IPCFS: Chapter 47 Part 2

The audience at the scene praised him, but the online live broadcast room was haunted by sunspots.

-Are you afraid that others won’t know of your efforts? You talk about it as soon as you get the chance. Who are you showing off for? Disgusting!

This barrage immediately aroused the siege of many netizens.

-I want you to show this type of spirit!

-Get this trash out of the live broadcast room! Little brother Ji Li relied on his strength to do this. Do you need to be so disgusting?

The staff members in the background were online in real time. They found the sunspot user, blocked them immediately and kicked them out of the live broadcast room.

“In order to show this beggar group scene, I remember that Ji Li deliberately went hungry for two days without eating? It wasn’t until the end of the scene that he sat on a pony and nibbled on a small loaf of bread.”

The silent Qin Yue opened his mouth to say this. He remembered the young man who had almost fainted in his arms that morning and felt a belated pang of distress.

He wanted fans across the country to know how much effort Ji Li had put into the scene.

Zheng Anxing remembered this incident and his eyes showed appreciation again. “Yes, I remember this. It is rare to go to this degree to empathize with the character. Such perseverance is rare in newcomer actors.”

Ji Li heard Zheng Anxing’s praise and his eyes lit up.

The audience heard this and their love for Ji Li increased even more. The applause at the scene continued.

The host appropriately grasped the rhythm and brought the topic back to Yuan Yifei and Zheng Anxing. The two of them told interesting stories about what happened in the crew using their keywords.

The atmosphere in the studio became more enthusiastic and the barrages of the online netizens didn’t stop.

Finally, this interview round reached the last person.

Before the host showed the question board, the cheers at the scene and the online barrages doubled.

It had to be known that Qin Yue rarely shared funny things about the crew. Today could be regarded as an opportunity they had been waiting for!

“Teacher Qin Yue, do you want to reveal the question board yourself?” The host simply handed the board to Qin Yue.


Qin Yue smiled slightly and tore off the plastic cover on the board and placed it on the host’s seat under the stage. The next second, a completely unexpected keyword appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Delicious.” (TL: Internet slang refers to when a person originally made up their mind not to do something, only to change their mind. Similar to getting slapped in the face)

The audience members sighed in confusion while the online netizens also expressed their lack of understanding.

Yuan Yifei shook his head and took the lead in speaking. “It is really hard for me to connect this word to Qin Yue.”

After all, the word ‘delicious’ was often accompanied by the extended meaning of ‘being slapped in the face.’

Qin Yue didn’t give an answer directly and moved his questioning eyes to Ji Li. “Can you guess it?”

The young man thought about it for a moment before he turned his head with a bit of surprise. “Huh?”

Qin Yue gave a low chuckle. “Yes.”

The audience felt their heart itching with curiosity while they were also about to go crazy at the interaction between the two of them.

-Ahhhh, what are you talking about? Is it a crew secret that only the two of you know?

-Oh my god, I have been a fan of Qin Yue for 10 years. Why do I think Qin Yue is particularly active today? His aura is completely different when facing Ji Li?

-Qin Yue fan above, wait for me! I also feel that Teacher Qin Yue is different today.

-Ship, ship, ship! Ji Li guessed the meaning of ‘delicious’ with one look. So say it quickly!

The host always grasped the rhythm, so he asked about it for everyone.

“This is about Ji Li,” Qin Yue said this and his eyes were pulled back to the young man.

“In fact, the original actor who was supposed to play Song Zhao was someone else. The actor temporarily fell ill and needed to rest. The progress of the crew couldn’t be delayed, so Ji Li did come in to fill the position.”

“I also have a right to speak in this matter. At that time, Ji Li had just graduated from the company’s movie and television department. I thought he was a newcomer with no experience and was very uneasy about his acting skills.”

Director Zheng Anxing realized and smiled as Qin Yue’s old history was revealed.

“In particular, Teacher Qin Yue hadn’t met Ji Li at the time. Therefore, he threatened to let the casting director find a new substitute actor.”

In fact, the two of them were also right to consider this. A new actor could be easily overwhelmed when acting against a powerful actor.

However, this newcomer actor was Ji Li. Not only could he act, but he could act very well.

Qin Yue shook his head slightly and willingly admitted, “Later, I watched Ji Li’s first scene and thought he could act. Then after the first confrontation scene, I decided that he was Zhao’er.”

Ji Li remembered the situation of that day and added with a smile, “The casting director didn’t recognize me that day and told Brother Yue in front of me that he had found a substitute.”

“I naturally wasn’t convinced and asked Brother Yue about it on the spot.”

Qin Yue saw his smiling eyes and shrugged with ease. “It is as everyone thinks. I was a bit embarrassed and panicked. I didn’t know how to explain it.”

The audience reacted slowly when they heard this. Then they immediately laughed.

Who was Qin Yue? He was a legendary movie emperor who never made a mistake after his debut.

His vision for choosing a script was revealed well both inside and outside the circle. They praised him for his vicious vision and praised his accurate prediction. He was such a ‘number one’ character, yet he willingly confessed to falling due to Ji Li’s acting skills.

-Hahahahahahaha, I actually saw a day when Brother Yue confessed to being slapped in the face.

-No one can hide from being slapped in the face, not even God Yue. Nice job!

