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IPCFS: Chapter 33 Part 1

It was originally a youth theme. Combine it with the small time foreshadowing of infinite reincarnation and this script was innovative and brilliant. Now most of the content had been changed to love scenes between the male and female protagonists.

It was so dog blooded that it completely became a rotten subject and it was far from the previous script.

Ji Li might’ve only read a few scenes but he could expect that such a movie would flop even if it was released.

Yu Fuya obviously hadn’t expected this unexpected situation. They originally picked it for the quality of the script. Now filming was about to start and the crew side actually did such a thing?

Yu Fuya told him, “Don’t worry, I’ll contact the producer right away.”

Ji Li nodded but he looked uneasy.

Baozi made a guess. “Brother Ji, was this new version of the script changed by Teacher Qin Yue?”

“Impossible,” Ji Li replied firmly.

“Since he has chosen to invest, Qin Yue must’ve taken a fancy to the original script. He is such a busy person that he won’t have time to manage the editing and deletion of the script.

Yuexing was the investor. It only spent money in the early stages to make money in the later stages.

The most important thing was that Ji Li didn’t believe Qin Yue would have someone deliberately cut his role after knowing that Ji Li was playing the third male lead.

Baozi quickly changed his words. “Right right. If Qin Yue knew about this, he would definitely tell you.”

Ji Li rubbed his temples, inexplicably feeling panicked.

Baozi didn’t dare to disturb Ji Li and silently opened the script sent to the inbox.

He saw the name of the screenwriter on the first page and slapped his thigh. “Brother Ji, I probably know what is going on!”

Ji Li glanced at him. “You know?”

Baozi took a deep breath and pointed to the name of the screenwriter on the script. “I just wanted to tell you this when I heard that Cai Yishu had become the male lead.”

“There have been rumors that Cai Yishu is someone with many resources that don’t match his skills and likes adding scenes to himself. The exclusive screenwriter responsible for adding scenes to him is Wang Yongwei.”

“I was a bit skeptical about this so I hesitated to remind you.”

Baozi tapped on the phone screen. “As a result, look. Real proof directly came!”

Ji Li asked, “Where did you hear about him adding scenes?”

“This Cai Yishu previously acted as the second male lead of a novel IP drama. After the broadcast, his second male lead had too many scenes. It was at least half as much as the book. The fans of the male lead complained about this matter.”

“Last year, he starred in a movie and temporarily replaced another actor in the crew.”

Baozi paused before continuing, “Later, a veteran actor in the same group revealed some criticism in an interview, stating that a young actor in the crew was crazy about adding scenes without considering the plot logic.”

Cai Yishu was backed by Jincheng Pictures, whose owner had a lot of money and was powerful. Every time there was bad news about their artists, they would immediately spend money to suppress it.

“…The video of the interview was cut before it was broadcasted. The person wasn’t named but people privately guessed it was Cai Yishu.”

Yu Fuya turned around from in front of them. “I have asked clearly. The screenwriter called Wang Yongwei was indeed introduced into the crew by Cai Yishu and the original screenwriter is no longer participating in the production of this movie.”

“The producer told me that the script revision is due to creative needs and it is common for other crews to temporarily modify the script.”

“If we have any ideas or opinions, we can go to the current screenwriter for consultation after filming starts.”

Yu Fuya’s eyes were filled with anger as she spoke. “It is just a high-standing statement. Obviously, he feels that the third male lead isn’t important and wants to take the opportunity to add more scenes to Cai Yishu.”

Baozi frowned. “Brother Ji, Sister Yu, what should we do now? Do we still need to go to the start-up ceremony tomorrow?”

“Go,” Ji Li answered without hesitation.

They had signed the filming contract early in the morning. If they didn’t attend the start-up ceremony, they would be unilaterally breaching the contract.

“Let’s join the crew according to the original plan. We can’t make a mess just because of an electronic script.” A faint light flashed in Ji Li’s eyes.

He was very clear about the roles he wanted to play.

It was best if he could negotiate to get the right version back.

If not, did he want to let the other party delete and add scenes to turn a good script into something unknown?”

“Yes, I’ll have the company’s legal team prepare a breach of contract based on the situation. According to the situation, we will prepare two paths so as to not be criticized by these wicked people first.” Yu Fuya agreed.

