IPCFS: Chapter 47 Part 1

Five minutes later, Yuan Yifei was reading through the CP posts and complaining with a smile.

“Same clothing styles are common in the entertainment industry, right? Any star can wear them. The fans are too good at filling in the gaps.”

“That membership card was given to me by my agent, and I just posted it on Weibo to feel fresh. I didn’t expect the fans to misunderstand so deeply.”

“In addition, this hospital matter is even more outrageous to talk about…”

He handed his phone over to Qin Yue to look at as he spoke.

Ji Li stood between the two of them with red ears. He ate melons in front of the protagonists and even found out from the protagonists that it was fake…he hadn’t done it on purpose but he was feeling a bit ashamed.

Qin Yue watched the young man from the corner of his eyes. He felt both helpless, and also felt that Ji Li was cute.

He read the contents of the post and explained with a smile, “Previously when I was injured and hospitalized, he came to the ward room to visit in person. In fact, he asked the doctor to give him a waist injection. Then he fell asleep due to exhaustion.”

Yuan Yifei was very concerned about his filming career. He didn’t want his waist injury to affect his work and would sneak to the hospital for treatment every time.

The last time he visited, Qin Yue was hospitalized so he simply used ‘visiting’ as an excuse.

“He and I aren’t together. We are just friends who talk to each other.”

The second half was obviously said while staring at Ji Li.


Ji Li glanced at the man, and there was a subtle feeling at the tip of his heart.

Yuan Yifei shook his head with interest. “This text description and background music is too much. If I wasn’t the party involved, then I would have been deceived. The imagination of these CP fans is extremely rich.”

Ever since he debuted, his imaginary CP partners in the entertainment industry never stopped. Qin Yue was just one of them. Yuan Yifei’s team couldn’t stop it from happening and could only leave these CP fans alone.

Yuan Yifei had a very open mind and occasionally used a side account to witness the excitement in the fan circle. According to the mouths of various CP fans, he had been married at least 10 times. Shadow clones weren’t as powerful as he was.

He had just finished speaking when a staff member walked in. “Three teachers, there are 15 minutes left until we start. Should we separate to look at the script?”


“No problem.”


At 5 o’clock in the evening, the live broadcast officially began.

In addition to the three actors who had attracted a lot of attention in the movie, the director Zheng Anxing also attended.

Tens of thousands of netizens poured into the live broadcast room. In less than three minutes, the number of online viewers approached five million.

-I’m moved to tears! Brother Yue hasn’t participated in a variety show for almost two years ahhhh!

-Yuanbao Yuanbao Yuanbao! The great beauty Yuan Yifei, here I come!

-Ji Li Ji Li! Cub! Mom is here!

-The army of the monarch and minister CP is coming quickly!

-The Song family is never behind! Zhao’er, let your brother buy you meat to eat and take you to pick grapefruit!

A series of barrages instantly filled the screen. This was enough to show the fan’s love for the movie and its actors.

The host started the show and invited the four guests of the day. Zheng Anxing, Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei, and Ji Li took the stage one after the other.

The cheers of the audience below the stage were nonstop.

Ji Li was wearing a white turtleneck sweater, and there was a gentle smile on his face. He exuded a delicate and soft feeling. This type of styling deliberately matched with the feeling of Song Zhao in the movie.

Surprisingly, Qin Yue was wearing a black sweater that he rarely wore, and a pair of silver-framed glasses was placed on the bridge of his sculptural nose. He revealed a bit of ascetic coldness just by standing there.

The aura of the two of them was hot and cold, yet extremely harmonious. This made people unable to take their eyes off the two of them.

Of course, Yuan Yifei sandwiched between the two of them also received a lot of attention.

In any case, who wouldn’t support seeing three handsome guys lined up in a row?!

Soon, some online netizens noticed something unusual.

-F*k, are Brother Yue and Ji Li wearing couple clothes?

-Upstairs, don’t be fooled. This is clearly a brothers outfit!

-Isn’t this right? Half an hour ago, Brother Yue’s studio sent a styling image, and it was clearly a long coat. How did it suddenly become a sweater?

What? Brother Yue temporarily changed his style? It also wasn’t very different from Ji Li’s style?

Some CP fans hidden in the live broadcast room couldn’t contain their excitement and spent gold coins to send a large blood-red barrage: Ahhhh! Black and white sweaters! A good match!

There was a huge display screen in front of the stage that was connected to the live broadcast rooms. This way, the guests and netizens could interact in real time.

Ji Li saw the huge barrage and his surprised gaze crossed over Yuan Yifei beside him to land on Qin Yue’s body. No, why did Brother Yue suddenly change his clothes?

The experienced host immediately seized this scene and opened his mouth. “Is our Zhao’er nervous? Why are you looking for your brother as soon as you arrive on stage?”

This was completely regarding him as the character in the movie. For some reason, the words ‘looking for your brother’ made people feel hot.

