IPCFS: Chapter 52 Part 1

Ji Li’s group had just walked to the door of the dressing room when they heard the exaggerated discussion happening inside.

“If it wasn’t for the high price from Party A, I wouldn’t have listened to your instigation and traveled thousands of miles to shoot an advertisement here.”

“I don’t know what they are thinking. A small Chinese star was invited to shoot a perfume commercial, and they believe that we can create a new classic together? What is he called? Ji, Ji Li? What a twisted Chinese name.”

“Thinking back, Goddess Audrey was already a popular actress when I shot the advertisement with her.”

“Do they think that just anyone can film a perfume commercial? Perfume is a luxurious and exquisite product. If the person doesn’t have that unique temperament, then I will not have the inspiration  to find beauty in the shoot.”

“…I really hope that I’m not lowering my own value with this shoot.”

There was a heavy sigh from inside, as if the other person was worried about the next filming shoot.

The other person spoke English, but he had a strong French accent. His identity could be distinguished from his words and actions.

Ji Li froze in place, unsure for a moment if he should open the door and enter.

Suddenly, Qin Yue approached him from behind and whispered to him in a comforting manner, “Don’t worry about it. Adolphe has no filter, and he is harsh on everyone.”

Qin Yue was very confident in the young man’s ability.

There were many advertisement actors who were driven to tears when they took on Adolphe’s commercials. Even so, they would still rush to the interview whenever they heard that he was casting for a new advertisement.

The reason was simple.

Adolphe’s aesthetic ability was completely unparalleled, and the beauty of all actors could reach a new height under his lens.

Over the years, all the commercials he filmed had become popular, and he had won many awards in the advertising industry.

“Believe me, he will apologize to you later for saying these words. You have the ability.”

Qin Yue’s comforting voice rang in his ears, and Ji Li’s mood was only depressed for a moment before breaking free.

The man’s deep voice entered his ears, and the slightly warm breath created a tingling itch, making Ji Li completely unable to worry or care about other things.

After the drama was aired, netizens praised Xie Yan’s lines for being good, but Ji Li felt that Qin Yue’s voice was the best.

Ji Li thought of this, and the tips of his ears turned a light red.

The next second, Qin Yue opened the door in front of him and entered. “Adolphe, I haven’t seen you in two years, and your mouth still easily offends people.”

The conversation inside stopped abruptly.

Barry Adolphe stood up from the chair in surprise. He changed from his previous mean appearance and took the initiative to stretch out his hands to Qin Yue. “Qin, why are you here? Did you purposefully come to see me?”


Qin Yue was silent for a moment. Then, he remembered the young man behind him and answered in a duplicitous manner, “Of course, I came to see you. Director Adolphe, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

The two of them briefly hugged before separating.

Adolphe saw three figures behind the man and his eyes narrowed.

He soon noticed the young man standing in the middle.

Under the illumination of the overhead light at the door, the skin of the other person without makeup was surprisingly good. It was so white and tender that it looked like it could be broken with a light blow. Against the backdrop of the fair complexion, the black mole on the bridge of his nose seemed to be shining brightly.

The young man’s eyes were very light and vaguely showed the unfamiliarity of seeing a stranger.

He had come here with Qin. So he should’ve heard the conversation just now?

Adolphe realized this fact, but his realization was replaced by a special emotion in his heart. This man had a great temperament! His exact image was pure yet lustful, which was exactly in line with the advertising image that he wanted!

As an advertising director with great aesthetics, Adolphe was a real face con. In less than 30 seconds after seeing the young man, he completely fell for the other person’s beauty.

“Qin, is this the protagonist of our advertisement today?”

Adolphe made a decision in his heart before he even heard the answer.

No, the young man in front of him had to be the protagonist of the advertisement.

Even if ‘Ji Li’ was someone else, he would definitely persuade Party A to change the subject.

If Party A refused to agree, he would find a way to convince this young man to shoot another advertisement for him!

Ji Li was confused by Adolphe’s sudden burning gaze and froze for a few seconds before stepping forward under Qin Yue’s eyes.

Qin Yue took the opportunity to gently grab Ji Li’s shoulders and brought him to Adolphe’s side, his tone rising slightly, “Adolphe, you’ve guessed it right. This is the protagonist of today’s advertisement, Ji Li.”

“He is a great actor, and you will definitely like him. So please don’t say such hurtful words like just now.”

The distance narrowed, and Adolphe confirmed that Ji Li’s skin was really white and tender. His pores were almost ‘invisible’ and disappeared. In addition, his bone anatomy hidden under his delicate skin simply combined the top aesthetics of Chinese people.

Ji Li’s mind returned, and he greeted Adolphe in standard French. “Hello, Director, I am Ji Li. I am honored to be the male protagonist of your advertisement. Since we are meeting for the first time, please advise me on how to proceed.”

How could he show the most sincere of greetings to a foreign director? In his opinion, it was necessary to use the other person’s native tongue.

The moment the young man’s greeting emerged, it wasn’t just Adolphe and the styling team who were surprised. Qin Yue and the people familiar with Ji Li were also surprised.

At the rear, Yu Fuya and Qi An looked at each other. They obviously hadn’t expected this young man who grew up in the countryside to speak such fluent and standard French.

