IPCFS: Chapter 48 Part 1

A little cat who wakes up and acts in a spoiled manner?

Ji Li stood in place and hesitated for several seconds. He thought it would be fine.

They had scored a sufficient nine points in a limited amount of time. They had long surpassed Yuan Yifei’s team and had sealed the victory of the team in advance.

“Brother, do it quickly!”

“Ji Li, we are looking forward to it!”

People in the audience shouted and the online barrage also exploded.

Many CP fans who secretly shipped the brothers were excited, and they all gave Yuan Yifei a thumbs up in advance. ‘Yuanbao, well done. From now on, we will recognize you as a fan of CP fans!’

They were looking forward to Ji Li’s performance as a cute kitten and looking forward to him acting spoiled with Qin Yue even more! Ah, it was cute just thinking about it!

The host smiled and asked, “Ji Li, there is still a minute and a half left. Don’t you want to get full points?”

Qin Yue immediately caught sight of the young man’s reddish ears. The sound of coaxing kept coming from behind him and a deep meaning appeared in his eyes. He calmly picked up the microphone and wondered aloud, “Is this phrase difficult? Would you like to give it a try?”

“—It isn’t difficult!”

The audience spoke in unison and replaced Ji Li’s answer.

Ji Li shook his head helplessly. He had to walk to the edge of the sofa and wave at the man. “Brother Li, come here.”

“Yes.” Qin Yue approached very quickly and was cooperative.

The host gave him a reminder before starting. “Ji Li, you can’t make a sound.”

A cat meowing was too recognizable after all.

Ji Li made an ‘OK’ sign. The next second, he curled up on the sofa in front of everyone’s eyes.

He was clearly 1.8 meters tall, but he looked small at this moment.

The young man closed his eyes. He first moved his head slightly and then curled up his hands and feet to relax.

The director’s lens was shot very powerfully, and a close-up fell directly on the hands of the young man.

It could be seen that his hands that were in small fists slowly relaxed. His slender five fingers stretched out and tensed hard. There was a comfortable sound from his throat and he slowly raised his eyelids.

His eyes were faint and there seemed to be a bit of mist inside them. The small eyes that were ignorant and innocent made people feel the urge to embrace them in an instant.

Qin Yue’s eyes darkened when he saw the young man’s appearance and he quickly stabilized again.

Netizens saw this close-up and the barrage remarks became excited again.

-Absolutely! This is how my cat wakes up every day! It always stretches its body first, and then moves its small paws back and forth several times. Even the purring sound was the same! My kitten makes this sound when it has slept happily!

-Ahhh! That’s it! I suspect that Ji Li is the reincarnation of a cat spirit! Come help me touch him. Does he have a pair of hidden cat ears on his head?

-So cute! F*k! He is really cute!

-I don’t own a cat, but I think that Ji Li’s performance is too vivid and meticulous! Great acting!

-I’m sure that Ji Li himself is definitely a slave to cats! An average person wouldn’t notice the details of this small animal at all! Cat owners in the world are family, love and love.

As the barrage was exploding, Ji Li already started to hypnotize himself. ‘I am an actor, I have to be professional.’

He looked at Qin Yue, who was close to him, and forcibly suppressed the shame in his heart. Then he started the next step.

The Ji Li kitten tilted his head and rubbed his head back and forth against the back of the man’s hand. A ‘meow’ sound came out for a moment but stopped abruptly because he thought of the host’s reminder. This sounded particularly soft and seductive.

This was a cat’s reaction when it was acting spoiled. They hoped to attract the attention of their owner and get a gentle touch.

Snow Cake always pestered him with such actions when he was at home.


“Ji Li is so cute! Baby Ji Li is the best!”

The audience at the scene found it cute, and the online netizens were also trembling.

-Help! I am getting a nosebleed!

-Ji Li, why is he like this? This d*mn cute charm! I can’t stand it any longer!

-Thank you Yuanbao! This topic is wonderful~

-Camera, quickly cut to Brother Yue’s face! I want to see his reaction! Hurry up!

Just on time, the on-site executive camera received a command and moved the live broadcast camera to Qin Yue’s face.

Qin Yue’s face was very pale and one could find that his jaw was tense if they looked closely.

The young man’s warm forehead suddenly touched the back of his hand and a tingling itch surged into Qin Yue’s heart. His fingertips tightened for a moment and he had to suppress his true emotions in public.

A trace of deep meaning flashed in his eyes. He originally had the correct answer, but this time, he only spoke in an ambiguous manner, “A little animal who just woke up?”

“No! Say the whole thing!” Someone from the audience judged on behalf of the host and coaxed him again, “Ji Li, there is still time to continue acting. Teacher Qin Yue will continue to guess.”

The atmosphere was unprecedentedly warm.

Ji Li was encouraged by everyone, but he still couldn’t resist the strong shame in his heart. His face was slightly red and he covered it with a bit of embarrassment.

The actions he did just now were completely based on Snow Cake and all the details were done. Brother Yue had guessed smoothly the entire time. Why was he stuck here?

The host glanced at the time. “There are 30 seconds left. Do you want to try again?”

Ji Li never felt that the time was so long. He let out a breath, rubbed against the back of Qin Yue’s hand again and finally made a ‘cheating’ soft meowing sound.

