IPCFS: Chapter 55 Part 1

The scene to be auditioned was the confrontation scene between the ‘decent undercover agent’ Chen Xi and the ‘villainous drug lord’ Shi Ye in the script. The emotional progression of the characters was very complex.

After the male protagonists Song Ran and Chen Xi received the task from their superiors, they split up.

The former entered the local transportation organization to spy on the drug dealers’ trade routes. The latter went incognito and successfully entered the base camp of the drug lord Shi Ye.

One day, Chen Xi accidentally overheard a conversation among the drug dealers. They said that the ‘boss’ Shi Ye suspected that there were outsiders in the transportation organization, and they were going to secretly trap the spy.

Song Ran was the core of this undercover mission. In order to protect him, Chen Xi could only take risks and go out to give him a ‘warning.’

Unexpectedly, this was also a game.

The one Shi Ye really wanted to capture was the ‘undercover agent’ hiding in the base camp.

Chen Xi’s identity was revealed, and he was brutally tortured by the drug traffickers in an attempt to give the police’s list of undercover informants and other information from him.

Chen Xi kept his mouth shut, preferring to die in an unyielding manner.

His desperate persistence finally angered the drug lord Shi Ye.

The rivalry scene between Ji Li and Yuan Yifei was a confrontation scene between them in the dungeon.

10 minutes of preparation time passed in a flash.

Qin Yue was a very principled person at work. He glanced at the time and asked, “Are you ready?”


“No problem.”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei both put down the script.

Ji Li took off his coat, revealing the black short t-shirt inside.

The exercising he had been doing over the past few months meant he got rid of the original skinny feeling of the original owner. Now he had the standard wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs. People could faintly glimpse the superior and charming abs and mermaid line underneath his clothing.

The young man’s exposed arms had smooth muscle lines that weren’t exaggerated. This outfit was combined with his newly changed hairstyle and he really did give off the slight air of a police officer.

The eyes of the screenwriter Fang Zhixing lit up.

It had to be known that when they were filming the drama, he wholeheartedly believed that the young man was Xie Yan. Now Ji Li had completely lost the shadow of Xie Yan and had a bit of the subtle air of ‘Chen Xi.’

Ji Li took the initiative to find his position and calmly knelt on the ground according to the requirements of the script.

The young man closed his eyes and silently lowered his head. His aura deliberately showed ‘weakness’ and he was obviously preparing to enter the character’s state.

Yuan Yifei cocked his head, flexed his muscles, and slowly took off his glasses. The original educated and kind aura changed suddenly, and the gloom in his eyes was fully revealed.

Yao Chuan saw the state of the two people and involuntarily sat up straight. He had a stinky face all afternoon, but it finally eased. “This is a bit interesting.”

Qin Yue and Yao Chuan exchanged looks and smiled silently.

Yes, it was interesting to watch excellent actors act together.

“Yunqi, you have to carefully observe their acting status,” Yao Chuan instructed the only newcomer present.

Ji Yunqi was a gifted person, and Yao Chuan hoped that the other person could learn self-awareness as an onlooker.

Ji Yunqi sat in his seat and nodded seriously. “Yes, Director.”


A minute later, Yao Chuan took the initiative to shout, “Action!”

Chen Xi, played by Ji Li, knelt on the ground. The inhumane torture of the drug dealers had left him covered in injuries.

At this moment, his unguarded shoulders collapsed, and he was unable to lift his head.

Even breathing was painful.

Ji Li’s fingers trembled slightly like he was struggling with himself.

No, he couldn’t die yet.

He hadn’t found his brother or the truth of that year. He hadn’t completed the task given to him by the organization. He… he wanted to go back and see his parents.

Step, step, step.

There was the chilling sound of leather shoes stepping on the ground.

Ji Li’s body trembled slightly. Then his collapsed figure became upright, and the fragile aura dissipated. He seemed to have become the invincible narcotics undercover agent again.

Obvious appreciation appeared in Qin Yue’s eyes when he saw this.

He had to say that Ji Li had already controlled this character within his ability.

Chen Xi was an undercover agent whose identity was revealed, but he wasn’t a waste who was greedy for life and afraid of death!

At this moment, he was a representative of the narcotics police in China, and behind him were thousands of ordinary people.

Therefore, he couldn’t admit defeat in the face of these vicious drug dealers.

He would never throw in the towel until the moment of death!

Yuan Yifei obviously noticed the change in Ji Li’s aura. He stood half a meter away from the other person and sneered. “I heard people say that you are still being stubborn?”

Yuan Yifei’s lines weren’t bad.

In just one sentence, the poisonous cruelty hidden by the big drug lord was vividly displayed.

On the sidelines, Ji Yunqi shivered. He felt that this person would send someone to break Ji Li’s bones in the next second.

The show had just begun.

Ji Li raised his head and looked at this figure standing against the light. Shi Ye, the top drug lord in Southeast Asia.

He held his breath. “…I naturally have to be tough. How else could I wait until you came forward to see me in person?”

