing.

He took first place in the police academy, but here, he was just a losing joke.

Song Ran felt humiliated and a savage energy surged out of his heart.

He pulled Chen Xi to compete again and again. If the other person wanted to leave, he forcibly made Chen Xi stay. In this way, he was beaten down again and again and got up again and again to challenge him.

It meant that until the end of the training session when everyone departed, the competition between the two of them still hadn’t stopped.

It changed from three moves to five moves.

It was from being suppressed with no way to retreat to occasionally being able to return a move once in a while.

Song Ran tried his best to improve, but he still couldn’t win against Chen Xi.


The two people in the script were competing with each other and Ji Li and Ji Yunqi outside the act were also filming over and over again.

Ji Li’s rhythm had always been well-mastered. Under his suppression, Ji Yunqi’s state wasn’t good. Occasionally, a usable shot had to be repeated three or four times.

This big scene took far longer than anyone expected.

Yao Chuan had a bad temper and already lost his face before the rest of the crew became angry. The loudspeaker used for amplification had been held in his hand for a long time. Every time there was the smallest flaw, he would directly shout to stop.

There were even staff members secretly discussing if Ji Yunqi would become the male protagonist with the most NGs in Director Yao’s history of filming dramas.

Ji Yunqi heard the whispered discussions around him and his mood became even more depressed. Before the character’s final emotional outburst took place, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Director, Teacher Qin Yue, I’m sorry but I really can’t film today.”

This was the first time he felt so humiliated since he was a child!

In full view of everyone, he was denied by Yao Chuan over and over again. Ji Li, who acted against him, didn’t make a mistake once and performed almost perfectly every time.

If a different male protagonist had been chosen, this scene would’ve been filmed a long time ago.

The ‘talent’ that he had been so proud of had long been crushed under this type of comparison.

“If you think I’m not suitable, then just change the male protagonist. In any case, it has only been two days since filming started and there is still time.”

Ji Yunqi dropped this sentence in frustration.

He was about to rush out of the filming area but was hurriedly stopped by Yin Neng and his assistant, who rushed him.

“What nonsense are you saying?”

Yin Ning had to apologize to Qin Yue and the others for her young master’s willfulness. “Director Yao, Producer Qin, it is our Xiao Qi who is being childish and talking nonsense. Please forgive us.”

Then she glanced at Ji Yunqi helplessly.

The other person had been spoiled by his family since he was a child and hadn’t suffered any grievances or setbacks. Yin Neng had long expected that he was destined to have such a calamity if he wanted to take the path of an actor.

It was just beyond her expectations that Ji Yunqi’s opponent wasn’t an old veteran or powerful person who had been in the circle for many years. Rather, it was Ji Li, who was in the same company as him and even the same age.

“How about a little break? We’ve been filming for more than an hour and the two actors haven’t drunk a sip of water.”

Yao Chuan slammed the loudspeaker down on the table without saying anything else.

Qin Yue frowned and was obviously dissatisfied with Ji Yunqi’s words just now. No matter how many times an actor NGed, they couldn’t say things like ‘not afraid’ and ‘substitution.’

If they could leave themselves a way out at any time and anywhere, what did they let the whole crew do? Who would calculate the wasted time?

Taking a step back, Ji Yunqi was the male protagonist selected by him, Yao Chuan and others. Didn’t the other person’s statement of ‘retreating’ clearly hit them in the face?

The two big figures in the crew looked cold and the atmosphere of the filming scene immediately dropped to freezing point.

Yu Fuya didn’t speak. She just gestured with her eyes for Baozi to bring a glass of water for Ji Li.

The latter quietly bypassed the ‘circle of contradictions’ and trotted over to Ji Li. “Brother Ji, you should drink some water and rest first.”

Ji Li saw the silent atmosphere at the scene and calmly moistened his words. Then he directly spoke to Ji Yunqi.

“Okay, this is what you said yourself. If you don’t want to act then get out. It is best to not even stay in Chaoying Culture.”

“How many people envy your leading position, and how much effort did the crew spend on your leading role?”

“Occupying resources without doing everything. A rich young master shouldn’t come here to play.”

All of the staff members present were stunned, and even Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing looked at each other.

They hadn’t expected that the always gentle and good-natured Ji Li would say such blunt and ruthless words.

It had to be known that he hadn’t complained at all despite spending over an hour on filming.

They hadn’t expected that it would happen here.

Ji Yunqi looked sideways at Ji Li, his chest rising and falling with anger. “Ji Li, what do you mean?”

“You should understand what it means.”

“You can only accept praise and can’t listen to any criticism? Where is this place for you to shout to abandon the show? Then buy a plane ticket and go home to hide in the arms of your parents and siblings and cry.”

Ji Li threw out questions before turning to a sharp analysis.

“The circle of actors isn’t as easy as you think. Your starting point is higher than others. If you think that you don’t have to work hard due to talent and background, that is a big mistake.”

Ji Li stared at him resolutely. “If you leave here, you will be a complete coward in everyone’s eyes.”

Ji Yunqi clenched his fists and retorted loudly, “I’m not!”

“You’re not? Then prove it to everyone. It is only 40 or 50 NGs. Who is more serious than you?”

Ji Li’s lips curved up. His words weren’t painful or itchy, but they kept stabbing at Ji Yunqi’s heart.

Ji Yunqi’s tenacity was pulled out by the other person.

He took a deep breath and bowed seriously to Qin Yue, Yao Chuan and the others. “Teachers, I’m sorry. I got a hot head and lost my mind. I can play this role well…”

He glared at Ji Li. “In addition, it is only going to get better and better.”

Ji Li shrugged. “Okay, I will wait and see.”

Ji Yunqi was so angry that even his fan filter was shattered. He snatched the water bottle from his assistant’s hand, took a few sips and returned directly to the filming position without saying anything.

Ji Li’s eyes brightened slightly and unknowingly shifted to Qin Yue’s position. The latter met his gaze and smiled knowingly.

“Brother Ji, this…” Baozi was confused by Ji Yunqi’s attitude.

Ji Li chuckled and handed the water back to him, whispering, “Go back. It is time to film.”

Yao Chuan was also stunned by Ji Yunqi’s attitude and lost his temper for a moment. “Why can’t I understand young actors these days?”

“The young master of the Ji family hasn’t suffered any setbacks and was angry for a while.”

Qin Yue explained in a low voice and gestured in Ji Yunqi’s direction with his eyes. “Don’t you think that his current state is very similar to Song Ran in the script?”

Ji Li realized this earlier than all of them and deliberately seized the right moment to force out the state of Ji Yunqi’s character.

Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing realized at the same time, and the anger in the former person’s heart dissipated. He felt very surprised.

Ji Li’s sensitivity and control of the emotions of the actors in the same crew was almost comparable to the old veterans who had been in the circle for many years. Was this really what a young actor could do?

However, the actors still had the heart to continue filming. As the director, he naturally wouldn’t disobey.

Yao Chuan signaled for the camera team to take their place. Once everyone was ready, he shouted, “Action!”

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