IPCFS: Chapter 57 Part 1

The staff member had just seen the news.

The bad remarks deliberately guided by the team in the fan base a few days ago were actually exposed through screenshots!

The most frightening thing was that even the two remarks of extreme fans cursing Qin Yue were included in the screenshot.

It had to be known that the official fan group had always been very strict in auditing, which was why they were so presumptuous.

Unexpectedly, there were black fans hidden within the group? They also took screenshots of the messages. They didn’t post it early or late, but came out at this juncture!

There was already the black topic #Bian Jin position# on the hot search. The revelation of these group chat screenshots quickly attracted attention.

It had to be known that Qin Yue not only had many fans, but also a great popularity among the passersby. This suddenly ignited the anger of Qin Yue’s fans and netizens.

-Bian Jin? Who is this? Take care of your fans’ mouths! Let Qin Yue die? F*k, he is the man this old lady has been chasing after for 10 years. Bringing him up with your rude mouths?

-He can surpass Qin Yue in a few years? I’m sorry, but this passerby finds it funny. The fans are too immature, right?

-Looking at the entire entertainment industry, no actor fans dare to say this, right? Does anyone dare to disagree with Qin Yue’s god-level status? Is there a bit of gold content involved in Bian Jin’s last movie? How many people ridiculed him for getting the award nomination in the first place?

-Just asking fans not to post stinky remarks in the group? Doesn’t this mean that the group management also thinks like this in private? The fans follow the master. Perhaps Bian Jin is such a guy who thinks very highly of himself.

-Friend upstairs, remove the perhaps. He is such a person! I am part of a movie and television company. Previously, Director Song wanted to scout him for the comedy movie, but was rejected by the team for a garbage script. If you don’t want to accept it, then don’t accept it. Don’t act so disgusting.

Qin Yue’s name was associated with this matter, so Bian Jin’s popularity rose fast. More people’s ridiculing words were heard, and some people directly went to Bian Jin’s Weibo to scold him.

On the Internet, all sorts of malice were amplified.

He was cancerous about his movie position, fans insulted a senior, the team looked down on comedy movies and belittled it…

No matter what, he would be ridiculed, satirized, and abused by the other fans in the industry.

In addition, Bian Jin had many jealous people and black fans. These people seized the opportunity to publicize the news and spread Bian Jin’s notoriety completely.

Just as Bian Jin’s team was busy, An Qi’s phone rang. It was the new movie producer that Bian Jin had found three days ago.

An Qi suppressed her anxiety and answered with a laugh, “Producer Mo? Hello.”

“I just want to tell you, Bian Jin likes this movie script very much and we will…”


An Qi suddenly froze. In half a minute, her expression collapsed.

Immediately afterward, the other person on the phone hung up ruthlessly.

There was a chill in Bian Jin’s heart, and he didn’t dare to ask. “Sister Qi, what’s wrong?”

An Qi looked at the male protagonist script in his hand and shook her head helplessly.

There was no need for words.

The new movie crew learned the news on the Internet and immediately dismissed the cooperation plan with Bian Jin. They didn’t want him as the male lead!

Bian Jin was stunned for a few seconds before sitting on the sofa with limp legs.

It wasn’t until this time that he realized Qin Yue’s words in the office that day weren’t alarmist at all.

The man was unshakable in the movie and television circle. As long as he wanted, he could indeed let Bian Jin lose all resources in this circle.

An Qi sighed and resigned herself to their new circumstances. “I’ll contact the company’s PR department so they don’t struggle in vain. Quietly stop for a month or two, and then see if there is a turnaround.”

They were complacent and took risks to abuse their fans. In fact, they were taking the initiative to give their handle to the other person.

Now it was too late to say anything.


Just as Bian Jin’s group was busy and the fans were at a loss, Ji Li’s fans had fallen into the carnival of a new character.

The movie’s official announcement poster wasn’t the official character makeup photo. However, the crew wasn’t sloppy in the production of the poster, and the photos of the three actors were taken uniformly.

Yuan Yifei squinted slightly, and his eyes seemed filled with poison.

Ji Yunqi’s eyes were the brightest. They contained the confidence of a newborn calf not afraid of tigers.

Ji Li’s eyes were light and calm. There was a sharp firmness in the depths of his eyes.

The eyes of the three people expressed three different character concepts and also showed a bit of the nature of the corresponding characters.

Ji Li cooperated with the movie crew for publicity. The moment the official announcement poster was released, he forwarded it to his Weibo.

“I want to find the truth and bring it to everyone’s eyes.”

Chen Xi is here.

For so many years, Ji Li had a small sense of ritual when it came to his interpretation of the role. He would say ‘I am here’ during the official announcement’ and ‘goodbye’ after the final release.

He retained this little habit even when he re-entered the entertainment industry.

Fans rushed to the comment section and started a new round of screaming and exaggerated praise.

-Ahhhhhhhh! Mom loves you!

-Brother, the new character looks handsome! Jiayou for the new crew. Pay attention to safety when filming, and don’t get hurt.

-This career fan is so happy! It hasn’t been long since Zhao’er was released, Yan’er is still airing, and we are waiting to meet An An. Meanwhile, our Police Officer Xiao Xi has already followed. It is also a big movie!

