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IPCFS: Chapter 51 Part 2

At the same time, it wasn’t just the fan circle that exploded but also the hot search on Weibo.

-The related topic of #Ji Li Xie Yan# was bought by the drama team as a reserve on the hot search list before episode 6 aired.

At this time, it had only been half an hour since the episode ended, and this topic had climbed to 6th place on the hot search. There was a continuous upward trend.

The real-time comments were all praise for Ji Li. It was no longer just fans who contributed to the popularity of the topic. Many more drama fans and new netizens entered the pit.

-Ji Li is absolutely amazing! Xie Yan is absolutely amazing! My sister is already holding her phone and waiting for me to watch it a second time on the website.

-Xie Yan doesn’t have the shadow of the beggar Song Zhao at all. I heard that the shooting time between the two characters was just half a month apart. How did Ji Li do it? He is too strong.

-My mother and I watched it live on TV. She praised him from head to toe and asked me to find such a boyfriend. I would love that, but I can’t find it [crying and laughing].

-My father as well! He usually dislikes this type of costume drama and little newcomer the most. Then he saw Xie Yan today and was full of praise for Ji Li.

-Don’t talk about my parents. My grandmother usually goes to bed at 9 o’clock. Tonight is the first time she accompanied me to watch episode 6. After Xie Yan appeared, she even went to the TV to watch it [attached photo].

-Hahahaha, Ji is absolutely amazing. Men and women, young and old, he takes them all!

The real-time remarks in the hot search topic showed everything. Ji Li’s Weibo fans skyrocketed, showing that his ability to attract fans was unparalleled.

In the early morning of the next day, the latest TV drama ratings were released.

The drama ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ won as champion of the evening ratings with an average rating of over 2%. In particular, once Xie Yan appeared, the ratings kept rising, and the highest value reached 2.6!

It must be known that for any drama on TV, the ratings breaking 2% meant it was trending toward being a popular breakout!

In addition, Ji Li’s Xie Yan single-handedly brought the ratings to another level!

The drama team was happy and directly uploaded a behind the scenes video of Ji Li’s fight scene as feedback.

In the behind the scenes video, the young man hung from the wire and completed the extremely difficult martial arts in one go.

The ‘stand-in’ remarks from the black fans were instantly extinguished. They found that Ji Li’s Xie Yan was so perfect that there were no loopholes at all. They could only endure it sourly.

The fans and netizens who slept late during the holiday forwarded the behind the scenes on Weibo. Even without the help of Ji Li’s fans, the data on Weibo easily exceeded 10,000.

Everything was enough to show the degree of recognition of this drama in the hearts of the audience.

In the first week of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth,’ Xie Yan appeared in one episode, and there was a consensus in the TV circle.

This TV drama was definitely going to explode!

Ji Li, who just showed his face on the big screen in the movie industry, would now dominate the TV small screen for a long time to come!


Ten days later.

The western suburbs of Shanghai, a studio for the entertainment industry.

Ji Li arrived at the address on his mobile phone and saw Yu Fuya as soon as he entered the garden. “Sister Yu.”

Yu Fuya beckoned to him and handed over a copy of the filming process. “Take a look? I just got the script for the advertisement, and the time is a bit urgent. Even so, I believe you can digest the content quickly.”

Ji Li came here today to shoot a video commercial for Ying’s Perfume.

Three days ago, they received news that Ying’s Perfume had revised the contract.

Not only did the other person increase the endorsement fee, but they also changed the publicity style from a single print advertisement to a TVC video advertisement shooting.

Once filming of the advertisement was completed, it would be aired on major online social platforms, satellite TV, and offline media.

At first glance, it was a marketing model where it was promoted everywhere.

Yu Fuya originally couldn’t understand why Ying’s Perfume suddenly became so ‘rich and powerful.’ Then she inquired about it in detail and learned that the Ji Group, a business giant, suddenly invested in it.

She was surprised while she also sighed at Ji Li’s excellent prejudgment.

Ying’s Perfume might have beena small brand, but under the ‘explosive’ marketing promotion in the future, the brand’s popularity would definitely increase.

The promotional advertisements would be all over the place, and this would increase the familiarity of the spokesperson Ji Li to an offline audience. This was an absolutely good thing.

The two of them walked into the filming high-rise building in Block A. Ji Li read through the script and wondered, “Sister Yu, why did the time of the commercial filming suddenly change?”

It was the Spring Festival holiday, and the original filming time was set for five days later. This was why Ji Li gave Baozi a short annual leave.

“The Ji Group is very attentive to the new perfume brand they cooperated with. I heard that they invited the director Barry Adolphe. The big shot is busy, so he could only spare these two days to film.”

“He brought his own team to film, and they don’t celebrate the Spring Festival abroad.”

The Barry Adolphe mentioned by Yu Fuya was a famous French advertising director. The once-popular deep-sea perfume advertisement of the luxury brand Oman was his handiwork.

At that time, the popularity of the advertisement made Ms Audrey, an already popular spokesperson, directly rise to the pinnacle to become a goddess.

She was still active in the hearts of the French people by relying on this advertisement.

“Ji Li, how are you with foreign languages?” Yu Fuya was a bit worried. “I heard that Adolphe has a very strange temper and is strict with the actors in his advertisements.”

She paused before explaining, “Wait a while for the filming. If you can’t stand it, then don’t panic. Sister Yu will support you in everything.”

Ji Li’s lips curved up slightly like he wasn’t worried about this at all.

The two of them stepped into the elevator. Ying Yuanjing, who hadn’t been seen in a long time, arrived. In addition, there was a tall man standing beside him. The handsome and extraordinary facial features were extremely impactful.