There was a burst of snickering from the audience. Ji Li, who was caught, explained in an embarrassed manner, “I just saw the barrage and found that I collided in terms of clothes with Brother Li.”

The black and white sweaters were an outstanding visual, and it was difficult for people to ignore it.

“It is as everyone thinks. We are brothers.” Qin Yue nodded and didn’t explain much.

He bypassed Yuan Yifei beside him and pushed the young man’s shoulders to make him sit down. These actions and words were too natural. In the name of the role, no one found any mistakes.

Qi An stood below the stage and rolled his eyes so hard that they almost rolled into the sky.

I don’t believe in your words!

Today’s original styling took almost an hour. Then his friend returned from Ji Li’s lounge and demanded to change his look.

There were only 10 minutes left until the start. He almost made the stylist cry.

Fortunately, the team brought spare clothes with them, and coincidentally the clothes happened to be of a sweater style.

“All guests are invited to take a seat. We will sit and talk slowly.” Yuan Yifei had no objections. He and the director naturally sat down on Qin Yue’s left side.

This resulted in the seating position being changed from the order of appearance. It was now: Zheng Anxing, Yuan Yifei, Qin Yue and Ji Li.

The netizens in the live broadcast were happy about this.

-Brother Li, this trick is too good! Sitting directly in the middle of the two people! A CP master!

-Oh, I smell a conflict!

-I think that Teacher Qin Yue did it on purpose! First of all, he changed his style. Then he took the initiative to change positions. I can see that he clearly wants to stay with Ji Li! Otherwise, if he took a seat according to the original order of appearance, then he would have been separated from Ji Li by Teacher Yuan~ I want to say that the Brothers CP is the most awesome!

This statement got hundreds of likes. Obviously, many netizens agreed.

This show belonged to Shanghai Satellite TV, and the host was very professional while the hosting style was also very interesting. After a brief introduction, he moved onto the first interview session.

The host held four boards in his hand that were clearly marked with the names of the four guests. He held up the question board that was covered up and explained the first event to the netizens in the live broadcast room.

“We prepared in advance and asked the four guests to write down a keyword about their lives in the crew. Now, let’s take a look at what interesting crew stories can be found from their keywords.”

Then the host revealed the first key word, which was Ji Li’s ‘unpalatable.’

The fans in the barrage quickly laughed: Hahaha, is my brother complaining that the crew’s boxed lunches are unpalatable?

The host smiled and asked, “The first thing that many people can relate this to are the boxed lunches from the crew. Is this right?”

Ji Li pretended to be mysterious and shook his head. He obviously understood the needs of the program effect and looked at the three guests beside him. “If you want, you can guess as well?”

Yuan Yifei waved his hand to express that he didn’t know the answer. Then he joked, “If you are talking about the crew’s boxed meals, then I have to complain as well? There are too many meat dishes in the boxed meals. After more than four months, I gained several kilograms.”

Online and offline fans followed the rhythm to comfort him. “Yuanbao isn’t fat. Yuanbao is the best looking! A chubby Yuanbao is worth the money!”

Ji Li turned his questioning gaze to Qin Yue, who pursed his lips. “The dry food for the first scene was hard to eat?”

Ji Li heard this person’s answer and his smile instantly widened.

Needless to say, the crowd understood the answer from his smile.

The hearts of the CP fans were turned into slag by him. They screamed while quickly sending barrages.

-Ahhhh, I’m tired from the sweet smile!

-Brother Yue guessed accurately and so quickly. He is worthy of being a real man who cares about his younger brother!

-The Song brothers are the most awesome. I can say this countless times!

It was the promotional period of the movie. Therefore, as long as they weren’t too excessive, any remarks about various CPs were tacitly allowed by the fans of the three actors.

During the time when the barrage was cheering, Ji Li took the initiative to tell the interesting story behind it.

“My first scene filmed was the scene where everyone first saw me in the movie. In the script, I just needed to eat the dry food. However, once it officially started, the dry food I just received was smashed to the ground by the group performers.”

“At that time, I was already immersed in the role and I instinctively picked up the food on the ground…”

The rest of the words weren’t spoken but the crowd understood.

Ji Li ate the food that was mixed with dirt and sand. It was this type of crazy and desperate eating scene that made everyone in the movie theater pay attention to the little beggar Song Zhao in a short amount of time.

The show’s director played a set of stills prepared in advance onto the big screen. After the filming, Ji Li held a bottle of mineral water with a crumpled expression. The tip of his pink tongue was slightly exposed and the dirt in his mouth obviously hadn’t been spit out yet.

He looked pitiful and cute.

The audience saw this and spontaneously applauded the young man.

Ji Li’s face turned slightly red as he continued, “I remember that after I finished filming, I had to rinse my mouth several times. Now thinking back, I am especially grateful to the little brother who gave me the mineral water at the time.”

Qin Yue heard the second half of the sentence and ripples appeared in his eyes.

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