IPCFS: Chapter 39 Part 2

Xie Kefang saw that Ji Li had ignored her the entire time, and she felt anxious and angry as a result. She saw that the glass door was about to close and quickly stepped forward.

In the next second, she was pulled back by Yu Fuya. “What? Is this company a place you can enter casually?”

“Why are you asking me what I want to do? Who are you? It is none of your business if I want to see my nephew!”

Xie Kefang was furious and displayed a stubborn and unreasonable personality.

She had waited for two or three hours in the cold and windy weather, only for this situation to occur. She was worried that she would have no opening to attack.

Xie Kefang didn’t believe that such a delicately dressed woman like Yu Fuya could be rough with her. If the other person dared to ‘hit’ her at this juncture, then she must treat the other person well!

Yu Fuya thoroughly saw through this woman’s mind and sneered before pulling out her phone. “You want to be so arrogant in front of me? Are you even capable? Then let’s go directly to the police station!”

Xie Kefang was stunned. She obviously hadn’t expected things to go this way. “I-I didn’t break the law. Why should I go to the police station?’

She could use violence, but she wasn’t good at arguing with words.

“You didn’t break the law? The contract that Ji Li signed with Dream Media was signed by you, right? I heard that you also received a large amount of money for the signing?”

Yu Fuya stepped forward, and the sound of her high heels smashed into Xie Kefang’s heart. “I’m telling you that you have cheated the assets of a third party. This is a crime of contract fraud.”

“Ji Li is generous and didn’t do anything to you. However, I don’t have such a good temper! If you dare come to the company to make trouble, then as his agent, I won’t let you go!”

Then she called a number.


The ringtone of the phone speaker made Xie Kefang feel uneasy. She swallowed nervously. “I-I won’t speak with you for now!”

In the beginning, Xie Kefang didn’t have Ji Li’s consent when she signed the contract for him with the highest number of years. She also received a large amount of money. Now she felt the guilt of a thief and naturally retreated.

She turned and hurried away.

The other end of the phone was finally answered. “Hello, Fuya? I just finished my regular meeting.”

It was Tao Mingyang’s voice.

It had been so long since the contract was signed that, even if it was reported, it would be difficult to challenge due to the lack of evidence.

What about going to the police station? Yu Fuya just used it to scare Xie Kefang.

“What are the access control measures of the company? Is there still a need for more security personnel? Artists can be stopped by strangers downstairs when returning to the company. Our Chaoying can’t even guarantee the safety of our artists?”

Yu Fuya’s tone was serious as she turned and entered the elevator.

She didn’t know how this aunt would’ve made things difficult for Ji Li if she and Baozi hadn’t been present today!

Xie Kefang saw Yu Fuya enter the company in the distance and relaxed. She spat on the ground and cursed viciously.

Suddenly, the phone in her pocket rang.

Xie Kefang fumbled to pull out her phone. She looked at the caller on the screen and joy instantly appeared on her face.

“Xiao Lai, why did you remember to call your mother?”

The person on the other end of the phone was her only son, Ji Youlai, who had just started his freshman year in university.

“When will I get the 100,000 yuan I asked you to prepare? I had a hard time getting this investment quota. It offers a stable profit and there will be no losses. Don’t ruin my good deeds!”

“No, I won’t!” Xie Kefang smiled in the cold wind. “You are doing so well in your freshman year. I will definitely find a way to get the money for you!”

As she spoke, her eyes once again shifted to the company logo ‘Chaoying Culture.’

“Let me tell you, that little bastard Ji Li has now become a big star. He must have money!”

“Ji Li?” Ji Youlai on the other end of the phone obviously didn’t believe it. “Can that idiot become a star? Are you just provokingme?”

He didn’t usually chase after stars like the fangirls and didn’t care much about his nominal cousin. Therefore, he thought that Xie Kefang was talking nonsense when he first heard this.

“I’m not provoking you. Didn’t I trick him into joining an entertainment company in order to pay for your tuition? That bastard’s fate was good and now he really is a star!”

The next door neighbor’s daughter had come back from vacation and casually mentioned it to Xie Kefang. The moment she heard this, she immediately moved to confront him.

She might’ve just been refused entry, but she was bound to win.

Could Ji Li’s dull temperament that lasted over 20 years change so greatly in a few months? She didn’t believe it.

A greedy light appeared in Xie Kefang’s eyes when she thought of Ji Li. “Xiao Li, you can rest assured. I can still handle a soft persimmon like Ji Li!”

“The money he is making now is our money! Don’t even talk about 100,000. Even if it is 200,000, I can dig it out of him for you!”

She didn’t expect that an unintentional move would create a cash cow.

The stars on TV were all bright and beautiful. As long as Ji Li stayed in the entertainment industry, did she have to worry that their mother and son would have no money to spend in the future?

On the other end of the phone, Ji Youlai obviously had the same thought and urged her, “Then you have to hurry up. I’ve been short of money lately.”

Xie Kefang repeatedly reassured him before hanging up the phone.

Three hours later, Ji Li finished taking the daily promotional photos.

Yu Fuya found a restaurant with good reviews nearby and took him and Baozi there to eat. “Eat a bit more. You are too thin.”

