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IPCFS: Chapter 40 Part 1

The woman in front of him raised her thin and sallow face, making no secret of her desire for money.

“One million?”

Ji Li let out an inaudible chuckle and slowly raised his eyes. The child that had grown in the woman’s absence finally exploded. “Are you even worthy of that much money? Even if I sold your body from head to toe, you aren’t worth that much.”

These words were spoken very bluntly, and there was an undisguised tone of disgust in his voice.

The arrogance on Xie Kefang’s face froze. She obviously couldn’t believe what the young man had just said to her.

She finally reacted after a few seconds. She hurriedly rolled up her sleeves and habitually raised her hand to pinch his ear. “You shameless bastard! You dare to argue with me? I…”

Ji Li quickly turned sideways and grabbed her wrist. “Xie Kefang, I advise you not to provoke me. I’m not the former Ji Li who had a shameless, blood-sucking relative like you.”

The strength of the woman’s hand was very fierce. In the past, she would be rough on the young man if he showed even the smallest signs of disobedience. There were several times when his ear had been twisted by her to the point of bruising and blood congestion.

Ji Li thought of this, and the strength of his hand suddenly increased.

Xie Kefang’s facial features grew distorted from the pain. She felt that in the next second, the other person would break her wrist.

She took a few breaths and said forcefully, “You shameless ingrate, I have raised you for so many years! What is wrong with me asking you for some alimony now?”

“Isn’t it too embarrassing to call yourself a star? You even refuse to pay this small amount of money? Bah, what a thing!”

Ji Li felt that her voice was unbearable, and he mercilessly pushed Xie Kefang away.

The floor outside the bathroom was a bit slippery. Xie Kefang lost her balance for a while and fell on all fours. Her waist almost broke from the impact. “Ouch…”

Ji Li picked up a wet wipe and thoroughly cleaned his hand with disgust.

He was completely unwilling to look at Xie Kefang, who had fallen to the ground and cried out in pain.

Meanwhile, Xie Kefang was reanimated by the pain. She saw Ji Li’s indifference and suddenly became angry.

“Your mother was a sl*t. She gave birth to a bastard like you with a wild man! What star? Isn’t it just an ancient drama? Any slu**y person can casually climb into beds…”

For a while, all sorts of foul language and dirty words were spoken aloud, completely insulting to anyone listening.

Ji Li couldn’t bear it any longer and threw the wet wipe directly onto her face. “Shut your dirty mouth.”

Ji Li didn’t want to waste any more time here, so he simply calmed down and walked away. He had no need to be polite to this kind of woman, and it was even less necessary to pay attention to her.

But how could Xie Kefang possibly be willing to stop like this? She lunged directly from the ground and clutched at his legs. “I won’t let you go today!”

Just then, a guest who was eating walked to the door of the bathroom and was frightened by the stalemate between the two of them. “This is…”

Ji Li pressed his hat down, and a fierce anger started to rise in his cold eyes.

If possible, he wanted to kick this person. However, if he did so, Xie Kefang would definitely take advantage of the situation and become even crazier.

Xie Kefang saw that someone noticed what happened and simply changed her previous performance. She pretended to cry. “Oh, everyone, come and judge!”

“I have worked hard to raise a relative’s son for over 20 years, but I didn’t expect to raise a shameless ingrate!”

“My family is in urgent need of money, but this ingrate was hiding from everyone. Now, after so much difficulty, I have found him and he has silently beat me!”

It was currently past the peak dinner time.

There weren’t many guests in the restaurant, but there were still a few tables eating. Everyone heard the howls coming from Xie Kefang’s throat and looked over curiously.

Ji Li’s eyes narrowed. He saw the stains on the legs of his black pants that were caused by Xie Kefang, and the temperature around him dropped to the freezing point.

He strongly withdrew and broke free from the other person’s restraint.

Unexpectedly, Xie Kefang took this opportunity to act and fell to the ground, pretending to be in pain. “You see? He just kicked me again! Help, my ribs are about to be broken by him!”

Her loud voice was full of anger, and everyone ran over to watch.

The front desk manager and waiters noticed that something was wrong and immediately rushed over. “What is going on?”

Ji Li looked at Xie Kefang, who was covering up her crimes by shifting the blame onto him. He was about to fight back when he was interrupted by a person behind him.

“What is going on? This old woman came out of nowhere and disturbed your customers’ meals. Aren’t you going to hurry and call for security personnel to remove her?”

Someone stood by Ji Li’s side and there was a vague arrogant air to his words, as if he was giving an order.

Ji Li glanced sideways and faced good-looking and familiar eyes. It was Ji Yunqi.

The latter raised an eyebrow at him before shifting his gaze to Xie Kefang, who was lying on the ground and obviously not understanding who this young man was who suddenly appeared.

Ji Yunqi threw away the tissue in his hand and snorted impatiently. “It’s so noisy here. I can’t even eat a meal in this restaurant without people being noisy.”

This restaurant was one of the brands under the Ji Group’s catering industry. It was close to the Chaoying Culture headquarters, so after the day’s training, Ji Yunqi went to the restaurant to eat.

He was in the bathroom when he accidentally overheard Ji Li and Xie Kefang’s conversation. Then he heard the latter’s change of words and guessed that the relationship between the two of them wasn’t right.

Ji Li was an artist under Chaoying, and it wasn’t good for some things to escalate.

