IPCFS: Chapter 50 Part 2

“Sister Yu, his name is Xu Ziming and he is a contracted artist of Dream Media. He graduated and debuted at the same time as me,” Ji Li explained simply. His expression was ordinary, and he didn’t seem affected by the other person at all.

As an agent, Yu Fuya still had some understanding of the latest developments in the entertainment industry.

She quickly recognized Xu Ziming, who recently had ‘a bit of popularity,’ and asked, “Who is your agent? What about Song Lang? As the artist director of Dream Media, did Song Lan allow you to come to this type of dinner party?”

It wasn’t that Yu Fuya was narrow-minded. Most of the little stars and artists who came to this dinner party came with the intention of an ‘interest exchange.’

Ever since the scandal between He Ling and his wealthy backer was exposed, Dream Media was greatly shaken. Later, the company’s agents and artists were banned from coming to such events.

It was really strange that suddenly, Xu Ziming from Dream Media was present.

After being repeatedly slapped in the face, Xu Ziming no longer had the relaxed smile from before. He was extremely embarrassed, but his feet seemed to be fixed in place. He couldn’t move.

Xu Ziming was arrogant. After gaining a small amount of popularity from the TV drama, he didn’t like the small scripts and small endorsements that he received.

Therefore, he secretly came to this dinner party behind the backs of his agent and Song Lan in order to curry favor with some big directors and advertisers. This would allow him to secure good resources and a good future for himself.

Xu Ziming didn’t inform his company about this, so his clothing tonight couldn’t be obtained from the company’s clothing department. He had to buy a suit from a light luxury series using his own money.

In this way, he was mocked by Ji Yunqi who suddenly appeared.

Yu Fuya saw his red face and silence and guessed the truth. She brushed her hair behind her ears and warned, “I don’t care whose artist you are or how famous you are. Please take care of yourself.”

“For Ji Li’s next movie and television resource or endorsements, our Chaoying fully respects his choice and will do our best to give him the best. As a nameless junior, you don’t have to worry about this.

The words ‘nameless junior’ could be regarded as setting the style for Xu Ziming.

Becoming arrogant just because he relied on a TV drama to suddenly become popular? Once the popularity of the ‘drama fans’ passed, who would still pay attention to him?

More and more artists and guests stopped to watch.

Qi Shanhai finally came forward with a smile to smooth things over. “Okay, okay. This is just a small matter. Please give me some face and forget about it.”

Yu Fuya really didn’t want to waste time here. After a simple goodbye, she left the dinner party with Ji Li.

Xu Ziming, who asked for trouble, couldn’t wait to find a hole in the ground to dig into. It was such a big fuss that he completely lost any thought of flatting a big shot.

He was afraid that he would be punished if word of tonight’s incident reached the company.

If he had known this earlier, would he have let go of his free and easy days to find Ji Li and nitpick at him?

Xu Ziming smiled reluctantly at Qi Shanhai beside him. He was about to leave but was pulled by the latter. “Wait, what is your name?”

Xu Ziming didn’t dare to offend a big shot and introduced himself in a low voice, “President Qi, my name is Xu Ziming.”

He looked okay, didn’t have an agent around him, and seemed easy to handle.

A trace of deep meaning passed through Qi Shanhai’s eyes. He took the initiative to change the glass of champagne for the other person. “Have you heard of the Nocolan brand? I know the person in charge of their China region. I heard that they have recently been looking for a spokesperson for their sub-brand.”

Xu Ziming was visibly stunned and looked at Qi Shanhai with disbelief.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Qi Shanhai stroked his face. “I think your face is very suitable. As long as you are willing, I can find a way to give you this spokesperson contract.”

The implication in his words couldn’t be clearer.

Xu Ziming couldn’t help gripping the handle of his glass. He remembered the shame he had just suffered and exhaled deeply in response. “President Qi, I have actually admired you for a very long time.”


A day later, Chaoying Culture.

Ji Li fiddled with the two bottles of perfume in his hand with a contemplative look in his eyes. “Sister Yu, what do you think of this perfume endorsement?”

The two bottles of perfume were specially sent in the morning by Ying Yuanjing. In addition, there was an endorsement invitation contract drawn up by Ying’s Perfume overnight.

“Ying Yuanjing must’ve gained a very good impression of you at the dinner party last night. The endorsement conditions offered by their company are very attractive. However, this brand is indeed too niche. Ying’s Perfume operates a considerably small workshop compared to the other big domestic brands.” Yu Fuya closed the door and told the truth.

She vetoed it. “Based on your current popularity, there is no need to take this kind of small brand offer.”

It was the first endorsement job for Ji Li, so Yu Fuya was particularly cautious in her choice.

“You’ve been busy with movie promotions recently, so I haven’t shown you these invitations.” She placed some recent brand invitations on the table and introduced them.

“I’ve found a few for you, including an endorsement of a new beauty product, an image ambassador for a domestic veteran beverage, and a promoter for a light luxury men’s watch.”

These three brands were much more famous than Ying’s Perfume.

“Ji Li, endorsements often determine your commercial value as a star. In particular, endorsements are the first step to determining commercial value, and you must not choose randomly.”

Ji Li nodded, but shifted his gaze to Baozi.

Baozi understood the meaning of the gaze, collected the information with a smile, and handed the information to Yu Fuya to see. “Sister Yu, I have investigated the endorsement. Ying’s Perfume isn’t just engaging in a publicity stunt. It is making a real domestic, ancient style of perfume.”

“The steps they took to develop their perfumes are all in line with the inspection of relevant departments according to the full standards.”

“Their most important aspect is their customer base. They haven’t expanded to the overall market, but there are many big shots in the ancient style circle who are loyal users of their products. The high review rate of their official flagship store is 100%.”