-I can’t see the hairstyle clearly? Did our baby cut his hair? Help, in fact, I want the big beauty Ji Li QAQ.

-It is a good short cut! Our Xiao Xi is a policeman. Being handsome rather than beautiful is more correct for the role. It is normal for actors to transform for the sake of the role. 

-Sisters, look carefully at this poster. He looks cold and indifferent, and there is an invisible sharpness. Combine this with the sentence introduction, and I think it must be very emotional!

-Wu wu, that’s right. A narcotics police officer who doesn’t talk much or is even slightly solitary, but has justice in heart and insists on finding a certain truth. Just a random character brainstorm is making me emotional!


Ji Li’s fans were actively discussing it, but some of BIan Jin’s fans were unwilling.

They rushed to the official Weibo of Special Operations and directly accused Ji Li for stealing Bian Jin’s position!

The reason was very simple.

The marketing account had ‘leaked’ the three leading actors of the movie early on. The other two were there except for Ji Li. Ji Li was the only new one.

This statement attracted rebuttals from passersby and other fans.

-Laughing to death, there is no logic and no embarrassment. Your Bian Jin lost the role, so the actor had to be changed.

-Sorry, I stand with Ji Li in this wave.

-Even if Ji Li walked through the back door, I don’t think his acting skills are worse than Bian Jin’s.

Just as everyone was arguing about this, the crew directly issued a 20 second audition video.

It was Bian Jin in the beginning and then Ji Li at the end. The two of them had 10 seconds each. In order not to spoil the movie, they only clipped a small part of the audition and deliberately silenced the audio.

In the silent situation, the demeanor and details of the two people would naturally be infinitely magnified. The comparison would come out at once.

-Oh, the crew is awesome. They publicly executed someone.

-To be honest, I am a passerby. Because the sound is muted, I don’t know what Bian Jin is trying to express? Meanwhile, Ji Li’s eyes conveyed the progress of emotions.

-It was all okay. I thought Bian Jin played well in the first 10 seconds. Then, after watching the last 10 seconds, I think Ji Li won over Bian Jin.

-Ji Li’s eye acting is too strong! His eyes can really speak!

-Ji Li’s eyes look like he is going to kill someone? Ahhhh, it feels completely different from the poster! Is Chen Xi a policeman and criminal?

-Yuan Bao said in an interview for Country and the World that he wanted to act with Ji Li. I stand with their cooperation.

-Bian Jin fans, hurry up and get out. Is everyone still not clear about the attitude of Qin Yue and Director Yao Chuan toward their works? They must’ve chosen Ji Li because he was good enough!

-Yes, support Ji Li!

Ji Li went through the back door? No, he also auditioned.

Ji Li’s acting skills weren’t very good? No, on the contrary, his eyes were more catchy and eloquent.

Bian Jin’s fans were slapped in the face by the crew and netizens. They also received a warning from the official fan group to ‘be quiet and not cause trouble.’ Therefore, they had to be quiet, and they didn’t dare say anything else.

Many people directly deleted what they posted under Ji Li’s Weibo.

It was because they found that even with their filter, Brother Jin’s acting skills were a bit worse than Ji Li’s.

Under Qin Yue’s instructions, the producer not only directly supported Ji Li, but also let the movie characters be thoroughly discussed on the first day of the official announcement.

It could be called a double victory.


Three days later, Ji Li and his team followed the crew’s arrangement and went to Yuncheng for a one month long intensive training.

Shanghai Airport.

The moment Ji Li got out of his business car, he was drowned out by overwhelming cheers and shutter sounds.

This was the first airport flight since his popularity rose, and his fans spontaneously organized a send-off event. The company had already contacted the airport and arranged bodyguards for personal protection.

Fortunately, the fans were very disciplined and didn’t show any fierce pushing. Ji Li deliberately slowed down and took a group photo before entering through the security check.

The airport VIP lounge.

Ji Li entered and saw Ji Yunqi leaning against the sofa. He wore a high luxury leather jacket and an exaggerated pair of sunglasses indoors.

His attitude wasn’t serious, and the arrogance was too much.

Ji Li was about to greet the other person when he saw Ji Yunqi straighten up. “I just saw a large group of fans waiting. I guessed they must be waiting for you.”

Ji Li smiled and sat down calmly beside him. “When did you arrive?”

“Don’t look at his idiotic and arrogant appearance. In fact, this is his first time entering the crew, so he is very nervous.”

Yin Ning greeted Yu Fuya before mercilessly exposing Ji Yunqi’s true face.

“At 4 or 5 in the morning, he was still sending wolf howls in his Moments. Then he called his staff to wake up before 7 o’clock.”

She was close friends with Ji Yueming and treated Ji Yunqi as a younger brother. She liked to tease him in front of outsiders.

Ji Yunqi looked embarrassed for a moment. Then he pushed up his sunglasses and pretended to be nonchalant. “Nonsense. I slept well last night.”

Ji Li guessed something and asked jokingly, “Are your exaggerated sunglasses to cover up your dark circles?”


How did he know?

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