Ji Li nodded. Then he remembered something and ordered, “You still have to find a way to help me contact the previous screenwriter. The sooner, the better. I want to talk to him.”

Baozi responded quickly. “Brother Ji, I’ll do this.”

Yu Fuya glanced at the time and temporarily suppressed these bad things. “It is dinner time. I’ll take you to dinner. No matter what, there is no need to go hungry for this type of thing.”

Ji Li smiled at her and nodded obediently.

Yu Fuya wondered, “What do you want to eat?”

Baozi preemptively replied, “Barbecue! Brother Ji told me yesterday that he wants to eat barbecue!”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow and chuckled. Then he met Yu Fuya’s eyes.

The latter understood and said in a happy voice, “I see that you want to eat barbecue! Meat buns!”

Two days later, Shuoyang Town.

The main background of the movie took place in a small town in the south so the crew found a filming location in Linsheng Province. It was a small ancient town surrounded by mountains and rivers. It had a good environment and wasn’t particularly commercial.

The start-up ceremony was set at the temple at the end of the town.

By the time Ji Li arrived, all of the leading actors except for Cai Yishu had arrived.

Wen Lai of the same company saw Yu Fuya behind him and stepped forward to call out, “Sister Yu, hello.”

Then he took the initiative to greet Ji Li in a friendly manner. He didn’t have the airs of a company ‘senior’ at all.

His agent stared at him but didn’t dare to say anything due to the public area.

‘This fool, why don’t you care about the role position. Why are you taking the initiative to greet a newcomer? I’m afraid that even your position in the company will be robbed by the other person sooner or later!’

Ji Li glanced at the other person’s unhappy agent and responded with a smile, “Brother Wei, hello. I am very happy to cooperate with you this time.”

Wei Lai was someone he had heard Baozi mention.

In the past two years of Chaoying’s temporary lack of manpower and resources, half of the company’s good resources had been invested in Wei Lai.

It was just that no one could say anything for certain in terms of talent and fate. So many resources were thrown his way but the other person was tepid.

At the beginning of the year, Wei Lai was injured while filming and rested for four or five months. His popularity dispersed even more. In this comeback, he actually had to be a support to Cai Yishu, who debuted a year later than him. It was no wonder why his agent was angry.

Yu Fuya looked around, her tone indifferent. “Why hasn’t Cai Yishu come yet? Didn’t the crew say it will start at 2 o’clock?”

Wei Lai’s agent replied, “Sister Yu, Cai Yishu said there were fans who came here. He was supposed to do the start-up styling so it was postponed half an hour.”

Yu Fuya raised an eyebrow, her eyes showing a bit of disgust.

She hadn’t met Cai Yishu but due to the deletion of the script, her impression of him fell to the bottom.

It was said that the start-up ceremony focused on an auspicious day and time yet the crew postponed it for his makeup and hair. This showed how much they were supporting the male lead.

Baozi ran over. “Brother Ji, Sister Yu, the crew has arranged a lounge for us. Shall we sit down first?”


They both walked toward the lounge.

“Ah Lai, can’t you put on the airs of a senior in front of a newcomer? The other person has Yu Fuya and he is obviously the one the company will support next.”

Wei Lai’s agent waited for Ji Li and Yu Fuya to walk away before whispering. “People want to rob you of your job but you still greeted him politely?”

Wei Lai shrugged with a pale face. “What can I do if I don’t greet him? Treat him arrogantly? Am I worthy?”

“You…” The agent felt awkward for him when she heard this.

“Sister Lisa, you know my situation. Even without Ji Li’s appearance, the company would’ve changed to other newcomers. I was lucky enough to get good resources for the first three years.”

“I just feel sorry for you and the rest of the team. Other stars would’ve already become top-tier if they could get so many resources.”

Not only would they make more but the team under them would get a bonus.

“What nonsense are you saying? Why feel sorry for us? You cooperated well with your work and your acting isn’t sloppy. We were just unlucky when it came to chances to be popular.”

Lisa encouraged him. “This movie is good. You should try to act it well.”

Wei Lai smiled and squeezed Lisa’s shoulder as if to please her.

