IPCFS: Chapter 57 Part 2

Ji Yunqi’s movements suddenly stopped, and he muttered in a low voice, “Am I that obvious?”

Everyone burst out laughing.

They were all employees of Chaoying, and they all knew the identity of Ji Yunqi’s family.

They thought that this rich prince would be arrogant and ignore people and that he would look up at the sky. Unexpectedly, his heart and appearance were diametrically opposite, and he was actually a hidden living treasure.

Ji Yunqi’s ears grew red, and he picked up a pillow to cover his head.

F*k, too shameful!

Ji Li couldn’t help laughing, and his favorability toward Ji Yunqi rose a lot.

“Brother Ji.” Baozi approached Ji Li and handed him the tablet. “The company’s official Weibo has sent your airport photos with no photoshop. Do you want to take a look?”

Ji Li stopped smiling and lowered his head seriously.

This was actually the reason why he didn’t have the company deliberately stop the send-off activity.

Before the audition, Ji Li had discussed the consequences of cutting his heart with his team. According to their meaning, it was actually risky to change his appearance too much.

Ever since his debut, Ji Li had always felt handsome and clean, lustful yet pure to the outside world.

To put it bluntly, it was the ‘beauty’ route in the eyes of female fans. In particular, the beauty of Xie Yan after the airing of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth caused him to attract a wave of face-licking beauty fans.

The drama hadn’t finished airing yet, and the large popularity that came from ‘Xie Yan’ hadn’t been fully transformed into Ji Li’s diehard fans.

At this juncture, Ji Li chose to cut his hair.

It was said that the crew cut was the only standard for testing handsomeness, but there were many male stars in the circle who were ‘overturned’ after picking this style.

Such an image might not be accepted by all fans. The new fans might even feel that the ‘beauty’ filter was broken, so they chose to leave directly.

Star chasing fans in the entertainment industry could accompany an artist for the longest time, but also abandon them in the most unfeeling way.

However, for Ji Li, the role of an actor was to bring thousands of different character images to the audience that loved him, and not have a fixed image that remained unchanged.

If it was really the latter approach, then over time, the fans who lost their sense of freshness would still choose to leave.

If changing his hairstyle could create more drama and opportunities for himself, then he was willing to try it out in the short term.

Besides, his hair could grow longer when cut short. At most, he could ‘hide’ for a month or two if it failed to reduce his exposure.

The team was persuaded by Ji Li, and it was clear that his attempt was successful.

After cutting his hair, the young man hadn’t lost his beauty in the slightest. He had a bit of a more handsome and tough boyfriend air, which was simply fascinating!

In the official announcement poster previously released, Ji Li’s hairstyle hadn’t been fully revealed.

This time at the airport, he made his first appearance at a public event with a new look with the permission of the movie crew.

The airport photos published by the company were for the online fans who didn’t come to the airport to send him off.

Ji Li didn’t have a personal studio, so all daily publicity photos were issued by Chaoying’s official Weibo on his behalf. Therefore, there were many fans who followed it. At this time, there were already almost a thousand comments.

-Ahhhh, the handsome Ji Li is killing me! This absolutely untouched raw photo is too amazing. Add a chicken drumstick to the photographer!

-I’m dead! I’m alive again! I apologize for my previous remarks! I can support beauty Ji Li, and I can support handsome Ji Li!

-Help! Sisters, hurry up! Put #Ji Li airport photos# onto the hot search!

-Oh my god, it is obviously the same face, but why has the temperament changed so much? Our baby is too malleable!

-Ahhh, the movie should hurry up! I want to see Officer Chen Xi in the theaters right now!

-Wu wu wu, I’m just a contemporary old-fashioned ruffian girl. I think this type of Ji Li is so sexy. I like him more than before, hehe!

-Officer Chen, don’t catch dealers. Come and arrest me! I am greedy for your body, I am guilty [dog head.jpg]

-The sisters upstairs are weird! Hurry up and delete the comments so I can post them!

Ji Li saw the lively feedback from his fans, and a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

The number of fans had increased instead of decreased. It seemed that everyone was accepting of his new look.

Baozi was also amused by the comments and said proudly, “I said that Brother Ji’s face can manage any hairstyle!”

The moment he finished speaking, there was an earth-shaking cheer from outside.

Ji Yunqi took a sip of water and showed his eyes. “Brother Yuan must have arrived.”

The crew had booked a unified flight for the three leading actors.

Yuan Yifei’s popularity was several times greater than Ji Li’s. The screams here might have sounded exaggerated, but they were actually in line with his ‘top class’ status.

Within minutes, Yuan Yifei and his team stepped into the lounge. The former wasn’t arrogant at all and sat directly next to them. “You all came earlier than me?”

“Brother Yuan, your fans were about to deafen our ears.” Ji Yunqi’s assistant smiled. “Your popularity is already at the peak of the entertainment industry, right?”