“There is no standard perfume competition in China, but they have already qualified for the final match in the perfume competition in France. If they win, they will be on equal footing with those big brand fragrances.”

The product quality was good, and the only thing lacking was the young consumers group. Most of Ji Li’s fans were young women, and this was the core market that Ying’s Perfume lacked.

Yu Fuya raised an eyebrow slightly. “Do you want to accept?”

“I think this perfume brand has a bright future. Why don’t we sign a six month short endorsement contract and try it out? Or we can just select one of their fragrance styles. It just so happens that my next work that will be aired is a costume drama. This can more or less match the national style effect.”

Once the contract expired, if Ying’s Perfume wanted to change the spokesperson, their decision would have nothing to do with him.

Calculating the time, the endorsement wouldn’t conflict with Ji Yunqi, the original spokesperson in the book.

“Endorsements determine an artist’s commercial value, but there is no hard and fast rule that I can only accept one.” Ji Li pointed to the other product invitations on the table. “How can our Sister Ying’s vision be wrong? I don’t have to look at them to know I can accept them.”

“Okay, don’t coax me with good words.” Yu Fuya was amused because of him. “Where is this place? If I fight a bit more, I can find a way to win it for you in the future.”

“Sister Yu, what about the endorsement contract for Ying’s Perfume?”

“Okay, I’ll find time to talk to Ying’s Perfume. This brand might be small, but it is very attentive to you. We can accept being its spokesperson.”

Ji Li and Baozi exchanged a look, and the latter handed two bottles of perfume over to Yu Fuya. “Sister Yu, these are brand new and they were for you.”

“Am I someone who can easily be bribed by two bottles of perfume?” Yu Fuya said as she opened a perfume and tried spraying it twice into the air.

In an instant, a sweet but not greasy smell dissipated. It was like a garden full of pear stamens blooming in the early morning. There was a faint refreshing fragrance.

Yu Fuya was a person who loved to use perfume. She was stunned for a moment, and a bit of surprise appeared in her eyes.

“It doesn’t seem that bad?” Under the gazes of Ji Li and Baozi, she pretended to calmly put the two bottles of perfume in her coat pocket and walked out.


The Spring Festival holiday officially began, and the long-awaited New Year’s Eve blockbuster ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ was officially aired.

The broadcast time arranged by the drama team was very clever. It aired six episodes a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This took advantage of the popularity of the Spring Festival holiday. Then, once the holiday was over, they could occupy the evening traffic on the rest days.

Xie Yan, who was played by Ji Li, appeared relatively late in the drama. Even so, the airing of the first four episodes created a hot discussion from all sides.

There were those who discussed the makeup of the protagonists and those who discussed the rhythm of the plot. Apart from a few brainless black fans of the drama, almost all the passersby praised it.

“Miaomiao looks good in the clothes in episode 4! The makeup is also online. Are there any beauty bloggers who can create a video tutorial?”

“Ahhh, Zhou Qingming is so handsome!”

“I am a book fan. I currently give the TV drama full marks. The rhythm is completely online, and the plot hasn’t been magically changed. Let’s look at episodes 5 and 6 tonight. If it is the same as before, then the initial rating of the drama is definitely above 9 points.”

“Did you watch the preview last night? Is Xie Yan, played by Ji Li, finally about to appear?”

“Answering the sister upstairs, yes! According to the original plot, Xie Yan is about to appear. I’m looking forward to Ji Li!”

At the same time, Ji Li received a publicity notice from the drama.

He deliberately took the official stills and posted a simple Weibo: Tonight, see you with Xie Yan.

Ji Li wasn’t someone who loved publicity and specifically didn’t notify his friends in the circle to forward it after the drama was aired. Even so, once the drama announcement was posted on Weibo, Feng Cheng and the others who worked with him in the movie actively forwarded it one by one.

The most surprising thing was that Qin Yue, who hadn’t been online for a long time, suddenly went online and forwarded Ji Li’s Weibo.

This man had always been less talkative on Weibo, and he didn’t post any extra text this time. It was a simple forward, but the comments below it quickly broke 10,000.

It could be seen that Qin Yue had been an actor for a long time, but he hadn’t lost his popularity.

-Brother Yue, can you be more active when posting on your own Weibo? [crying and laughing.jpg.]

-Xie Yang is here. Will Royal Uncle be far away? Looking forward to Xie Chenyuan!

-Ahhh, Brother Yue, I love you, I love you! I have already seen the movie five times.

-Brother Yue is appearing in a TV drama after a long time. Once your role is online, I will immediately follow the drama.

The comments at the top were dominated by Yue fans and the style looked normal.

After all, Qin Yue was starring in the drama as Regent Xie Chenyuan. It was beyond reproach for the man to forward the publicity of a character that was relevant to his own role.

However, in a Weibo group called ‘Chinese Rose’ is real, a group of CP fans was at the point of fainting from the candy.

@Group Owner Staking a Claim on the Meng: During the release of the movie on New Year’s Day, Brother Yue didn’t even post a Weibo to promote his own movie! 10 days later, Brother Yu reposted Ji Li’s business Weibo post when going online. The time of the forwarding is also Baby Ji Li’s birthday!

“Sisters! Tell me loudly! Do you ship it?”

In the blink of an eye, the group went crazy.

“I ship it, I ship it! I ship it to death! I ship it to death!”

“Wuwuwuw, he really loves Ji Li!”

“I can’t breathe! Looking for an oxygen cylinder! The time spent eating sugar is mine, and the rest of the time belongs to you. The quality is coming! [Dog head.jpg.]

“Help! I can be a fake, but Chinese Rose must be real!”

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