-A Yue fan is about to laugh. It is rare to see such an interesting side of Brother Yue.

-The other actors call him Song Zhao while Teacher Qin Yue called him Zhao’er. The name and tone are too obvious!

-Therefore, Ji Li isn’t a resource actor at all. If it wasn’t for his excellent acting skills, he would’ve been replaced by Teacher Qin and Director Zheng a long time ago! Thank you Brother Yue for confirming it and helping Ji Li slap the anti-fans in the face.

Everyone liked to hear such interesting stories about the crew. They didn’t feel that Qin Yue had lost his genius and awesomeness at all.

No matter how powerful a person was, he was still an ordinary person after the star halo faded. There would also be such ‘cognitive mistakes.’ This real slap to the face made everyone feel that Qin Yue was particularly fresh and real.

The fun interview session ended and the game session began.

The host controlled the rhythm in a timely manner. “Before the game starts, I will invite the guests to freely form two teams.”

The moment he finished speaking, Qin Yue opened his mouth. “Just follow the existing seats and save time.”

The grouping was decided with these words.

Yuan Yifei glanced at the rarely active Qin Yue and immediately understood. “I just wanted to be in a team with the director.”

The Full Moon CP fans who were waiting to eat sugar were disappointed, but there were many fans who cheered.

-Brother Yue is truly taking the initiative today.

-I am certain that Brother Yue just wants to team up with Ji Li! There are only four people in total and it isn’t a waste of time to form groups. This excuse is too perfunctory haha.

Qin Yue’s fans didn’t deliberately come out to control the scenes. The netizens loved to join in the fun and to fool around. Just let them be.

In any case, it has been so long since Brother Yue debuted and there was no scandal. As his fans, they were relieved. Besides, their idol  rarely took the initiative. They were also happy to see it succeed.

The setting of the game was very simple. It was another form of ‘heart has a tacit exchange’ interaction.

Each side wrote down 10 sets of descriptions on a blank piece of paper. Then one person in the group would act it out while the other one guessed. The group that guessed the most in the specified time would receive a reward from the show.

Ji Li took the pen and paper from a staff member’s hands and looked at Qin Yue in a confused manner. “Brother Yue, what do we write?”

Qin Yue approached him with a look of victory. “Just write it casually. In any case, their group can’t win.”

“Director, I want to complain! The other team is openly suppressing their opponent before the start of the game!” Yuan Yifei jumped out and shouted, causing more laughter offline and online.

Both groups prepared quickly.

Yuan Yifei and Zheng Anxing played first. The former acted it out while the latter guessed. The two of them confidently played the game but became stuck at the first one.

Yuan Yifei struggled for a long time but Zheng Anxing couldn’t guess it.

“Director, can you do it? The audience has testified that I acted very well.”

“I also want to ask if you can do it? Your acting skills need to be retrained.”

“I was nominated for the Best Actor award.”

“I won a trophy for Best Director.’

The mutual hatred between the two people provoked a burst of laughter.

Ji Li obediently stood beside Qin Yue and was amused by the two people. “Brother Yue, later will you guess while I act?”

If Yuan Yifei came up with tricky topics, he was afraid that this serious man who wasn’t used to variety shows wouldn’t be able to perform well.


As the two of them talked quietly, the first group already ran out of time. Zheng Anxing guessed a total of five questions correctly.

Yuan Yifei sighed with relief and was satisfied with himself. “Yes, there is a 50% accuracy rate. Let’s wait and see. We have come up with devil questions and Qin Yue definitely won’t be able to answer them.”

The audience’s interest was aroused by his words.

At the beginning of the game, Yuan Yifei’s topics were revealed. They were all structures of adjectives + nouns. The ten sets of words were not only difficult to act out but were also difficult to guess. This was indeed very ‘abnormal!’

Everyone was secretly looking forward to seeing Qin Yue and Ji Li ‘hurrying in a panic’ during the game.

Unexpectedly, things took on a completely different rhythm from the beginning of the game.

The two brothers in the movie seemed to have opened a cheat program outside the movie.

The former could always find the right action to express it from the beginning and the sharp reaction of Qin Yue was even more exaggerated. The young man’s action had only just begun, but he already answered it accurately.

In less than 30 seconds, the two people had answered six questions accurately and directly surpassed the opposing group.

The audience was stunned while Yuan Yifei said in disbelief, “…I suspect that they installed surveillance cameras in my head. They were ready before the game even started!”

There was laughter in the barrage and some netizens said:

-Yuanbao, Brother Yue didn’t install surveillance in your mind, he installed it in Ji Li’s mind! His eyes have been glued on Ji Li from the beginning!

-Ahhh, I’m really going crazy. What did these two people do? Their brainwaves are exactly the same. Too strong!

-Wu wu wu, please engrave a perfect match on the foreheads of these two handsome men.

The two of them didn’t slow down when answering the questions at all. In less than a minute, they had already reached the last question.

For the fairness of the game, Qin Yue always had his back turned to the audience and the big screen with the live broadcast room’s barrage. The last question was revealed by the host and he clearly heard cheers erupting from behind him.

Ji Li saw the text on the question board and was obviously frightened.

This time, the topic was simple, but it caused an inexplicable feeling of shame: a little cat who wakes up and acts in a spoiled manner.

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