The man’s eyes were indifferent, and even the occasional nods were filled with a sense of nobility. He wore a standard black formal suit with a cloud patterned black-gold pin on his chest. It was low-key, yet full of connotations.

“Mr Ying.”

Ji Li pressed the door open button of the elevator and waited for the people outside to approach. Then he took the initiative to give a greeting.

Ying Yuanjing saw him and immediately smiled. “Mr Ji, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Let me introduce you. This is the executive director of the Ji Group, Ji Yunzheng.”

“Director Ji, this is the one I told you about, the spokesperson of our perfume brand—Mr Ji Li.”

Ji Yunzheng raised his eyes with an indifferent look.

They were obviously brothers, but the temperaments of Ji Yunzheng and Ji Yunqi were really different.

The oldest brother was cold to the core, while the young brother was pretending to be cold. One was cold and noble, while the other was pampered and wanton. Their temperament was really unique and really fit the phrase of ‘young master of a rich family.’

Ji Li smiled and didn’t speak. He silently retreated to the side of the elevator to give them a large space.

The elevator doors closed slowly.

Ji Li and Yu Fuya secretly looked at each other. The next second, Ji Yunzheng suddenly turned sideways and asked, “Are you very familiar with Xiao Qi?”

Ji Li only realized after a second that he was referring to Ji Yunqi.

“We are artists from the same company and there will always be some communication. Third Young Master Ji has a very good personality and he has helped me a few times.”

Ji Yunzheng’s lips briefly curved in a slight manner when he heard others praising his brother.

He scrutinized Ji Li, and his indifferent attitude finally eased when seeing the other person’s clear and calm eyes. “Xiao Qi should like you very much.”

A while ago, Ji Yunqi strongly encouraged him to book a venue and invite the employees of the group to watch a movie, which was Country and the World starring Ji Li.

Ying Yuanjing interjected at the right time. “Speaking of which, it is really thanks to the Third Young Master Ji. If it wasn’t for him taking the initiative to ask for my business card at the dinner party that day, how could my Ying’s Perfume enter Director Ji’s eyes so easily?”

Ji Li heard this and understanding flashed in his eyes.

It seemed that today’s development was inseparable from the development in the original novel.

The cooperation between Ying’s Perfume and the Ji Group wasn’t possible without Ji Yunqi’s matchmaking. Then shouldn’t this perfume spokesperson also be returned to Ji Yunqi as soon as possible?

Ji Li was thinking this when he heard Ji Yunzheng speak, “To be honest, I originally planned to give this spokesperson position to Xiao Qi, but he said you are more suitable than him.”

Ji Yunqi clearly knew his current popularity and had no intention of being a spokesperson at all. In addition, he kept praising Ji Li in front of his older brother.

“Brother, you don’t understand. He is a handsome man I personally certified!”

“I am just putting this out there. It will be a loss for us and for Ying if this perfume advertisement isn’t filmed by him!”

Ji Yunzheng had never seen his brother praise an outsider like this. In addition, Ying Yuanjing affirmed Ji Li in the same manner, so he dismissed the idea of changing the spokesperson.

In any case, it was just a one year endorsement contract. Once Ying’s Perfume was more well-known, then they could still change the spokesperson position if Ji Yunqi wanted it.

Family background was capital, and their Ji family had an unconditional preference for Ji Yunqi.

Ji Yunzheng didn’t show anything on his face, but in his heart, he wanted to wait and see. Did this young man really have such great charm, and could he handle this spokesperson position?

In the face of Ji Yunzheng’s truthful words, Ji Li didn’t show any displeasure or shame. He just bowed his head slightly. “Thank you Director Ji and Mr Ying for your attention. I will do my best to be a good spokesperson.”

Ji Yunzheng and Ji Yunqi were a family, and it made sense that they should keep good things within the family. It was natural for the former to have the idea of replacing him as spokesperson.

Since the other person was willing to give him this opportunity, he naturally had to be worthy of the truth in the coming year.

Yu Fuya opened her mouth at the right time and focused on her own artist, “Don’t worry, your choice isn’t wrong.”

The elevator stopped at the dressing room on the 6th floor.

Ying Yuanjing didn’t stop them and said with a smile, “You should go prepare first. I have an appointment to talk to Director Ji about business. We will go and check it once filming starts later.”

The fact that Ji Yunzheng was willing to take time out of his busy schedule to visit the filming studio showed the importance he placed on this perfume.

As a businessman, his vision had always been vicious and long-term. From all aspects, Ying’s Perfume had a promising future.

Ji Li maintained a proper smile and gestured slightly to the two of them. Then he walked out of the elevator with Yu Fuya.

Before they could find the specific location of the dressing room, they bumped into two familiar figures.

Ji Li was startled when he saw the man he hadn’t seen in a long time.

Surprise soon appeared in his eyes. “Brother Yue, why are you here?”

Qin Yue met his gaze and the corners of his lips curved up. “I happened to have a magazine shoot today, and I heard that Adolphe came to Shanghai. Therefore, I stopped by on the way after I finished.”

“Brother Yue, do you know Director Adolphe?”

“Yes, I worked with him on a promotional video in the past.”

Ji Li nodded without any doubts.

The studio was a photography base and many magazines chose to shoot here.

Qi An stood behind his friend and his mouth twitched.

Oh? You came to see Adolphe? I can see that you are clearly using the director as an excuse to meet Ji Li.

Oh? Your magazine was shot in the eastern suburbs, while Ji Li’s advertisement is being filmed in the western suburbs. It is in two completely opposite directions. You still call this ‘on the way?

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