After a few months of working together, she treated these two people as her sons.

Baozi nibbled on a chicken thigh. “Sister Yu, didn’t you previously say that you wanted Brother Ji to eat less?”

Yu Fuya unceremoniously rewarded him with a flick to the forehead. “I let you eat as much as you want, but you can’t even stop your mouth from moving when eating meat?”

Baozi laughed. Then he saw the water glass that Ji Li had finished drinking and immediately took the initiative to refill it for him.

“Brother Ji, why are you only drinking water and not eating much? Are you in a bad mood?” Baozi asked before shifting his gaze to Yu Fuya for help.

The latter shrugged imperceptibly.

Ji Li took the cup. He remembered the encounter before work, and his brow was still furrowed. “Is that woman gone?”

He thought about what Xie Kefang had done to the original owner and really couldn’t call her ‘aunt.’

The original owner was abandoned by his mother as a child and didn’t know who his biological father was. His uncle was honest and generous and willing to raise him. Yet in the same way, his aunt was a bad snob.

The start of the school year every year was the most difficult time for the original owner.

Xie Kefang would constantly beat and scold him due to the tuition fee. If his uncle protected him, then they would be scolded together. In severe cases, it would cause a big quarrel between the husband and wife.

Later in high school and university, the original owner started to receive scholarships and part-time wages. Apart from paying the tuition fee for himself, the rest of the money would be stolen by Xie Kefang for her own son, Ji Youlai.

At the dining table, Ji Youlai could eat whatever he wanted. Meanwhile, if Ji Li dared to eat an extra piece of fatty meat, then he would receive a hard hit on his hand with chopsticks.

All these things caused the original owner to suffer from grievances and bullying.

Yu Fuya took a sip of water and answered, “She was scared away by me. The company will have more security downstairs for the next two days. They will immediately drive her away if they see her. Baozi and I will also follow you until you leave to work. It won’t be easy for that woman to find any openings.”

Baozi nodded in reassurance.

He heard Yu Fuya mention what happened to Ji Li just now. He felt distressed for Ji Li while also feeling very troubled.

How could an excellent person like Brother Ji have a relative like Xie Kefang who would ‘sell’ her nephew for her son’s expenses?

Yu Fuya scooped out more soup for him. “Don’t think about it and eat more.”

Ji Li lowered his head and temporarily suppressed the doubts in his heart.

He always felt that, based on Xie Kefang’s stubborn and aggressive temperament, she wouldn’t easily dispel her thoughts.

Toward the end, Yu Fuya suddenly received an important call. She told the two of them to wait a bit, paid the bill, and left first.

Ji Li and Baozi ate for a while. It was nearly 8 o’clock when they slowly stopped.

“Baozi, I’m going to the bathroom. You call a car and wait outside for me.”

“Okay, Brother Ji.”

Three minutes later, Ji Li came out of the restaurant’s bathroom only to be stopped by someone.

“I waited so long and finally caught you alone!”

It wasn’t known where Xie Kefang came from, but she preemptively started scolding him.

“You bastard, you didn’t greet me when you saw me this afternoon and just left? Is being a star that great? Let me tell you, I am your aunt. If you don’t respect your elders, be careful that I don’t go to a TV station and expose you!”

Ji Li saw the familiar face in front of him, and his eyes instantly froze. “You followed me?”

Xie Kefang’s eyes met his and her heart jumped.

The young man in her impression had never shown such a cold look. He looked like a completely different person.

Then she soon threw this ‘illusion’ aside. “What do you mean by ‘following’? You are speaking in such an ugly manner. Okay, don’t pretend in front of your aunt. How much money do you have, can I still not know?”

“I have something to discuss with you while your agent isn’t here.”

Xie Kefang cautiously glanced around the public area of the restaurant through the wooden railing. She confirmed that Yu Fuya hadn’t returned, and the big worry in her heart was completely put to rest.

She was wary and afraid of Yu Fuya after their brief confrontation in the morning.

Ji Li pressed his hat lower and his indifferent tone contained no fluctuations. “What’s the matter?”

Xie Kefang became complacent when she heard his words.

Look, he still had the stupid look of obeying her.

“Your cousin is very promising. He met the boss of a listed company who invited him to invest in his business!” Xie Kefang’s tone rose when she mentioned her precious son.

What was a star? In ancient times, they were just the lower class performers who were looked down upon by everyone.

It was her son who was amazing since he was young! He had the opportunity to be a boss when he was just a freshman!

Ji Li heard her flawed words and a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes. “Oh? If he has a job then why don’t you go to him instead of me?”

Xie Kefang sighed. She obviously wasn’t satisfied with his reaction.

She adjusted her red, cotton coat and said in a commanding tone, “Xiao Lai’s company is in urgent need of money. Hurry up and get some for us. Once he makes money in the future, you will receive the glory as well, right?”


Ji Li almost laughed at this and deliberately asked, “How much do you want?”

Xie Kefang thought he agreed and was immediately overjoyed.

“200,000. No, wait…” An excessive greed burst in her and without thinking about it, she demanded, “We want a million! You had better give it to us now!”

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