Yuan Yifei put down his coffee and shook his head. “The peak of the entertainment industry?”

“Then you haven’t seen Qin Yue back then.” He looked at Ji Li and took the opportunity to speak. “Once at the airport, his fans directly blocked the surrounding traffic to the point of paralysis.”

Even if fans knew that he would only leave through the VIP lane, they didn’t give up trying.

At the peak of his popularity, no one could shake Qin Yue’s position in the entertainment industry.

Ever since Qin Yue founded Yuexing, he had deliberately reduced the number of appearances he made in front of the public. Apart from the necessary promotions, he hardly did variety shows and offline activities.

The fans who followed him gradually grew older and no longer caused trouble for Qin Yue. However, every time Qin Yue’s movies were launched, their offline publicity and online data was never lacking.

Ji Li heard this, and he couldn’t help his lips curving up.

Everything this man did was completely in line with Ji Li’s perception of his career.

He didn’t do deliberate marketing or rely on popularity. He just used his works to speak and his strength to consolidate his popularity with fans and passersby.

“In our movie, will Teacher Qin Yue come to make a cameo?” Ji Yunqi was faintly looking forward to it.

He liked to watch movies when he was free, and he never got tired of watching all of Qin Yue’s movie and television works!

It would be a profit if he had the opportunity to be in the same movie as Teacher Qin Yue!

Yuan Yifei raised an eyebrow and cleverly pushed the topic. “I don’t know. Ji Li, don’t you have him on WeChat? Take the time to help ask for us.”


Ji Li was startled when he was called. Then he felt the expectant gazes cast by the two of them. “…Okay, I’ll ask another day.”

Yuan Yifei’s assistant Cheng Zi ran in and reminded them, “The plane has been delayed for an hour. Brother Yuan, do you want to rest first?”

“It’s fine. You can go to the next room to rest. I will chat here.” Yuan Yifei told his team while glancing at Ji Li out of the corner of his eye.

Qin Yue was flying abroad during this time, so he would help his friend brush up his sense of presence in front of Ji Li.

He was so old, but he was acting as a matchmaker for the first time in his life. He was serious!

Unexpectedly, the next second, Ji Li took out the script he carried with him. “You have received the new version of the script, right? Should we try to test the lines while we have time?”

Ji Yunqi heard this and decisively took out the script that he had specially wrapped. “Yes!”

Yuan Yifei, who was cut off before he started his matchmaking career, “……”

He looked at the two of them who were more serious than the other and coughed lightly. Then he threw the unrealistic thoughts behind him!

How funny!

He was the senior among them and couldn’t be compared to the past.

Yuan Yifei asked for his own script from his assistant and quickly entered the right state. “Come on, let’s start.”

Acting was a serious career.

Matchmaking? Forget it, it wasn’t for him.


Most of the movie’s contents were focused on the ‘border drugs,’ so the crew’s filming location was set in Yuncheng.

The crew’s training lasted for a whole month.

The actor’s script reading, fighting skills training, the actor’s own character shaping, and the knowledge of various illegal drugs and firearms were all included.

Ji Yunqi and Ji Li were the two narcotics policemen and were directly taken to the local narcotics team in Yuncheng by the crew leader. They lived with the narcotics policemen for three days.

Putting aside the salaries for the actors, the expenses of the crew were very large.

Many crews were in a hurry to start filming. If they could spend one day less on filming, then they could save a lot of money.

The producers of Special Operations didn’t care about these expenses at all, and they put in a lot of effort before filming even began. This showed how much they valued this movie.

On the last day of the training camp, Ji Li ended his physical training early and returned to the hotel with the crew as usual.

The filming time was set for tomorrow morning. By this time, all the staff members had arrived and gathered in the hotel.

The director was Yao Chuan, so most of the filming team were the original team from Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth.

Ji Li returned to the hotel and met many familiar faces along the way.

The thing that made him puzzled was that these people all looked at him with strange, hot eyes.

The male stylist that he encountered in the elevator was even more exaggerated.

The other person directly poked his face and clicked his tongue in an amazed manner. “Little baby Ji Li, you are so cute and miserable. You are a goblin who eats both men and women.”

“I feel a burst of aroma when I get close to you now.”

“Oh~ it is intoxicating.”

Ji Li was inwardly surprised and could only smile politely. Once the elevator doors opened, he quickly returned to his suite.

“Brother Ji, you’re back!” Baozi heard the movement and quickly ran out of the small room next door.

The little assistant’s face was flushed, and his eyes were full of an obsessive light. It wasn’t known what type of demon affected him.

Ji Li was startled and quickly asked, “Do I have something on my face? What is going on with everyone today?”

“Brother Ji, you’ve been busy with physical training all morning, so you probably haven’t looked at your phone yet?”

Baozi quickly took out his tablet when he saw that Ji Li was puzzled and answered excitedly.

“Brother Ji, you are on the hot search again!”

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