IPCFS: Chapter 58 Part 1

“Hot search?” Ji Li was stunned. Then he had an epiphany. “Ying’s perfume advertisement went online?”

Calculating the post-production time of the advertisement, it had indeed been over a month.

Baozi nodded hurriedly. Without waiting for Baozi’s introduction, Ji Li saw the topic with the word ‘explosive’ on the hot search.

Ji Li’s beautiful, ancient style.

The topic didn’t use the word ‘advertisement’, so it was able to largely avoid the disgust of pure passersby. This topic could also attract people to click into it from pure curiosity.

Ji Li clicked on the topic, and the first thing that hit him was the official Weibo video posted by Ying’s Perfume.

“A beauty is drunk in bed while the fragrance of goose pear is scattered throughout the tent.”

The words describing the video were very simple, and even the freeze frame of the video was hazy. The video duration in the lower right corner showed 60 seconds.

Obviously, the advertisement production team had fully taken advantage of the video promotion to the maximum extent possible.

Ji Li was the protagonist of the advertisement, but he hadn’t seen the video and post-production of the commercial.

There was a bit of scrutiny in his eyes as he clicked on the one minute advertising video.

The barrage function was enabled on the Weibo video, and from the beginning of the advertisement, the screen was occupied with screams.

-Ahhhhhh I’m dead, I’m dead! What a stunner Ji Li is!

-In this life, I have to find a way to get Ji Li!

-Ji Li fans have really good eyes. Any passerby like me who sees this will be caught in the pit.

-Hey, I can’t hold back any longer. I am going to be a boyfriend fan (Huh? Why not a girlfriend fan?)

-I’m sorry, Beauty Ji Li is in my bed and has already slept with  me.

-Above person, it is amazing to have dreams.

Ji Li’s ears turned slightly red when he saw these strange barrage messages.

Baozi laughed twice and quickly turned off the barrage function for Ji Li. “Brother Ji, the netizens like you too much. That is why they are saying these things. Don’t mind it.”

Ji Li lowered his head slightly and stared intently at the video.

At the same time, Qin Yue got off the phone and also clicked on this video.

For this perfume advertisement, the Ji Group even spent a lot of money to hire the top domestic ancient music artist, Wan Ling. She composed an original melody for this advertisement.

It started with the distant sound of ancient bells. Then this was replaced by the clear sound of running water.

The slightly drunk young master was wearing a seductive dressing gown and walked slowly toward the big bed.

His white feet stepped on the delicate petals, and a small white flower was rolled up by the breeze as he walked. The white flower was just like the hearts of the viewers, wanting to follow the steps of the youth.

The young nobleman knelt and climbed onto the bed. Candlelight flickered on the light yellow gauze curtain, reflecting his yearning and graceful back. It made people feel the urge to step forward and hug him.

The soft, clear sound of the konghou (Chinese harp) swayed and rang out.

The noble posture of the young nobleman as he sniffed the wine, the close-fitting dressing gown soaked by alcohol when he raised his head to drink, and the blurred eyes when he was still drunk. All that the viewers wanted was to hold him in their arms and love him well.

The agarwood of the head of the bed was filled with a trace of the incense mist, and the young man squinted his drunken eyes slightly. He stretched out his white fingers and slid them along the trajectory of the mist.

He consciously grabbed at it.

The robe on the young man’s arms slipped off, revealing a strong and delicate wrist. He showed a unique beauty in the dim candlelight that inspired  countless viewers in front of the screen to imagine things.

What if they could grab this wrist and force its owner under the quilt?

After getting drunk, the young nobleman casually took a round and lovely pear and bit down on its flesh. The sweet juice overflowed from the side of his lips, soaking his thin, red lips. This made viewers want to crawl into the screen to ask for a kiss.

Was the pear sweet enough? No, the sweetest one was Ji Li!

The final frame of the advertisement was frozen on the young man’s lustful and clean smile. This simply made viewers feel itchy.

All those who watched this advertisement finally understood what Director Adolphe meant on Weibo.

This ancient style advertisement was aesthetically pleasing and heart pounding. It definitely deserved to be the top video promotion in the perfume advertising industry!


Adolphe’s filming was high level, and he didn’t fill the video with advertising products like other directors.

But it was this contrast that made people more eager to understand the advertised product.

Qin Yue turned off the video, but his fingers holding the phone had turned white from force.

He involuntarily exhaled a hot breath and barely suppressed the impulse in his heart.

Compared with watching at the advertising filming shoot, the finished product had undergone a color correction and had background sound added. The visual impact was huge and impossible to pull away from.

He wanted Ji Li’s star to shine brightly in front of everyone’s eyes, but he was afraid that others would covet his starlight.

A group of female tourists walked past him, and the background sound of the advertisement came from a phone held by the other group.

Qin Yue didn’t even have to look back. He could still remember every frame and second of the video. The impulse that he suppressed rose once again.

“F*k, Ji Li is too good looking!”

“What type of perfume is this? I’ll go and search for it!”

The two girls discussed this while watching the video and slowly walked away.

His phone rang at this time. It was his friend Qi An. “Hello.”

“I have calculated the time. You should’ve gotten off the plane, right? I’ve already sent someone to contact the crew, and there will be a driver to pick you up.”

Qin Yue’s mind returned. He instinctively tightened the mask and sunglasses on his face and the hat on his head and walked toward the exit.

“I’ve arrived. Send me the license plate and driver’s contact information.”