Yuan Yifei was already laughing, and in the blind of an eye, he raised his foot and kicked like he was seeing garbage. Ji Li seized the opportunity and pretended to fall backwards.

The heavy and dull sound of him falling to the ground verified the strength of this kick.

Ji Li gritted his teeth and held his breath at the right time to turn his face red.

The veins on his forehead suddenly bulged, and an extremely depressed cough emanated from his chest. It was as if he was suffering enormous pain.

“I have tortured 40 or 50 little policemen like you who were still arrogant and stubborn at the point of death.” Yuan Yifei took two steps closer and looked at him in a condescending manner. “Do you know what I like to see you look like the most?”

Ji Li’s hands and feet were ‘bound’. He forced himself to get up from the ground sideways, but ended up falling back weakly.

Yuan Yifei kicked him in the face and playfully enunciated each word. “It is the moment when the addiction hits.”

The self-righteous man eventually became an addict begging for mercy.

Ji Li heard this, and a trace of hatred appeared in his eyes.

On the first day he was tortured after his identity was revealed, the drug dealers had injected something into his body once a day.

For people who were exposed to this for the first time, the interval between attacks would be around 10 days.

He gradually felt powerless. It might not be long before he became the person he hated the most, losing his mind and becoming like this group of da*ned dealers.

If that time really came, then he would end his life without hesitation!

Yuan Yifei stared at his resolute eyes and showed a contemptuous smile. “You should consider yourself lucky. I brought something good today.”

He turned around, fiddled with the table, and grabbed a pen.

Qin Yue and the others watching knew that this was a prop that was simulating a ‘needle.’

Ji Li stared at the back of the drug lord, and imperceptible fear appeared in his eyes.

Yuan Yifei turned around and deftly flicked the needle with his fingers, revealing a proud and ostentatious appearance. “This is the newly synthesized MK0 hallucinogen. I heard it only takes three minutes to take effect.”

“How about it? Do you want to give it a try?”

“You won’t feel any pain as long as I gently prick you.”

Every time Yuan Yifei took a step forward, he dropped a light and casual sentence. It was bewitching with a chill.

Ji Li gritted his teeth and propped up his upper body. He looked at the eyes full of malicious amusement and strongly refused. “Take your nonsense away and die together with me!”

“I really don’t know how your parents gave birth to a bedbug like you!”

Yuan Yifei’s smile froze and killing intent burst out from his eyes.

The eyes of the two met from a high and low direction, intertwining in mid-air. A layer of wonderful character tension was formed invisibly.

Yao Chuan’s hands hidden under the table clenched into fists and smashed fiercely against his thighs. ‘Great!’

Originally, the audition should’ve ended here.

Yao Chuan was just about to open his mouth to praise them when Qin Yue raised a hand to stop him. The latter silently signaled with his lips:

Let them continue.

Both of them were still immersed, so don’t rush to call ‘cut.’

Yuan Yifei crouched down and grabbed Ji Li’s chin with one hand. “Four years ago, a young policeman who didn’t know the earth and the sky also said this to me. What was his name?”

He paused for a few seconds before throwing out a name like trash. “Ah Shui?”

Ji Li’s eyes changed abruptly.

His mother’s name had the character ‘Xi (creek)’ in it, so Father Chen deliberately took apart the name of his lover and named his eldest son Chen Deshui )Shui= water/river) and his youngest son Chen Xi.

An undercover agent hiding in a drug den naturally wouldn’t be stupid enough to use their real name. The name Ah Shui was simple and popular. In addition, the ‘four years’ reported by the other person was completely consistent with the time when his brother disappeared.

He reacted almost instantly.

Yuan Yifei continued to speak in a calm and terrible manner.

“Guess what I did to him? I had his fingers and toes cut off and his eyes gouged out. He had more than 20 bloody holes pierced in his body, and I left him with only a tongue that could speak.”

“He was the most stubborn narcotics officer that I have ever met. It is a pity he was too naive and actually believed there were good people in a group of drug dealers.”

“Who made him believe in people he shouldn’t? He thought he could hold out until the end? He fell short.”

Trust people he shouldn’t?

What did this mean?

Ji Li’s eyes quickly reddened, and he gritted his teeth. “Where is that person? What did you do to him?”

Seeing his angry expression, Yuan Yifei replied with interest, “I put him in a mountain wolf’s den. He has already been…”


Ji Li roared tearfully. He suddenly broke free of his ‘restraints’ and knocked Yuan Yifei down to the ground with a head bump. He used his arms and feet and used all his strength to suppress the latter on the ground.

The ‘needle’ had fallen to one side. Ji Li picked it up in a trembling manner and aimed the tip of the needle at the neck of the person under him.

Yuan Yifei was stunned by the pain in his back. He looked up and met the eyes of the young man which were filled with hatred.

He was no longer the stubborn little policeman. He had become a demon from hell here to take revenge. His entire body exuded a terrifying killing intent.

Yuan Yifei’s heartstrings suddenly tightened.

The aura of confrontation between the two of them momentarily tilted.

Ji Li’s sense of the scene overwhelmed him!

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