This sound was simply charming in everyone’s hearts.

A smile appeared in Qin Yue’s eyes. It was only when the countdown had reached three seconds that he said the answer. “A little cat who wakes up and acts in a spoiled manner to its owner.”

The host exclaimed, “The answer is absolutely correct!”

Ji Li was freed from the game. Once he came out, his face was red with shame and he didn’t dare look directly at Qin Yue.

Help, why didn’t he feel so ashamed when acting opposite this person previously?!

He glanced at the ‘culprit’ who asked the question. Yuan Yifei was standing on the side of the stage and following the audience’s actions. He looked completely excited to watch the play and eat melons.


Ji Li felt hot all over and wished that this matter could be forgotten quickly.

Who would’ve thought that after completing the game, Qin Yue would pick up the topic and give praise for the first time. “Yes, the cat is very cute.”

The moment he spoke, overwhelming screams almost tore off the roof of the studio.

The online barrage also fell into an uncontrollable trend of ‘ahhhhhh’. It filled the entire screen and even completely covered the guests.

Originally, there was a small number of Yue fans who felt that Ji Li was ‘hyping CP.’ They were about to attack when they heard Qin Yue’s praise and chose to be silent.

Okay, if Brother Yue said it was cute, then it was cute. They would go back and take a look. After all, Ji Li acted quite realistically.

They were so unprincipled in front of their idol.

Suddenly, a long barrage full of the smell of money floated past.

-Did you see the corner of Brother Yue’s mouth that just snickered? I swear by my happiness for the rest of my life, Brother Yue definitely did it on purpose! He clearly guessed it from the beginning! As a result, he deliberately guessed wrong in order to see Ji Li act as a kitten for a while!

The online netizens recovered and started to respond.

-I let out a ‘good guy’ on the spot. I didn’t expect Teacher Qin Yue to be such a person! He made Ji Li’s entire face red!

-Is it the cat that is cute? It is Ji Li who is cute! I ship it, thanks!

-I want to interview Brother Yue. Watching Ji Li’s kitten acting spoiled with you, did you secretly feel cool in your heart?

-Help, I’m only a career fan! Ahh, why did I unknowingly follow the sugar in the barrage? What about my dentist? My teeth are going to be sweetened!

-I want to be sober. I’m here to ship the Full Moon CP! However, the interaction between Brother Yue and Ji Li is really loving.

Both those online and offline were blushing and had fast heart beats. Only the host remained absolutely awake.

He announced that Qin Yue and Ji Li had won the competition and brought over a mysterious gift box prepared by the program team.

“You two, this is a surprise prepared by the program team for your brothers. Shall we open it and take a look at it now?”

Ji Li and Qin Yue exchanged looks. Under the tacit approval of the other person’s eyes, the former took the initiative to open the box and reveal the prize of the competition. In just a moment, both of them showed surprised expressions.

There was a fresh grapefruit exuding a fresh fragrance in the box. This hadn’t appeared on the table beforehand.

The screen behind the stage showed a small clip from the movie. It was a conversation between the Song brothers.

“Brother, I still want to eat… the grapefruit you picked for me.”

“Okay, I’ll pick it for you.”

Some viewers at the scene heard these lines and their eyes directly turned red. “Oh my god, the program team is too attentive!”

The host spoke at the right time. “You don’t need to pick the grapefruit. I want to ask our Brother Song Yi to peel a piece of it for our little Zhao’er. Would everyone agree?”

“—It is good!”

The enthusiastic response said it all.

Qin Yue took the initiative to step forward and pick up the fruit knife on one side.

Ji Li followed by his side and instructed in a low voice, “Brother Yue, be careful with your hands.”

“Don’t worry.” Qin Yue glanced at him with a smile. Then he simply slashed at the grapefruit skin.

After a while, he peeled a complete piece and directly handed it to Ji Li’s mouth.

The latter was stunned for a second but still took it with his hand before stuffing it into his mouth.

Qin Yue had always disliked personally participating in marketing but today, he surprisingly cooperated with the intention of the program group. He asked, “Zhao’er, is it delicious?”

The sweet and sour juice burst out and invaded his heart, as if to make up for the regret of the character that was hidden deep in his heart.

Ji Li gave a warm smile. “Brother, it is so sweet.”

The audience members with a low tear threshold instantly burst into tears. It was as if they were brought into the scene again by the two people in order to fill their regrets.

Excellent actors were like this. Even if the time and space were changed, they could use the lightest tone to present the role as it should be.

Yuan Yifei took the opportunity to come forward and beg. “I want to eat as well.”

Qin Yue heard this and shoved the entire grapefruit into Ji Li’s arms like it was a treasure. “Your Majesty, don’t think about it. Zhao’er has put it away.”

Everyone’s moods rose when they heard this.

-Hahaha, Your Majesty. I didn’t expect it, you also have today!

-Well done! So eager to protect his younger brother! Our Zhao’er needs to eat more, and Ji Li needs to eat more!

Yuan Yifei had naturally seen the ridicule in the barrage. He shrugged helplessly and sighed in a cooperative manner. “This king also has a lot of bitterness.”

Ji Li returned to the identity of guest actor. He smiled and unwrapped the petal to share with Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei and the director.

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