Ji Yunqi was a movie and television trainee of the same company. He thought about it and chose to stand up and help.

No matter how slow the front desk manager was, he would definitely be on Ji Yunqi’s side.

He originally still had some desire to watch the show. Now he immediately became nervous. “Third Young Master? Don’t be annoyed. I’ll have this woman removed immediately.”

The watching waiters quickly reacted. They stood around Xie Kefang and pulled her up from the ground.

Xie Kefang obviously hadn’t expected someone to show up unexpectedly and stop her plan. She was stunned for half a second before completely falling down. “Oh, my ribs were kicked to the point of being broken and it hurts. I can’t stand…”

Before she could finish speaking, Ji Li picked up the mop on the side and threw it directly at her.

Xie Kefang was afraid she would be hit and directly dodged.

Her hands and feet were sharp, and there was nothing wrong with her at all.

Ji Yunqi sneered. “Oh? Your ribs are broken, yet you can jump around in 10 seconds? What a medical miracle.”

The onlookers heard this and loudly laughed. They weren’t fools, and they naturally wouldn’t be deceived by Xie Kefang’s clumsy acting skills.

At first glance, this woman was pretending to be crazy. It could be assumed that she was looking for a rich man to scam.

Her own trick was publicly exposed. Xie Kefang heard the laughter around her, and her face turned red. “This surnamed Ji, don’t be proud. I…”

The front desk manager heard the first half of the sentence and was so frightened that he quickly asked the waiters to carry her away and kick her out.

Where did this crazy woman come from?

She dared to scold the Third Young Master of the Ji family. It seemed that she didn’t want to live at all!

“Third Young Master Ji, wait until the next time we meet at the company and I will thank you well. Please excuse me first.” Ji Li glanced at Xie Kefang, who was about to be kicked out of the restaurant. Then he lowered his hat and quickly followed.

Ji Yunqi always felt that things weren’t so simple. He exchanged a few words with the restaurant manager before silently going out to check the situation.

Half a minute later.

Xie Kefang stood in the parking lot in front of the restaurant, her entire body full of anger. She saw Ji Li walking over and scolded him. “You heartless bastard, what is wrong with me asking you for some money?”


A wine glass shattered at Xie Kefang’s feet. It came from Ji Li, who had just thrown it from the wine table.

Ji Li slowly removed his cap and revealed his gloomy eyes. “There is no surveillance here. If you really want broken ribs, I can fulfill your wish.”

Xie Kefang had never seen such a terrible expression before and immediately became agitated. “You…do you dare?”

The young man sneered as if he had heard an interesting joke. “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

“By the way, I remembered that Ji Youlai is currently attending a diploma mill? In the beginning, you took the money from my contract signing and spent the money so he could enter through the backdoor?” (Diploma mill: place that claims to be a higher education institution but provides illegitimate academic degrees or diplomas for a fee)

Xie Kefang originally felt guilty about the contract signing matter. Now she suddenly heard her precious son being mentioned and her heart sank. “What do you mean?”

Ji Li stood still and spoke every word indifferently.

“From now on, every time you dare to come to me, I will find someone to go to Ji Youlai’s school to make trouble.”

“If you want to ‘suck blood’ from me, then I will find someone to give Ji Youlai school-wide publicity.”

“He is a shameless person who tries scams outside of school to grab money! Ji Youlai is a shameless person who spent money to rob others of their place to enter the school!”

Xie Kefang was so angry at these words that she trembled. She felt suffocated and found it hard to say anything. “…You!”

Regarding Ji Youlai, she loved him beyond words. Yes, she was thick-skinned and able to fight, but that didn’t mean she was willing to let her son be wronged.

Wouldn’t her son’s future be ruined if Ji Li really found someone to go to the school and talk nonsense?

No, it wouldn’t work!

Ji Li accurately grabbed her weak point and hit her with every word. “Of course, if you really force me to be anxious, then I will directly find someone to break Ji Youlai’s legs!”

Ji Li’s voice was deep, and the fierceness in his words made it clear.

Xie Kefang was a rough person who had never seen the world. She was crafty and unscrupulous. It was impossible to sit down and reason with her.

The best way to control rudeness and violence was to use violence.

Xie Kefang’s face paled. She was obviously frightened by Ji Li’s words. “If you dare to do this, I-I will go to the police!”

It sounded like a threat, but it carried a bit of unnatural trembling. Her voice was easily swept away by the night wind.

Baozi, who was waiting on the side, couldn’t bear it any longer. He picked up a fist-sized stone from the ground and threw it at her.

“Bah, get lost. You dare threaten Brother Ji?”

Baozi had lost his mind, and the stone he threw missed Xie Kefang. He felt unwilling to let go of the matter and planned to pick up more stones from the ground.

“Let’s go. Accompany me back to the restaurant to pay for the broken wine glass.”

Ji Li patted his assistant on the shoulder. He didn’t want to waste any more time here.

After all, he was a public figure so his words and deeds had to be more restrained than ordinary people.

In terms of the law, Xie Kefang didn’t pose a substantial threat to him…

It was easy to judge right and wrong in the hearts and minds of people, but it was difficult for it to be fixed and unchanging until it rose to the level of breaking the law.

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My condolences to every poor person out there who has relatives like that.

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

4 months ago

he is Ji family’s illegitimate son, isn’t he?