Qin Yue fixed his gaze on Ji Li’s body without moving, and an uncontrollable smile appeared in his eyes.

This young man never showed off, but he was far better than anyone thought.

Adolphe rubbed his hands together excitedly and was overjoyed. “Little cutie, your appearance is the biggest surprise for me today. In order to express my welcome to you, I am willing to communicate with you in Mandarin throughout the entire process.”

Adolphe had once studied at the Chinese School of Fine Arts for two years and minored in Chinese. He was indeed a scholar who had deeply studied the aesthetics of various countries.

He finished speaking and gave Ji Li a familiar hug. “I offended you with my words just now. I ask for your forgiveness.”

Adolphe decisively admitted the ‘nonsense’ before they met and threw it out.

Who cared about the slap on his face? He liked this little cutie.

Adolphe walked around Ji Li. “I strongly suspect that you are the muse I have been looking for. I am now full of inspiration for the next filming.”

The French had always been enthusiastic when expressing things. At this moment, Adolphe was full of compliments for Ji Li.

Ji Li paused for a few seconds before getting used to the rhythm of the other person’s words.

“Little cutie, have you seen the advertisement script?”

He held up the script he was holding in his hand. “Mr Adolphe, to be honest, I just got the script and was planning on reading it while my makeup is done.”

“Don’t be nervous, and just take a look. I can completely grasp your beauty.” Adolphe poked the young man’s chest with a confident finger. Through the soft fabric, a particularly good sensation was found.

Qin Yue’s eyes dimmed for a moment when he saw this movement and he changed the subject. “Adolphe, you have to give them time to do the makeup.”

“Of course, I have to go to the filming site to check it, but there won’t be any problems.” Adolphe’s enthusiasm increased significantly, and he didn’t forget to take Qin Yue away when leaving.

Ji Li sighed with relief and turned to look at Yu Fuya.

The latter had witnessed the whole scene and smiled while proudly praising him, “I said that your face is the biggest weapon in the entertainment industry.”

The moment she finished speaking, one of the members of the makeup team in the room spoke.

“Mr Ji Li, please sit down. We have to put on your headgear.”

Since they were advertising a national style perfume, everyone unanimously decided to use the advertising image of a ‘national style handsome man’ to present it. The ancient headgear was naturally indispensable.

“Okay,” Ji Li calmly answered and sat down.

Costume styling was always troublesome, but Ji Li was very used to the established process.

Nearly two hours later, the advertising makeup was finally completed.

The costume designer brought over a pale yellow silk satin dressing gown. It was an imitation of the ancient buttoned Chinese tunic style. The fabric was light and thin, and it was also faintly transparent.

Ji Li was obviously a bit surprised when he saw the clothes.

This outfit…wasn’t it too revealing?

The costumer looked at him and then at his agent Yu Fuya, explaining with a smile, “Don’t worry, it won’t expose you. We just want this type of hazy beauty.”

An advertisement was shot for the target audience.

Ying’s Perfume was mainly women’s perfume. As a spokesperson, Ji Li naturally had to use his beauty to attract and conquer this target audience group.

What did girls like? Any beauty that was at the extreme peak.

The lens composition should be beautiful, the advertising scenery should be beautiful, and the advertising character image should be beautiful.

Yu Fuya had obviously seen many storms, and she just teased him while persuading him, “As an actor, you have to wear it if the role demands it. Don’t worry, our company team will review the advertisement.”

Ji Li exhaled deeply but still cooperated to take the clothes and go into the dressing room. Fortunately, he saw that the pants were still normal. They were just a bit shorter and would show his ankles.


10 minutes later.

Ji Li arrived at the studio on the 10th floor. The shooting scene had been arranged into an ancient bedroom. There was a large wooden carved bed and a circle of goose-yellow light silk gauze around it.

As the candles flickered, the light and shadow overflowed with unparalleled beauty.

On the bed, from left to right, there was fragrant sandalwood with agarwood, small and round pears, fruit wine of the same color, and glass cups. In addition, yellow-white fresh flowers were scattered on the ground.

Everything brought about a seductive, sweet aroma.

“Yesterday’s palace banquet was fragrant, and the scent of goose pear was fragrant.”

Ji Li had read the script of the advertisement, and the general content was about a noble lord returning to his bedroom in a hazy and drunk manner after attending a grand banquet. He fell asleep with the aroma and the good wine.

It was the end of winter so Ji Li put on a down jacket on top of the clothes for the advertisement.

Ji Li had always looked stunning in ancient clothes. The recently popular Xie Yan proved this. Therefore, even if he only showed his makeup and hair, he still attracted the attention of the foreign team members.

Some workers burst out with praise when they saw him.

“My god, is he the protagonist of today’s advertisement? So beautiful.”

“Can I go up and ask him for his contact information?” A male staff member was eager to move. “He looks very delicious.”

Ji Li’s mouth twitched.

Very delicious? What type of bizarre compliment was that?

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Brother Yue would agree that he looks delicious but would throw death glares around at anyone else who thinks that xD

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Sighs… All foreign interactions in Chinese novels are so awkward… and I don’t understand where the misconception that English speakers call Chinese people by their family name came from. Nobody except for Japanese people goes around casually calling people by their family name unless they add a title before it.