“Sister, you aren’t allowed to make trouble for Ji Li. He is a junior of the same company and our company absolutely doesn’t want infighting.”

Lisa glanced at him in a dumbfounded manner. “I know. He has Sister Yu over there. How can I dare to do anything to him?”

Wei Lai got her answer and nodded in a reassured manner.

He didn’t have a trouble-seeking personality and he liked the days of stability.

30 minutes later, the start-up ceremony finally proceeded smoothly.

Cai Yishu got dressed up and finally appeared in front of everyone. His fans stood on the field and there were constant flashes the moment he came on stage.

In order to do publicity, the crew had specially invited several media professionals and all of them captured this scene with professional equipment.

Baozi stood on the outskirts and muttered, “Is this necessary? Once the official filming starts later, he will have to change back into a simple school uniform. He is the most exaggerated of the five main cast.”

He looked at Ji Li and his expression quickly changed to that of a fanatic. “How good is our Brother Ji? He is so photogenic even without makeup. How handsome do you look?”

Yu Fuya agreed and said softly, “Let’s not talk about Ji Li. Even Wei Lai seems to be superior to him. The artists of our Chaoying Culture are still qualified when it comes to appearance.”

Chaoying had always believed in the phrase ‘beauty is in the bones, not in the skin’. Therefore, there was nothing to say about the bones of its artists i.e. the appearance.

The start-up ceremony went well.

In the final group photo, Ji Li was arranged to the outermost edge of the actors.

Yu Fuya saw this and felt slightly uncomfortable. “In fact, I can’t be too accommodating when letting him choose a script. How can the crew do such things?”

She was about to step forward to try and get a better position for Ji Li when a harsh voice was heard.

“Isn’t it well arranged? What type of position is suitable for him? Do you want to give our Cai Cai’s C position to him?”

Yu Fuya turned sideways and stared sharply at the person who came. “You are?”

“Hello, Ms Yu. I am Cai Yishu’s agent, You Meng.”

The visitor wore a black trench coat and had neat shoulder-length hair. Her temperament was similar to Yu Fuya’s.

Baozi approached Yu Fuya and whispered, “Sister Yu, during the time when you retired from the circle, the circle has always claimed that this person is the second you. I heard that she has an ambiguous relationship with Zhu Xusheng.”

Yu Fuya’s lips subtly curved and she extended her hand generously. “Hello, Ms You.”

You Megn’s gaze drifted down casually and completely ignored the hand.

“Ms Yu, this circle pays attention to the survival of the fittest. Three years is enough time to eliminate a large number of newcomers.”

You Meng paused and added, “Oh, and veterans.”

The irony in her words was obvious.

Yu Fuya’s right hand clenched into a fist. Then she glanced at the fans and reports surrounding her and pulled her hand back.

If they had been in private, she would’ve pulled the woman’s hair and started a fight.

It was just that as Ji Li’s agent, she must never cause trouble for her own artist in public.

You Meng saw her hidden movements and her expression revealed a faint arrogance.

What fantastic agent in the entertainment industry? In her opinion, the means were nothing more than this.

Also, she didn’t know how this Yu Fuya seduced Xusheng back then. Yu Fuya looked average.

Yu Fuya was too lazy to fight with this self-righteous woman. She saw that the group photo session was over and walked quickly to Ji Li’s side.


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2 years ago

GRRRRR!!! Back off lady! This is going to lead to some interesting face slapping! Glad they are already grabbing the lawyers, cause it sounds like they are going to need them. Phew…this whole thing looks like a storm about to blow up. I wonder how Wei Lai is going to factor into all of this. Thank you for your hard work, RT! This was a long chapter!

2 years ago

Thank you very much!

1 year ago

Yu Fuya is living her best mothering life with these two very talented boys. Skipped right past the troublesome child rearing stage and straight to the satisfaction of watching them be successful in their lives. Thankfully they both look quite young most of the time, so she can revel in the idea of raising them from young. It’s honestly quite cute. Gave up on love only to come back and suddenly get two very cute children.

1 year ago

And they think that a script that Qin Yue invested in can just be casually changed like that? I can’t wait for the blood bath that’s to come when Qin Yue finds out.