Qi An responded positively. He was just about to hang up when he heard Qin Yue’s inquiry. “Can you help me ask how much it would cost to rent the largest integrated billboard in the center of Shanghai for a week?”

“…What do you want to do?”

“Don’t worry about it too much. Just help me ask when you have time,” Qin Yue replied.

He hung up and quickly headed toward the exit of Yuncheng Airport.

He couldn’t wait to see the young man after more than a month.


In the hotel room, Ji Li carefully examined his perfume advertisement and confirmed there was nothing wrong with it before sighing with relief.

Yu Fuya had already brought people from the team over, and everyone was monitoring the data on the Internet in real time.

The advertisement was sent out at 10 o’clock in the morning. Now, in less than five hours, the forwarding volume of this official Weibo post had exceeded 30,000 and the number of comments had reached 50,000!

It should be known that as the spokesperson and protagonist of the advertisement, Ji Li had been busy with the crew’s physical training all morning and didn’t have time to forward the Weibo at all.

Meanwhile, his fans still had the strength to ‘increase the data’ of his advertisement. They were waiting for him to personally post on Weibo.

If he clicked on the original Weibo post of Ying’s Perfume, he could clearly see that most of the forwards and comments came from real netizens and passersby.

There was no need to control the comments and behavior of the fan circle for Ji Li’s fans at all.

-I’m ready! I can do it! Help, why is Ji Li so tempting?

-I’m about to fall for a man! Are there no official perfumes for men? I want to buy it!

-Is Ji Li a straight man? Do I still have a chance as a gay man? He is really tempting (Patching, I’m definitely praising him).

-I beg the male netizens upstairs, don’t rob a man from us! Ji Li must belong to us girls!

-It is confirmed that Ji Li’s face and temperament are unique killers in the entertainment industry. There have been no stars like him so far!

-Ahhhh why did I hesitate when the perfume presale collector’s edition was released? Now I can’t even grab the normal version. Can the officials increase the amount of product?

-Don’t even talk about the online store. Ying has two physical flagship stores, and I ran to buy them less than an hour after the advertisement came out. They were all sold out!

-I received a brand new bottle at a premium of eight times the price! However, my mind was full of Ji Li’s tempting photo, and I ended up buying it.


It was just as the hot comments said.

The perfume stock at the Ying official online store was sold out, and even the stock at their physical stores had been snapped up!

The official selling price of the regular perfume was 588 yuan, but now the monopoly premium on some trading platforms had increased it to eight times the price or even 10 times!

It could be said that buying was earning money!

The number of official fans had increased by more than 200,000 and Ji Li’s Weibo followers increased at a rate of 100,000+ per hour.

‘Male sexiness’ in the entertainment industry had always easily attracted women. The unexpected thing was that—

Ji Li’s advertisement hit the female market, but it also hit the hearts of many men! 

Among these new fans, the proportion of men was actually as high as 50%! It reached the point of being equal to female fans!

“Sister Yu, the Wolf Whistle Forum has been filled with Ji Li’s advertising video,” a staff member spoke with surprise.

90% of the registered users of this forum were men.

They usually liked to talk about female stars in the entertainment industry and would spontaneously organize a female stars appearance competition in the circle every year.

Under the one account, one vote system, the final round could receive millions of votes. This alone showed the huge number of users on the forum.

To put it bluntly, most of the users on this forum were straight men with a lot of self-confidence, so it was jokingly called the ‘straight men forum’ to the outside world.

Occasionally, a male celebrity’s post was mixed in, and it was easy to be ridiculed.

Meanwhile, today’s situation was very different. Seven out of ten posts were about Ji Li’s perfume advertisement, and one post had even become a trending post.

The staff member took a quick look. Apart from a few occasional, jealous taunts, the rest were all praise.

“Forget the straight man Wolf Whistle Forum, even the One Thousand and One Nights Forum is full of Brother Ji.”

Another staff member spoke with a subtle smile in his eyes.

“One Thousand and One Nights?” Ji Li didn’t understand the staff member’s meaning. “What type of forum is that?”

The informed staff members smiled at each other.

Someone simply brought the tablet to Ji Li and casually clicked on a hot post about Ji Li’s perfume advertisement.

“Brother Ji, look at it yourself. This is the largest same-sex forum in China.”

Ji Li was slow to respond, but his gaze unknowingly fell on the comments.

-Real men don’t tell lies. I want to f*k Ji Li until he cries.

-I thought I would be a 0 all my life, but for Ji Li’s sake, I can be a 1.

-Ji Li’s temptation is from the inside out. Aren’t there few stars like this in the entertainment industry? The mole on the bridge of his nose is really sexy.

-Watching the perfume advertisement conquered you? It is recommended to take a look at his handsome airport photo with a short cut. Some people said they became hard on the spot.


Ji Li’s ears turned red when he saw the spicy comments.

He hurriedly handed the tablet back to the staff member and coughed while pretending to be calm. “Just keep an eye on it.”

The staff member laughed before quickly agreeing.

They really weren’t following the wrong person! Looking at the entire entertainment industry, among the group of newcomers who debuted at the same time as Ji Li, he was the only one who could get on the hot search as soon as his work was released.

Ji Li was cute and sexy. He had strength and was motivated. As long as they were willing to get to know him, who wouldn’t like him?

They all sincerely hoped that his career would get better and better. At that time, it wasn’t only the star’s value that would increase dramatically. Even the behind the scenes team would follow suit.

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